Saturday, October 06, 2018

And now Saturday data,

on a wet, chilly night(at least it is here)

Sounds good to me

Every one of Swetnick’s claims should be investigated by the FBI for possible perjury, Dershowitz argued, since she appeared in the interview to walk back her sworn statements.

“This becomes a very important educational moment because when you have to teach the women of the world and the men of the world that there is no genetically linked aspect of telling the truth, that women make up stories about alleged events that never occurred and that’s why it’s so important,” Dershowitz told Sean Hannity. “But this is an education moment. And the world is watching.”
“She swore under oath, subject to felony and perjury that certain things happened. She then said they didn’t happen and she changed her view,” Dershowitz continued. “Any good prosecutor, if the evidence shows that she made it up out of whole cloth, should be able to prosecute her and sentence her to prison.”
Every time some idiot wanting to hurt someone, get back at someone, sees accusing someone of sexual assault as a way to cause someone a problem lies about it and makes false charges, they don't seem to give a damn that fake charges make it that much harder for people to believe someone who HAS actually been attacked.  These idiots need to be prosecuted and get an actual penalty for it.  A seriously harsh one.

I look forward to the idiots behind this being told by a judge

just how much of their ass they're going to lose.
A website allegedly run by University of Washington students allows individuals to publicly accuse people of sexual assault with no evidence. 

The website, titled “Make them scared UW,” was first registered in November of last year but reportedly launched in late September of this year by University of Washington students, the Daily UW campus newspaper reports.
Oh yeah, that's great.  Whatever could go wrong?
Thus far, every person named on the list is male(Surprise!, right?), and their names include the school they attend. Many listed on the site appear to be University of Washington students, but as apparent word of this site has spread, students from many other colleges are now listed, too.

The site does not employ any mechanisms to verify the truth of any accusations it publishes, and the website’s moderators attempt to protect themselves from liability or criticism by stating atop the list of the accused: “Please remember, just because a name is on this list does not mean the individual is guilty. All it means is that we have received an accusation against them.”
Yeah, that's a defense...

This is going to wind up with someone's life damaged, or them being harassed or attacked over one of their accusations.  Aside from any problems they might have, they won't give a damn.  And it'll make this whole blood mess that much worse.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Friday data

is in

"How dare he express unapproved views around a university!

Our students can't deal with that!"

This is why they get called 'snowflakes'.

And this is why I have a label for 'Higher' Education.

"How dare they report things on me I don't want them to!

They should be punished!"
And she lies about what they said/did(well, she is a socialist).

Crapping on a sexual-assault victim is GREAT, as long as said victim doesn't have the right politics.

And then be sure to bitch and whine when you're called on your crap.  Because that's what you do.

Every time some Very Special Agent whines about how people don't trust the EffingBI anymore, someone needs to remind them of the many reasons why.

Well, well, this could get interesting.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Well, New Zealand is off my list of 'places I'd like to go'

New Zealand's Customs and Excise Act 2018 went into effect today. That means travelers who refuse to give their phone or laptop password to customs officials will be fined NZ$5000. In addition, their devices will be confiscated and forensically searched.
Because 'fighting crime'
Customs Minister Kris Faafoi said these digital strip searches are necessary because "A lot of the organised crime groups are becoming a lot more sophisticated in the ways they're trying to get things across the border. And if we do think they're up to that kind of business, then getting intelligence from smartphones and computers can be useful for a prosecution."
So, of course, they want to search the phones and laptops of EVERYONE.  And if you object, you're a criminal.

Screw you, NZ.

People who should be flogged before starting their jail sentence

The man captured on video roundhouse-kicking a pro-life woman has been identified, and he’s lost his contract at a Toronto hair salon as a result.

As discovered by many internet sleuths, the man in the video taken at Sunday’s Life Chain event is Jordan Hunt, employed at Noble Studio 101 at the time of the violent incident at Sunday’s Life Chain.
Nice guy, huh?
Bissonnette approached Hunt while filming with her phone after he scribbled on Life Chain signs and on jackets of pro-life participants with a marker, she related in her LifeSiteNews account. 

After a brief discussion, he suddenly roundhouse kicked her with lightning speed, knocking the phone out of her hand. He also tore a Campaign Life ribbon off her jacket before running off, Bissonnette related.

The cops are handing it about as you'd expect for Canada:
Bissonnette has filed a report with the Toronto Police, but according to police spokesperson Katrina Arrogante, the details of the incident are “on file and the investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made at this time.”

She added: “This is an ongoing investigation and any leads regarding the alleged suspect is part of that.”

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Meanwhile, from the whiny bitches of Snowflake Land,

“If the day comes you are accused of some crime or tort of which you are not guilty, and you find your peers automatically believing your accuser, I expect you find yourself a stronger proponent of due process than you are now,” emailed Professor James Moore. 

The email — in response to a reply-all email that urged students to “Believe Survivors” on the day of Christine Ford’s testimony — triggered what one school admin said was “hundreds” of emails from concerned students and alumni since Thursday.
Snowflakes lose their shit.  And we have the usual statement to them from the spineless dean:
...what Moore said is “not what our school represents.”

If journalists would read this, it just might

end some of their whining about not being respected.  Because they'd have some respect again.
I listened to an MSNBC host this morning sound almost panicked about how the FBI might not be able to confirm Julie Swetnick’s — absolutely ludicrous — charges against Kavanaugh even as she reported that NBC couldn’t confirm any of it. The urgency wasn’t that the media let Michael Avenatti play them all for suckers, but that it might be just too difficult to prove allegations Swetnick herself walked back almost entirely. In other words the fear, palpable in many quarters, is that the charges might unravel prematurely, and so the press must start raveling them.

Or, in other cases they must spin new ones. Hence the New York Times’ decision — for which they’ve now apologized — of assigning deeply (and openly) partisan reporter Emily Bazelon to go spelunking for the latest bombshell: that Brett Kavanaugh threw some ice at a bar scuffle while in college.

Meanwhile, whole panels of pundits and experts on MSNBC are made up of people who cannot imagine why Kavanaugh might be upset at the unverified, uncorroborated, and literally unbelievable claim that he ran a rape gang when he was 15. Instead, we get hours of hand-wringing every day about his supposedly unjudicial temperament, as if any judge or justice on the bench, now or ever, would be expected to remain calm under such circumstances.
I know, expecting journalists to read this, and understand it?  Fat chance.

Why, it's like Ford is full of crap.

I witnessed Dr. Ford help [her friend Monica L.] McLean prepare for a potential polygraph exam. Dr. Ford explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped McLean become familiar and less nervous about the exam. Dr. Ford was able to help her because of her background in psychology.
Stuff like this helps explain the sudden interest by the Evil Party in ANYTHING other than Ford's accusations: Ford's a damned liar, and the proof is coming out.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

So, they're pushing the 'recovered memories' crap as the reason

to believe every word Ford says.  Which is such horseshit... I thought this garbage was put into the trash bin of Bad Ideas back in the 1980's.

If you're wondering why, look up the McMartin preschool abuse trials, and other "We've recovered the memories, they wouldn't lie about this!" crap that was used to put innocent people into hell.

And, while we're at it, yes, file complaints with the bar against these clowns.  And if the Democrats scream, so what?  Just tell them "There is no presumption of innocence, and if they have nothing to hide, why would they be worried?"  If it's good enough for Schumer, it's good enough for everyone else.

Monday, October 01, 2018

One of the best sex-crimes investigators in the country

(and probably the world) says the case against Kavanaugh is crap; and gives reasons.

But I'm sure someone will inform us that she's a rape apologist or something.

There's enough slimeballs connected in this...
Julie Swetnick, who went public on Wednesday with her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, was represented in a sexual harassment complaint by the firm of the current lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford
Swetnick is currently represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, who rose to prominence earlier this year for representing Stormy Daniels.

Ah, those wonderful progressives and their eugenics ideals.

Kevin over at Smallest Minority has written a lot about how the left has damaged education; here's some more evidence.
This approach is not only boring and repetitive, it is fundamentally anti-intellectual. Students in Australia are not being given a “positive formation” by their universities, which is exactly what the Ramsay Centre is attempting to rectify. Instead, they are being taught a narrow, one-dimensional view of the world seen through the prism of identity, over a curious and inquiring three-dimensional view of the world which opens the mind.

Students studying the humanities are not only finishing their degrees with a distorted view of the world in which the past is viewed as a contest between the oppressors and the oppressed, but they are imposing this particular worldview on society as they find employment in schools, government, and the corporate world. These days, for example, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to work out where gender departments finish and governmental departments or the corporate world begin, so blurred are the lines between them.

Since the 1960s, universities have been leading their students fairly and squarely down a path of un-education, unlearning and enlightenment, and they should be called to account. Now these students, filled with an ideological fervor and driven by social justice, are leading the rest of society down the same path, whether society wants it or not.


Brass, to be precise.  One thing I've noticed on making cases for that .310 is that the shrinkage after the first firing isn't real consistent; some lose very little length, some a LOT.

Last 25 cases we put together, after first firing most of them went from 1.140 to 1.130 inch; a couple stayed around 1.140, and one went to 1.125.  Previous results were similar on length lost.  That rifle seems to shoot best with 1.130 or 1.135, so I think next batch we do will start at 1.145(which is about the max length at which a round with the 120-grain RCBS bullet will chamber in it), so hopefully will wind up at the 1.135 mark.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Scene from the range

Know that situation where there's what you want to say, and what you do say?
"Hey, there's a problem with that gun I rented."
Grab earpro, go out.
[internal dialogue]
"You stupid bastard, why the hell did you try to take it apart?!?"
Reassemble, check.
[external dialogue]
"That is the disassembly lever, DO NOT MESS WITH IT."

I swear, some people need to have a keeper.  Preferably with a taser.

If you're looking for .303,

SG can help with that.

I do not want to hear one more fucking word about 'decency' from the left

as long as they cheer this shit on.

Talk about people who deserve a meeting with a flagrum...