Saturday, November 17, 2012

National Ammo Day is Monday

Dammit, I nearly forgot.

Estate tax; this crap is nothing but theft

under color of law.
And every politician who supports it should have their corrupt self removed from that taxpayer-supplied office.

Preferably through a window.

Why yes, this does piss me off.  Year or so back I said the same thing, and someone I used to think a sensible sort sneered "Oh, so some poor little rich kids don't get so much money, and that's bad?"  Which REALLY pissed me off.  I asked
"Does that include kids who've had to sell the family business?  Who've had to sell the farm or ranch to pay this damned extortion?  Are THEY 'poor little rich kids'?"  And then said "Besides which, IT'S NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S MONEY.  OR yours.  Someone worked for it, earned it, was taxed on it- often multiple times- and now you think it's 'FAIR' to steal a massive chunk of it just because they die?"

I never did get an actual answer to that.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Back when LED lights still sucked,

being dim and blue-tinted, when the kids went to college, I gave each of them a few high-intensity light sticks and a carrier; no batteries to worry about and in an emergency they could be safely used around a gas leak or other flammables, and would supply plenty of light for long enough to get the hell out of the dorm.

Now we have really good LED lights: flashlights and lanterns and weapon lights(I've seen  mount to put one on a bow, even).  I've still got a few of the light sticks around, and a carrier, but as the lights have improved the sticks have become harder to find.  I still like the idea of having a few as a 'just-in-case extra' matter, but if I want more of the high-intensity I'll have to order them.

If the information in this story is true, then I hope he's awarded the legs, tails, balls and ovaries of everyone involved in it.

What?  The TSA nekkid-body scanners may have had tests screwed with?  Who could imagine such a thing...

Yes, alcohol is next

in the "We will save you from yourself" crusade.

Had a question on where found the Berdan primers,

from some folks in Missouri, J&N Supply.  Don't have a website, so
3261 S. 124 Rd.
Flemington, MO  65650
417/253-4200, 417/298-3635

So what'll Petraeus say? (updated)

Depends.  Largely on whether he's more concerned with truth and honor, or covering his ass.
Considering the level of crap coming out of most of our media, he's got to know that the only way to get anything out is making enough noise here; our journalists will do anything they can to cover for Obama & Co., and unless something is loud enough that they can't keep ignoring it, it either won't get reported, or it'll be reported in the manner they decide is 'best'.
Petraeus actually talked, some at least.
Former CIA Director David Petraeus testified in a closed-door hearing Friday morning that his agency determined immediately after the Sept. 11 Libya attack that "Al Qaeda involvement" was suspected -- but the line was taken out in the final version circulated to administration officials, according to a top lawmaker who was briefed.

And the National Socialist Democrats start the race-card crap again; it's just so much easier than actually dealing with facts, and lets you throw names at people.

Because things like privacy and law and ethics don't matter to these people:
“The National Labor Relations Board is expected to start work on a rule that would force businesses to turn over workers’ phone numbers, emails and shift times to union organizers,” the Associated Press reported this week.

It’s an effort to enhance the unions’ voter contact operations, in effect, as current law only requires companies to give union organizers the home addresses of the workers whom they hope will vote to unionize.

“What this is trying to do — arguably, it violates the workers’ privacy — but facilitate the union getting in touch,” The Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk told The Washington Examiner. “It is just going to be a headache for workers. You tell the union organizer ‘no’ once and they just keep coming back can come back and they keep harassing you and now they’ve got your phone number that they can be calling you on — now they can be spamming your email.”

 Speaking of Obamacare, I'm seeing various "So all you have to do is raise your price a few percent and all those people will have health care?  And you won't do it?  You suck!"  Yeah, ignore all that they're having to raise prices AND lay off/reduce hours on people to stay in business, "You're just greedy and hate those who work for you!"  Etc. 

Chicago politics/politicians.  Wonderful, aren't they?

Anybody else out there still mail their payments in, because they just don't want to give all these companies/agencies direct access to their bank account?

And I found a dozen or so brass 7.62x54r cases, get a chance I'll deprime them and see if the berdan primers I got fit them.
No, I don't intend to make a habit of this; I just want to know of those will fit these as well as the 7.5 cases.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

About what we'd expect from Napolitano & Co.:

A review of press releases issued by the Department of Homeland Security, the latest being filed Sunday and dealing with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s visit to Staten Island for a Hurricane Sandy follow-up, reveals the department is crediting itself with all kinds of activities and accomplishments except for its commitment to produce an Inspector General report on Fast and Furious gunwalking independent of the Department of Justice report released in September. A review of the DHS OIG press releases on its website, with the latest filing also being yesterday, also does not mention such a report.

Sanjay Sangohee has a real problem with us actually believing in the Constitution; my personal suggestion is that if it's so bad here, take the fortune he's made and take his ass back to India.
On Monday, Sanghoee published yet another plea for forcible citizen disarmament:
"Restoring Sanity: A Desperate Need for Ammunition Control." The column itself holds few surprises for those familiar with the zealotry with which he pursues his anti-gun jihad. What is worth looking at is a comment he left, responding to a reader's comment:
People need to get off their literal following of the constitution [sic] for every single thing.
We "need to get off [our] literal following of the Constitution"? We are, in other words, to believe that the supreme law of the land is to be taken figuratively? What point could there be to a Constitution in which every guarantee of the people's rights can be dismissed as not really meaning what it says? What would be to stop the government from claiming, for example, that the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech is a figure of, well . . . speech?
 Screw you, Sanghoee; one thing I'm sick to death of is clowns like you coming here, and then wanting to change this country to more like the place you ran away from*.  If our country doesn't meet your standards due to excessive liberty, get the hell out.

*like California/Washington/Oregon assholes moving to Colorado or Montana and trying to change it.

The Dutchman was back in the hospital,

but it went well.

Friend's surgery went well also; family greatly relieved.

The Wounded Warrior Project found out just what's behind that 'Zumbo' label, and doesn't like it.

There are consequences to elections; screaming about unfeeling corporations in 3, 2, 1...

Hornady is making a Critical Defense round in .30 Carbine; I'd like to test that and the Gold Dot both.

Well, crap, forgot to mention this earlier

If you read Tam, you know about her difficulty, if not you can go here and find out about it, AND the fundraisers.

Out to help friends today;

wife is having surgery, husband can use company.  Planned event, not emergency, but still.

Before I go, yeah, the EffingBI does have some questions that should be asked.  With whatever force needed to get an answer.
Hey, maybe since this mess involves sex the media will actually do some reporting!
Though, since it's connected to Obama, I really doubt it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A low-level happy dance was done this morning

Needed to do some grocery shopping, and the range isn't too far out of the way, so...

Five rounds of the berdan-primed 7.5x55, standard practice load(155 grain gas-checked Lee bullet, 16.0 grains 2400), all fired successfully with zero sign of gas leakage around the primers(or anywhere else).  In fact, the primers looked just like the factory ones did after firing.

So that means I've got a whole pile of first-class brass for this cartridge that I can use.  Now I need to find some brass 7.62x54r cases and try a couple of them for fit.

Going 'mini-Galt'

Well, in mini-galt you don’t do that.  To avoid the sudden need to pick up something, you cook double for some meals and freeze it, or you learn to love omelets.  (I’m doing both.)  And as for the “big fun” you just don’t do it. In full disclosure, my family is going to have one glorious last fling to celebrate my 50th and younger boy’s 18th – but after that we’re not even driving to Denver unless there’s some reason like meeting a friend.  Gas is expensive. Eating out is expensive. Museums are expensive. We’re sitting tight.
But Sarah, you said, didn’t you say that you needed to budget some fun or life becomes an endless slog?
Well, two things – first yeah, sure, but wait and see, the left will give us enough reason to buy-cott some entertainment.  For instance, they’re frothing at the mouth at Applebys for having said if Obama won it would have to lay off people.   Papa John’s pizza is having a similar problem.
Media and entertainment betrayed the nation big time this election.  What’s more they’ve crawled through the institutions for three generations to do it. Yep, they even turned down better people, because they wanted to promote like thinkers. (No? Then how come it’s wall to wall to the left of Lenin. Yes, I’ve heard the argument that the left are just NATURALLY better artists and more creative. If you believe that, I have some swampland in FL you can have cheap. )
It’s time to take the same tactic to the extent we can.
Very short version: don't buy books or movies from people who are the enemy(unless you buy them used); don't go see their movies in theaters; don't watch their tv shows(or, my addition, raise hell with their sponsors).

I've noticed, the times I've eaten out, that EVERY place is short on staff, has been for some time now.  With Obamacare it'll probably get worse; for that matter, look for more restaurants and other small businesses to close because they can't handle the added costs(and that's before Obama & Co. try shoving Deity-knows-how-much tax increases on everyone.
And if you think they'll only hit 'the rich', you're a fool.

Four Lies: You, Our Courts

and Self-Defense.

Read it, good information.
Found over at GFZ

Being out of patience or charity with such crap, the Wounded Warrior Project

can kiss my ass.  I'll give my money to Soldier's Angels.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If they can't impeach Bloomberg,

can they remove him from that office via a window?
Breakables warning in effect if you read this
And FEMA and Red Cross officials in charge should be strapped to a whipping post in the town square. 
I'll not talk about the professional journalists who somehow find this a story not worthy of their time(gee, I wonder why?).

Something besides 'Fill out this form' to do

if you stuff disappears during the flight.

Just because every time I hear praise for Planned Parenthood anymore I remember what I've learned of the founder.  And her connections.  And what they've done.

"Hey, there are groups I like that I don't think have enough rights,

so screw everyone else" is what this boils down to.
I'm going to borrow from one of the responding comments:
As a member of the LGBT community, I can testify that having a CPL and Open Carry as an option (whether I consider it in light of "cover failure" or "open carry as 1st Amendment protected statement, not unlike coming out of the closet") protects my right to wander about unmolested and in extremis my ability to fend off those that would physically assail me.

It is my considered view that the very fiercest of gay bashers will be significantly slowed by a .45acp JHP placed center of mass at velocity. Being able to carry that tool without worrying about qualifying for the attentions of the judicial system if I should (horrors) bend over to pick up a pencil or a nickel laying on the ground and suffer accidental exposure of my firearm is a clear win for common sense. 
 Might I suggest you check your prejudices at the door and rather than engaging in cheap insults and barely concealed bigotry that you explore the facts and actually meet some of the people you attempt to smear?
 But that would mean actually thinking!

Found over at Uncle's, along with something you need to yell at your congresscritter about:
 The NSSF asks you to contact your state’s two senators, asking them to vote yes on S. 3525, The Sportsmen’s Act.  The Sportsmen’s Act is a collection of 19 distinct bills.  One bill is aimed at the efforts made by one anti-hunting group to ban what we know as ammunition.  By banning “traditional” lead-bullet and pellet ammunition, they hope to drive the cost up to further dissuade shooters.  The package known as The Sportsmen’s Act includes a bill to stop that nonsense.  The House version passed with overwhelming—but not unanimous—support.

Have a bunch of 7.5x55 Swiss brass you've saved Update

in the hope that you could use it someday?
Short time ago I took a leap: guy had some Tula Berdan primers, and while he didn't know if they'd fit the 7.5 cases, they did fit 7.62x54r.  Called a friend who did some checking and thought they were the same size, so I grabbed the brick.

Last night I took five cases, deprimed and resized, and primed.  These went through my Hornady hand priming tool with no problem, and felt just like boxer primers going into a case when seated.  I've loaded those five with the cast-bullet load, and next time I hit the range I'll try them.  Looks like this'll let me use that bag of brass I held onto.

Remember, if you want to use berdan cases you have to take the deprime/neck expander piece out of your resizing die, and use some kind of berdan depriming tool to get the old primers out(I've got one of these, and BLEEP! the price has gone up!)

The primers I got are Tula KV-7.62N Large Rifle Primers, Berdan.
Added: should have put this in originally, got them from
J&N Supply.  Don't have a website, so
3261 S. 124 Rd.
Flemington, MO  65650
417/253-4200, 417/298-3635 

Same reason they target any official:

they had reasons to go after Stevens.
Something else for State Department and military people to consider: someone apparently involved in something this big, and the administration would rather sit there and let them die, than do something; what're the chances of them going out on a limb to help anyone else about to die?

Add in this.

So the question isn't just "Why did they hold all this till after the election?", it's also "And just exactly what IS the truth in all this?  Why now, why this way?"  It's like they really want to take Petraeus down in the loudest, nastiest manner possible for some reason.

That opens up all kinds of possibilities, none of them good.

Oh, THAT vote fraud!
And that!

I would ask Mr. Sandbrook, what the hell did you expect?  That in a somewhat soft tyranny like the EU, it wouldn't get around to crap like this?
And in part blame yourself, just like our media can blame itself for the contempt and distrust it's held in: they earned it, and so has a lot of your media.  People learn they've been flatly lied to, fed biased information, and had a lot just left out because it didn't suit the media weenies to report it, they not only stop trusting the media, they wind up thinking "So they're going to regulate you?  Good."  Really it's not, but they wind up thinking it is.

Over where Great Britain used to be.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nice socialist hobby: when history isn't what you wanted it to be,

change the history.

And, found I can't remember where, what's going to happen, sooner or later, if you keep shooting dogs.

Things should settle down a bit now.  I did manage to hit the range today, which had a bad side; I got to shoot one of these:
a Chiappa Mini Sharps, in .357 Mag.  Website says just shy of 40" long and 6lbs.  Lovely thing.  Double-set triggers and a basic tang sight(elevation adjustable, no windage. 

And dammit, it was fun to shoot.  Y'know, one of these in .30-30 would make a fine deer rifle.
One more reason I ought to buy a lottery ticket.  Just in case.

I'm partly back to normal hours, enough

to post a couple of things.
While I've been tied up, something that wouldshould have been a major story BEFORE the election unexpectedly! popped up.  To say I was disappointed in Petraeus would be understatement; to say I'm surprised all kinds of crap is popping up AFTER the election would be a lie.
Will anything be done?  Two questions answer that:
Will there be enough noise on the internet and enough actual reporting from a very few actual reporters out there to overcome the desire of most media to bury/hide/excuse it?
Will some Stupid Party members be stubborn enough and have the nerve to tell the Party upperclass to piss off and actually INVESTIGATE it(which includes putting out the reports)?

FEMA has screwed things up bigtime, local government doesn't seem to be doing such a wonderful job, and has anyone heard the major media say ANYTHING about Obama like they said about Bush?
Hell, no.  Obama and Bloomberg are socialists, so they won't.

Please stop reporting racial stuff we don't like.  WE want to report all racial stuff, but only as we choose and can use it.  So knock it off.

One last thing: Hey, of COURSE the .gov wants to take care of its TSA thugs better than they do the military; the TSA will do unethical and disgusting things to people and both enjoy doing it and demand it as necessary; serving military people seem to have more ethics than that.

And I'm not really in the mood for more, even if had time.  It's Veteran's Day.  One place I was at the other day, the management got on the PA system and asked for a moment of silence, and got it.  Son's still in Somewhereinthehell, Afghanistan, probably wondering- among other things- whether they'll get support if the FOB gets hit; after all, it might upset the enemy if they do, and with this administration...