Saturday, June 15, 2024

You can consider this other evening's photography set to also be a celebration

of the wins the pro-freedom side got this week.

Looks like Sotomayor gave a gift she may not have realized she was giving

From her Carville v. Garland dissent:
"...He did so by affixing bump stocks to commonly available, semiautomatic rifles. ...

The dissent gives us “in common use” for semiautomatic rifles and implicitly says that AR-15s are not M-16s"
And if they're in common use, you can't ban them because they scare you or you don't like them.

This has much of the left damn near crapping themselves.

Lawdog's Guide to Gun Control by Cake Analogy is still good,

so here it is

A post of his on it here, and the text version is here:

And no, I can't figure how to make it bigger

Well, they still work

 The Israeli military has used a medieval-style trebuchet to lob incendiaries across the northern border into Lebanon.

A video that first emerged on social media on Thursday appeared to show Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers loading the wooden siege engine with flaming projectiles and launching them into Lebanese plantations.

The military responded that the use of the contraption was “a local initiative and not a tool that is widely used”, reported Israeli state broadcaster KAN News.

The ancient artillery weapon was used during the Middle Ages in sieges of castles and other fortified locations.

In this case, the device may have been used to clear dense vegetation in the border area which could help the army prevent terrorists infiltrating Israel, suggested Emanuel Fabian, the Times of Israel military correspondent, who initially posted the video.

Pretty much


Friday, June 14, 2024

Yes, one of those times again

There's not two FBIs: there are some agents who are honest

and do not abuse their authority, and there's all the rest:
"Why, it almost seems like there are two different FBIs running around out there. One seeks to respect Americans’ civil liberties while the other is the tool of a state inching closer and closer toward tyranny.

That is, of course, unless you recognize that there’s just one FBI and they’re playing for a particular team. They’re respectful of the free speech rights of a group glorifying terrorism because those terrorists are supported by all the right people in government.

Meanwhile, they’ll hunt down every grandma who took an unguided tour of the Capitol for a whopping 10 minutes as if they’re Osama bin Laden.

Honestly, this is disgusting and FBI reform needs to be at the top of any to-do list for incoming lawmakers if we want to take them seriously. The FBI is well on its way to becoming a new Gestapo or KGB when it comes to domestic issues, and we should all be terrified of that."
We are.  Except for those who dream of it because they assume they'll be in charge of it.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

If this is all accurate, they ought to make Milley put his uniform on one last time

 so it can be ripped off in proper fashion.

Nice win on the civil rights front

More good news out of the Northern District of Texas. Judge Reed O’Connor has issued a ruling in Mock v. Garland vacating the ATF’s byzantine rule that effectively bans pistol braces. You know…the same pistol braces the ATF had previously said were perfectly fine and an acceptable firearm accessory. 
Today, Firearms Policy Coalition announced a major legal victory in its Mock v. Garland lawsuit challenging the Biden Administration’s “pistol brace” ban rule issued by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). In the decision, United States District Court Judge Reed O’Connor granted summary judgment in favor of FPC and its co-plaintiffs and issued a final judgment and order vacating the ATF’s rule. The case and opinion can be found at

I wish it were later in the day, I'd have a drink to celebrate

Looks like Gina Carano may get Disney to trial,

and I hope she's awarded both ears and the tail.
"Under those two cases, Disney said that the state can’t force employers engaged in “expressive activity,” — in Disney’s case movies and TV shows — to convey its message through speakers like Carano who allegedly impair its ability to properly express its values, which it said include respect, integrity and inclusion."
Disney's been expressing its values a LOT, without being slowed down by Carano or good sense.  Which is exactly why the company is on the rocks.  And firing her because she refused to list her pronouns on line... the whiny bitches who had a fit should've been told "This was on her personal account, and we're not firing someone for that."
But that would've required Disney to have some balls and integrity.

Well, that's fun

Made it to the outdoor range a couple of days ago, and one of the rifles I fired, the extractor decided it was time to die.

And finding a replacement... guy I trust recommended a place, but they don't make things for that model anymore.  So the hunt is on.

I must say, the ropes are too slack


and the beam's not high enough

Holy crap, Biden & Co. made a smartphone app for requesting asylum...

'On June 11, the federal government announced Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested eight illegal aliens from Tajikistan. Tajikistan is a predominantly Muslim Asian state bordering Afghanistan and a former Soviet Socialist Republic.

The feds believe the Tajik men have ties to the Islamist terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. ISIS has a presence in Afghanistan and probably a base.

ICE arrested the suspects in three urban areas: New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. According to two media reports, the men entered the U.S. via the U.S.-Mexico border. L.A. is near Mexico. Philly and New York? No.

NBC added this note: One suspect crossed the border using the CBP One app (Customs and Border Patrol smartphone application) the Biden administration created "to allow migrants to book appointments to claim asylum."

Future headline: Terrorist claims asylum in order to enter the U.S.'

Not to mention all the suddenly-there Chinese and some other nationals showing up for asylum and disappearing.
At some point, this has to be considered treasonous conduct by these politicians.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

In today's dose of "How dare you!",

our AG says "You're damaging our democracy when you criticize my agency, let alone try to do anything about us!"

Ignoring the usual Democrat 'our democracy!' stuff, let's see...
"Judicial Watch announced today it received 54 pages of records from the Department of Justice in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit which show the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Office of Congressional Affairs (OCA) provided a Democrat staffer with information on FBI whistleblowers who detailed the bureau’s targeting of political opponents and retaliation for their testifying at a May 18, 2023, hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

A May 23, 2023, email from Damon Marx, senior counsel in the office of New York Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman, shows that the FBI provided documents apparently pertaining to the whistleblowers that were “very helpful” to Goldman."
No, nothing political about that, not at all.

Then we have
"The memos show that agents for the FBI’s Security Division asked at least three witnesses in spring 2022 whether the employee, whose name and job title was redacted from the memos, had been known to “vocalize support for President Trump” or “vocalize objections to Covid-19 vaccination.” Agents ascertained from at least one witness that the worker, in fact, had declined to get the coronavirus inoculation.

The latter questions about the vaccine were asked in spring 2022, a few months after the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down vaccine mandates in corporate workplaces and a separate federal court had issued an injunction on federal employee vaccine mandates.

The agents also asked witnesses whether the FBI worker had “attended the Richmond Lobby Day event” in January 2021, a rally for supporters of the Second Amendment in Virginia. The agents’ notes referred to the colleague they were vetting as a “gun nut” but who in engaged in “no promotion of violence.”

Hey, Garland, know what would help?  If you weren't so politicized while you're yelling about being called a politicized agency.

Wirecutter says "Good morning"


Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Remember, that video may not show the whole story

“They were marching, they had a flag, and Jonathan simply said something along the lines of, ‘you guys are on the wrong side,'” the source told The Post. 

 “From there about four people from the group came up to him, they circled him and threw red liquid on him,” the source claimed. “He tried to back away, but he was either chest-bumped or fell to the ground, smashing his knee and slicing his leg.” 

 The source claimed that he got up and used only the amount of force that was necessary “to get out of there,” noting that Kaye has no history of violence and no criminal record. “He sort of did what his body told him to do in the moment to get out of there.” 

But it's 'Pride' month, and it was a group with Queers for Palestine, so he's a horrible guy.

As a finale,
 Law enforcement sources told The Post that EMS workers attempted to render aid to the woman knocked to the ground, not knowing she had been punched, but their efforts were thwarted when the group of her friends grew hostile, swooped in and took her away. Cops have been unable to make contact with her since, according to the sources."
Why, it's like they didn't want the injuries investigated for some reason.
Here's the NY Post article:
And here's at Gun Free Zone where I found it:

Terrorism busts for the Olympics are starting early

A planned Islamic terrorist attack targeting the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium in Saint-√Čtienne during the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics has been successfully foiled. Rokhman B., an 18-year-old Chechen asylum seeker, was arrested for his involvement in plotting the Islamic attack. In contact with ISIS fighters, he aimed to kill ‘disbelievers.’

Surprise! He’s a Muslim. But, there’s more: “Previously unknown to authorities, Rokhman B. and his family arrived in France as asylum seekers in 2023.”

But wait!  There's MORE!
After an Afghan asylum seeker in Germany admitted to raping and assaulting numerous girls over the course of three years, a judge ruled in August that the migrant would not get any jail time. Instead, he would receive probation and sensitivity training, Fox News Digital can confirm.
A 24-year-old German girl, a student from Berlin, was violently attacked and raped by an Egyptian migrant at a beach in Tuscany, near Carrara, Italy. The 25-year-old North African confessed, and in front of the judge, tried to justify his rape, “Her legs were bare, any man would have done like me.” He further blamed the attack on one too many glasses of alcohol and too much hashish.

The bold rapist did not show any remorse for his actions. After all, if a woman is “attractive” and “provocative,” why should it be wrong to take her with violence questioned the migrant.

This article has a list of other rapes, with the 'migrant' rapists often getting off very lightly.

Remember all the 'Teach men not to rape!' stuff a few years ago?  And if you pointed out that the one's NOT taught that are primarily of certain ethnic backgrounds, you were called a racist, etc.?

Monday, June 10, 2024

In a place with all the approved gun bans and restrictions, and this is just

a slightly busy weekend.

Of course, the ban & restrict people like to blame it all on 'lax gun laws in surrounding states', yet those states don't have anywhere near the problems Chicago has.

"It's horrible, people aren't believing what we say

and doing what we tell them to!"  As if we have reason to trust them, and their numbers.

This covers their whole schtick:
"The prospects for this failing system look bleak. Donald Trump again as US President? The far right making electoral gains across Europe? Murderous political leaders able to act with impunity? Purveyors of disinformation, working under the rubric of The Geneva Project, who proclaim that, “We, people of the world, no longer abide by the tyrannical rule of unelected global officials and their vision of the future”? A collection of anti-vaxxers, right-wing activists, and conspiracy theorists gathered at the World Health Assembly on June 1 to declare their opposition to WHO's efforts to negotiate a pandemic agreement. What is the cause of this breakdown of belief in an international community?"

Couldn't possibly be how WHO has lied and connived and wants control of the world, no way it could be connected to UNRWA assisting terrorists and acting with them, oh no.  And so forth.  No, the only reason we won't prostrate ourselves before their wishes is racism, etc.

Screw these bastards, one and all.

Sunday, June 09, 2024

Two things: first,

This is a gigantic story

The person holding Noa Argamani hostage in his home was an Al Jazeera “journalist” who was ALSO Hamas’ Ministry of Labor spokesperson

His father (also in the house) is a doctor

And all of this was in a “refugee camp”

Dear the West, you’ve been played

— Shaun Maguire (@shaunmmaguire) June 9, 2024

Link is

Second, the Israelis pulled off a carefully planned hostage rescue successfully.
From some of our Professional Journalists, - oh hell, just read it here

Some journalists have called it a 'hostage release', as if Hamas turned them loose, until they caught hell for it.

Been said before, will be said again, however much you hate the media, it's not enough.

A bit of gathering, starting with "That sounds kind of insurrectioney,

I wonder if our Do'J' will be searching for and arresting all these- oops, that's right, they're the wrong kind of insurrectionist for our AG to bother with.  Just like all the other leftist attacks on 'our democracy'.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone has been known for quite a while, I don't know as exactly what part is the most likely to break first makes much difference, but nice to know.

Speaking of 'top of the food chain', there's always sharks

And I'm out of time

We're not always at the top of the food pyramid

A missing woman was found eaten alive by a massive python after locals cut her body out of the snake in Indonesia.

Farida, 45, went missing on Thursday night. Her body was discovered inside the reticulated python Friday by her husband and residents of Kalempang village in South Sulawesi province, a local official said, according to AFP.