Saturday, June 09, 2018

"Another Saturday night,", etc.

Here 'tis

In our current installment of "We're supposed to trust any of these bastards?

About anything?  Why?",
“On page 50 of the attached, it says ‘The AST has five business days to tell a denied individual the reason for their denial. However, the AST Examiners are not performing any appeal work due to the increased volume.’ On page 57, someone wrote this email: ‘We stopped processing front-end [appeals] mail on 11/25/2015.’”
Must be nice to be a federal jackass who can say "Yeah, the law requires, but we don't want to." and get away with it.

No, you're not always at the top of the food chain

An arm was found inside an alligator that was caught in a Davie lake Friday, sources told Local 10 News.

The body part is believed to be that of a missing woman who disappeared while walking her dogs at the Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park.

Because "Stay Away From Wild Animals" is too hard to understand

The bison charged the crowd, goring 59-year-old Kim Hancock of Santa Rosa, California. Hancock was taken to a hospital with a hip injury and was in good condition. 

Park officials say some in the crowd came within 15 feet of the bison when the safe distance is at least 75 feet.
Friggin' idiots.

Hey, Brownell's:

That Narvar tracking?  At this point I'd say it would aspire to being useless.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Start of the weekend

has some nice data

The High Price of Stale Grievances

This is a good piece on the subject.
Yet there we were—young black men born decades after anything that could rightly be called ‘oppression’ had ended—benefitting from a social license bequeathed to us by a history that we have only experienced through textbooks and folklore. And my white Hispanic friend (who could have had a tougher life than all of us, for all I know) paid the price. The underlying logic of using the past to justify racial double-standards in the present is rarely interrogated. What do slavery and Jim Crow have to do with modern-day blacks, who experienced neither? Do all black people have P.T.S.D from racism, as the Grammy and Emmy award-winning artist Donald Glover recently claimed? Is ancestral suffering actually transmitted to descendants? If so, how? What exactly are historical ‘ties’ made of?
Worth reading.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

What happens when the wind isn't blowing and you've invested heavily in bird cuisinarts?

You desperately hope it's in summer.

The weather can be fickle and the government has to make sure that there is enough back up generation for times when the wind isn’t blowing. Greg Clark, secretary of state for business energy and industrial strategy announced Monday that the U.K. will take the next step toward agreeing to help Hitachi Ltd. finance a new nuclear reactor.
So, people are paying extra for 'green' energy(when it's actually being produced), AND they're going to be paying for the backup systems.  Which aren't really backup.

Scene from the range

Checking a couple of guys in, when look through the window into a bay and see a head appear on the wrong side of the bench.

Followed by woman standing up, hopping her but onto the bench and swinging her legs over.

Apparently my first utterance(I'm told) was "WHAT THE HELL?", followed by pointing and "GO TALK TO THEM RIGHT NOW!"

Coworker did.  "We dropped our target and didn't want to have to buy another one."

I don't care if it gave me my cardiac stress test for the year, I wanted to beat them with the largest club available.

Those scenes from movies where the blast from a volcano catches a car?

Here's the real thing.  If they'd been much closer when this started, they might not've made it out.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Tab clearing

Climate Change Has Run Its Course

Hmmm.  Loudmouth Hogg's home was SWATed.  While the family was publicly away.  He calls it a 'distraction' from his important work of trying to trash part of the Constitution.  And some media refer to it as a 'prank'.

Idiot driving while on phone smashes restored Model A Ford.  I think that town-square whipping post is in order.

Yeah, about that 'scandal free' Obama administration...

Professional Journalists: "Say bad things and your family gets it!"

So Fecesbook whacks a muslim- an Imam, yet- for saying disapproved-of things.  Such tolerance, such respect for speech.

Things are changing in Saudi Arabia.

If you remember the name 'Father Pfleger',

you'll just love this:
An armed security guard associated with staunch anti-gun and nationally known social activist, Father Michael Pfleger, was arrested on May 27 outside St. Sabina’s Roman Catholic Church on the South Side where Pfleger is a senior pastor. 

The Chicago Police (CPD) charged Henry Eugene Hale, 35, with possessing a firearm without a valid Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. He was released on $150 bond.
Yep, another "We must ban guns(except for those protecting my precious ass)" clown on display.

And think some plain citizen arrested for the same would get out on that bond?  Fat effing chance.  And let's see if he's prosecuted the way a citizen not associated with a famous/rich/connected someone would be.

Ass-covering time:
Susan Thomas, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Chicago, wrote in an email that "Fr. Pfleger does not have armed security and to our knowledge, neither does any other priest."
Except he's been spotted in public with armed security before.  So is she outright lying, or is this a 'Nobody told ME about such, so I know nothing!' routine?

There'd better be a LOT more to this story

Officers entered the home and cleared the room, not seeing anyone inside.

The small room was cluttered with clothing and furniture items, including old mattresses leaning against a wall.

With no one in sight, a less lethal distraction device was deployed by an officer.

Officers used a noise-flash diversion product.

As the officer was backing out of the room, a 2-year-old child, who is believed to have been hiding in the mattresses, began walking toward the device as it was activated.
Third-degree burns on the kid.
If they didn't see anyone, why the flash-bang?  What was the reason for it? 

And notice the new language: 'less lethal distraction device', 'noise-flash diversion product'.  Because it sounds so much less than calling it what it is.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The short version of this: "Who cares if they're actually good at this,

we need more Diversity!"

No, I'm not kidding.

And when bridges collapse, buildings are uninhabitable, projects fail and patients die, they'll blame Male Hegemony or Racism, or ANYTHING except the truth.

Who're the actual racists and bigots, again?

A quick test. Can you guess the occupation of the person quoted below?

OK, officially, I now hate white people. I am a white people [sic], for God’s sake, but can we keep them - us - out of my neighbourhood?

Yes, once again, via Facebook, an educator speaks. Specifically, Rutgers University history professor James Livingston, following a visit to the Harlem Shake burger restaurant, which was, in his words, “overrun with little Caucasian assholes who know their parents will approve of anything they do.” In this case, the children of unsightly and problematic pallor were sliding on the floor and singing loudly. Activities that no brown-skinned child has ever indulged in, and which, naturally, the professor felt obliged to racialize:

From the sound of this, not only is Wasserman Schultz scared,

but some of the 'Justice' Department need to be fired for not doing their jobs.  Again.
Wasserman Schultz cornered House Chief Administrative Officer Phil Kiko and called him a “fucking Islamophobe,” saying “you will not so much as take away their parking spots,” the two House employees said Kiko told them.
In February 2017, Kiko and the House’s top law enforcement official, Paul Irving, outlined serious violations in a letter to the committee, and the family was banned from the House computer network. The letter also noted that the House Democratic Caucus server disappeared soon after the IG report named it as key evidence.
Isn't that amazing?  However could- oh well, you know.

And this:
Her actions so rattled the Administration Committee’s Democratic staff director, Jamie Fleet, that he planted a negative story in Politico that revealed Wasserman Schultz, his fellow Democrat, was continuing to pay the suspect, two House sources said. The story also said Wasserman Schultz had a “friendly personal relationship” with Awan and Alvi.
For another Democrat to do this, there must be a LOT of dirt they're afraid of coming out.  Though the 'Justice' Dept. didn't seem to interested in finding it:
One of Awan’s lawyers told a judge he felt “very strongly” that prosecutors should not be able to look at the RepDWS laptop, mounting an attorney-client privilege argument. Prosecutors did not challenge the argument before the judge.
Which seems idiotic.  Unless the prosecutors don't really want to prosecute.  For some reason.

There's a lot more, including this:
Wasserman Schultz’s brother is a prosecutor in the same office handling the case and has tweeted about it.
Can you say 'conflict of interest'?   I knew you could.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Hawaii isn't the only place dealing with Ma Nature right now

Guatemala's most violent volcano eruption in more than a century has killed at least 25 people.

There is as well, of course, a more perverse lesson to be learned from Nixon’s downfall at the hands of an independent FBI, to wit: there is much power to gain by politicizing the Bureau, but only if its upper-leadership team is all on partisan board. Emerging evidence increasingly suggests, sadly, that this was former FBI Director James Comey’s leadership strategy in our country’s most sensitive investigations.
And the left loves him for it.  Because Trump.  And because they think it'll NEVER be used against them.  Because they're corrupt and stupid.

Speaking of stupid(and arrogant),
"In order to understand the shattering surprise that gripped team Obama, it is necessary to appreciate the sensation of absolute moral superiority that wafted them along."

'Higher' Education and free speech at Lone Star College-Tomball: "You can think anything you wish, but don't you DARE speak it!"

From one of the Only Ones we're told should be allowed to have guns...

An off-duty FBI agent allegedly discharged his firearm in a crowded Denver bar early Saturday, shortly after losing the weapon while crushing a solo routine on the dance floor.
But fear not!  He hasn't been horribly treated for this idiocy:
The agent is not being named because he has not yet been charged with a crime, police said.
A plain old citizen who did this would've been in a cell*, but they do take care of their own, don't they?

*With Watts & Co. screaming and tweeting about how this PROVES commoners should not be allowed to own guns.