Saturday, November 20, 2021

Seventh night rolls around again

so it is that time.

One of the problems Rittenhouse's lawyers may have is choosing

which idiot to sue first.  We're sitting here with these questions solidly settled and they're still lying about them.

And you've STILL got idiots claiming the three people he shot were black...

Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday night has come combined the edge of a nasty headache that's still hanging on

and my knees being bloody awful(that's been for the last three weeks, winter coming in is a bitch).  So I'm going to find something good to watch for a bit and relax, and you can 

The Rittenhouse verdict was what it should have been, based on evidence and testimony

Which isn't preventing much of the left doing their usual screeching, crap-throwing, rabid gibbon imitations.  Apparently finding out most of the locals are on his side makes them worse.
Sean Davis of the Federalist tweeted out a perfect analysis of what really happened here: “Having failed to eradicate the Second Amendment, which affirms on paper our God-given right to self-defense, the Left is using the Rittenhouse case to nuke the Second Amendment in practice. They do not want a world where you have the right to fight back against their violence.”
No, they do not. 

I'm wondering if there's likely to be a lot less rioting tonight than expected both because the NG is there(as  someone noted "If the Governor had sent them in during the riots, this trial probably wouldn't have happened"), and there's probably been a lot of talk of "Those assholes start this again, they're not going to like what happens."  Might just cool their ardor a bit to think of a BUNCH of local citizens coming out to oppose them, the hard way if necessary; harder to claim "I'm here for justice!" when the people whose businesses and livelihoods you're trying to loot and burn are coming together to kick your ass.

Two other things: those prosecutors should be facing disbarment, AND prosecuted for their violations of law.  First-class shitbags, they are.
And I foresee a bunch of media assholes being sued for knowingly lying.  Maybe Rittenhouse and Sandman can split ownership of some of the networks.

What's to come, we'll see.

Except the left yelling "RACISM!  FASCISTS!" and so forth, that's a given.

No wonder these pieces of garbage and the Dept. of 'Justice' don't want people to see

more of these videos.

There are a bunch of sorry excuses for peace officers and Do'J' clowns who need to face a reckoning.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

I want to know what the HELL they were doing with this

Vials labeled with "smallpox" were found at a Merck facility in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where vaccine research is conducted, but it is unclear why the vials were there, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
"The frozen vials labeled “Smallpox” were incidentally discovered by a laboratory worker while cleaning out a freezer in a facility that conducts vaccine research in Pennsylvania. CDC, its Administration partners, and law enforcement are investigating the matter and the vials’ contents appear intact," a CDC spokeswoman said in a statement to NBC10.

There are supposed to be two, and only two, places in the world that have smallpox, and neither of them is effing MERCK...

Don't you just love the part about 'incidentally discovered' by someone cleaning out a freezer?

A lot of journalists are not only sorry excuses for reporters,

they're assholes who use their position to harm people they don't like.  Or whose beliefs they don't like.  And people related to someone they don't like.

Example A is Luke O'Brian
, who seems one first-class pimple on the asshole of mankind.

The others are many: leftists pretending to present unbiased news, when they're so biased I'm surprised they can walk a straight line.

Note that they do this crap, and then insist that the only reason we don't trust them is that we're stupid or a Evil Fascist.  Or both.

A pox on both their houses.

Sounds about right


I've been trying to keep track of all this stuff in spare time, and I've got a nasty headache already this morning, so

might as well just list all this crap.

More of the consequences of "We don't care if you need treatment, you have to stay home because Wuhan!"
Yes, I know they're too PC to call it Wuhan; screw 'em.

Holy shit.
Finally, there is a not insignificant risk of the vaccine virus reverting to wild-type virulence, as has sometimes occurred with the oral polio vaccine—which is not intended to be fully virulent or transmissible, but which has reverted to become both neurovirulent and transmissible in rare instances. This is both a medical risk and a public perception risk; the possibility of vaccine-induced disease would be a major concern to the public.

"We're not teaching CRT.  Well, yeah, we are."
"Let's see the records."
"Only if you pay this huge fee."
"That's illegal.  And not suspicious at all, right?"

Yale Law School.
  Tens of thousands per year.  To be treated like crap if you don't toe the PC line by idiot administrators like this.

Pres. Gropey has hit the "IT'S THE OIL COMPANIES FAULT!" stage.

Mid-eastern 'immigrants' storming the Polish border.  And playing antifa games with lasers.
Yes, they should shoot them.  Should be the same here: you try to blind people with lasers, you get a bullet in return.

Yeah, the assholes better take note that there are a LOT of people who armed up to stop rioters from looting and burning.  And they'll do it again.
...After several Black-owned businesses were destroyed during demonstrations, City Councilman Jeremiah Ellison (son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison) organized his own group of mostly-Black armed citizens. The group was formed to protect businesses in a neighborhood "considered [to be] the heart of the city's black community."...
Oh yes, this should be brought up a LOT when someone bitches about 'idiots with guns thinking they're the cops'.

Ah, the wonderful people the Rittenhouse prosecutors play footsie with.

Yeah, it's Californicated.  And the woke and other leftists did it.
Leaders in these cities may genuflect to “Black Lives Matter” and hold the common belief that racial minorities must rely on constant political agitation because of racism. But in reality, progressives have presided over a kind of ethnic cleansing. In the core of San Francisco’s metropolitan area, the Black community has declined from one-in-seven to barely one-in-20 over the last 40 years, with most now ensconced in public housing. Black San Franciscans constitute 37% of the homeless and are now so marginal that one filmmaker even made a movie called “The Last Black Man In San Francisco.” Los Angeles and Portland have also experienced drops in their minority populations.

There's a lot of crap going on, but the headache is still here and there's other stuff to do.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021