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Why yes, it is that time of week again;

so let's get to study period

Maybe they waited a day too long

More than 21 million Social Security numbers were compromised in a breach that affected a database of sensitive information on federal employees held by the Office of Personnel Management, the agency announced Thursday.

That number is in addition to the 4.2 million Social Security numbers that were compromised in another data breach at OPM that was made public in June. Officials have privately linked both intrusions to China.
That first hack would be the 4.2 million that turned out to be more like 14 million.  Etc.

Light bloggage for a while.  Because busy, also story to be shared later.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

No, Sanders is not our friend

'Middle ground on guns' my ass.

Get used to the idea, officer:

whatever you do, there's likely to be a camera running.  Whether you're acting like a hero, or like an asshat.

I can't read the whole of this, but the part that's available here is pretty good on the subject of 'What the hell happened to college?'  One bit:
GELERNTER: Well, I think you saw these two processes just during the generation in which the Yale’s and Harvard’s and Stanford’s became vastly more important than every before, because now everybody has got to get a BA. And journalists have to go to journalist school, and businessmen and teachers and all these guys. Law’s a bigger profession than ever before. Medicine, suddenly doctors are making much more than anybody else – there was a period during which going to medical school was a frenzy.

And during this same period, universities were being taken over by intellectuals and moving hard to the Left. Intellectuals have also been Leftist, have always been hard to the Left. So the dramatic steer to the Left coincides with a huge jump in the influence of American universities. We have a cultural revolution. And the cultural revolution is that we no longer love this country. We no longer have a high regard for this country or for the culture that produced it. We no longer have any particular feelings for Western Civilization.

KRISTOL: All traditions are called into question, to say the least, you know.

GELERNTER: Exactly. The Judeo-Christian tradition means nothing to us, except in terms of hostility. And we have a generational shift so that when we start in the 1970s and 80s, suddenly public schools’ and college teaching went way down. Deteriorating. There was that famous report in the 1980s, mediocrity, saying mediocrity in the schools. In 1983 or something like that.

So the schools were failing to teach but at least the parents had been educated before the cultural revolution. You know, they’d been educated in the 60s and the 50s, some by the 40s or the 30s. So they – When their children were taught garbage, when their children were taught nonsense, when their children were taught outright lies, at least the parents could say, “Hold on, not so fast, are you really sure about that?” Or “You know, there are Republicans in this country, too.” Or, “You know, we’ve tried those policies, and they created catastrophes. Are you sure we should do this all again?”

But what happened in – as we move out of the 90s and into the new century – the children educated in the first generation of the cultural revolution in the 70s, in the 80s, in the 90s, those children are now the young teachers. And then the not-so-young teachers. And they’re the parents.

And so the children who were being taught nonsense and garbage and lies in school, instead of going home and having the parents say, “Well, wait a minute, this is really idiotic, by the way.” The parents say, “Yeah, that’s what I was taught, too.” You know, the same.

KRISTOL: The second generation.

GELERNTER: So we have second-generation ignorance is much more potent than first-generation ignorance. It’s not just a matter of one generation, of incremental change. It’s more like multiplicative change. A curve going up very fast. And swamping us. Taking us by surprise.
Gee, kind of like it was planned....

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

"Tonight on MythMakers!

Hillary says "I never got any subpoena!"  Except she really did!"

This is so friggin' stupid; to lie about something like this that's been on the news in the past, and the proof she had to KNOW was going to be trotted out...  Can she just not help herself, or is she so stuck on "The media will cover for me" that she doesn't care?

I think Ariana Grande is supposed to be a singer;

appears her primary talent is being a selfish, filthy, whiny, entitled-feeling skank.
Video obtained by celebrity-gossip website TMZ shows Grande, accompanied by one of her backup dancers, appear to lick donuts on display as the worker is in the back preparing a fresh batch.
The worker is then seen in the video placing a fresh batch of donuts on the counter. Grande wasn’t too pleased, however.

“What the f*** is that?” she said. “I hate Americans. I hate America.”
Then can I suggest you get your sorry ass out?

Appears at least a couple of judges are tired of the crap from DHS

and the administration:
A U.S. district judge has refused to throw out a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security filed by American workers who lost their jobs to foreign replacements.

A DHS bid to get the case thrown out on procedural grounds has failed, after U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan denied the motion to dismiss last week.
“The larger implication is that Obama is arguing he has the executive authority to allow anyone to work in the United States,” Miano told TheDCNF in April. “[He] started with the children, then the parents, and now the spouses of H-1B workers.”

Follow that up with
Federal trial judge Andrew Hanen on Tuesday issued an order directing the defendants–including Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson–to appear personally before him on August 19 to explain why they should not be held in contempt. The basis for possible contempt is DOJ’s willful violation of Hanen’s injunction against further enforcement of President Obama’s unilateral executive actions on immigration:
About damn time.  I do wonder why they get more than a month to keep playing games before showing up, though.  This may be promising, but it still smells of "I'm mad, but I'm not going to actually do anything other than say some more words."

The .22 drought is ending, it appears

Local range got in, instead of a case or two, a full pallet of Federal.  Which was being sold at normal prices, thank you very much.

'Only LE can be trusted', etc.

ABC7 News has also learned that the suspect allegedly used a gun that was stolen from a U.S. Bureau of Land Management agent's car.

Investigators are working to determine how Sanchez got the gun, if he stole it or if he found it, as he told ABC7 News in an exclusive jailhouse interview. The gun is a semi-automatic gun which divers found the day after the shooting in the waters off Pier 14. It is unclear whether the firearm was a government-issued service weapon or a personally owned gun.
That's from one of the articles linked.   So, you've got a illegal alien, multiple felony convictions, deported multiple times, still coming back to the cesspit of San Francisco specifically because it's a sanctuary city, who commits ANOTHER crime, this one a murder, and it's with a gun from a federal agent.

AND the democrats- including that slimy bastard sheriff for the county- say it's all the Republicans fault.  And being a sanctuary city is wonderful(if  you ignore the murders and rapes and such), because sensitive.  Or something.

Why do you get jokes about decorating lampposts with politicians?

That are less jokes as time goes by?  Idiots like this.
Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) says the 1st Amendment’s religious liberty protections don’t apply to individuals. On MSNBC last week, Wisconsin’s junior Senator claimed that the Constitution’s protection of the free exercise of religion extends only to religious institutions, and that individual’s do not have a right to the free exercise of their own religion.
Sweet bouncing Vishnu on a trampoline... they really drool over that 'collective rights' crap, don't they?  In a document specifically limiting the power of government to screw with the individual they think the 2nd means 'The States can have guns' and now the 1st means 'Churches and such have free exercise, not individuals.'
. . . [I]n this context, they’re talking about expanding this far beyond our churches and synagogues to businesses and individuals across this country. I think there are clear limits that have been set in other contexts and we ought to abide by those in this new context across America.”
Yeah.  'expanding an individual right TO INDIVIDUALS' and that's a bad thing that must be stopped. 

Larry Correia calls some of these people 'progzis', seems appropriate.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

I have a better idea, Professor Bain:

Why don't you stop demonstrating what a fool you are?

What IS this spate of Gods-cursed morons who are college professors?  Are the standards actually this low?
“They also specify that slaves are to be counted as three-fifths of a person in the Census, giving a boost to the slave-owning states in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College.”
'Boost'?  A compromise done to LIMIT the numbers of Reps for the slave states was a BOOST?

Higher Education.  Run by these people.  No wonder students are so screwed.

Isn't that cute? Another murder by an illegal alien,

this one very high-profile, and suddenly here's a bigshot Democrat saying 'We have a problem!'
Wonder what his first clue was?
“Living in America is a privilege. Coming to America is a privilege and those who come to America and commit crimes — serious crimes under the comprehensive immigration reform passed by the Senate and every other common sense view of immigration reform, in my opinion, includes assuring that we will remove [them] from the country from wherever they may be located — people who commit serious felonies in our country, particularly multiple felonies — as was the case here,” Hoyer said.
Miserable little two-faces sonofabitch has been right in the middle of PREVENTING illegal aliens, including rapists and murderers, being deported.  Now he says this.  They must be feeling some heat.

And you'll notice he's playing the 'comprehensive immigration reform' card.  As if that would be necessary to order "Start throwing these bastards out."

Speaking of throwing, though in this case it should be 'throwing the bastards in jail',
A lawsuit filed under the Freedom of Information Act produced the documents which included the memo as well as revelations that the Justice Department wanted IRS employees to turn over sensitive documents before giving them to Congress, Judicial Watch said in a press release Tuesday.

In a letter from Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, then-House Oversight Committee Chairman said “this revelation likely means that the IRS—including possibly Lois Lerner—violated federal tax law by transmitting this information to the Justice Department.”

An IRS document confirms that the organization supplied the FBI with 21 computer disks containing 1.25 million pages of confidential information from more than 113,000 tax returns.
But we're supposed to believe all is well because the IRS was investigating itself and 'found no problems'.  And the Holder DoJ(new boss, same shit) said/says all is well.

Henry was not wearing a helmet.

Yeah, Lieutenant, that made a BIG difference, I'm sure.

From the land of "We need MORE laws, because all the ones we have

don't work!", we have the clown running the Chicago PD:
Police superintendent Garry McCarthy acknowledged that his department’s decision to increase the police presence in the city by 30% in anticipation of holiday violence had not prevented the killings – and called for more restrictive gun laws. Last year 14 people were killed in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend.
“What’s the result? We’re getting more guns. Well, that’s great,” he said. “It’s not stopping the violence. And it’s not going to stop the violence until criminals are held accountable and something is done to stem the flow of these guns into our city.”
Chicago has the kind of gun laws the CSGV and Watts and Brady drool over, but for some reason they don't work.  So, as Kevin has noted before, "The philosophy cannot be wrong!  If it's not working, we have to do it HARDER!"

And from the open socialist running for President: 'Most gun owners are honest, law-abiding citizens, but-'
...Sanders noted Sunday that he has a pretty poor grade of a D- from the National Rifle Association and has voted for the assault weapons ban.
Because being a  responsible citizen doesn't mean you should be allowed one of the scary guns.  You might do something with that.
And a big one:
"I come form a state that has virtually no gun control but the people of my state understand that guns in Vermont aren't the same thing as guns in Chicago," he said.
Gee, Bernie, why might it be different?  Maybe because Democrats and gun bigots made sure, for decades, that honest citizens couldn't have them and so forth?

Warren and Dolezal and Smith,

oh my!
Andrea Smith, a professor of media and cultural studies at the University of California at Riverside, has started to draw attention in the wake of the Dolezal incident from those who say she has for years falsely claimed to have Cherokee blood. The case is arguably much more significant, though, because while Dolezal was a relatively undistinguished academic at Eastern Washington University, Smith is recognized as a significant scholar in her field. She routinely appears as a featured scholar at major events and has written books that were well-received by her colleagues (though others may question the broader worth of works like Conquest: Sexual Violence And American Indian Genocide).
One more radical fake minority.  And, appropriately for Californicated, the university doesn't care:
...Also, despite the claims against her, UC-Riverside says it isn’t bothered.

“Professor Smith is a teacher and research of high merit who, on that basis, earned a tenured faculty position at UC Riverside,” the school said in a statement given to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The University of California is precluded by law from considering an individual’s ethnicity in any hiring or advancement decisions.”
Snork... does anybody believe they didn't 'consider ethnicity'?  And don't?  And wouldn't 'Lied her ass off to get and keep her position' count as a rather drastic violation of ethics?

But, again, Californicated.  And the modern university system.  And "If you're a female- ESPECIALLY one who claims minority/of colour status- you can get away with damn near anything."

Monday, July 06, 2015

Some of the things I learned today on Bookface

If you bring up bad points about Obamacare, you want people to die.
There ARE no problems with Obamacare.
If you point to cost increases, or other slight problems("Keep my insurance my ass, those lying bastards!"), that's all right-wing lies.
Refuse to buy that, (once again)You Want People To DIE!
All those horror stories in the Brit news about the NHS?  The problems in Canada?  All lies and exaggerations.  Because Right-Wing Hates Poor People or something.
There is no free market so regulate insurance(ask them why, and they really don't like it).

It's amazing.  And scary.  And if it weren't for everyone else being dragged into this pit I'd wish them well and wave goodbye.

Oh, one more thing: get the "I couldn't get insurance before, and it saved me!" stuff, ask "What about the people who lost theirs, wound up with higher costs/deductibles, etc?  Do they count, or is "I got what I wanted, screw them" all that counts?"  They'll either deny it happened(at all to anybody), ignore you, or get pissed.

I want

But over $300 for a lower?  Not going to happen, no matter the markings

A response to fireworks idiocy,

in this case the deceased who set off a mortar on his head:
What a terrible shame.
He should have at least lingered long enough to realize how stupid that was.

Well, that didn't take long.  Made comment on Bookface about Obamacare prices going up(again), and got a 'Obamacare saved me!  When you trash Obamacare, what I hear is that you think I should have died for your politics.'

Really?  Pointing out the huge mess this is means 'I think you should have died?'  

I notice the people saying crap like this have no sympathy for all the people getting screwed in this('If you like your plan, you can keep it!'   'My plan will save you $2500/year!'   Etc.)  Oh no, "I say it saved me, so screw everyone else" is just fine.

When someone uses something like this as a serious criticism, and thinks it has merit, it tells you all you need to know:
...I was once criticized for using the expression “true north.” It reflected my Nordo-centrism, my critic said, and my insensitivity to people who live in the Southern Hemisphere. Of course, no such thing had ever crossed my mind, but that points to the problem. ...
Yeah.  Because lost people and navigators in the southern hemisphere don't use north as a reference or something.

Ann Coulter had a book signing, and a bunch of illegal aliens(and activists) showed up and caused some difficulty.  The response:
“You have to understand,” Coulter told Breitbart News, “screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”

Speaking of,
Open-borders advocates typecast every bit as much as does Trump, likewise adducing anecdote in lieu of hard data. If one listens to the exaggerations of Trump, he implies that the majority of arrivals from Mexico are criminally minded. But if one listens to La Raza Inc. or Rep. Gutierrez, illegal aliens seem to be all dreamers. The truth is that impoverished and most indigenous peoples from central Mexico and Central America are neither saints nor sinners, but as a rule arrive without legality, a high school diploma, money, or English, and by needs are quite willing to ignore immigration law both when arriving — and steadily thereafter. (The vast majority — over 80% — from last year’s border surge skipped their required subsequent immigration hearings.)

Sunday, July 05, 2015

From Ayoob again, if involved in a self-defense shooting:

Step One: Establish The Active Dynamic
The justice system tends to see the man who got hurt or the one who made the initial complaint as the victim, and the person who inflicted that harm or the one complained about as the perpetrator. The man who tried to murder you is now lying in a puddle of blood looking very much like a victim. You, with your smoking gun, look a lot like a perpetrator. It is therefore imperative that you establish from the beginning that he is the one who tried to violently victimize you. It is vital that you call 911 immediately, give your location and tell them that you’ve been attacked and that the perpetrator is down.

and the last:
Step Five: Offer Full Cooperation After Speaking With Counsel
There are many reasons experts recommend against participating in a detailed interrogation in the immediate aftermath of a near-death experience, when you are most likely shaken. For one thing, investigators will ask questions as they occur to them, and their notes later will create the false sense of you narrating events in that sequence, which is likely not the actual sequence. In “answer the question” mode, if the right questions aren’t asked, your failure to mention certain things can be seen later in court as “he must have made that up later.” Police are advised by their unions not to go into great detail in the immediate wake of such crises. Get the important points across at the scene—“He attacked me. His accomplice got away, but here’s his description.” The rest can wait until later. Various experts recommend 24, 48 or even 72 hours to get your recollections in order. The authoritative Force Science Institute recommends at least one full sleep cycle before submitting to detailed interrogation.

Have to tell a story: acquaintance was a cop for many years.  There was a messy shooting at a pharmacy, and in the end- due to the last thing he did- the pharmacist wound up being charged and convicted for homicide.  Cop mentioned at one point "Y'know, if he'd just shut up and let his lawyer do the talking, he'd probably never even have been charged."

Doing my part to stir the point-shooting pot,

words from someone generally acknowledged to know what he's speaking about:
“Jelly” Bryce, one of the greatest police gunfighters of the first half of the 20th century, was famous for his point-shooting skills. He killed many an armed criminal firing that way. Being able to fire and hit without the sights in a perfect sight picture is, without question, a useful survival skill. As with so many elements of gunfight survival, it’s not a question of this or that—it’s a mandate for this and that.
I will now go refresh my reading of No Second-Place Winner and wait for someone to tell me point-shooting is stupid.

What do you expect from Democrat operatives?

OK, back? That the press went along with this with such docility tells you everything you need to know about which party they support — they are, as Glenn likes to say, Democratic operatives with bylines. If they were real journalists, or if this technique was employed a GOP presidential campaign, their first thought would be: I’m cutting the rope. Even if I don’t have a knife. I’ll start sawing away with car keys — or simply duck under it, just to see what happens next.

Because what happens next is a headline. One that will quickly become what former AP man Joseph Campbell calls a classic media myth that feeds upon itself: HILLARY’S GOONS HARASS JOURNALIST. JOURNALIST HAULED AWAY BY CLINTON SECURITY.  I BROKE HILLARY’S PRESS BLOCKADE! A real journalist would dine out on the headline for months.
But a real journalist(i.e. 'reporter') wouldn't have been putting up with this crap in the first place.

Well, dumbass won't do that again.
C'mon ON, people, what part of 'Big toothy lizards that eat anything they catch' is so hard to understand?

Over 25 years, he calculated, a single “shale gas pad” covering five acres, with a drilling rig 85ft high (only needed for less than a year), would produce as much energy as 87 giant wind turbines, covering 5.6 square miles and visible up to 20 miles away. Yet, to the greenies, the first of these, capable of producing energy whenever needed, without a penny of subsidy, is anathema; while the second, producing electricity very unreliably in return for millions of pounds in subsidies, fills them with rapture.

So that wonderful bunch of professional journalists at the BBC decided to destroy a seriously good cancer scientist: why?  Because they could?  They wanted another notch on their SJW-in-good-standing card?  Because they were too effing stupid to understand what he said?
Second: the Royal Society’s Diversity Committee?  Assholes all from the sound of it.
Second, it appears that members of the Royal Society’s Diversity Committee, Britain’s leading organisation of scientists, had slammed Sir Tim before he’d even said a word to the media.

The BBC?
Then there’s the BBC, which seems to have put words in Sir Tim’s mouth. The Today show quoted him as referring to “women in the lab” and “the trouble with women”. But those words were not in any audio of him they broadcast.

Did he say that? They wouldn’t answer me.
I’ve asked the BBC to release the full audio of what Sir Tim said in his Today interview, and the questions he was asked.

So far they’ve refused to do that. If the Beeb has evidence that can clear him, they have a duty to provide it. Let’s hear that entire tape.
Assholes all.