Saturday, September 08, 2018

It's finally stopped raining, which is wonderful

Temperatures are down as well, so not a bad evening.  Still, take some time to go over the new data.

That officer in Minneapolis who killed a woman because 'startled'

or whatever the current excuse is?
KARE reports that Hennepin County prosecutors filed documents revealing Noor was flagged by two psychiatrists during a pre-hiring evaluation in early 2015. They said he seemed unable to handle the stress of regular police work and exhibited an unwillingness to deal with people. In fact, the documents quote evaluators saying Noor “reported disliking people and being around them… his self-reported disinterest in interaction with other people is very uncommon among other police officer candidates.”
Elsewhere in the filings, prosecutors also included a series of incidents they believe underline Noor’s lack of fitness to be a police officer. During a routine traffic stop on May 18 of 2017, Squad car video shows Noor approaching the vehicle and pointing his gun directly at the driver’s head. That man was later issued a citation for failure to signal. On April 8, 2016 a Field Training Officer (FTO) who was working with Noor reported his reluctance to take calls, preferring to drive around in circles ignoring calls when he could have self-assigned himself to respond. The FTO noted that the calls were simple ones, like a road hazard and a suspicious vehicle.
But the department put him out there.  And he killed an innocent.  I'd really like to know what idiocy was behind that decision.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Temps are down, but damn! it's humid out there;

days of rain will do that.  So, unless you're indoors with friends somewhere, stay indoors and review the data

Well, Feinstein's a lying, corrupt politician;

you expect anything better of her?
Even if Feinstein had in mind a broader definition of school shooting, it is hard to see how she could get to "hundreds" involving "assault weapons." By her own count, 385 people were killed with "assault weapons" from 2004 through 2011 (which is about 0.5 percent of gun homicides during that period), and the vast majority of those murders did not occur in schools. If we assume that something like 16 percent of them did (in line with the Mother Jones numbers), that would be 60 or so murders involving "assault weapons" at schools over eight years, and the number of separate incidents would be even lower. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that Feinstein was just making shit up when she referred to "hundreds of school shootings using assault weapons that have taken place in recent history."
'Making shit up' is what the anti-rights people do.  You could say it's their central principle.

This will upset a lot of activist types

Verena Schuenemann, a paleogeneticist from the University of Tübingen and one of the lead authors of the mummy study, said that the best-preserved DNA showed an individual with light skin, dark eyes, and lactose intolerance — a good genetic match with the people of Neolithic Anatolia (modern-day Turkey).
Very bad for the 'out of Africa!' crowd.  So they'll probably accuse the researchers of being racist or something.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Self-defense stuff

They're old, but they still work.
Also under the heading of "ANY gun beats no gun"

Yeah, went through this twice after surgeries when my strong hand was out of service.  Some prior practice with your weak hand really helps confidence.

Also: Another thing these videos make apparent is that if the good guy is caught in a reactive situation, anything they have in their support hand at the start is going to stay there. People tend to hold onto things when they’re surprised, to the point of shooting one-handed.
I've caught myself looking at a potential situation, while carrying a expensive motorcycle helmet in one hand, and wondering how fast I could put it down so it wouldn't be damaged instead of just preparing to drop it, no matter the surface.  Bad mindset.

Well, that's just friggin' wonderful

During the night some piece of shit got into my back yard and stole my bicycle.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

If you haven't seen a response to a comment,

it's because Blogger bloggered things up, and I haven't been receiving notice of comments.

Have to see if I can fix that.

A demonstration of why I despise Feinstein,

and have come to despise and loathe most of the Evil Party leadership: from the Kavanaugh hearings
"Let's play word games to do anything we can to ban everything we can."  I could come to actually hate these people.

Let us remember, also, that in her attempt at Assault Weapons Ban, Part II, she not only had a looong list of specific firearms, but expanded her definition of 'assault weapon' so as to cover just about every semi-auto firearm in existence.  And now claims they're 'not commonly used'.

Sunday, September 02, 2018