Saturday, October 30, 2021

Let us now get the bad taste of the previous post out of our mouths

on this chilly evening.

The current bullshit excuse for pressuring someone into sex is

"You're transphobic, and you're a TERF if you don't sleep with me!"

I've heard it of the other side before: "I'm a woman!"
"You've got a dick and I don't want to have sex with a man."
"I'M NOT A MAN, I"M A WOMAN!  You're saying this because you hate trans people!"  Etc.  This is the other side: "I'm not a man, I'm a woman even if I do have a penis, and you have to sleep with me or you're a TERF and I'll ruin you!"  Including the PC-at-any-cost lesbians who'd shit a brick if an open male put that kind of pressure on a woman, but a "I identify as a woman!" does it, it's ok.

Including idiots/assholes like this:
Isn't it wonderful?  People who claim they want to 'be left alone to live as they choose' insist everyone else live they way they demand, or else.

We have a surfeit of asshole control freaks, and a shortage of helicopters for short trips.

I'd say because idiots, and

and sucking up to the enviroweenies.  Because if you do something that actually makes the problems less, you both
give yourself less excuse to screw around with everything,
you piss off the "The Earth Must Be Untouched!" morons.

Friday, October 29, 2021

I have a story to tell

This is one I not only know about, but can tell.

For many years Dad was in law enforcement, and one of the duties that came his way was being on the honor squad.  Mainly that meant attending the funerals of LEOs who died; sometimes it meant attending the funeral or viewing of some Elder Statesman or Respected Former Whatever(i.e. 'one who got out of office without getting his hands caught in the cookie jars').  This is one of the latter.

One of said Got Away With It types had assumed ambient temperature, and his body was lying in state at the state Capitol.  One day Dad was standing at the head of the coffin, another trooper at the foot.  A few people came in to take a look at the deceased(I'd guess an equal amount of "We'll miss you" and "You sorry bastard, I hope you're in hell!"), the afternoon was wearing on, and a little old lady, a bit bent over and walking with a cane, came through the door.

She hobbled across to the coffin, then walked to Dad and looked him up and down, very carefully.  Then hobble down to the other trooper and examine him equally.  Then she went to the open coffin, and studied the deceased(you may use 'remains' or 'carcass' as you choose) for a bit.

Then she leaned the cane against the coffin, lowered her hands and then lifted them palms up, chanting "Rise...RISE...RISE!"

Other trooper looked at Dad and whispered "If he moves you're gonna be alone in here."

Fortunately for his and Dads' knees and peace of mind, there was no twitch.  After watching him closely a bit, the lady lowered her hands, took up her cane, and hobbled her way out.

And I think the pair who relieved them were advised to keep a close eye on the body, just in case that lady had a delayed effect.

It's cool on its way to chilly out there, which is fine conditions

for stargazing(wear your warm stuff) or for staying in and studying.

Monday, October 25, 2021

That's one hell of a find

I understand the archeologists being upset that the fishermen are taking stuff and selling it before it can be studied in place.

The other side of thinks "They found it, they're risking all to get something for themselves and their families, so deal with it."

Yes, I did have a pirate flag in mind while thinking that.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

So, will the 'Noble Savage' crap go away? link fixed

Or will they get a pass for being ancients who didn't know better than to not change anything around them?
The ancient humans that once lived here did not seem to farm or build permanent homes. Instead, they inhabited caves and rock shelters along the coast for certain parts of the year, likely moving with the wet and dry seasons.

Despite the 'low-impact' of their lifestyle, researchers were still able to demonstrate extensive alteration of the landscape by these ancient communities using satellite data.

Across all 300 square miles of the territory sampled, roughly 17 percent of the land showed lasting changes likely made by humans.

The impact is much fainter than what we are seeing currently due to human activity, but the environmental changes are surprisingly widespread for such a small, mobile society.

"We underestimate the impacts that non-agriculture societies have on shaping landscapes. These are subtle, but can be discovered," says archaeologist Kristina Douglass from Penn State University.

"Looking at landscapes across the world, we find that people modified more of the world than we thought before."

Part of me wants to send in a comment: "Well, DUH."

That school system in VA- and a bunch of others- needs to be cleaned out

Granted the email doesn’t include a lot of detail and doesn’t mention any names but the basic information is there. A female student assaulted by a male student in a high school bathroom. So how is it possible that just over three weeks later, Ziegler could claim he didn’t have any record of any sexual assaults in school bathrooms? And when he did make that claim, why did board member Beth Barts only bring up the incident from 2018 and not the one from three weeks earlier? Why didn’t any other members of the board mention the recent assault?

Last week, Loudoun County Public Schools released a written statement which claimed the board had not been informed about the “specific details” of the incident: [emphasis added]

Now we go to the PROM:

“Nearly seven decades of Supreme Court precedent have made two things clear,” said the lawsuit. “Public schools cannot segregate students by race, and students do not abandon their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse gate. [Wellesley Public Schools] is flouting both of these principles.”

The school system has held “multiple racially segregated events for students,” the Parents Defending Education lawsuit said, describing how the school district’s equity director lamented that the school did not keep a list of students sorted by race and ordered white students not to come to certain events.

Not only did the school host these racially segregated events, the lawsuit said, it also refused to host a Jewish students’ affinity group or to fly Israeli or Thin Blue Line flags “as a gesture of viewpoint diversity” when parents complained about Black Lives Matter flags at various schools.

The lawsuit also alleges that Wellesley Public Schools displayed “similar disregard for students’ First Amendment rights” through a policy that punishes “biased” student speech, including “any student speech that is ‘offensive,’ has an ‘impact’ on others, ‘treats another person differently,’ or ‘demonstrates conscious or unconscious bias.”

These bastards are doing this to children, crushing any thinking that's not PC approved.

I repeat, there are not enough helicopters to deal with these people.

Garland is an asshat of the first order

But, when asked by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) if any of the individuals who have been arrested for participating in the riot have been charged with “insurrection,” Garland told him “I don’t believe so.”

“Has any defendant involved in the January 6th events been charged with insurrection?” Gohmert asked.

“I don’t believe so,” Garland responded.

Garland is the AG of the United States, the head of the DOJ. He doesn’t “believe so”? He’s not sure? He hasn’t made it his business to know?

There seem to be a lot of things he hasn't bothered to know.  Or at least claiming he doesn't know is his dodge so he doesn't have to answer the question.  And the ones that would follow.