Saturday, February 20, 2016

Remarkably nice weather for February,

though it's going back to normal in the next couple of days.  In the meantime,

Attention Rutgers students:

A: Nobody with a brain is going to hire whiny little bitches who
 One student at the event told the Targum that they “broke down crying” after the event, while another reported that he felt “scared to walk around campus the next day.” According to the report, “many others” said they felt “unsafe” at the event and on campus afterwards.
because SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING THEY DISAGREE WITH.  Because whiny little bitches like you cannot deal with the day-to-day crap of a real job.

B: Borrowing from Mr. Williamson, ...get the sand out of their vaginas and serve my fucking coffee.
Also known as "Yes, I want fries with that."*

*Until the "$15/hour minimum wage!" idiots(like yourselves) cause there to be no more such jobs, because you made automation more cost-effective.

Speaking of handloading, for some inexpensive bullets

for practice, I took some X-Treme 7.62 plated bullets(which I've used before for other things) and gave something a try.  Some rifles with .308 bores you can use them in as-is; others they don't work; in this case a .300 Blackout would not fully chamber them*.  So could you size them?

Yes.  Yes, you can.  I lubed some and ran them through a Lee .308" sizer die,  and checked them after; by my caliper all very consistently .308" diameter, and no sign of the plating tearing or otherwise doing something nasty. 

That left load data.  X-Treme recommends a max velocity on these of 1500fps(We recommend keeping velocities to less than 1500 FPS (Feet Per Second) and using only a light taper crimp).  In the 7.62x39 I found the light load I worked up was running them ~1800fps, way over what X-Treme recommends, but with quite good accuracy out to 100 yards and no nastiness left behind in the bore.  The Nosler load data showed the lowest velocity with 125-grain bullets with 2400 propellant, 1764fps with the lowest charge, so started with that.

It works.  Pressure's low enough the gas block had to be opened one click to reliably cycle the bolt all the way, otherwise no problems: fed, fired, and decent accuracy**, good enough for general practice at short ranges.  And bullets a lot less expensive than standard jacketed.  I did have a chance to run some over a chronograph, and they averaged 1627fps, more than 100fps slower than the manual indicated, and considering these are much softer than a standard jacketed, slower than expected. 

Yes, I am aware X-Treme makes a 150-grain in .308; if I can pick up a few I'll try them.  They may not work in the rifle in question due to their shape/length.

Lots of room to experiment with this.  Change the charge/propellant, if I can borrow a .309" die try them at that diameter, etc. 

*yes, tried different seating depths, no good.  So sized one, loaded a dummy, and tried it, and since it worked went from there.
**This was tried in a rifle that only had a red-dot with a slightly blurry dot, so 'decent' means about 1.5" groups at 30 yards.  With a better optic/shooter that might shrink a bit.

Twitter is a private company, and can do whatever it wants;

and we can point out it's run by a bunch of censorious-minded, bigoted assholes.

There stock is going down the toilet, and they just keep doubling-down.   Idiots.

Yeah, a lot of women do prefer drama; and they get really ticked-off when you call them on it.

Yeah, there's a scary number of people who figure "We're screwed no matter who gets into the Oval Office, so fuck 'em, I'm going with the guy who seems to scare all the 'right' people."

The idiots running DC are responsible for Trump being where he is; wonder if they'll ever realize it?

Friday, February 19, 2016

So it's both Friday,

and I don't have to see the PT anymore; Now I can really relax and hit the data

To say "...Government Could Make Same Mistake Again..."

implies that Fast & Furious wasn't doing exactly what they wanted.  Until they got caught.

You know what would've actually done some good here?  The people in charge of Gunwalker, not just in ATF but in the FBI and USM and DEA, going to jail for their lies under oath and other lawbreaking.  Fat chance of that.

Some good stuff here, except for the 'don't have a round in the chamber' stuff.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

To everyone who praises the Brit NHS as just awesome!,

and we should set up just like it:
Take your praise, fold it to eight corners, and shove it up your ass.

Some local branches are good, but the national ACLU

is not your friend.
These plans, if implemented, would require prosecutors to prove that a defendant was aware of the illegal nature of his or her actions and intended to cause them.
Sounds good, right?  Way it SHOULD be.  However,
Republican lawmakers who insist on making this issue a quid pro quo are likely doing so not out of concern for the lives, families and communities torn apart by our broken system, but rather to please white-collar and corporate polluter interests who stand to gain the most.
Wrong People are for this change, and people I don't like might benefit from it, so it's Bad!
Know what?  If the law is so damned complicated and convoluted that someone can't know that they're breaking it, they shouldn't be prosecuted for it.  Which would clear out a lot of the bullshit in courts: "Your honor, how is a average citizen supposed to know what is illegal, in this mess(waves copy of statutes involved, assuming he can pick them up)?"

Islamophobic is a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.

Speaking of morons, "I'm so sorry one of you raping me will be used to make all of you look bad!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


is weird.  And scary.  And messy.
All of these efforts probably went to waste, of course, as vampires in the supernatural sense almost certainly don't exist outside the realm of fiction.
We bloody hope so; I doubt there's a real Earl and Owen & Co. out there.

Speaking of history, staying clean with linen.

Yes, the Southern Poverty Law Center sucks.  And lies.  And has a real appetite for money.

That would be because the climate models suck.  And their designers and adherents can't bear to admit it.

How's it feel to be treated the way the SJWs treat everyone else?

This post at Blue Collar Prepping

and the snake incident reminded me of a story:
Sons' first time in Iraq, when spring sprung, there were camel spiders all over the place, as that's hatching season. Small, but EVERYWHERE.

And if one happened to scuttle into your shadow, it wanted to stay there out of the sun. And when you moved, sometimes they'd chase the shade. Which led to a guy with, let us say, a dislike of spiders, seeing one, taking another step, loudly announcing "It's following me!" and shooting it(yep, three-round burst from a M4). After which, as some of the parts were still twitching, he then stated "IT'S STILL ALIVE!", which was followed by "Dude, it's DEAD, that's just twitching, knock it off!"

When son called home a short time later and told me about it, I said he should've told the guy that the ones that kept moving after you shot them were the zombie camel spiders. Daughter heard that: "Oh, yeah, a nervous guy with an automatic weapon sitting up waiting on zombie spiders, whatever could go wrong?"

James Lileks said something like "By their tweets

you shall know them."
And a disgusting bunch they are.

And the government tried real hard to pretend the immigrants/migrants/'refugees' had nothing to do with it.  And the media played along, willingly.  Which means that now, nobody believes a word they say.  Well done, you idiots.

Dear University of Portland:
Your efforts to help push students into being whiny bitches who can't deal with words is triggering disgusting in me.  Therefore, I'm reporting you to you.

Sincerely, etc.

If this is correct, the people responsible should be fired.  Period.  No games, no extra chances, fired.  Gone.  With fitness reports that ensure they'll never hold a position of responsibility again.

Monday, February 15, 2016

NYPD cop being tried for that negligent discharge

that killed  man?

Guilty.  Both for the shot, and for vapor-locking afterward.

Wonder if this'll get NYPD to up their training?
Stop laughing, it had to be asked.

If this information is correct,

some people in the Pentagon and that company need to be dealt with.  Preferably in some horrible manner.
More than three years later, Daniel still doesn’t have Oogie. The dog has vanished.

Daniel, who doesn’t want to use his real name because he’s on active duty, is one of at least 200 military handlers whose dogs were secretly dumped out to civilians by K2 Solutions in February 2014, a Post investigation has found.

At least three government workers were also involved and may have taken dogs for themselves.

Because you should always get your relationship and self-defense advice from Cosmo.  Who gets the latter from Mommies Want.

So, the Evil Party is insisting that if the Stupid Party doesn't confirm a Justice right now, it's violating the Constitution, and 'unprecedented'.  Which seems to be another case of "But it's fine when WE do it!"

Nice people Missouri has teaching.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

So we're not the only place with corrupt labs screwing people

Even though child services found no proof that she was a negligent parent, that didn't count for much against the overwhelmingly positive results from a hair test. The lab results said she was abusing alcohol on a regular basis and in enormous quantities.
...Motherisk hair test results indicated that Marchand had been downing 48 drinks a day, for 90 days. "If you do the math, I would have died drinking that much" Marchand says. "There's no way I could function."

The court disagreed, and determined Marchand was unfit to have custody of her daughter.
It was bullshit.  Along with a lot more of their results.  People should be in prison, and lose everything they have, over this.

And the judge who read these results and didn't question them should lose that black robe, because he's an idiot.

Speaking of idiots, no, progressives don't like people talking about their history.  Especially since so many of them would still like to go back to eugenics.

Scalia died, which is a real bad thing in a variety of ways.  Including listening to the leftists scream and dance in the blood in joy, and demand Thomas follow him.

The Stupid Party Senate head has announced 'no justice will be confirmed before the end of the year', which is good.  Assuming that clown McConnell actually means it.  I'm sure a lot of SP senators are getting messages and calls saying 'You roll over on this, your ass is gone', and that's good.  If they even try, they should be gone; this is too important to allow any tolerance for such crap.

Apparently the conspiratards are going around storymaking about "Who did it?"  That doesn't help either.

Ah, Canada, this level of stupid is just amazing:
Canadian soldiers are being kicked out of their homes on military bases and Muslim migrants from Syria are being flown in to live in our soldiers' homes.
And the troops are being put in hotels.  Wonderful.  Just bloody amazing.
From an earlier piece(linked in the above):
Included in the Department of National Defence budgets are hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside for “religious support," including the purchase of Muslim Korans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels.
The plans also call for the construction of mosques or “worship centres," using taxpayers dollars.
The planning documents, in English and French, were released in response to a Rebel "Access to Information" request about religious expenditures by the Department of National Defence.
But the detailed Quebec budget plans also shed light on the sheer scale of the Trudeau government’s plans to set up refugee camp-style accommodations on seven Canadian Forces Bases across Quebec and Ontario.

Well, make up your mind, you two-faced bastard.
Though just months ago President Barack Obama excoriated and mocked Republicans who oppose offering Syrian refugees resettlement in the U.S., Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday characterized the flood of refugees entering Europe as a “threat” of “near existential” proportions to the continent.

“The United States of America understands the near existential nature of this threat to the politics and fabric of life in Europe,” Kerry told the Munich Security Conference Saturday, according to the the State Department’s transcript of his remarks.