Saturday, October 17, 2009

I see Geert Wilder was finally allowed into Britain

after an earlier jackass PC politician(former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith) had banned him; mustn't allow someone in who might upset the islamists and say non-pc things, you know. Like the people here:
The visit saw protesters brandishing banners saying ''Sharia is the solution, freedom go to hell'' and ''Geert Wilders deserves Islamic punishment''.
Guys, I have to tell you; carrying 'Freedom go to hell' signs isn't exactly a way to win people over. But then you don't want to win them, do you; you want to terrorize them into submission.
Abu Muaz, who said he was from a group called Islam For UK, said: ''If I were to say some of the things he has said, I would be arrested under the Terrorism Act. But because there is a war on Muslims, he gets an easy ride.''
And here you have the standard claim of victimhood: 'There's a war on muslims'. My ass there is; if there were, there wouldn't be a war on any more. But it's a very PC thing for muslims to claim to be victims, so you know it'll be trotted out by these clowns.* And so far, the people most threatened in such demonstrations by the Terrorism Act are the people who dare to protest your 'Love Sharia or Else' signs; they get threatened with jail for being 'provocative' by the police protecting you.

The demonstrators said Mr Wilders was an ''enemy of Islam'', and called for Sharia law in the Netherlands.

He faces allegations in his home country of inciting racial hatred
For pointing out that the islamists want to shove sharia law down everyone's throat and kill homosexuals and otherwise act like good little jihadists; kind of proves his point, doesn't it?

Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadhan Foundation, said it was right that Mr Wilders had been allowed into the UK, but he should be closely monitored while in the country.
The speech of the subject must be watched lest he say something we don't like.
He said: ''The right decision was made to let him in because we believe in freedom of speech in this country, no matter how abhorrent someone's views are. But he has got to be monitored so that he doesn't say anything to incite religious violence.
"He has the right to speak. Unless he says something we don't like, that's incitement!"
''If you start attacking somebody's faith in the way that he has, they could react violently. Islam is not above criticism, and criticism based on a mutual respect and tolerance is fine.
If you don't have the self-control to argue against his point without resorting to violence, screw you. And note the call for 'mutual respect and tolerance'; does that include the islamists who you don't tell not to call for the death and beheading of all unbelievers?

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) branded Mr Wilders ''a relentless preacher of hate'' and objected to ''the rapturous welcome he is receiving in the name of free speech''.
"Stop celebrating this free speech garbage! We don't like it unless we're the only ones using it!"
MCB secretary general Muhammad Abdul Bari said: ''At a time of heightened tension, with the unprecedented rise of the far right, we must all pull together and focus on points of unity and cohesion.
Problems are A: you define anyone who doesn't bow down as 'far right' because it lets you call on the socialists to work with you, and B: it's hard to be for unity and cohesion with someone who wants to behead you.
''Our unhealthy obsession with divisive figures only bolsters their objective to sow discord on the streets of Britain.''
Which divisive figures? Only those like Wilders? Or will you include those aforementioned callers for beheadings and death and so forth as 'divisive'?

No, I didn't think so.

I told my kids a long time ago "This is the United States. I have to respect the rights of others to speak their piece and believe as they choose. That does NOT mean I have to respect their beliefs, just their right to hold them." Every time some clown calls for 'mutual respect', it usually means "Shut up and don't get in my way; you HAVE to respect me and my view even though I'm trying to destroy you and yours." Bullshit; you want respect for your view? Have respect for mine, jackass.


Mattexian said...

I saw that story, I called BS on the "Religion of Peace" too. For them, just like with the Communists, "peace" is the absence of opposition to their goals.

Anonymous said...

It is bullshit, this "Religion of Piss"...oh, wait, Religion of PEACE. Damn my typos!