Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday, and the storms are over

Time to celebrate!

They've figured some details of the last 48 hours of Ötzi's life

It wasn't pretty

"But he was accused! Feelings! Agree, or you're a rape apologist!"

I'm about halfway through this, and it's one of those times I think the whipping post in the town square ought to be resurrected.  And used.  Why?
For what is believed to be the first time in its history, UBC would publicly announce a disciplinary action against a faculty member before any investigation had occurred.
“What I’ve always been mystified by,” says Andreas Schroeder, who taught in UBC’s Creative Writing program from 1994 to 2017, “was that faculty were assured [that] nineteen other women were coming forward with allegations—but it never happened.”
Her reaction to the Faculty Association statement would set the tone for the two-pronged media strategy adopted by Galloway’s accusers over the next two and a half years. First, Galloway’s guilt was to be assumed as a matter of fundamental truth. And second, demands for fair play and due process were to be interpreted as efforts to “silence” victims of sex abuse and emotionally injure Galloway’s supposed victims.

I could excerpt a LOT more, but it'd be better to read it; it's a long piece, but worth it.  Unless your blood pressure is troublesome.

Professional Journalism

“Under the policy enforced by the administration, prior to its reversal this week, those who crossed the border illegally were criminally prosecuted, which in turn resulted in the separation of children and parents. Our cover and our reporting capture the stakes of this moment.”
Which apparently means "We can lie to you and it's OK, because this moment is important!"

And they wonder why people don't trust them anymore.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Saturday night, been a bit stormy

so stay out of the wet; maybe a bit of study would be good

And while the media is concentrating on 'Chidren At The Border!',

among the things they AREN'T talking about:
Michael Daniel confirmed Wednesday that former national security adviser Susan Rice ordered him and his staff to “stand down” in 2016 in regard to Russian attempts to meddle in the 2016 election.

Daniel, special assistant to former President Barack Obama and White House cybersecurity coordinator, told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that quotes attributed to him in the book, Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, were an “accurate rendering of the conversation” he had with Rice and his staff.

Daniel’s staff reportedly responded to the order in “disbelief.”
I would imagine so.

What Pelosi was saying about the mess when Obama was still in office.

Among the reasons I despise McCain:
In the full notes of an April 30 meeting, McCain’s high-ranking staffer Kerner recommends harassing non-profit groups until they are unable to continue operating. Kerner tells Lerner, Steve Miller, then chief of staff to IRS commissioner, Nikole Flax, and other IRS officials, “Maybe the solution is to audit so many that it is financially ruinous.” In response, Lerner responded that “it is her job to oversee it all:”
Henry Kerner asked how to get to the abuse of organizations claiming section 501 (c)(4) but designed to be primarily political. Lois Lerner said the system works, but not in real time. Henry Kerner noted that these organizations don’t disclose donors. Lois Lerner said that if they don’t meet the requirements, we can come in and revoke, but it doesn’t happen timely. Nan Marks said if the concern is that organizations engaging in this activity don’t disclose donors, then the system doesn’t work. Henry Kerner said that maybe the solution is to audit so many that it is financially ruinous. Nikole noted that we have budget constraints. Elise Bean suggested using the list of organizations that made independent expenditures. Lois Lerner said that it is her job to oversee it all, not just political campaign activity.

Judicial Watch previously reported on the 2013 meeting.  Senator McCain then issued a statement decrying “false reports claiming that his office was somehow involved in IRS targeting of conservative groups.”   The IRS previously blacked out the notes of the meeting but Judicial Watch found the notes among subsequent documents released by the agency.
Even after 9/11, Arizona should've gone ahead and recalled this corrupt bastard.

And let's not forget the previously noted 'FBI agents lying under oath, and taking bribes from journalists, and leaking classified information'.

I was doing a lot of dry-firing for quite a while,

but lately I've slipped on that, and it shows when I shoot.  I need to start that back up.

Rifle and pistol both; it's good practice, it's cheap, can do it anywhere.  While I'm thinking about it, anyone know of any dry-fire exercises with shotguns to simulate shooting clays?

This is why you hear 'fake news' and fewer people trust the media

Time does a cover of a little girl crying because 'RIPPED from her Mother by Evil Trump!'  Slight problem:
Denis said his wife and daughter were never separated by border control agents and remain together.
Two choices: Time is run by lying bastards, or Time is run by incompetents who don't bother to make sure of their facts.

Considering other crap they've done, it may be 'and'.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

An ammo place I forgot to mention before

SG Ammo.  Good people, big selection, good prices.

Tab clearing

How did Peter Strzok's notorious text stay hidden so long?
Because the EffingBI and Do'J' are corrupt and not to be trusted.  Wasn't that simple?

More wonders from the Brit Health Service.
“There was an institutionalized practice of the shortening of lives through prescribing and administering opioids without medical justification,” John S. Jones, an Anglican former bishop of Liverpool who headed the government-commissioned investigation, told reporters.

Perhaps most disturbing was that while many of the patients were elderly, most were not seriously ill.

This will be interesting.
University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson has launched a $1.5-million defamation suit against Wilfrid Laurier University, two of its professors and a former gender and equity manager for suggesting he was “analogous to Adolf Hitler.”

They REALLY don't like the commoners having arms, do they?
“Accessing accurate data for small arms is always a difficult task. In the arms trade, small arms are considered the cancer of any society, as they facilitate human rights abuses, criminality, insurrection as well as murder, particularly in developing countries or countries subject to war,” said Martin Drew, British arms trade expert and government consultant.

'Turn in your guns or die'

Pierre Laval, prime minister in 1935, decreed the registration of firearms for the first time in modern French history. The registration was “aimed at firearms owners at large and did not focus on those responsible for fomenting political violence.” Halbrook shows how it worked in great detail but the main effect “was to enhance the power of government over the citizens.”
Some things never change.

In June of 1940, Pierre Laval was deputy prime minister in the government collaborating fully with the Nazis. The previous month they issued a decree demanding the surrender of firearms and radio transmitters, on penalty of death. The French were also subject to the death penalty for failing to denounce someone who possessed guns.
Bet that registration was quite handy.

Remember when the ACLU actually cared about free speech?

The national level never liked the 2nd, but loooved the first.

Not any more.

"You don't understand why you got Trump?

This is why you got- and are probably going to get more- Trump."

When people complain about what's coming out of universities,

they usually wind up being called anti-intellectual, or accused of 'hating learning'.  However, being pissed about nonsense like this has nothing to do with a dislike of learning:
In an abstract for the book, Ernest claims that although he does “acknowledge that mathematics is a widespread force for good,” “there is significant collateral damage caused by learning mathematics.”

According to Ernest, this “collateral damage” happens in three ways. First, he argues, the styles of thinking involved with mathematics are “detached” and “calculated” ones, which value “rules, abstraction, objectification, impersonality, unfeelingness, dispassionate reason, and analysis” — which he claims “can be damaging when applied beyond mathematics to social and human issues.”

The second problem, he explains, is that “the applications of mathematics in society can be deleterious to our humanity unless very carefully monitored and checked.”
Finally, Ernest claims, “the personal impact of learning mathematics on learners’ thinking and life chances can be negative for a minority of less successful students, as well as potentially harmful for successful students.” Ernest continues to explain that math is often viewed as “masculine,” and that that can essentially make it difficult for women to deal with learning it.
A very short version of this would be "There's not enough feels in math!"  Which is so freaking stupid I'm stopping here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Interesting times ahead for the Southern Poverty Lies Center

No fewer than 60 organizations branded "hate groups" or otherwise attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are considering legal action against the left-wing smear factory, a Christian legal nonprofit leader confirmed to PJ Media on Tuesday. He suggested that the $3 million settlement and apology the SPLC gave to Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam Foundation on Monday would encourage further legal action.
They've been sliming people and groups for years, and now it's coming around to bite them in the ass.

Translated from politician: "We don't want to actually fix this, we want something we can use as a club on Trump."

Post something the Twidiots don't approve of, you get thrown out; post about killing ICE agents, no problem.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Comedy of Corruption? Or a Bureaucratic Horror Show?

How about 'Yes'?
Item: The report “did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that improper considerations, including political bias, directly affected the specific investigative decisions we reviewed.” Ha, ha, ha.

As Andrew Klavan observed, that is simply inspector-generalese for, “No one confessed or left a paper trail.”

No, Kimberly Strassel was right in her recent column for the Wall Street Journal: the IG report is dripping with evidence of political bias. It’s just that it deploys the evidence like a troupe of players on the stage and then tells you that the burglary you just saw enacted might have been the innocent parson out for a stroll.
And the longer the clowns keep claiming "Oh, the Bureau is just great!  No real problems!" and so forth, the worse it'll be.

Speaking of which, all those EffingBI Special Agents who took bribes to slip information to journalists; think any of them will pay any real penalty?  I have doubts.

"But that was a white MALE killing people, so that's different!"

Monday, June 18, 2018

How effing stupid are things in (formerly Great)Britain?

This stupid.
Moped robbery gangs are throwing off their helmets to escape being chased by police.

Officers are following an ‘unwritten’ health and safety rule that means their career is at risk if they endanger the thugs by pursuing them.

Dozens of officers are already being investigated for their driving during chases.

As a result, Britain faces an epidemic of ‘pavement pirates’ who believe they are untouchable.
"These thieves and thugs might get hurt if you chase them when they have no helmets, so let them go."  Yeah, that's going to work out well.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

British Policing...

Yeah, tell me again how we should be more like (formerly Great)Britain.
Had the police car remained there, the whole incident might have been contained. But the police were then reassigned to join the hunt for a man on the loose with a knife.

So, having received ‘assurances’ from the travellers already on site that they would be leaving in a couple of days, the cops drove off. At which point the poor security guard could only stand back as the rest of a cavalcade of trucks and caravans piled in through the gates. Around 100 travellers started taking the place apart.
"Don't worry, we'll be leaving when we finish looting the place."
"Oh, that's all right, then."
First questions coming to mind: are the cops of Lancashire actually that incompetent/chickenshit, or paid off?  Because this started on Saturday, and on MONDAY AFTERNOON,
‘We negotiated with the travellers to encourage them to move, which they eventually did,’ Superintendent Andrea Barrow told the BBC. Having issued a statement noting the ‘co-operation’ of the travellers, the police presumably hoped that this would be the end of the story. In fact, it is just the start.

Among the excuses:
The Chief Constable, Andy Rhodes, went on Radio Lancashire a few days later to assure people that ‘arrests will be made’, though he added: ‘Logistically, we can’t just lock up 100 people. We don’t know who had done what because we don’t have the evidence.’
That might be because YOU DIDN'T DO YOUR DAMNED JOB.

Robert Peel and various others are spinning in their graves sufficient to end the Brit energy problems for the next hundred years.