Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's cold and icy out there, however

working on the new data set is a fine distraction

"Pay us enough and we don't care if you're a dictator, we'll perform!"

One more celebritute heard from.
When asked if Carey was remorseful for performing for another dictator after she apologized for her 2008 concert for Libyan Dictator Moammar Khadafy and promised “to take more responsibility” for her bookings, he spat back “Why should she be?”

That there is a DECORATION!

Tree came down across the street(LOT of ice) and mostly blocked the cross-street.  So took the (I don't care if Cold Steel calls it a kukri) falcata and cut & dragged enough to clear a lane.  Lessons learned/remembered:
A half-inch of ice will turn a sharp blade.
A frozen tree branch is hard.
There's reasons I try not to do this kind of crap anymore.

I believe the gentleman does not like those activists

Today, I want refer to “movements” for the “rights of the indigenous.” Having served and visited extensively in Central and South American countries with large “indigenous” populations, I can freely state that the region’s “indigenous” cultures largely ceased to exist hundreds of years ago thanks largely to European brutality and diseases. “Indigenous” culture now means rural poverty. Calling to protect “indigenous culture” really means seeking to preserve rural poverty; to keep people poor, sick, illiterate, and isolated from the great and small wonders of our age. It means helping condemn them to half lives consumed with superstition, disease, and watching their puny children struggle to live past the age of five. It’s a call to keep certain people as either an ethnic curio on the shelf for the enjoyment of European and North American anthropologists or, equally vile, as exploitable pawns for the use of political activists, such as the reprehensible pseudo-indigenous President of Bolivia, the old drug trafficker, and Chavez toady, Evo Morales.

When I hear these calls, I think, “We don’t protect rural poverty in the USA. Western man no longer lives in caves or trees, terrorized by solar eclipses and at the mercy of an unforgiving environment. Why should these people? Why should humans live little better than animals in disease-infested jungles, or exposed on wind-swept plains?” I am struck, for example, by how much effort “pro-indigenous activists,” often themselves urban upper-class types or foreigners, expend on “land reform.” Instead of working to develop an economy where land ownership does not determine whether one lives or dies, the activists seek to chain the “indigenous” to, at best, a brutal life of scratching out a living on postage stamp-size lots of land. Often land reform involves “giving” the rural poor these plots but without the right to sell or to use them to secure loans from banks. The poverty and hopelessness increase

Well, crap, my "I WANT IT!" list just got bigger

New Webley Fosbery revolvers.  In .38 and .455.

Assuming they're well-made and work properly, DAMMIT I want one!

Something I'd forgotten I had

Friend asked last night if I had a .38-55 cartridge, and while checking through the collection box I found these

 Brass 6.5x55 training dummies.  The bodies appear to be formed from sheet brass, with a solid brass base pressed into place.

I think I picked them up at a fun show years back. 

I need to go through my stuff and see what else I've forgotten about.

Think the President will say bad things about this racist bastard?

Of course not; this racist is black.

It was barely noticed on Capitol Hill, but the budget deal that just passed both houses of Congress changes the split between the federal government and states when it comes to royalties in oil and gas collected on federal lands by 1 percent.

That may not sound like much, but it translates into a loss of $100 million for New Mexico and $415 million across the country over the course of the next decade, and western states will be hit the hardest.

“I don’t think it’s a good deal at all,” New Mexico State Treasurer James B. Lewis told New Mexico Watchdog Thursday. “New Mexico needs every dime, every nickel we can get. It looks like it’s permanent and it’s sad that we didn’t get a voice in it.”
One more "We had to pass this before you find out what's in it" moment.

And Mr. Lewis?  Borrowing from Ace,
Psst. James (a democrat), you have a voice in the form of your two democrat senators, who voted yes for it, and 3 representatives in the house, where the two democrats voted yes. Guess you should've elected different folks to represent your states interests no?
Your assholes who are your voice in this helped pass this, so why don't you have some words with them about it?

'When a homework assignment gets out of hand'

A number of links about the massive pile of suck & fail that is Obamacare.

Yeah, the KNEW the site security was damn-near nonexistent; they turned it loose anyway.  Wonder how many people will take damage because their information got out?

Here in central OK, we got some nasty stuff
The birds are not happy.
Neither am I.

In a way this is a bargain: only ten BILLION of OPM for Obama to pay off the union.

At this point, if we HAVE to have an EPA for some reason, it'd be best to wipe the slate clean and start over; this corrupt pile of garbage needs to be done away with.

Noted by Tam, a report on some gun lubes.

Friday, December 20, 2013


like that 'ding!' from down the range...

The other day daughter mentioned one of her favorite memories: When the kids were small I found a steel plate about 8" square, made a couple of hooks and posts and used some chain to put it together for a swinging plate.  Got lots of use*.  The day in question just she and I had gone out to shoot, and we set that up at 50 yards and she sat down and proceeded to make it go 'Ding!   Ding!  Ding!' through about a box of .22s.  Decent group, too.

One of the memories that causes me to get seriously pissed off when some hoplophobic clown informs people that 'Children cannot be allowed hear those icky guns!'

*Yes, still have it.  Has a couple of holes in it, turns out that not only did that round each of .303 and 8x57 milsurp not bounce off, they didn't even make it move that much...

Another "This has nothing to do with safety, it's beating on those gun owners" moment

With candor that has likely not endeared him to his superiors, a Department of the Interior official freely admits that the idea here is not to make anyone safer:
"It's not so much a safety issue. It's a social conflict issue," said Frank Jenks, a natural resource specialist with Interior's Bureau of Land Management, which oversees 245 million acres. He adds that urbanites "freak out" when they hear shooting on public lands.

Sue the bastards. For everything.

And I include the hospital.
What the HELL is wrong in New Mexico?
More here.

I think I've mentioned the lack of respect I now have for Rep. Cummings; the level remaining just dropped:
Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the top Democrat on the panel, likened the fight to implement the ACA to the struggle of Mandela, who fought against apartheid in South Africa.

Range Day report

No, not today, it's cloudy and fairly cold.  Wednesday, when it was chilly in the morning and almost warm in the afternoon; a bit windy, but considering Oklahoma not bad.

Big test: the cast-bullet M1 Garand loads.  I think I'm going to settle on this load and not screw with it anymore: PS or HXP brass, 33.0 grains IMR4895, 200-grain gas-checked Lee bullet, either CCI #34 or CCI standard Large Rifle primer.  Wind and all, it gave ~4" groups at 100 yards, and since that's the max distance I usually have access to it'll work fine for a practice load.  Cycles the action reliably, and very little fouling.  I may try other brass*, but otherwise I'll leave it alone.

On that fouling: I had been using Lee Liquid Alox for lube and a Lee sizing die on the press to seat the gas check.  I did tend to get some fouling- not horrible, but more than I liked- so managed to get hold of a Lyman .311" sizing die for my sizing press and lubed some with Lyman Black Powder Gold lube to try.  Very little smoke, and minimal fouling, nothing visible on the piston or in the gas tube, I'm going to stick with it. 

On the subject of lubes: I've fired a lot of pistol and some rifle bullets lubed with the Lee Liquid Alox with no problems, the Lyman seems to work better in an autoloader**.  At least with this load in this rifle.  The BPG lube is harder than the old alox that comes in a stick, MUCH less sticky, but not as hard as, say, Rooster Red.  What I've found works well is to plug in the heater on the press, let it run long enough to warm the press up, then unplug it; that softens the BPG enough that it flows nicely through the press but doesn't melt it.  That last being important; the old Lyman Alox lube lubed quite well but was very sticky, if you stored lubed bullets in a hot area the stuff could actually sag and run out of the lube grooves, and I've heard of ammo left in a trunk or truck cab on a really hot day getting FTF or squibs because it managed to not only partially melt but seep down in the case and contaminate the powder.  Rare, but still unwelcome.

Why the Black Powder Gold?  Heard a number of reports from people who'd tried it and started using it in everything- rifle, pistol, black powder and smokeless- with good results, so gave it a try.  Works quite well.

I was also able to try out that Enfield with the oversize(.314") bullets made by putting aluminum tape on the mold blocks at longer distance.  At 50 yards the groups were nothing to brag about, but they were actually in/around the bullseye and made up of nice round holes; that's a HUGE improvement over the results with .311 bullets.  At 100 yards results were so-so.  I think because the bullets are slightly oval in cross-section(no way to avoid it), so not as consistent as should be.  I think what I may do is see if I can lap the mold cavities out: remove the tape and clean thoroughly, cast some bullets, drill into the base so I can fit a piece of threaded rod in as a shank, coat the bullet with abrasive and use it to enlarge the cavities.  If I do it carefully, I think it should enlarge them evenly, and I only need to get 3-4 thousandths greater diameter; with aluminum mold blocks that shouldn't take much.

It did remind me of why I like those old Enfields; one of the slickest bolt actions ever made.

On the 1922 Springfield, while digging around I'd found several partial boxes of .22 pistol match ammo and wanted to try them in it.  I'd read years back that some rifles really liked the stuff, so I'd picked up some boxes, tried it, and found it true.  Had some Golden Eagle and  PMC, and also had a box of Remington/Eley stuff to try.  This rifle seems to shoot at least well with almost everything, shot very well with the GE and PMC; the R/E not quite as well, but you'd have no problem using it for squirrels and such.

One more note about the Garand: mentioned it was windy but not horrible, was doing some gusting.  It's possible on a still or lighter-wind day might've helped the groups; those bullets weigh 50 grains more than ball and are moving about a thousand feet-per-second slower; a bigger and slower bullet will tend to be more affected by wind. 

*So far I've tried PS, HXP, Lake City, Remington and Federal cases; best results from the PS and HXP.  Do need to try it with Winchester.
**Most of the rifle bullets I've used the Lee on have been for bolt-action rifles, and I've had zero problems: no nasty fouling or anything.  The Garand is the only autoloader I've used it in, so I can only say I'm getting a bit better result from the Lyman lube than the Lee in this rifle.  On handguns, the Lee works great; use the bullet as-cast and lubed.  I wouldn't want to use it this way on a hot load- for that I'd want a gas-check bullet- but for low- to mid-range practice loads with  plain-base bullets, it does the job.  It also allows you to use bullets in different cartridges; for instance, the Lyman 200-grain .38-caliber bullet used as-cast works perfectly in .38S&W for Webley and Enfield .380 revolvers; 200 and 230-grain .45acp bullets in .455 Webley, too.

Just like they need armored vehicles for 'public safety',

they need these "to ensure the safe and orderly flow of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic."
This is on top of the rest of the pile of crap in Sunnyvale, Californicated.

Ed Shadid does NOT want to answer that question

Some of you may remember my quest to get Ed Shadid, who's running for OKC Mayor, to answer a question.

As of now, a month later, still no answer from asking the question on his website.  So I looked up his bookface page and asked that and another question:
First, when you were running for City Council a OCPD officer was shot by an illegal alien using a AR15 rifle, and Chief Citty stated that 'people who own such guns should have to register them.' Do you agree with Chief Citty? 

Second, are you accepting any donations or assistance from Mayors Against Illegal Guns or other such organizations?
That was earlier this morning; the question is still there, but there's no answer.  We'll see if get one.

A few days late for the Boston Tea Party anniversary,

an account from a participant.  They did have concerns about security:
We then quietly retired to our several places of residence, without having any conversation with each other, or taking any measures to discover who were our associates; nor do I recollect of our having had the knowledge of the name of a single individual concerned in that affair, except that of Leonard Pitt, the commander of my division, whom I have mentioned. There appeared to be an understanding that each individual should volunteer his services, keep his own secret, and risk the consequence for himself. No disorder took place during that transaction, and it was observed at that time that the stillest night ensued that Boston had enjoyed for many months.

Translation from politician: "Holy crap, these people are really pissed!  And I thought I could slide this through with some 'protect the children' talk!"
“After consultation with Teddy’s family, we have collectively decided the best course of action is for me to withdraw SB 248, and instead pursue a more comprehensive approach to address the current challenges in the state’s social service and criminal justice system.”
Well, unless your 'more comprehensive' includes my previous  point of punishment for 'child service' incompetents who sit around while kids are murdered, that's a wash, too.

If a plain old citizen had lied to Congress that way, he'd be facing charges; and if a Republican appointee had, same thing.  Chances of the Holder DoJ doing anything about this: just about zero, because it's a Democrat appointee and it would reflect on Obama to do anything about Clapper.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just how many levels of bullshit can you find?

Members of the U.S. 23 Task Force raided a known drug house along U.S. 23 in southern Ross County late Wednesday night. As soon as they got inside, they found a woman with a head wound on the couch in the living room.

"It was discovered later that a bullet had accidentally discharged from outside the door of the trailer and went through the outside wall of the trailer and into the living room," said Ross County Sheriff George Lavender.

The bullet struck Krystal Barrows in the head. She was flown to OSU Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, but she died from her wounds.
"The weapons of all the tactical members were collected as evidence and turned over to agents of BCI for investigation," Lavender said.

On Friday, BCI identified the officer who fired the shot as Sgt. Brett McKnight, an 11-year veteran of the sheriff's office. He has been placed on paid administrative leave.
The sheriff says he was outside the home at the time of the raid and never heard a shot go off. He thinks it probably happened at the same time a flash-bang grenade was used as agents entered the home.
'They found'... 'It was discovered later'... 'I never heard a shot!'

NOBODY noticed the sergeant fire a shot?  HE didn't know he fired one?  Really?  They had to do FORENSIC TESTS TO FIND OUT WHO'D FIRED?

I can't help it; the only thing I see in this bullshit is "You really fucked up, Brett, but we'll try to cover this up for you much as we can."

Just fucking disgusting.

To borrow a comment, "And we have gallows to deal with bastards like this."

In some aspects, the agency is far from sympathetic and outright alarming. "I have some reforms for the First Amendment,” an unnamed official told Drezner, confiding his wish that the Obama administration would reprimand journalists who he believes have wrongly portrayed the agency.
Gallows.  Rope.  Oathbreaking bureaucrat.  Assembly required.

Mike Masnick of TechDirt offers his opinion on the cringe-worthy statement about repressing free speech. “Given everything that's going on,” pointing broadly toward the seemingly endless stream of controversy that the agency has found itself paddling up this year, he believes “that seems like something you should not joke about if you're an NSA person.”
What you don't realize, Mr. Masnick, is that the bastard isn't joking. 

God, I wish I could write like this...

*One quick note for all you whiny No-Labels types. I’m going to use the word LIBERAL to describe liberals acting like liberals. You’ll live. Obviously, not all liberals are in favor of squashing dissenting opinions or disallowing someone from holding personal religious beliefs, but everybody trying to squash dissenting beliefs about today’s topic is either a liberal, statist, communist, socialist, or just being a dick. So yes I know that YOU personally are a special snowflake different from said stereotype, but I’m too lazy to keep typing that out, and to use some helpful stereotypes to explain, I’m a greedy, right-wing capitalist 1%er who needs to get back to work writing more bestselling novels that promote violence against the differently-living. Save the hate mail. It gets really repetitive.  And when I use the term “caring liberal” it is for the special ones who keep threatening to murder me, because irony amuses me.

For those who can't go there, a post from the Dutchman

'The Bielskis would spit in their faces'

"Without a rifle you are nothing, worthless, you are waiting for death, any minute, any second." - Aron Bielski
"My father sent my mother a revolver as a gift, which for her was the symbol of what any young girl wants in a marriage, this was for her the means to stay alive, to kill herself or to die fighting." -- Assaela Bielski
Kurt Hofmann comments on the latest kerfluffle between the ADL and other professional citizen disarmament advocates and NRA board member Scott Bach. Bach is being pilloried "for expressing surprise in a phone interview on NRA News that Mayor Fulop could be so rabidly anti-gun, given the fact that his grandparents were Holocaust survivors. Predictably, the 'progressives' cannot contain themselves, and are in full-throated anguished bleating meltdown mode."
I have never understood this willful denial of reality on the part of what according to polls is an overwhelming majority of America's Jews. Did they learn nothing from the Holocaust? Nothing from the Warsaw Ghetto? Nothing from the Bielski Brothers? Nothing from "Arbeit Macht Frei"? Nothing? As I quoted back in 2008 in a praxis post on strippers clips and ammunition packaging:
"I, myself, remained on the balcony and fired at the confused and embarrassed Germans with my Mauser. From my balcony, I could see them in all their helplessness and their loss of control. The air was full of wails and shouts. Many of them tried to run to the walls of the houses for cover but everything was barred and beyond that, death was pursuing them. In the noise, the fluster, and the cries of the wounded, we heard the astonished outcry of one of the Germans: 'Juden haben waffen! Juden haben waffen!' ('The Jews have arms!') . . .
The battle lasted for about a half an hour. The Germans withdrew and there were many corpses and wounded in the street." -- Recollection of the opening engagement on 19 April 1943 of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by Haim Frymer, Jewish Fighting Organization, quoted in Resistance by Israel Gutman, New York, 1994, pp. 206-207.
The central fact of the Holocaust (and every other government-monopoly-of-force exercise leading to genocide in the 20th Century) is the disarmament of the intended victims. Aaron Zelman of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership once said to me: "If every Jewish and anti-Nazi family in Germany had possessed a Mauser rifle, twenty rounds AND THE WILL TO USE IT, Adolf Hitler would be a footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic."
Kurt concludes:
Bach, of course, never compared American "gun control" to the Holocaust. The fact remains, though, no matter how shrilly the gun ban zealots deny it, that genocidal tyranny is vastly more difficult--not to mention risky--against a people who are heavily armed and prepared to use those arms in their defense.
That's why those bent on genocidal tyranny insist on a "government monopoly on force." Is it not fair to ask, then, why the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Congressman Congressman Jerrold Nadler demand the same thing?
If anyone is "trivializing the Holocaust," it is those who wish to silence any who raise the alarm about policies that will make the next Holocaust more difficult to thwart.
Exactly. As I wrote back in 1999:
If a bureaucrat, or a soldier sent by a bureaucrat, comes to knock down your door and take you someplace you do not want to go because of who you are or what you think -- kill him. If you can, kill the politician who sent him. You will likely die anyway, and you will be saving someone else the same fate. For it is a universal truth that the intended victims always far outnumber the tyrant's executioners. Any nation which practices this lesson will quickly run out of executioners and tyrants, or they will run out of it.
The Gestapo at its peak "employed only about 40,000 individuals, including office personnel and the plain-clothes agents." Get that? 40 THOUSAND controlled a nation of 80 MILLION.
How? Because enough of the 80 million lacked the means of resistance and the will to use those means until it was too late. How Foxman of the ADL and others who make such a business of exploiting their sanitized version of the memory of the Holocaust expect anybody else who can read a history book to believe their citizen disarmament tripe is beyond me. The Bielskis would spit in their faces -- all the while keeping firm grips on their rifles.

Modern crossbow & bolt vs. ballistic armor

The armor ain't happy

'Future crime' my ass,

this has WAY too much potential for abuse, and I hope it goes to a higher court.

If he can show evidence/proof of this bullcrap, sue the ass off the school and her.

Hadn't seen this before: Tam points to a list of ways to spot possibly bad products, including
1.      If they want to sell you their expert help and the company website features a picture of a craptastic holster with a man’s finger on the trigger while the muzzle is still inside his holster, you should think very, very carefully before you rely on that company’s  expertise.
2.      If their ads show ridiculously fake ginormous explosions erupting behind camo clad warriors with their faces hidden by mirror-goggled helmets, and the ad copy says their product is the best because military and law enforcement use it, ask yourself whether you will be using it inside a military or law enforcement context – or, if you are a military or law enforcement buyer, ask yourself whether your team’s mission would be enhanced by making them jump like a half-tamed lions through a fake-explosion hula hoop on your training days. The product might be a good fit for your needs, but before you buy it, you should look for a more meaningful reason why you should.

Comment to a friend who was talking about the time it hit 68 below in Alaska: "68 below zero is not a temperature; it's hell with a frosting."

'Islamophobia!' my ass.

My, I'll bet this wasn't what he was expecting to get in the report:
The National Security Agency should be banned from attempting to undermine the security of the internet and stripped of its power to collect telephone records in bulk, a White House review panel recommended on Wednesday.
Not as far as this should go, but it's a start.

Proving again that 'gun control' is about control, nothing more
And harassment, and trying to create criminals.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sue someone who falsely accuses you of rape?

Since most prosecutors won't prosecute them, yes.  And make their name just as widely known as that of the man they accused.

God save us from the bedwetter Left. As I learned during my battles in Canada, when it comes to free speech principled lefties are thin on the ground. But this shouldn’t be that difficult for Mr Drum. A victory for Dr Mann would be a significant blow against the First Amendment — and, if that prospect does no more than make you feel “a little uneasy,” you might as well just prostrate yourself before the commissars from the Bureau of Conformity Enforcement.

Needed to keep the hand alive

until could reattach: stuck it on his ankle.  Friggin' amazing.

My first thought is "If you can't control a 70-year-old woman without doing that, you've got no business wearing a badge.

Second thought is for the "It's not illegal but I want you to stop recording this!" clown: Screw you.  If you're that bothered by it being recorded, maybe you shouldn't be doing this.

Let's see, no law proposed that 'Child service workers who ignore reports of abuse while children die will be hanged, drawn and quartered', oh no; instead 'ALL parents should be considered guilty until proven otherwise; and WE decide if you're not guilty.'

Ohio, have you no tar & feathers in that state?

During a White House meeting called to brief America's largest tech companies today about government overreach in electronic surveillance, President Barack Obama changed the subject – angering some meeting participants by shifting gears to address the failed launch of

'That wasn't what we came for,' a vice-president of a company whose CEO attended told MailOnline. 'We really didn't care for a PR pitch about how the administration is trying to salvage its internal health care tech nightmare.'
Can you smell desperation?
I knew you could.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One step closer to the Slammers

Also to battlefield aviation being all drones, because aircraft won't survive for long.

Because if you can shoot down rockets, missiles and mortar shells, you can hit an aircraft.

Sen. Schumer: I find it hard to describe just how much I loathe

and despise this vile bastard.

Some of the bad guys are both better trained

and more willing to shoot than the cops.  Or most CCW folks.
The first thing that the researchers learned is that our assumptions about criminals not training are wrong.  Nearly 40% of the criminal attackers in this study had received FORMAL firearms training (mostly in the military).  More than 80% of the criminal attackers regularly practiced with their firearms, with an average number of 23 Practice Sessions Per Year!  They conducted these practice sessions in trash dumps, wooded areas, back yards and “street corners in known drug trafficking areas”.  What that means is that the practice sessions were taking place in realistic environments, under conditions similar to those the attackers were likely to face in combat.
Some good information here

That reaction may look outsized in the United States,

but the case touches on a string of issues that strike deeply in India, where the fear of public humiliation resonates strongly and heavy-handed treatment by the police is normally reserved for the poor. For an educated, middle-class woman to face public arrest and a strip search is almost unimaginable , except in the most brutal crimes.
Translation: "How dare you treat one of our noble class as if she were a common American!"

Being diplomatic, I won't speak my first response, which carries the letters 'f' and 'y' in there; I'll just say "Be pissed all you want; here the idea is that NOBODY is above or below the law, so deal with it."

What I do wonder: India is an ally that's at odds with Pakistan and also has problems with muslim terrorists; wonder if this administration decided to screw with them because of that?

Wondering what to think about Brandon Webb?

From what he says here, my answer would be "HELL no."
Especially when you read stuff like this:

When you specifically ask 'What's your stand on 'X'?' and his standard answer is "My accomplishments and expertise blah-blah just wait till I issue my package", there's a real problem with what he actually thinks.  Or he wouldn't be playing that game.

Mitch McConnell is a miserable backstabbing suckass politician

who badly needs to be thrown out of that taxpayer-supplied office.
Corrupt little bastard is talking about using public money to bribe companies; that ought to be prosecutable.

Homemade 1911 frame,

machined in the garage and finished off with a parts kit.  Yeah, it works.

Really, people? Breaking light bulbs sound like gunshots?


Y'know, if they'd let them build another refinery or two(or had allowed that in the past ten years, maybe?) just think what gas prices would be.
With U.S. refineries already choking on more oil than they can process, producers from Exxon to ConocoPhillips are clamoring for repeal of the export restrictions that have outlawed most overseas sales of American crude for four decades.

I can't decide if Juan Williams is really this farging dumb, or if he's so desperate to be back in the good graces of NPR that he'll push ANYTHING they'll like.

They don't want to ban our guns.  Except when they do.  And they'll tell you both things at the same time, and expect you to not take notice of it.

Snork... winter comes to Dallas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Warnings on the 'Compromise!' they want

Which will take from us, and do nothing but slightly delay their desire.

Question becomes will Gov. Howler & Co. be smart, or will they decide "We give orders, and you will obey!" ?
Writing at Human Events, Raquel Okyay suggests that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing a near revolt over the NY SAFE Act, and that more than 90%  of the Empire State’s gun owners will simply ignore the long gun registration requirement in the law. Perhaps just as shocking (to Cuomo’s legion of statists, anyway) is that law enforcement itself does not want to enforce the law.
New Yorkers gauge registration and confiscation of firearms in the aftermath of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s landmark gun control law, the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013.
...Low compliance rates will put the governor in an interesting position especially in an election year, said Nojay. “I think registration rates are going to be less than 10 percent.”
County clerks, district attorneys, county sheriffs and local law enforcement do not want to enforce the S.A.F.E. Act which is now the governor’s law, he said. “They regard it as having nothing to do with law enforcement, it will not prevent crime, it will not prevent tragedy, it is a law of pure politics and they don’t want to have anything to do with it.”
Considering Cuomo, I'm expecting some level of "If we screw enough people, the others will fall into line."
And so it matters immensely when we read:

Cuomo is telling people he will enforce the law, he said. “This governor walks into every room looking for a fight and if he can’t find one he’ll start one.”
“This is a constitutional crisis in the making,” he said. “The question is: Will the governor start pounding the table to force them to be the enforcer.”
There is a difference between an enforcer, and an oppressor. Frankly, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t seem smart enough to know the difference, and therein lies the danger to us all.

Put bluntly, I don't give a rats ass if the EPA approved 15% gasohol; it's an idiot idea that'll destroy lots of engines.  Which, from past performance, is what the effing EPA is actually after.

Have a friend who was a big gasohol booster; right up until it trashed the engine of his car, and the mechanic showed/told him exactly how.  That slapped him with the Reality™ Glove.  And I've known/known of too many people who've had problems because of the stuff.

Plus the most basic thing: If it was worth doing, it wouldn't need all these damned subsidies.

Any respect I had for Cummings went down the toilet when he started saying and doing everything possible to prevent full inquiry into Fast & Furious, and started calling anybody upset by the piles of bodies a racist.  This is just a continuance of "Screw the people dying, screw the breaking of law, I have to protect Obama & Co. no matter what."

The one thing I'll say about the current budget deal: Either Ryan is infected with the 'make a deal, no matter what' idiocy, or he got rolled.  That he then proceeded to insult and belittle anyone calling him on it(in company with Yellowstain Boehner) just tells me he's become a standard DC dirtbag.  Especially with him now playing "Oh, I think the tea party and actual conservatives are important(as long as they shut up and stop causing me problems)."

One more reason to refer to this President as a corrupt, disgusting, worthless bastard:
In an effort to cut defense spending, the Obama Administration plans to cut health benefits for active duty and retired military personnel and their families while not touching the benefits enjoyed by unionized civilian defense workers.

The move, congressional aides suggested, is to force those individuals into Obamacare, Bill Gertz reported at the Washington Beacon.

Speaking of corrupt, disgusting bastards,
We have written mostly about the corruption of Greens in America, where Al Gore has become a standing joke. But the Daily Mail has performed the valuable service of exposing the corruption that is rampant among British environmentalists; specifically, global warming alarmists:
The Mail on Sunday today reveals the extraordinary web of political and financial interests creating dozens of eco-millionaires from green levies on household energy bills.
A three-month investigation shows that some of the most outspoken campaigners who demand that consumers pay the colossal price of shifting to renewable energy are also getting rich from their efforts.

And we're supposed to trust these bastards to be honest and unbiased why, again?

Seems fitting that this shit is happening in the PROM, doesn't it?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I've got a friend who accuses me of cherry-picking horror stories about the NHS

in Britain; y'know, the system the Obamacare weenies said was marvelous and we should copy?  Don't think he can accuse me of that on this:
One investigation revealed that a quarter of new mothers were abandoned by their midwives during labour, with some left to give birth on the floor or in corridors.

The second found that mistakes deemed so serious they should never happen are being made in hospitals five times a week.

And the third survey said thousands of patients have all but given up trying to secure appointments with their family doctor.
And you'll just friggin' LOVE this:
Police have even been called in to probe claims that staff at Colchester Hospital fiddled figures to hide the fact that some patients waited up to six months for cancer treatment.
I wonder, how many dead people does that work out to?
And do they give a damn?

And while Obama's planning his next vacation on OPM*,

some of the people he wanted to take us to war to aid were being unsocial:
Torah scrolls and other Judaica plundered from an ancient Damascus synagogue are being held by an Islamist group inside Syria, which is demanding the release of prisoners captured by the Assad regime in return for the items, The Times of Israel has learned.

Reports on the destruction and looting of the millennia-old Jobar synagogue in Damascus emerged as early as March, but those responsible for the theft have never been clearly identified, as government and opposition forces traded accusations.

The Jobar synagogue — said to be 2,000-years-old — was built on the site where the prophet Elijah is said to have concealed himself from persecution and anointed his successor, Elisha, as a prophet. It was badly damaged in March by mortars reportedly fired by Syrian government forces; some reports say the building was destroyed.

A source involved in negotiating for the release of the Judaica items and their extraction from Syria, speaking to The Times of Israel on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, said the objects were being held inside Syria by a group affiliated with the Al-Nusra Front, an Islamist organization associated with al-Qaeda and defined as a terrorist organization by the US. He said the stolen items include at least three or four Torah scrolls as well as ancient Jewish scrolls and silverware.

*Other Peoples' Money

I give you our Secretary of State, John Effing Kerry:

...And — and I think we — we need to factor that into the urgency of getting China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, all of us, uh, to stay on the same page and to put as much effort into the denuclearization as possible.  To have a nuclear weapon, potentially, in the hands of somebody like Kim Jong In — Jun — just becomes even more unacceptable."
Slight problem with that:
Raddatz did not follow up to ask about North Korea's already existent nuclear capabilities. Last February, North Korea claimed it had successfully completed a third nuclear weapon test, this time underground. According to the State Department, Kerry was briefed about this test.
The brilliance, it's... well, almost nonexistent.

Just ran across this today:
The Saudis deny any role in 9/11, but the CIA in one memo reportedly found “incontrovertible evidence” that Saudi government officials — not just wealthy Saudi hardliners, but high-level diplomats and intelligence officers employed by the kingdom — helped the hijackers both financially and logistically. The intelligence files cited in the report directly implicate the Saudi embassy in Washington and consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks, making 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war.

The findings, if confirmed, would back up open-source reporting showing the hijackers had, at a minimum, ties to several Saudi officials and agents while they were preparing for their attacks inside the United States. In fact, they got help from Saudi VIPs from coast to coast:
LOS ANGELES: Saudi consulate official Fahad al-Thumairy allegedly arranged for an advance team to receive two of the Saudi hijackers — Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi — as they arrived at LAX in 2000. One of the advance men, Omar al-Bayoumi, a suspected Saudi intelligence agent, left the LA consulate and met the hijackers at a local restaurant. (Bayoumi left the United States two months before the attacks, while Thumairy was deported back to Saudi Arabia after 9/11.)
True?  I don't know; it wouldn't surprise me.

And if it is, the chances of this administration actually doing anything?  After Obama bowed to the Saudi king?  Just about zero.  Maybe 30% if he gets enough heat over it.

Among the reasons I think unions suck:

In a Dec. 6 court filing, Local 214 argued that right-to-work laws are "a violation of the prohibitions against involuntary servitude" citing Article I, Section 9 of the state constitution: "Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude unless for the punishment of crime, shall ever be tolerated in this state."

"The claim was made in response to a lawsuit filed by four City of Dearborn employees who were going to be charged $150 by the union for any grievance they filed after they left the union when they exercised their rights under state law," according to a blog posting by the conservative Mackinac Center.

So, along with lying about Obamacare they hid all kinds of stuff until after the election; about the kind of morals and ethics we expect from these bastards.

Why might officers like Bateman have a problem with citizens with rifles?

Especially autoloaders?  History:
These marksmen were organized into small, independent units and ordered to pick off British officers during the inactivity around Boston after the Bunker Hill fight. Dunlap's Pennsylvania Packet said on August 14, 1775: “The express, who was sent by the Congress, is returned here from the Eastward, and says he left the Camp last Saturday; that the riflemen picked off ten men in one day, three of whom were Field-officers, that were reconnoitering ; one of them was killed at a distance of 250 yards, when only half his head was seen.” Such reports caused great indignation when republished in London. The backwoodsmen were called “. .. shirt-tail men, with their cursed twisted (rifled) guns, the most fatal widow- and-orphan-makers in the world”.
Yeah, that might make officers like Bateman nervous about a bunch of commoners with accurate repeating arms.  Kind of like those redcoat officers.  If you've announced 'We will take your guns from your cold dead hands', you wouldn't like to consider doing it to armed, pissed-off citizens.  It might get dangerous.