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Friday, January 05, 2024

Having had another reminder of Fecesbook being the effing mess it is, I shall now return

to far more congenial and enjoyable posting with the sixth evening data

Part of our history that isn't taught enough, because

doing so would mean praising a man named Washington* who was a big part of making this country.

*Who'd go through the city named after him with a sword if he were around right now.

You know they had serious money for collecting

when they collected tanks.

'Had You Known, Would You Have Taken the Jab?'

Things seems so damned iffy, and there was so much bullshit and threats being thrown by the 'experts', I didn't want it.  Then found out that at least one of the vaccines could badly aggravate a medical condition I had, so
Doctor: I really wish you would take the Johnson version.
Me: I read that it can cause problems with this condition.
Doctor: I won't lie to you, it can.
Me: No.

Between being lied to about the threat is actually wasn't to most people, especially younger ones and kids, and how little it actually was to older people unless had some preexisting condition/conditions that made them vulnerable, it was a flat "NO."  Then the reports of side effects that the .gov tried to hush up, and even more attacks on people, including doctors and researchers who dared to question the Preferred Narrative™, and it became "Fuck you, NO."  Throw in the idiots telling us it should be universally required, and you either get forcibly vaccinated and/or thrown in a camp(see Australia), and it became "Over my dead body.  And a bunch of others, because I'm not going."

So there's a serious lawsuit against Pfizer.  We'll see what happens.

Oh, and Sen. Sanders, who's had every vaccine and booster, just caught it again.  "But it would've been worse if I hadn't had all the shots."

"Ok, Harvard, we need answers.

Now would be good."
Swain expects Harvard explain the difference between “duplicative language” and “verbatim copying” without attribution, whether the institution requires quotation marks to be used for “the identical replication of another author’s language,” and when it is appropriate to retroactively edit an academic text to include quotation marks around another author’s language.

In the letter, the lawyers wrote that Swain also demands Harvard declare whether Gay’s dissertation, which Swain alleges included material plagiarized from her book Black Faces, Black Interests, meets the Harvard University Guidelines for PhD Dissertation from 1997.

“How many instances of duplicative language in a scholarly work would constitute plagiarism?” The attorneys queried, “Would five instances of duplicative language constitute plagiarism? Would 50?”

Swain also asked through her attorney for Harvard to clarify whether “the discovery of plagiarism in a dissertation after a Harvard degree has been awarded” would “impact the status or validity of the degree conferred?”

What makes this extra fun is Dr. Swain is a black female whose work was ripped off by another black female, but the one doing the ripping off has the 'proper' political views so Harvard wants to Swain go away.

Which, happily, I don't think is going to happen.

Thursday, January 04, 2024

As the man said, 'We don't hate the media enough' (added)

This was what Vivek predicted that the reporter would do. Not only did he deliver the perfect takedown of this hack reporter and completely own her, but he called it big time. Could the media be any more disgusting, predictable, biased, or hilarious than this? And they wonder why we don’t trust them. This is one example of why. He said she was going to do it, calling her out in advance and still she couldn’t help herself. What does that say about how low they’ll go? They truly have no shame.
Or honor.  Or honesty.

Be it noted that a lot of the Professional Journalists won't care that she did exactly as predicted, as if it were her template(which it is).  And there's enough leftists who won't care who'll tell her how brave she is.  God, it's a mess.

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Have two family members with health stuff going on,

which is not conducive to good sleep.  Which doesn't help.  Which has meant a lot of bloggage when home because I get too tired to do much, and that chair calls to me to sit down.  And since I'm sitting...

So, lots of stuff posted lately.  And now, something about the ongoing slavery the left seems to have no interest in talking about.
One little known but highly detailed report of an Arab Muslim pogrom against Black tribesmen and Christians in Africa during that period shows how eerily similar the anti-Black African jihad raids are to Hamas’ pogrom against Jews. According to the report, just after dawn on March 28, 1987, Arabs from the Rizeigat tribe set upon their Black neighbors in the town of El-Daein, storming their village with axes, gasoline, guns, knives, spears, sticks, and swords, looking to murder people who sought whatever shelter they could. The night before, the raiders had attacked Black members of the Dinka tribe at the local church. Many of the hunted took refuge near the local police station.
Since Arabs first invaded Africa in the seventh century, murderous raids targeting innocent civilians have been a common feature of the spread of Islam in Africa. Today, in Mauritania, Black Mauritanians whose ancestors were taken into captivity centuries ago and whose status as chattel has been passed down through the generations, live in bondage, serving as slaves to their Arab Berber masters. Even though indigenous Africans in Mauritania were converted to Islam after the Arab conquest, race has trumped religion, and the Arab Berber rulers have treated the Black Mauritanians as they would infidels.

Modern-day Mauritania is essentially a racist caste system ruled by the 30% Arab Berber minority, called beydanes (“whites”). The Arab-controlled government has “banned” slavery five times since independence from France—in 1961, 1980, 1981, 2007, and 2015—yet today, absurdly, denies that it exists. According to the Global Slavery Index, approximately 149,000 Black Mauritanians still live there as slaves. These slaves remain in chains. They’re bred and are known to have been horrifically tortured in ways that rival and may even surpass Hamas’ torments. Yet these Black Muslim slaves who are passed down like the family furniture from the masters to their sons have no serious champions in the West.

Gee, 'liberals' and leftists showing little to no interest in ongoing slavery by Arabs, who could have imagined?

Even a flatworm can turn away from pain, and Harvard demonstrates even their board can learn

to do the same.  The minority female president who also happened to be against free speech and for hating Jews, and pro-plagiarism is out.  And you know she didn't go without a lot of pressure, and probably promises of some kind of payoff if she doesn't make more trouble about it.

Now there should be a law on the order of "You have this multi-billion endowment, if you're not going to use it to pay tuition and operating costs and such, you should be paying taxes on it."

Seems some Democrats will recognize and speak to the illegal alien problems,

now maybe they can get some of the others to take notice.
While speaking to New York ABC affiliate WABC on Monday, Edison, New Jersey Mayor Sam Joshi (D) stated that he turned a bus full of migrants sent to the city back because local police “did not know if any of those 40 individuals were carrying weapons, they couldn’t be identified.” And this is “a major security risk. It’s a health risk. And we’re just not going to tolerate that.” Joshi, who plans to send migrants back to the border, also stated that he doesn’t want to pawn problems off on other mayors.
Bold mine.  
This is what a lot of people have been pointing out for how many years?  And you generally have the Evil Party members calling you a racist for saying it.

It's the UN, we expect crap like this from the place

A United Nations official said in an interview last week that Palestinians who kill Israeli soldiers are not guilty of crimes because such killings are in line with their "right to resist," in the latest controversial comments by the anti-Israel official.

Monday, January 01, 2024

Pretty sure you know the answer: can a cell phone stop a bullet?

Short version: a .22 or something more powerful from long range, could happen.  Otherwise, you're screwed.

Speaking of some mental illness,

Nygren says he recently learned of the Jan. 8 launch of the Vulcan Centaur carrying the Peregrine Mission One. The lander will carry some payloads from a company known to provide memorial services by shipping human cremated remains to the Moon.

Nygren wants the launch delayed and the tribe consulted immediately. He noted the Moon is sacred to numerous Indigenous cultures and that depositing human remains on it is “tantamount to desecration.”

Take your choice:
1. Truly thinks his tribe should have a say in, well, everything involving space exploration because "Our Religion."
2. Just wants to screw with things and this is a good way.
3. "How much recognition/money can we get to knock it off?"

I swear, someone is going to tell us "We should not explore/settle on other planets because it would dishonor our tribal beliefs", which will wind up including "There should only be one more mission to the Moon, that to clean up all those footprints you white people left up there."

Social media connection to childhood depression

They seem to fit together nicely.  Or very badly, if you prefer.

I've just skimmed this so far, but it fits with what a lot of people have observed.

Few years back I said if I had a kid now, they'd have a phone on which they could make calls and send text messages, with Fecesbook and all the others locked out.  That's way too much crap and distraction and pressure for kids to deal with.

Also, what I consider a mental health problem: news about Taylor Swift went from music news to "THIS IS WHO SHE'S DATING NOW!!" as top of the page on a lot of news sites.  Along with "She's an enemy of the republic!" thrown in with some.  Talk about mental illness...