Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You want to know why so many have given up on the major media?

Chapter 873.2. Read this article, and take note of some things:
His opponents are describing the award as premature. The deeper problem is that the Nobel will underscore the extent to which Obama is a cosmopolitan figure, much loved in European capitals because he is the change they have been looking for.
The effort to understand where Obama hatred comes from has been one of the few growth areas in the American economy.

There is no doubt that some of the anger is fueled by racial feeling, which is not the same as saying that all opposition to Obama is explained by racism. Most Obama opponents are simply conservative Republicans who disagree with him. But there are too many racist signs at rallies and too many overtly racial pronouncements in the fever swamps of the right-wing media to deny that racism is part of the anti-Obama mix

Got that? Too many of the people opposed to The One are racists. They don't like him just because the Europeans do(like the ones who keep saying "Yes, you're wonderful; no we won't do anything for you.?") 'racist signs' and 'overtly racial pronouncements', never mind that tends to mean people like Dionne saying "I see what the sign says, I heard what you said, but I know those are code words to hide your racism" and other such bullshit. Oh, and apparently it's conservative Republicans alone against him; no independents, libertarians, none of the liberals with real problems with him actually exist(apparently).

And the admission that those 'angry white males' actually have some gripes? It's mostly because "If we don't acknowledge them, they'll join dodgy groups and become even more raaaaacist!" Etc.

Wonderful to be pigeonholed by these clowns, isn't it?

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