Friday, March 15, 2024

Once again the sixth eve rolls around, and

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And, as usual, a mass shooting that didn't fit the Preferred Narrative™

disappeared pretty quickly.

"Those racist right-wingers say ALL Haitians do it!

(Well, some of them do it, but you're not supposed to talk about it)
NBC NEWS: “Conservatives are OUT OF LINE suggesting there are Haitian cannibals!!”

NBC NEWS (same article:
“There are…um, gangs that are eating people, including The Cannibal Army. But it is unacceptable for those on the right to notice!”

Whole post here.

They're really working to shut down any criticism of letting unvetted Haitians in in large numbers, aren't they?

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Thursday, March 14, 2024

The 'Internet of Things': Spyware and security leaks,

including from the car company to your insurance company.

Not long ago my insurance said that if I opted to install their 'driver safety box' in my truck it would probably lower my insurance.  Which sounds nice, but when you look at the information you find you're installing a tracking device that will tell them when and where you go, how fast you drive, if you brake or accelerate 'unsafely' or 'unnecessarily'- by their definition-  and so forth.  Screw that.

Few years ago daughter gave that a trial on her car, to find that she was an 'unsafe driver' according to the box.  Oh, that braking?  She was backing out of a parking space when some clown came shooting down the lane and she had to brake hard to avoid a crash, and the damned box beeped at her.  So you can't win, and you let them track you everywhere.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Sword dynamics

Nice video, and a fine response to the "Swords were heavy!", etc., BS.  The people making and using these needed speed and fine balance, and they got them.

Be warned the closed captioning isn't very good.

"People who disagree with me about herd immunity and

anything else in dealing with the Wuhan virus must be dealt with!"
Well, I do agree some dealing with needs doing.

I'd guess mainly Florida, but also some other Atlantic coast states better get ready

Border agents in Miami have been told to prepare for a wave of migration from Haiti following the takeover of the country by bloodthirsty gangs, The Post has learned.

An internal agency email leaked to The Post pointed out it is unlikely Haitians who take to the sea and enter Florida illegally will be repatriated back to their home country, given its instability.

The message also warned that one vessel of migrants landing would overwhelm agency capabilities in the area.

“One landing will cripple the station and our ability to respond to other traffic,” the email to agents read.

And if you think A: They'll all be innocents, including parents and kids, and B: This administration will actually try to control it and sort out the bad guys, you're an idiot.  Think of a lot of gang members used to using machetes on people, with the occasional cannibalism, loose here.  If you live in the region  you might consider some more ammo if you can afford it.

I fear West Point has been taken over by the assholes from the sound of it.

... At a meeting of the West Point Board of Visitors on March 7, the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point, LTG Steve Gilland, announced a planned change to the stated mission of the United States Military Academy at West Point by eliminating the words “Duty,” “Honor” and “Country” from its official mission statement.
The gentleman who wrote the piece is giving the creators of the the benefit of the doubt; after all the crap that's come out of the people in charge the last years, I can't.  It's either "I don't really understand why changing this would upset anyone" or "Screw those people, THIS is the New Way."

Seems the early 'Biden's interview with the investigator was awful'

was understatement.
Former special counsel Robert Hur revealed in Capitol Hill testimony that Biden 'willfully' retained classified materials as a private citizen and gave them to Mark Zwonitzer - the ghost writer of his $8 million book - who later tried to destroy them.

Hur arrived on Capitol Hill to offer insight into his devastating classified documents report that painted Biden as 'elderly' and 'forgetful' and with 'diminished faculties,' but did not recommend charges for the president.

He pushed back on Democrats who claimed his report cleared Biden of any wrongdoing, saying it 'did not exonerate' the president.

'We identified evidence that the President willfully retained classified materials after the end of his vice presidency, when he was a private citizen,' Hur said during the high-stakes hearing.

Put bluntly, you or I, or some military type or bureaucrat who handled classified documents this way would've been in a cell a long time ago.  Not to mention that ghost writer who should be looking at a long time in prison.

But, being Biden, "He's too old and confused to charge."

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Turned out too windy, but it was still some time at the range

and that's always good.  The primary thing that got done today was trying the 7.62x39 subsonics at 50 yards, which gave surprising results.

DISCLAIMER: These loads were developed after reading, talking and thinking hard about it because I could find no published data for this bullet/cartridge; they seem safe in my firearm, but might not work well, or safely, in another, so if you try these it's on your own head.

With that done, the first group was 11.7 grains A5744, both loads using the Hornady 255-grain Sub-X bullet in Fiocchi cases with CCI Small Rifle Magnum primers.  Amazingly, when I'd about given up on other things and decided to try these the wind dropped a fair bit, still some gusts but I was able to time those fairly well.*  When ran these over a Chrony a while back they averaged 977fps:

That's not bad at all.  

Second with 11.9 grains of the same powder, average 1030fps:

Especially under the conditions, I'm very happy with those.  Primers looked just like normal fired primers; I am aware that looking for flattening isn't exactly a gold standard, it's possible to wind up with pretty high pressure before some start to show that, but it's what I've got to go by right now.

What really surprised me was that they're about 1.5" low at 25 yards so being about 1/2" below point of aim at 50 was a pleasant surprise.  Also, for some reason the indoors groups were about 1 to 1.5" right, but nicely centered here, and I wonder if the wind helped?

So I'm tired from being in that wind for several hours, but happy with the results here(the other stuff I won't talk about).

*And yes, about ten minutes after I finished this and decided to try a different firearm again, it came back up.

That would definitely count as a bad day Adding some info

I'd like to know the 'why', I really would.

Added: when he tips is up looks like the barrel fractured just in front of the handguard.  Lots of discussion at Wirecutter's place where I found it, centers around barrel blockage and it gave there or the barrel nut wasn't properly secured.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Said it before, daylight savings time is the worst idea

Ben Franklin ever had, and the idiots who started it in this country should be dug up and hanged.  Or just find all of them and piss on their graves.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

From the People's Republic of Californicated

An activist group in California has paid public high schoolers $1,400 each to learn how to fight for social and racial justice. And the money for the scheme comes from the state’s taxpayers.
Of course it does.  And parents who object?  Their kids will be told that the parents are racist, etc.

Considering what's come out of places like Edmond, OK, it's becoming more and more that putting your kids through public schools anywhere is child abuse.

Speaking of vile politicians,

Liz Cheney is an illustration thereof.
Cheney and her committee falsely claimed they had “no evidence” to support Trump officials’ claims the White House had communicated its desire for 10,000 National Guard troops. In fact, an early transcribed interview conducted by the committee included precisely that evidence from a key source. The interview, which Cheney attended and personally participated in, was suppressed from public release until now.
Cheney frequently points skeptics of her investigation to the Government Publishing Office website that posted, she said, “transcripts, documents, exhibits & our meticulously sourced 800+ page final report.” That website provides “supporting documents” to the claims made by Cheney and fellow anti-Trump enthusiasts.

However, transcripts of fewer than half of the 1,000 interviews the committee claims it conducted are posted on that site. It is unclear how many of the hidden transcripts include exonerating information suppressed by the committee.

President Gropey is a piece of work, isn't he?

WATCH: Joe Biden just went on MSNBC and said that he regrets using the word "illegal" during his State of the Union speech to refer to the killer of Laken Riley.

“I shouldn't have used 'illegal.' It's undocumented."

He can't pronounce the name of the murder victim correctly, but he can apologize for using bad word about the murderer who's here illegally.

I wonder what he'll start saying to try to satisfy the leftists and muslims who hate Jews to try and get their votes back?