Thursday, November 08, 2012

Friend sent this, which I'm taking time to post so I don't lose track of it

Lord, I think I've known every one of them...

Life is calling, so very little blogging next few days to a week

No, not another trip to Tacoma.  For this morning,

Chris Christie can kiss my ass.  Now and forever.

Chris Matthews isn't fit to kiss the ass of a diseased whore in a Times Square alley.

This is the kind of dirtbag Nanny Bloomberg sees as fit to decide what we should own.

Well, yeah.  Got a friend who insists NPR is 'totally unbiased', etc.; I'm going to use this to piss him off.

One more thing: Boehner can fuck off; he needs to be kicked out of that position, and kept out of ANY leadership position.  Forever.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thinking about refinancing the house

Yeah, it would lower the payment.  It would also cost, everything added together, somewhere between $3-4k for closing costs and fees and such.  That's a bite out of savings. 

Someone, a while back, was arguing whether better to do that, or keep paying the mortgage you have in devaluing dollars; it got a bit complicated(yeah, I'm math-challenged; working on it, with not a lot of progress).

Yes, I know: it sucks

To the lazy effing bastards who couldn't be bothered to haul their ass out of the chair and go vote: fuck you.  I don't want to hear a damned word of bitching from you.

To the Pure Of Heart who couldn't vote for Romney because he wasn't perfect: Fuck you, too.  You really think Obama & Co. for another four years is better?

To the 'progressive' and 'liberal' people who've called me
and generally disgusting because I don't agree with them, because I don't think I should have to pay for someone elses' birth control, fuck you twice.  With a splintery shovel handle.  Especially since, when I say something true you don't like, you accuse me of 'hate speech'.  Usually followed by calling me names.
Oh, when when the death panel you screamed didn't/wouldn't exist tells your or some loved one "You can't have the treatment, so take a pill and wait for the end", I hope you enjoy it.  
Added: to the major media: Almost every damned one of you deserves to be staked out on a hill of fire ants.  You have lied both directly and by omission, you have helped cover up news that would trouble Obama, you have proven just what disgusting hacks you are.  I cannot think of words to properly convey my contempt for you.

And going back a ways: one of the reasons this REALLY pisses me off?  All the generations of scum-sucking, money-grubbing, power-hungry politicians and general dirtbags who've made the office of President- all the others for that matter- far more than it was ever intended to be.  This election may have fucked the country for good and all in large part because of them; hell, the founders would've shot or horsewhipped anyone who even TALKED ABOUT wanting the kind of power over our lives the bastards now take for granted.  And want more of.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

One thing a little late, one timeless

Yes, I need to check mail more often: has a nice graphic of the differences between Obama & Romney on guns, and how Romney's have shifted favorably over time.

The other is early gunsmithing; as in 'First, you forge the barrel' early.
Thanks to William for bringing it to my attention

Just a note, parents in Lawton just voted:

took them 1.5 hours to work up to the booth.  And when they left were about 200 people in line.

Well, yeah, that would get your attention...

Whole story here, along with some slowed/enhanced video

Found at Wirecutter's place.  Which may be NSFW in places

"Dear Barak; Why oh why haven't you called?

Love and frustration, Europe"
It seems the Euroweenies are all upset that Obama isn't the EUnuch-style US President they really desire.
One of the more, ah, illustrative bits:
In Europe, the gamut of electable politicians is pretty much the same in every country, but there is no European equivalent to the Republican Party, not until you get to Hungary or Serbia. Democrats would partially overlap with conservatives or Christian Democrats here, but the absence of any sort of electable socialist movement in America is a constant subject of incomprehension. We believe the left wing is always a necessary element in the balance of democracy.
A: If you clowns think a lot of the Democrat Party here doesn't count as socialist, you're either blind or more stupid than I thought.
B: The 'Republican/conservative/libertarian = Fascist' slander, very nice; fuck you.
C: Think hard about that paragraph, then take a good look at your situation; if you actually open your damned eyes, you just might see how you got in the hole you're in.

And we don't want to follow you there.

But the idea that a democratic president could want to disengage with the rest of the world and to retreat to fortress America, to pull up the drawbridge on a messy world, is the most inexplicably wounding thing of all. Meanwhile, the Republicans would want to get involved with the rest of us only to lay down the law and protect American interests and biblical Israel.
 See, here's where you really miss what we see: you only want us 'involved' with you if we'll bend over and hand you a bottle of lube.  We don't mind being involved, but we're not going to do it by your rules(see 'how you got in the hole' above). 

Kind of the crowning achievement in stupid is the closing paragraphs:
And despite such aggressive lack of interest, the American public seems not to care; if anything, it seems to prefer its politicians not talk too much about the world beyond its borders.
Here, then, is the one place where the Old and New Worlds might collide: they both face a democratic deficit. Fewer and fewer people on either side of the Atlantic care to vote for anyone at all. In fact, the thing that may unite Europeans and Americans more than anything else is a collective dismissal of democracy, and a plague on the houses of all politicians
 First, our problem is not our politicians talking about the world beyond its borders; it's when the bastards lie to us and stab us in the back trying to buy favor from you clowns.  And the enemy.
Second, we care to vote; we're doing it today.  The primary 'dismissal of democracy' is coming from the socialists and communists and fascists who wish they could throw that Constitution out of the way; it frustrates them terribly that they can't.

And we won't let them.

Oh, I want this shirt

Althouse found the stuff here; and I like the guy:
"Secret Service: We do not consent to our store being searched. It’s not that there’s anything illegal in here..." "... but we just employ several Colombian prostitutes and we don’t want to tempt you guys." 
Sign in the window of a store called Raygun — someplace in Iowa where Obama was appearing. The shopkeeper, Mike Draper, was told he'd have to close 4 hours early and then that he could stay open if he let the Secret Service search the place. Draper said no to both and got away with it. This actually is America, you know.

Monday, November 05, 2012

As I'm sick of politics,

Ah, Nanny Bloomberg & Co.: is there anything

they can't eff up?
The city left more than a dozen generators desperately needed by cold and hungry New Yorkers who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy still stranded in Central Park yesterday.

And that’s not all — stashed near the finish line of the canceled marathon were 20 heaters, tens of thousands of Mylar “space” blankets, jackets, 106 crates of apples and peanuts, at least 14 pallets of bottled water and 22 five-gallon jugs of water.
But worry not!; There's a excusereason!
A marathon security worker still working yesterday from a generator-powered trailer in the park, said the power sources had not been moved to devastated areas of the city because of an impromptu race run by marathon holdovers in the park.
“Once we found out they’d still be running a marathon, we had to call all the towing vendors and tell them they couldn’t come,” he said.
I'm torn between "Those poor bastards in NYEffin'C", and "Well, you dumb bastards kept electing him."

A reply from Penn Square Mall

It was suggested in the past that, if I got a response, it would be corporate boilerplate; they were right:
Possession of any weapon at our malls, whether concealed or displayed openly, is in violation of mall policy.  This policy is intended first and foremost to maintain a safe, secure and comfortable environment at our malls, which has always been our top priority, and to avoid any situation that could potentially place at risk the safety of our shoppers and employees.

With rare exception, our malls are private property, and like virtually every other facility in the community that is accessible by the public, ownership/management has the right to prohibit the possession of weapons, both displayed or concealed, other than licensed weapons carried by law enforcement personnel.

We recognize that everyone does not endorse such a policy.  However, it is the one our company embraces and enforces at each of our properties and which we believe is in the best interest of those who work and visit there.

Thanks for your inquiry.

"We don't trust people like you to carry, it's not safe, so leave them at home or stay out."

My first thought, among others, is "So you plan on protecting everyone in the parking lot?  Or are you going to post "If attacked or robbed in our parking lot, you're on your own" signs to make sure everyone understands you'd rather have them robbed/beaten/whatever than have them protect themselves?"
So I'm giving it some thought on how to reply.  Suggestions?  

A bit of .32acp testing

A while back James linked to this old article on the .32 as a defense round, with it being suggested that a semi-wadcutter bullet with a wide, flat nose might well be better than hollowpoints.  Which(of course) led to finding some suitable bullets and trying them.  The load suggested in the article was 1.8 grains of Bullseye behind a 95-98 grain bullet.

I tried that load: accuracy was good, but seemed a bit anemic; the action cycled but without real enthusiasm.  So I did some digging around on Cast Boolits and found some information from people loading the 90-grain Hornady SWC for .32acp, and their loads with W231 powder.
What I tried had no mention in any load manual/site I could find.  It worked for me, that doesn't mean it'll work in your gun, or be a good idea to try; if you give this load a try, any 'oopsies' are on you.
The Hornady bullet is 5 grains lighter than the SWC bullets I have; however, it's knurled body appears to have more bearing surface on the bore than these, so I decided the slightly greater weight shouldn't be a problem.  So loaded up five rounds with 1.8 grains and five with 1.9 of W231(the load mentioned in the post was 2.0; trying something new drop below the suggested load and work up), and tried them today.

Results: both fired properly, both cycled the action and gave normal ejection, and both hit POI at ten-twelve feet.  No signs of high pressure were found on the cases, and no sign of leading in the bore.  I'd say the recoil felt just a touch stronger with the 1.9 load than the 1.8, but barely.

So: new loads tried, no injuries or damage; success!

Another piece of verse on Benghazi,

and those who fell, over at Smallest Minority:
We're the Battling Bastards of Benghazi,
no fame, no glory, no paparazzi.

Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,
defending the country we loved so well.

It wasn't our job, but we answered the call,
fought to the consulate, 'n scaled th' wall.

We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate,
led them to safety, 'n stood at th' gate.

Just two of us, 'n foe by th' score,
but we stood fast to bar th' door.

We called for reinforcement, but were denied,
so we fought, 'n we fought, 'n we fought, 'n we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
'n Obama didn't give a damn.

Just two dead SEALS, who carried the load,
no thanks to us, we were bumps in the road.

What level of gun bigot is Bloomberg?

He doesn't even want the NG armed; probably because they won't take orders from His Highness the Nanny:
Mayor Bloomberg has snubbed Borough President Markowitz’s impassioned plea to bring the National Guard to Hurricane Sandy-scarred Brooklyn — arguing that approving the Beep’s request would be a waste of federal manpower and turn the borough into a police state.

“We don’t need it,” Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday during a press update on the city’s ongoing Hurricane Sandy cleanup. “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”
Yeah, much better to leave the Guard out entirely and people unprotected; after all, the Guard don't have shiny NYPD badges and don't bow to Nanny Bloomberg's will.

Oh, THAT vote fraud...
 And I wonder if he'll be prosecuted?

Sunday, November 04, 2012

A couple of sentences about the .32acp

“In closing, permit me to summarize: This is not a target arm, nor is it powerful enough for defense purposes against great beasts or armed men of great virility; but considering its short length, light weight, light report and recoil, and cheapness of ammunition, one will have difficulty in finding a more accurate, more reliable and more powerful pistol just to take along.”
 From 1931