Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ah, February, thou art a heartless bitch

to borrow from Dr. Cooper.  As in 50' tomorrow followed by
  • Monday Rain and snow, becoming all snow after noon. Some thunder is also possible. High near 37. Windy, with a northeast wind 15 to 20 mph becoming north northwest 27 to 32 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 45 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.
  • Monday Night Snow likely with areas of blowing snow. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 30. Windy, with a northwest wind 31 to 36 mph decreasing to 22 to 27 mph after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 49 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%.
With 40's for highs in the days after.

They're currently saying '4 to 6 inches with locally heavier amounts' for central OK; which means we'll either get a little snow or it'll try to bury us.

Ah well, it's water into the soil and lakes.

After it tries to kill us.

A: Abuse the idea of 'recess appointments'

B: Get called on it
C: The NLRB said the administration would appeal the case and in the meantime would continue to do its duties as if the court’s ruling didn’t happen.
Pretend you don't have to pay attention to what the courts say.  From The Most Transparent Administration EVER!!

Speaking of,
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Friday that he is demanding the White House answer "serious constitutional questions" about whether the administration can order a drone strike on American soil.
“We’re talking about someone eating at a cafe in Boston, or New York, and a Hellfire missile comes raining in on them," Paul said during an appearance on Fox News. "There should be an easy answer from the administration on this. They should say, ‘Absolutely no, we will not kill Americans in America without an accusation, a trial and a jury.’ ”

Administration response: [crickets chirping]

Now, that paradox has continued right off the bat in the second term. In the State of the Union, Obama once more went after “the few” and “the wealthiest and the most powerful,” whom he blasted as the “well-off and the well-connected” and the “billionaires with high-powered accountants.”

Like clockwork, the president then jetted to West Palm Beach for yet another golfing vacation at one of the nation’s priciest courses, replete with lessons from a $1,000-an-hour golf pro to improve the presidential putting.

The rest of the first family jetted off on their own skiing vacation to elite Aspen, Colo., where nobody accepts that at some point they’ve already “made enough money.” Meanwhile, below the stratosphere, unemployment rose to 7.9 percent for January — the 49th consecutive month it has been 7.8 percent or higher. The economy shrank in the last quarter of 2012, gas is back to almost $4 a gallon, and the government continues to borrow almost $4 billion a day.

If they can get all that crap into a box that size, it'll be worthy of applause from Houdini.
Found over here.

Well, of COURSE it is!
President Barack Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1927, but in the eyes of CNN regular and Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman, the rampant violence currently plaguing the city is the fault of the Republican Party.

Hey, Howler Cuomo, shove this up your ass: 57 companies who won't sell to New York.

Finally, to take some of the bad taste Howler leaves in your mind, I've read about Ed Freeman before; it still gives me chills to read this:
You're an 18 or 19 year old kid. You're critically wounded, and dying in the jungle in the Ia Drang Valley, 11-14-1965. LZ Xray, Vietnam. Your Infantry Unit is outnumbered 8-1, and the enemy fire is so intense, from 100 or 200 yards away, that your own Infantry Commander has ordered the MediVac helicopters to stop coming in.
You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns, and you know you're not getting out. Your family is 1/2 way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you'll never see them again. As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.
Then, over the machine gun noise, you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter, and you look up to see a Huey, but it doesn't seem real, because no Medi-Vac markings are on it.
Ed Freeman is coming for you. He's not Medi-Vac, so it's not his job, but he's flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire, after the Medi-Vacs were ordered not to come.
He's coming anyway.
And he drops it in, and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 2 or 3 of you on board.
Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire, to the Doctors and Nurses.
And, he kept coming back...13 more times...and took about 30 of you and your buddies out, who would never have gotten out.
Medal of Honor Recipient Ed Freeman died August 20, 2008 at the age of 80, in Boise, ID. May God rest his soul.

When did the Groaci join al-Qaeda?

That list, 'To hide from', 'To hide under', 'to stay in'...

Somebody see if there's a tall guy with a CDT pin on his suit hanging around.
Probably in Kabul or Islamabad

What? You expect His Majesty to respond

to the House of Commons?  Especially when he has the House of Lords and the media on his side?

And to anyone who bitches about that last: when you refuse to ask bloody questions, yet will sit and whine about 'how Obama manages us', then you're on his side.  And we damn well know it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ronnie Barrett strikes again

Elected state officials of New York, having been sworn to protect our Constitution, have instead committed an offense against it and their citizens by stripping inalienable rights duly protected and guaranteed under the Second Amendment. By their deliberate and sinister actions, these officials now cause their state and local policing agencies to enforce these unconstitutional and illegal so called “laws”.

By current law, Barrett cannot be an accomplice with any lawbreaker, therefore, cannot and will not service or sell to New York government agencies. Barrett also applies this stance to the individual elected official who, as a matter of public record, has voted for or created regulation that violates the constitutional rights of their citizens. This is an expansion of our 2002 ban against the California government due to their second amendment infringements, and shall apply to any future violators.

And the New York boycott now has 31 members, with Nemo contributing this:

And from KISS Tactical,
on Saturday i refused to sell a AR-15 rifle to a police officer from California. he came into my shop and wanted to buy his duty gun in AZ because the same gun in his home state would cost him more. i told him that i would not sell him the gun even though he had his department letter saying he was able to buy it. I told him that if the gun was not legal for law abiding men and women in CA i would not sell it to him. after he told me that “civilians don’t need them type of guns” i asked to leave my shop. as he stomped out mad.

And don't forget the Naughty List, which at this point is Armalite and GT Distributors

Correia for the win

with two things:
As for the bad guy taking your gun away and using it against you, I recommend pulling the Felon Repulsion Lever. All guns have one.


After your initial comments, Socrates would have slapped you like a little bitch.

Found in this thread; you really ought to take a look if you can

More on the 'no hesitation' targets

over at Kevin's.
We apologize for the offensive nature of our "No More Hesitation" products. These products have been taken offline due to the opinions expressed by so many, including members of the law enforcement community.
This product line was originally requested and designed by the law enforcement community to train police officers for unusually complex situations where split-second decisions could lead to unnecessary loss of life.

Consistent with our company mission as a training supplier (not a training methods company), we will continue to seek input from law enforcement professionals to better serve their training objectives and qualification needs. We sincerely appreciate law enforcement professionals for the risks they take in providing safety and defending freedom.

In addition, the company had previously struck a different tone when it told Reason's Mike Riggs that the targets were designed to combat, "hesitation on the part of cops when deadly force is required on subjects with atypical age, frailty or condition."

Although the targets have been taken off the company's website, it's unclear whether or not they have been removed from sale entirely

I've heard the "We need to talk to the other side, to convince them,

not dismiss them" argument.  A lot.  There is a slight problem.
There's a group calling itself 'Progressive Centrists' on FB; as you might expect solidly
Anti-2nd Amendment
Pro government healthcare control
Their response to saying something that contradicts the approved stance?  They block you.
I'm not nearly on the level of Kevin or Linoge or Thirdpower on having a pile of stuff ready to link to, and facts ready-to-hand; didn't matter.  Just for pointing out a problem with a statement* and providing a couple of links I disrupted the approved line of thought, so 'blocked!'

Friend had a link to a 'feminist' site demanding free contraception and abortions; say something outside the approved stance, they block you.

On and freakin' on.  It's hard to argue(or politely discuss if you prefer) with someone who doesn't want you to speak at all, who won't allow you to speak.

Yeah, it's their site, and they can block whoever they choose; a bit hard to take when they've been bitching that "Those people on the other side don't want to actually talk about this!"  Really?  Have you considered the idiocy of whining that when you actively prevent anyone from disturbing your echo chamber?

So most of the time I don't even try anymore.   Friend had a link to a "Why don't men speak up and do something for women?" post, and I started to respond; then I looked at the site, and passed.  Standard-issue leftist "Women good/men bad", "Government control good/private bad" crap.  At best I'd be told I don't care about women, at most they'd insult me and then block me.  Then congratulate themselves on 'running off the troll'.

Talking to the other side is fine, and I do it; when they respond to argument with emotion and screaming and such, kind of hard to have a discussion.  Like the crap after Sandy Hook: if you don't agree with them to ban everything in sight you're 'making excuses for murdering kids', you're (fill in the blank), and when you tell them off YOU suddenly are 'making this a slanging match, and I'm not participating!'  Yeah, they insult YOU, and when you show them they're full of crap YOU'RE causing the problem and they run away.  Probably to brag about 'telling that bloodthirsty gun nut off'.

Unpleasant fact is that the real gun bigots and hoplophobes you can almost never reach; they BELIEVE what they spout, and anyone who disagrees is in favor of dead kids.  How the bleeping hell can you argue with that level of disconnect from reality?

Added: From Publicola,
We have to understand what's facing us. If you think it's anything short of extinction you're mistaken. No; they're not talking about rounding us all up and putting us in the ovens (well most of them aren't at least). They're doing everything they can to wipe out our culture. 
They want us extinct.
Not in the physical sense, but in the cultural sense.
Yes, they do.  That's all they care about, and they won't hear anything that disagrees with that aim.  Or if they hear it, it's through their filter that proves anyone who disagrees with them wants dead kids and raped women.  How the hell do you argue with the True Believers?

*Don't you just love it when someone insists "Nobody is talking about banning guns!" and then add "Except those assault weapons nobody needs to own"?  Or, when you point to Feinstein and Schumer and Obama and Howler Cuomo stating what they want to ban, or actually passing a law, "Well, nobody NEEDS to have those!"?

Silly question guy: we KNOW whose side he's on,

but asking it can't hurt.
Let me ask you this: Why would you prefer criminals to have the ability to out-gun law-abiding citizens? Under this policy, criminals will still have their 30-round magazines, but the average American will not. Whose side are you on?
And we're constantly told that victims have unquestionable moral authority, so a Columbine survivor ought to have a whole pile of it.

I guess MAIG and the Congressional Black Caucus are in a race as to who has the most members that are crooks.

They really do hate people; the only thing they hate worse is people not living in poverty.
...In the piece in question, Colorado State University philosophy professor Philip Cafaro advanced the argument that immigration needs to be sharply cut, because otherwise people from Third World nations will come to the United States and become prosperous, thereby adding to global warming.

Found over here.

Democrats then, democrats now.  Screw the law, we don't like it.

No, they're not disappearing; it just serves the enviroweenies aims to say they are.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The National Socialist Democrats: "We LOVE latinos,

as long as they're in our party."
Cruz said the criticism of Rubio’s GOP response following last week’s State of the Union was about more than his being a promising young Republican. “It’s not just a promising Republican. I think the Democrats view Marco Rubio as a particular threat because of his background, his life story. I think it they believe it is in their interest to inflict as much damage as possible and blow things wildly out of proportion.”
The groups singled out three–Jeffrey Sutton (6th Circuit); Priscilla Owen (5th Circuit); and Caroline [sic] Kuhl (9th Circuit)–as a potential nominee for a contentious hearing early next year, with a [sic] eye to voting him or her down in Committee. They also identified Miguel Estrada (D.C. Circuit) as especially dangerous, because he has a minimal paper trail, he is Latino, and the White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment. They want to hold Estrada off as long as possible.
He’s dangerous, “Dick” Durbin was told, because he is Latino.

It's a developing pattern of this Obama White House.
Barack Obama cashiered yet another battle-seasoned American general Tuesday, even as the war in Afghanistan continues along with numerous other serious global threats to United States security.
This is the fourth senior officer Obama has forced from the country's service.
To borrow from Raj Whitehall, "The Governor is suspicious of successful generals."
Thinking about it, Obama has a lot in common with Governor Clerett, doesn't he?

Joe Huffman had some words three years ago with the Brady bunch over calling them gun bigots; they were both pissed-off and disdainful of it.  Mr. Huffman hit back, and I imagine they weren't happy about it.
As long as they held on to the falsehood that the 2nd Amendment did not protect an individual right they might have made a thin case for that. But as soon as the right to keep and bear arms was on the same level as the freedom of association and freedom of religion they lost that crutch. Via D.C. v. Heller we have, and the Brady Campaign acknowledges, a specific, constitutionally protected, right to keep and bear arms. With that decision they became a gentler version of the KKK. No white sheets or burning crosses in our yards but they still attempt to segregate us and ban us from parks, buildings, and businesses. The only difference between them and the KKK is the KKK was sometimes willing to take the law into their own hands. The Brady Campaign attempts to get the government, Amtrack, and Starbucks to do the yucky work of infringing on the rights of others for them. They are now on a slippery slope into obscurity and revulsion and they are grasping at straws with their denial of bigotry.

Found through Correia on FB:

Various people have discussed that our noble Veep's 'self-defense' advice could put you in prison, and someone said "He's an idiot.  Dangerous, but an idiot.
Me: "More like dangerous AND an idiot."
which reminded me of the words of Ebenezar McCoy:
"Stupid, Hoss. Every time. Only so many blackhearted villains in the world, and they only get uppity on occasion. Stupid's everywhere, every day."
Especially in the Veep's office.

More on those dirtbag policitians Kline and Murray in WA, including
What makes this especially outrageous: not only are they ignoring the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee regarding warrantless searches and the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to bear arms, but also the Washington State Constitution’s guarantee of the right to bear arms. 
Before liberals attempt to defend not only warrantless searches but also to claim that “assault weapons” are not protected: the Supreme Court of the State of Washington has recognized by name the AR-15 as a constitutionally protected arm.
Well.  That could come in handy.

From Hornady

via OGAM:
  • Have you stopped production, or has the government forced you to stop?
    • Not at all.
  • Did you stop selling bullets so you could only make loaded ammunition?
    • Absolutely not.
  • Since we can’t find your product you must be selling it all to the government.
    • Nope, less than 5% of our sales are to government entities.
  • Why can’t you make more? Ramp up production? Turn on all the machines?
    • We’ve been steadily growing our production for a long time, especially the last five years. We’ve added presses, lathes, CNC equipment, people and space. Many popular items are produced 24 hours a day. Several hundred Hornady employees work overtime every week to produce as much as safely possible. If there is any question about that – please take a tour of the factory. You’ll be amazed at what you see.

Now think about every ammo/component company out there doing this, and unable to catch up.

Several years back the OKC crime lab wound up in SERIOUS trouble

when it turned out the jerk running it was playing games with evidence; the EffingBI crime lab got its collective ass handed to it for the same kind of crap; you'd think that'd make states very picky about checking out people working in their labs and their work...
Well, for one, she was lying about her Master’s Degree. UMASS has no record of Annie Dookhan taking graduate classes there. But that bit of creative resume building is pretty tame compared to allegations that forced her resignation, shuttered the laboratory, and ousted the state’s public health commissioner.

According to state prosecutors, Annie Dookhan falsified tests and mishandled evidence for years. And she admitted to it when police first questioned her in August. To make matters worse, she cannot remember which cases she shat the bed on. This calls into question every conviction that relied on evidence that Annie signed off on
This kind of crap cannot be tolerated.  Innocent people go to prison, guilty people don't, and everything the idiots touch is contaminated.

Throw in that when the FBI lab was caught playing games, the EffingBI did NOT put the word out to anyone who might have been caught up in it, oh no; only when someone(or their family or lawyer) specifically  went for the information did they get it("What?  Let all those people know about this?  Never, that'd be even more of a black eye for the Sacred Bureau!")  Which should be considered unethical at the least, but about what we've come to expect.  Unfortunately.

I've been thinking about those "Get your officers used to shooting kids

and pregnant women and old people so they won't hesitate" targets, and the really bad attitude they seem to feed into.

In comments on her post, Tam has
As far as the value of the targets goes, however, I think that it's a banana peel on a roller skate at the top of a 10W40-covered slope. Statistically-speaking, the odds of that toddler pointing a gun at you, versus a cap gun or a finger or a chicken finger, are miniscule. I'd rather err on the side of caution when it comes to building in conditioned responses.

This ties into the officer-safety movement that has conditioned some cops in urban areas to scream "GUN!!!1!!!eleventy!" at the sight of a heater, even if, when the echoes die down, that heater turns out to have been holstered

Well, thinking back to when I was a teenager(about 16 as I recall) I got to sit in on a shoot/don't shoot training session, back when it was a slide projector and cap guns, run by a OHP trooper.  This was for a school class that had him in for a talk, and he was using the same slides they used in their academy; some of the pictures were the same person as in a previous, but in one they were holding a gun, in others a phone or something else. In some with a gun it was pointed at you, in others simply in their hand, pointing at the floor. The WHOLE FREAKIN' IDEA was 'LOOK at what's in front of you, is it an actual threat or not? Is it a threat that demands you shoot NOW, or be ready to if you have to?'

As Tam said, this seems to be aimed at eliminating that trained-in thought process and going straight to 'Kill them'. And that is a big damn problem.

Especially when you add in the huge use of ninja-suiters for crap they shouldn't be used for and the apparent lack of concern on their part for making sure they have the right damned address before they start kicking doors and shooting dogs.  For that matter, the lack of concern on the part of some officers requesting the warrant for making sure that, say, it's actually a good tip and the information is accurate.  Take the attitude behind this mess, throw in 'don't hesitate to shoot anything you see as a threat' attitude and it's bad.  REAL bad.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lee Coleman, you're an idiot

as well as a gun bigot:
“You know, in the state of Missouri they’ve introduced a bill that would have actual forced confiscation,” an unidentifed off-camera individual told him.

“Well, I’m in favor of that,” Coleman replied, seemingly oblivious to the totally irrational contradiction such a position creates for someone ridiculing others for objecting to it.

“So is that a paranoid delusion that it’s an actual bill that’s been introduced?” the questioner persisted, as increasing discomfort began to register on Coleman’s face.

“Well, that’s Kansas or wherever it is,” Coleman backpedaled.

“Missouri,” his questioner corrected him.

“Same thing,” Coleman replied, turning away.

“But is that a paranoid delusion, now that it’s actually been introduced and that it actually is a piece of legislation now?” the questioner repeated himself.
“Look the a**hole was talking about congress and our president,” a visibly agitated Coleman shot back, “not Kansas … so, you know, go s*** yourself.”
GREAT way to change minds, you friggin' moron.

Stupid, stupid, Biden...

Carney says Pres Obama agrees w/VP Biden that people don't need military style assault weapon in the home for protection. Shotgun would do.
Wait till someone informs these clowns that the military uses shotguns; then they'll want to ban those, too.

A contact on Facebook has been talking about quantum mechanics; so I ran across this and had to inflic- share it with her:
Heisinberg and Schodinger Were Speeding Along... ... and get pulled over.

Heisenberg is in the driver's seat, the officer asks "do you know how fast you were going?" Heisenberg replies, "No, but I know exactly where I am!" The officer looks at him confused and says "you were going 108 miles per hour!" Heisenberg throws his arms up and cries, "Great! Now I'm lost!"

The officer, now more confused and frustrated orders the men outside of the car, and proceeds to inspect the vehicle. He opens the trunk and yells at the two men, "Hey! Did you guys know you have a dead cat back here?" Schrodinger angrily yells back, "We do now, asshole!"

Armalite is on Sean's naughty list

And yeah, that first response was pretty damn snotty.  The second 'explanation', well, go read it.

State Senator Adam Kline of Washington: you're a liar

and oathbreaker just like Ed Murray:
Senator Kline was a sponsor of an assault weapons bill in the 2009-2010 session which contained the EXACT SAME  PROVISION.  From Bill 6396:
(5) In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing the assault weapon shall do all of the following:
 (a) Safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection;
 And from a bill he sponsored in 2005, Bill 3475:
(5) In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing the assault weapon shall do all of the following:
 (a) Within ninety days following the effective date of this section, submit to a background check identical to the background check conducted in connection with the purchase of a firearm from a licensed gun dealer;
(b) Unless the person is prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, immediately register the assault weapon with the sheriff of the county in which the weapon is usually stored;
(c) Safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection;
Senator Kline didn’t “make a mistake”.  Senator Kline has trouble with understanding the meaning of the words “…shall not be infringed.”
He doesn't think much of the 4th Amendment, either.  Miserable little lying bastard.

"We pulled the tip sheet because those people

paid attention to it, and they made fun of us!"
So, did they think nobody outside the university would see this, or did they not understand just how this crap would be seen?

So my state and Texas, as well as Missouri, are moving on measures telling the feds

to piss off.
Guns and ammunition made in Oklahoma would not be subject to federal laws or regulations under a bill that has been approved by a House panel.

The so-called Firearms Freedom Act was one of two of gun bills passed Wednesday by the House Public Safety Committee. Another bill that sailed through the committee would allow private schools to develop their own rules and regulations on whether teachers and visitors to the school could be armed.

Toth’s proposal would create a Class A misdemeanor for police officers enforcing any new federal gun regulations. It also would establish cause for the state attorney general to sue anyone who seeks to enforce new federal gun regulations. It is one of several states-rights measures being offered by conservative state lawmakers nationwide in response to federal gun control proposals.

Rep. Mike Leara said Tuesday that he considers his bill a statement of principle. It would make lawmakers guilty of a felony punishable by up to four years in prison if they introduce legislation restricting gun rights.

Add these to other states who've passed or are considering similar laws, and I do believe a message is being sent.
As to whether the clowns in Sodom on the Potomac hear and understand it, that's another matter.

Yes, I've heard about those targets

At Kevin's, and Phelps pointed me to Joel, and a comment there pointed to this Reason post. Where they say Considering that the company has landed $5.5 million worth of contracts with the federal government, it might also be interesting to know if these targets are being used by federal law enforcement agents.

Why yes, it would.

I went to the company site; others said that clicking the 'No Hesitation' link got a 'servers are busy' response; right now there's a blanket 'Due to high traffic' message at the top, and I don't find the link to the targets in question; maybe a little shy at all the attention?

And yes, I can think of agencies that'd probably(probably already have) jumped on using these; can't have the ninja-suits in particular hesitating at shooting someone, now can we?

Sen. Ed Murray of Seattle: are you lying about not knowing

that "Screw the 4th Amendment" part was in your bill? 

Especially since
Here's the trick. The guy filed the exact same bill w/ said provision in 2010.  Just nobody paid attention to it then.
 16 (5) In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was
17 legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person
18 possessing the assault weapon shall do all of the following:
19 (a) Safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of
20 the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to
21 ensure compliance with this subsection;
So who did write the bill and why didn't any of these polished turds read the bill?

Oh right, because all they care about is banning guns and they don't care how many other rights they trample on in the process. They're only upset they got caught

Exactly.  This time it got attention, so it became 'a mistake'.

Never forget what the enemy is: oathbreakers who consider the Constitution something to be ignored when it gets in their way.  And their word is worth nothing.

Since it's snowing, I'm now listening to KTOK

Guys, it's snowing, not blizzarding; get some coffee or a beer and calm down.

On some of the latest crap in NYEffngC,
Dude, it's New York City. They can get busted for salt shakers and 32oz. styrofoam cups. Who the hell knows what else is a crime there? 
It's like the gulag, but with Broadway musicals and overpriced restaurants.

Once again: 'zero tolerance' isn't about safety, it's about
A: Control,
B: School brass- and some idiot excuses for lawmen- not having to actually think.  Which they're apparently not good at.

Why is it when some Stupid Party or conservative/libertarian type says, well, anything that can be called 'anti-woman' we hear screaming for days from the Usual Suspectstm; but Evil Party or socialists actually say crap like this, and they're defended by the same people?

“Washington has a long tradition of trying to hurl insults to silence those who they don’t like what they’re saying,” the freshman senator told reporters, according to Reuters. “I have to admit I find it amusing that those in Washington are puzzled when someone actually does what they said they would do.

I'd love to give some Tam-level snark about this, but all I can think of is "Fire every one of these bastards.  Now."

The rising homicide rate actually is unique to the president’s hometown. The 506 murders last year reflected a 16 percent increase over the previous year. According to theFederal Bureau of Investigation, this happened while the rest of the country saw a 2 percent decrease in homicides; the national rate is at its lowest point since 1963.
And he wants the rest of the country to enjoy the same results his kind of laws have brought to Chicago.

That statement Biden made the other day about 'buy a shotgun'?  It's FAR worse than I'd thought.  Assuming you can stand listening to the whole thing, you'll see what I mean.
Besides the general idiocy, I have to wonder if Biden actually told his wife that, or if he's throwing a lie in just to add to the pile of crap.  God knows he's shown he has no great concern for the truth before.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guys, this kind of thing is NOT what social media is for

You dumbasses.
A mother is furious after she says a bizarre Facebook message from police contributed to it taking almost a month to find out her son had died.
Usual caveat of "If all is correct" holds, but I can see this happening; some people just don't think crap through as they should

Biden insists 'All you need is a double-barrel shotgun';

everyone who's ever needed more than two shots to save their life was not asked for comment.

Also note this crap:
“No one’s banning guns,” Biden answered. “We’re talking about a background check.”
Listen, you corrupt little liar, Obama has REPEATEDLY called for bans on whatever he currently defines as 'assault rifles'; Feinstein has a whole bloody list of what all she wants to ban; Howler Cuomo and his minion in NY want to ban a bunch of things.  WE KNOW WHAT YOU CLOWNS WANT, including what the miserable little hoplophobes and gun bigots in Washington let out of the bag the other day: stop lying to us.

I have seen the Curmudgeon's blog before,

but knew nothing of the chipmunks.  Or the current cat situation.  Thanks to a e-mail from Mr. Henick, I have now.

He also had something to say on the story a while back about 'would new gun laws spark civil disobedience?'(Would?  Already are, and don't think they don't know it); his thought:

It's a little late to ask that question.
All we are waiting for is to see how the government is going to respond, and then to see if their response "causes" an escalation in disobedience.
I'm hoping that a certain large segment of the population figures out that if the government pushes back there will not be any money left to provide the free cheese and phones any more.  Yes, seriously I see that as the best prevention of things going all pear-shaped.
Sad and frightening, isn't it.
Yeah, it is.  That's a possibility I hadn't considered: "If you get this all stirred up, you won't be able to give us our payof- our welfare!"

I posted on that idiotic shooting in Cleveland a while back;

it's even worse than it looked then.
But when the smoky haze -- caused by rapid fire of nearly 140 bullets in less than 30 seconds -- dissipated, it soon became clear that more than a dozen officers had been firing at one another across a middle school parking lot in East Cleveland.
Brelo, according to his account, climbed onto the trunk and then the top of a zone car and reloaded his gun, firing rounds into the Malibu. An Iraq war veteran, Brelo said he saw "the suspects moving and I could not understand why they are still moving, shooting at us. Even through Iraq, I never fired my weapon. I never have been so afraid in my life."
This is... words fail me

Yes, Amazon is saying "Screw you gun people,

we don't want your business."

Take note of what Danny Westneat considers 'perfectly reasonable

gun control':
...It’s the long-awaited assault-weapons ban, introduced last week by three Seattle Democrats.
Responding to the Newtown school massacre, the bill would ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons that use detachable ammunition magazines. Clips that contain more than 10 rounds would be illegal.
So, according to Westneat banning EVERY SEMI-AUTO except, say, .22 rifles and shotguns with tube magazines is'perfectly reasonable'.
(You also get the standard "The NRA is hateful and prevents reasonable actions" crap)

As Lawdog says, "nibble-nibble."  Except in this case it's "CHOMP-gulp."  And we're supposed to 'compromise' with these people.

From a DoJ study:
“Since assault weapons are not a major contributor to US gun homicide and the existing stock of guns is large, an assault weapon ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violence,” the DOJ’s National Institute for Justice explains in a January 4 report obtained by the National Rifle Association. “If coupled with a gun buyback(i.e. 'confiscation') and no exemptions then it could be effective.” That idea is also undermined by the acknowledgement that “a complete elimination of assault weapons would not have a large impact on gun homicides.”
Obama doesn't care, he still wants to ban things.

One of the reasons I despise so many of the socialists and enviroweenies out there: all the 'Frankenfood' crap.  They'd rather see kids suffer and die than allow them to use Golden Rice.
Take a look at some of the comments: "It came from a corporation, therefore it is EVIL!"  Also the continuing "Lomborg went off the plantation, he must be destroyed!" crap.

Two things in this: One is a leftist asshole like Baldwin facing 'hate-crime' charges; he probably LOVES him some hate-crime laws, so the blowback is wonderful.
Second: Miller told investigators he showed Baldwin his retired cop ID because he thought that the actor was being “too aggressive.”
Yeah, "I'm a retired cop, you better behave!"  THAT'S a winner, isn't it?

The EPA: "Sure, we'll obey the law and release the e-mails; we just won't let you see what's in them."

New Jersey politicians: lying as much and making as much sense as their friends in Chicago.

'Spontaneous combustion' considered in Sequoyah County death

Went by one of my usual reloading supplies places yesterday.  Some powder in stock, lots of bullets still sold out.  Lots of shotgun primers, but the ONLY primers on the shelf that were not magnum or a few match were some Tula small rifle; all the standard large rifle and large & small pistol were gone.  And there was one box of X-treme .44 bullets on the bulk bullet shelf.

"I love women, I have women, BUT

they can't be trusted with guns!"
Yeah, they'll just shoot all over the place.  Much like Rep. Salazar's mouth.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Figuring gun control in states will get less heat than national?

Publicola thinks so

I do realize it's effing Chicago, but jeez!

Chicago's embattled police superintendent dug himself deeper into a pit of controversy today by claiming that lawful firearm owners are agents of political corruption. Appearing on a Chicago Sunday morning talk show, superintendent Garry McCarthy expressed his conviction that firearm owners who lobby their elected representatives or who donate money to political campaigns are engaged in corruption that endangers public safety. McCarthy went on to express his belief that judges and legislators should rely on public opinion polls when interpreting our Constitution.
Go read the rest; even for Chicago this clown is a disgrace to the badge he wears, and an oathbreaker of the first order.

Well, gee, Pres. Lightbringer, why don't you try letting laws be enforced

against your clowns who were involved in this?
1) All three rifles found at the scene appear to have been Fast and Furious guns. Of the six guns found on the killers when they were arrested, one traced to Fast and Furious.

2) There are references to guns being given to ATF "CIs" -- "cooperating individual" or "confidential informant," meaning informants. This suggests that letting cartel straw men buy guns wasn't enough, ATF's own informants were given guns to pass on to the cartels.

For that matter,
So, Mr. President, Americans would like to know…
If your fugitive friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and the rest of the Weathermen had fled to Cuba in 1970, would you have sent a drone after them? Because I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the Weathermen and Anwar al-Awlaki, except that the Weathermen were more successful than most of Awlaki’s protégés.

Separate but equal in Colorado; that's a squirreled-up state, isn't it?

During Obama’s first term, many on the Left who were frustrated by their inability to fully impose their political agendas repeatedly invoked the mantra that America was “ungovernable.” If the president’s gun-control proposals become law, they haven’t seen anything yet.
Ya think maybe?

More on that meteor, including tweaking on the size: NASA now says the Chelyabinsk object must have been about 55 feet wide (17 meters wide) with a mass of 10,000 tons before it entered Earth’s atmosphere.

God-daughter and I have the same birthday, so spent yesterday at her party; that little sucker is growing fast, now.

Oklahoma in February: from freezing-cold to 70 in the space of a couple of days, and back.  And a chance of not just rain, but thunderstorms in a couple of days.  Jeez.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How many levels of dumbass? Let us count the ways:

You didn't LOOK at the effing PICTURE.
Instead you showed up with subguns, ready to break doors and shoot people.
Gloucestershire police spokesman Alexa Collicott said: ‘The information was given to us in good faith and we acted with good intentions.
No, if you had opened your damned eyes and LOOKED, you'd have known there wasn't a problem.
What's the road to hell paved with, again?
‘We are sure that the community would rather we acted quickly on information given to us of this nature, in case it had turned out to be a weapon.
The community would rather you bothered to actually check things out before loading your H&Ks and heading out to kick doors, moron.  Suppose he'd been asleep and had a bat or something when you kicking in the doors woke him up?  Then you'd have shot him, and been holding a meeting to announce "He should have known it was police, and should not have resisted."
‘The officers attending were hugely relieved that it wasn’t anything more sinister and we would much rather have a result like this than to put the public in harm’s way by not taking action.’
Somewhere, Robert Peel is weeping.