Sunday, July 21, 2024

So Biden decided to bow out, or else

he was given a deal he couldn't refuse, which could mean "We'll keep the family from going to jail" or "We'll paint you as a great stateman, or a crack-brained old man, your choice."  No telling.

Ever media clown who's been following their orders will now start pumping up Harris, or whoever they've been told is the Democrat savior, at least for now.

I wonder if they'll manage to cool down their convention, or it'll be maybe worse than it was going to?

I'm getting tired of interesting times.

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Be it noted that Fauci decided he needed to yap about the assassination try at Trump

Because, I guess, he can't stand nobody paying attention to him.
Calling it a “superficial wound to the ear,” Fauci downplayed the shot of what could have left Trump bleeding out on the stage.

“I don’t think there is much more to it. I mean, from what we’ve seen and what we’ve heard, it was, it was a bullet shot that grazed his ear and injured his ear, according to the physicians who examined him. There was no other further damage," Fauci told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

He's a vile little bastard, isn't he.

And, having successfully covered the one evening,

we'll see if it works on this one

On the 2nd Amendment, all the right people hate Vance,

so on that at least I'd say he's a winner.

About the local cop who saw the assassin from the edge of the roof,

according to the local cops he wasn't on a ladder, another guy boosted him up, and when the killer pointed the rifle and he ducked he lost his grip on the edge and fell.  Which is entirely possible.

As been said again and again: we don't know how much of what we've been told or will be told is the truth, and nobody trusts the EffingBI to tell us the facts.  Which is making this even more of a mess.

Speaking of mess, a bunch of the left is up in arms because some people on the right are doing what the left has done to people for years: in the left it's "They didn't use pronouns/the right pronouns/say the phrase/say the phrase correctly/genuflect to our beliefs, so they should be ruined!", from these people on the right it's been show someone- especially a teacher, for instance- celebrating a 'dead Trump supporter' and calling for another try to kill Trump and saying "Make them famous!"  The left REALLY hates this.  And their excuse that "This is just a poor grandma/small business owner/whatever!" holds no water when they've tried to ruin KIDS for, in the most famous case, wearing team colors on his face and a headdress to cheer on the team: "He's a racist!  Why does the team tolerate this racism in the stadium!"  Having their own bullshit turned on them is just intolerable.

There's a lot of argument as to whether it's right to do this to people.  You'll  have to decide what you think about that.  One author over on Fecesbook had an answer in his case: "They attacked and threatened my children because I wouldn't kneel, so they can burn."  After what some of the bastards have done, there's a lot of that running around, and I can't blame them.

That is a good question

 If the transcript is accurate, why not release the recording as well?

I'm pretty sure we know the answer: the actual recording would be further show of how bad Biden has become.

Right now the question someone brought up a while back is connected: if Biden's condition is bad enough you can't let him run for reelection, why would you want him to remain in office?  

Friday, July 19, 2024

Ah, it rolls 'round again,

and I was able to put together some imagery for you

Who's a good dog?

Who's a very good dog?
A devoted pup gave back to the family who saved him last year by jumping on and holding a man attacking his 86-year-old owner in his backyard.

Ned Tarmey, 86, was reunited Tuesday with the family dog, Kane, in the hospital intensive care unit. He and his family say the dog saved his life when he was attacked by a neighbor early Sunday.

Found this thanks to Wirecutter, whose comment was that there was a lack of genitals bitten off.

Swimming with sea lions in a place where they're some sharks favorite prey?

It's not asking for it, but it's pretty close.

Holy Effing BLEEP, these people are worthless

“Earlier in the day, he went through Secret Service security WITH his rangefinder and scoped out the snipers, who spotted him and said they need to keep an eye on him,” News Busters journalist Curtis Houck wrote in a post on X.

“He went into work at a nursing home and asked off for Saturday, but told coworkers he’d see them on Sunday.

“Detonators for the explosives in his car were found on him on the roof with three, fully loaded magazines of nearly 100 rounds and a bulletproof vest,” he wrote.

Which also brings up 'Were the bombs to distract for his getaway, or did he have something else in mind?'

This is, what, the third time a court has told Biden

"You cannot do this"?
-A federal appeals court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden's administration from continuing to implement a new student debt relief plan designed to lower monthly payments for millions of Americans.
Stubborn bastard, isn't he?

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

They really hate that not only is he alive,

 those pictures were taken

Larry Correia has a response to a leftist asshat

crying "Where are the right-wing free speech absolutists now?", and for those of you who don't want to go to X  I'll say "Make an exception", it's worth it.

If you haven't heard the head of the USSS's excuse for not having someone on that roof,

oh, it's a winner:
'That building in particular has a sloped roof at its highest point. And so, you know, there's a safety factor that would be considered there that we wouldn't want to put somebody up on a sloped roof,'
The screaming from vets and actual peace officers, not to mention bodyguards who aren't effing screwups, was deafening when they read that.  Not to mention the other sniper teams who were on sloped roofs, but you can't let that get in the way of your excuses.

She then announced "The buck stops here, but don't expect me to resign, I'm doing great!"(or something like that)

A law enforcement official told the channel said that no action was taken after one of the snipers first spotted Crooks looking up at the roof of the building in Butler, Pennsylvania , just 130 yards from where the president would speak.

The sniper then radioed to a command post after seeing Crooks take out a rangefinder.

But no further action was taken before Crooks reappeared a third time, this time wearing a backpack and disappearing from sight as he walked to the back of the building.

A further radio report relaying the information was submitted by the sniper team who did not realize that Crooks was now scaling their building.

'Their building' because they were securing it from the inside...

Throw in the EffingBI having said they found out who he was from DNA(and I wonder if that was a real slip that they're regretting), and now playing "We have no idea of the motive" when they're not going through the social media they copied before they made it go away(you doubt it?  Really?)  But don't worry, their investigation will be professional, thorough, and will be sure to tell us what they want us to hear when it's done.  Say, sometime two years from now.

Any wonder more and more people are deciding it couldn't just be incompetence, that this had to include some "Let's let him/someone have a shot at Trump"?

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

One thing that the left should really hate about the Secret Service screwups:

That picture of a defiant Trump that caught the flag in the background, that they hate so much?  If the SS had done their damned jobs, it never would've happened.
1: The shots wouldn't have been fired, and
2: If they'd bundled him into the car as covered and fast as they should have, he wouldn't have been able to do that.

Wonder how many of them have thought about that?

Why shouldn't the FBI be in charge of the investigation?

Because people like this would be involved.
Report: FBI employee who works in background-check division jokes about Trump getting shot, takes aim at "2nd-Amendment loving hillbillies"
Yeah.  That really helps.  Second City Cop also notes
UPDATE: Stop with the "He was a registered Republican" trope being circulated by the lame-stream media as a cover. Remember what the dems were doing prior to the Pennsylvania primary? They TOLD their voters to register as Republicans to be able to pick Biden's opponent. This assassin was twenty and had just registered to vote for this election cycle. His political contribution went to a far left organization and he was recorded on someone's social media having a Trump freak out.
Which is something they've done before, but I didn't think of that.

Oh, bloody hell, was ANYONE at that location competent?

Donald Trump's would-be assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks was spotted on the roof 26 minutes before he opened fire, a bombshell new report claims.

Cops at the scene noticed Crooks, 20, on top of the building just 130 yards away from the rally stage and took two photos of him because he was acting suspiciously, sources told WPXI.

It's not clear if he had the AR-style rifle on him when he was first seen scaling the AGR International Inc. factory or if he stayed on the roof for the whole time.

Local police used the building as a 'staging area', leading to questions on Monday night over whether officers were inside when Crooks pulled the trigger at least eight times.

The local guys say the Secret Service was in charge, the SS is saying "That was outside our area, it's not our fault", etc.  And there have been reports that one of the police snipers had the guy lined up but was refused permission to fire because 'he hadn't shot yet'...

Between the SS, the EffingBI, and the locals, we may never find out just what happened, because all of  them, especially the Feds it seems, really don't want to take responsibility for anything.

And the head of the SS insists, of course, her part in everything is great and she's not going anywhere.

Monday, July 15, 2024

From SG Ammo, a fine company, about an expected outcome

It is safe to say the next rush to buy ammo is here. As I have talked about in past emails, the lion's share of the volume in the ammunition business is based on hoarding and panic buying, not consumption, and demand is such cases is a fear-driven. Yesterday, due to the tragic events, we saw order volume increase by about 2000%, 20 times recent normal from around 6pm CST to 11pm when I stopped monitoring the flow for the night. Order volume then sustain massive elevation through the night and into this morning ... Yesterday, we saw several  of our so-called 'competitors' raise prices almost instantly, especially on 5.56/223, and as of so far we have not increased any prices, however please consider this notice that there may be upward movement in the days ahead unless demand settles quickly.

You just thought you heard screaming before

Donald Trump received a major legal victory Monday morning when U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon dismissed the Biden administration’s classified documents case against him.

Cannon granted former President Trump's motion to dismiss the indictment against him, citing the unlawful appointment and funding of Special Counsel Jack Smith. The judge ruled that Smith's appointment violated the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, leading to the dismissal of the superseding indictment. Additionally, the court found that Smith's use of a permanent, indefinite appropriation violated the Appropriations Clause, though it did not address the remedy for this violation.

Oh yes, the screaming is here.  And Occasional-Cortex will make another "I want this judge removed!" filing.

Of course, this part will either be dismissed or ignored by the above.
In April, Cannon unsealed a trove of new documents in the case, revealing that an FBI agent had testified that the General Services Administration (GSA) was in possession of Trump's boxes in Virginia before ordering Trump's team to retrieve them. These same boxes, which the GSA had held and then ordered Trump’s team to retrieve, ended up being the ones containing classified markings. This raised questions about whether the Biden administration had set up Trump.

In May, Smith’s team admitted to misleading Cannon and tampering with the evidence used to support his case against Trump.

Bold mine.
For which the bastard ought to be fired from the Do'J' and disbarred, personal opinion.  But Garland will take care of him.

From the Bee

Pretty much.  We had so many journalists trying to distance themselves from their past "Biden is in great shape!" stuff(some only until the new "He just had a bad night/meeting/had a cold!" orders came out), it was amazing: "His staff lied to us!"  "You met and saw him how many times and you didn't see any of this?"  "Shut up!"

Then came the murderer striking, and the immediate reaction of them was to downplay it, like the "Trump rushed out after falls on stage" crap.

It's been downright amazing.  Along with all the people who've been calling for Trump to be killed suddenly saying "Both sides have to tone the rhetoric down!"

Now throw in just how this happened, and the Secret Service either had some orders not to do things right, or this bunch was effing incompetent.  Then, after the EffingBI got at it, it appears this guy had no social media record at all, which is just...  far more likely is the said Bureau scrubbed it, whether out of "Nobody but US gets to see it!" or it would prove embarrassing to certain people and groups.*

I think that the next time a bunch of leftists decide to riot and burn part of a city, at least in places outside the People's Republics of MA/CA/NY and such, the reception is likely to be a lot hotter, too.  A whole lot of people have had enough.

Nothing profound here, just some thoughts.  

*No, I don't trust them.  At all.  Few years back I wrote a piece about how much it bothered me to say that; it still does, but they've thrown away the trust I- hell, a LOT of people- used to have in them.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

This "Trump set it up for publicity" bullshit reminded me of a book

Donald Hamilton wrote a long time ago, 'Line of Fire'

Politician connives with a organized crime guy to have someone make some 'near miss' shots at him to bolster his anti-crime credentials("Those people fear me so much they tried to kill me!").

Crook pressures a guy he knows who is a master-class rifleman to do it.  He sets it up very carefully, so politician will be at a place where no innocents will get hurt.

Politician is talking to someone not in on it, and just as the rifleman fires he waves an arm for emphasis...

Politician loses the arm and the story goes on from there.  The shooting is pissed for various reasons, including "I KNEW playing games like that with guns would blow up in our faces."

Which is what the idiots don't seem to understand: "Shoot me in the ear or something" will almost inevitably become "Well, that didn't work" as the shooter tries to escape.

As I said earlier, if you believe that 'publicity' crap you're telling me you don't know squat about shooting without actually saying it.

Effing idiots.

Looking at this picture of where it happened, Pic added

 Well, I can't load the picture because Google is telling someone signed into my account that I have to sign in 'to access this content'.  Bleep.

Maybe later for the picture.  Question is, a surface with that view of the rally, why the bleep wasn't it secured?  And if not someone there, why the HELL wasn't it watched more closely?

At best, this is inexcusable screwup.  At most, well, let's just say the Secret Service clowns involved need to see some real questioning.

Had to work around but here's the picture in case you haven't seen it.

And what else is going on?

There's still argument about the origin of the Wuhan virus.  And some are still desperate to prove it occurred naturally.  Which, at this point, is pure coverup.

Remember, some want Newsom to be the next President, and he's been in charge of what's led to this crap.
This week, the Sacramento Bee reported that a Sacramento city attorney threatened to fine a Target store for calling 911 multiple times after it was hit by a spate of thefts.
That's the ticket!  Say crime is down by keeping people from reporting crime!

We're getting closer to Hammer's Slammers.
South Korean government has unveiled the 'Laser based Anti-Aircraft Weapon Block-I' for the first time, and it's awesome footage. it's about to deploy it to the Army very soon.
It's a 20kW class fiber laser system with a proper size and cost that can be placed easily.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

As usual there's a LOT of crap flying around in the guise of 'news',

we'll know more as it sorts out.  Of course, we'll have to consider that the feds- and much of the news- may not tell us much, especially if it doesn't fit the Preferred Narrative.

One thing's for sure: from what I've read the Trump security people have been asking for a larger force for some time, and were turned down by the Secret Service bigshots, just ran across this
It seems heads need to roll, and not just the USSS Director's.
Added: I'd forgotten, the Director of DHS oversees the USSS.  And that's our favorite "The border is secure!" asshole Mayorkas.  Probable more political bullshit?  Most likely.

And, as Insty noted, the administration denied USSS protection to Kennedy, I wonder if they'll change their minds about that?

It having rolled around to that second evening of the week,

I have prepared a new batch of data

Well, this will make things real sporty

This 'prominent academic, author and NYTimes columnist' nearly got his wish.

Mcwhorter, you're a really stupid bastard.

Let's see what some of our Professional Journalists had to say:


Followed by

My, these chickenshits can't tell the truth and whole story even about this.
I'm curious just what paroxysms of glee the left go into.  And I'll wonder if any of them realize just how close to a very dangerous edge this put us.

Hypocritical, arrogant arsehole, thy name is

John Effing Kerry

Friday, July 12, 2024

Another late day is here,


Watching all the crap from our major media and Professional Journalists,

hell, if I'd lied and cheated that much for political reasons I wouldn't want to take responsibility for it either.

If they'd actually investigated and reported on Biden's condition in the last campaign, I doubt we'd be in this mess.

If they'd investigated and actually reported on his decline anytime over the last three years, same.

If they'd done that even in the last year, same.  It would've been obvious that Biden should not be running again(ignore the 'should not BE here NOW' part), the Democrats could've probably handled getting him to not run again and would've been having these conniptions then, not three months from the election.

Mind you, I'm all for their conniptions, they're entertaining as hell, both the official ones and the "I'm making excuses for Biden and insist he run again because BAD ORANGE MAN!" private ones.  Which is also disgusting: they hate Trump so much that they'd rather have a mentally unstable and declining man in the effing Presidency than him.  Also, I'm waiting for someone to start saying that Biden's corruption is somehow connected to his Official Duties and so he has immunity.

I include in the conniptions the "Since Biden has immunity he should have Seals kill Trump!" idiocy started.
Yes, it is.

Back to the media: A few of them have basically admitted "If we'd reported on this it might have helped the Republicans!" as their excuse.  So they've demonstrated they cannot be trusted on ANYTHING, because they'll slant their 'reporting' for political purposes.  And flatly lie to you.

That saying "No matter how much you hate the media, it isn't enough"?  Screw 'em, they earned it.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

How bad has the military become?

This bad.
An anti-terrorism brief was held on Fort Liberty (Bragg) today where they listed several Pro-Life organizations as “terrorist organizations.”

The slide you see here followed right after a slide about ISIS, a terror group in the Middle East.

The organizations labeled by the army as terror organizations include National Right to Life and Operation Rescue.

They also included a screenshot of a license plate with “IM4IT,” which is a plate many Pro-Life citizens put on their car which implies normal citizens are terrorists if they display this plate.

The slide goes on to mention activities which these organizations participate in which include being Pro-Life, opposing Row v Wade, demonstrating and protesting (a 1st Amendment protected right), “Truth Displays,” and picketing.

They also falsely attribute the bombing of abortion clinics to National Right to Life.

Keep in mind they’re not labeling them as extremist organizations (which would still be crazy), but as terrorist organizations.

The military and Dept of Defense are insanely out of control. Service-members are being indoctrinated to view Pro-Life groups as the enemy.

I'd suggest click the link, they have a picture.

I wonder how many troops heard and looked at this and thought "What the FUCK?"   Hopefully a lot.

There is a place called PartsFish that sells motorcycle parts

They've got a big inventory, have just about everything for a number of brands, and they have some of the slowest shipping I've ever dealt with.

Ordered something just before the end of June.  When I checked status a week later it showed 'estimated delivery July 7-July 9'.

It actually shipped yesterday.  Which is, yes, a bit late.

I'd forgotten just how slow they are, if I'd remembered I'd have ordered from someone else.

Three things this morning

First was a trip to the range yesterday.  It's amazing how much difference it makes when the scope mount is locked down and not jiggling around(and has a drop of threadlocker on the mount screws so it doesn't happen again).  It was really off, so had to spend some time zeroing first.

Second, "You're his paid liar, and you lied to us, how could you do that?"
They really don't want to answer for not dong their damned jobs.  Considering how many did the 'Joe is great, all those videos are faked/out of context/shut up!' thing and are how following the 'Pressure Biden to quit' work, I wouldn't want to answer for it either.

Third, Iran was financing pro-terrorist protests.  You surprised?
Next question: how many of those protesters are foreign students, and wouldn't this be reason to void their visa and sent them back?
And if some of the native protesters knew they were getting money from a hostile power to harass, attack people, and damage the place, seems like that might be something that could be charged.

I shall now take care of laundry and various other things, amuse yourselves somewhere else for a while.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

"But I'm special, and I'm protected by Only Ones!"

Screw you, lady.
Two armed U.S. Marshals on the protection detail for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor shot a would-be carjacker in self-defense last week, casting scrutiny on her co-signing a 2010 Supreme Court opinion that decried such firearm protection as a Second Amendment right.
The incident sparked criticism of Sotomayor's Second Amendment positions during her tenure on the high court, including one decision where she co-signed a dissent that said the Constitution does not protect "a private right of armed self-defense."

You and every other judge like you.

Nice to be one of the Praetorian Guard, Updated

isn't it?
The FBI agent who accidentally shot someone while dancing at a Colorado nightclub in June can carry his gun again, both on and off duty, a judge ruled Tuesday.
Bishop was recorded doing a back flip on the dance floor when his gun fell out of its holster. The FBI agent went to pick it up, and while doing so, he unintentionally shot a bystander, 24-year-old Thomas Reddington.

The agent was then seen placing the gun back into his holster before walking off the dance floor.

Plain old citizen did this, he'd already be either in jail or fined to death, or both.  Especially when you add in this:
The agent will still not be allowed to drink or use drugs while his case is pending.
Really?  So had he been drinking when this happened?  Again, plain old citizen caught drinking while carrying would be on his way to jail pretty damn quick in most places.  Hell, most places you cannot carry into a bar even if you're only having a soft drink.

But then, they aren't a Very Special Federal Agent.

Update:  was advised he was charged and pleaded to third-degree assault.  And this says he's no longer with the EffingBI.
Ever read any of the Joe Leaphorn novels?  In one he's reflecting on working with the feds and he'd decided that one of the only things that would get you in real trouble with the Bureau was doing something that brought even slight bad publicity to the sacred Bureau.  I'd guess this covers it.

When the WEF once again announces what you should be allowed to eat,

and how it will be produced, from the farming they'll still allow to the factories where their 'save the earth' designed food products will be made, you can count on one thing:
It won't be good, it won't be enough, and eventually they'll use it as a weapon against you.
And it won't be where most, if any, of their own food comes from.

Think: these are people who whine about carbon footprints of average people while they're having their limousines flown to Davos, where they will step off their private jets and step into them to go meet and tell us how we should be allowed to live; you think they'll give up their fresh food, and beef/pork/chicken, for factory-made stuff?

But a lot of media still tell us "Starvation!!", and no correction

or apology for the BS they got from Hamas.
Indeed, what may come as a complete surprise is that according to the United Nations only 3 per cent of the residents of Rafah were poorly fed in May. In Khan Yunis and the central town of Deir al Balah, that figure stood at 6 per cent. The biggest challenges were faced by those who had failed to evacuate from the north at the start of the campaign; there, 13 per cent were found to be hungry. Overall, the overwhelming majority of Gazans had‘acceptable’ quantities of food.

In particular, in discussing food trucks and other methods of aid entering the area, the IPC had, for whatever reason, neglected to include in their original calculations commercial and/or privately contracted deliveries and World Food Program deliveries to bakeries in northern Gaza.

Before the conflict, in 2022, despite billions of dollars of aid money being poured into the Gaza Strip, 14 per cent of the population faced hunger. The reality would appear to be that they are better provisioned now than when Hamas was in charge.

Our media: overall you can trust them to be full of crap.

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

France and Britain voted, they're getting what they voted for,

and they are screwed.

Anybody who's succeeded and doesn't want it all raped away better leave soon, from the looks of it.  And if you're a Jew in France, you'd better consider packing up the family, because
Frances’s far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélanchon chose to be flanked by the antisemitic Rima Hassan wearing a keffieh while reacting to the first round of #FrenchElections. Hassan has recently accused the IDF of training dogs to rape Palestinian women.
Yeah, that's going to work.  Of course, it's going to get worse in Britain, too.


Conehead, as Second City Cop calls him, is really desperate to deflect blame

from the guilty.
In recent years, Chicago’s leaders have blamed a wide range of external factors for the city’s infamous street violence. They’ve pointed fingers at Donald Trump, Indiana, Kim Foxx, and gun manufacturers, among others. On Monday, after 108 people were shot, 19 fatally, during the Independence Day weekend, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson became the first leader to blame Richard Milhous Nixon.

“We are standing here today talking about a violent weekend because of generations of disinvestment,” Johnson told a room full of reporters.

“Black death has been unfortunately accepted in this country for a very long time,” Johnson claimed. “We had a chance 60 years ago to get at the root causes and people mocked President [Lyndon] Johnson and we ended up with Richard Nixon.”

Oh yeah, couldn't possibly be leftist bail and catch & release policies, couldn't possibly be leftists destroying the schools in the name of 'equity', no, it's the Right!
And somehow 'disinvestment' doesn't count the God-only-knows-how-much of other people's money has been given the Chicago over the decades.  

HeyJackass even has a Nixon t-shirt for the occasion.

Looks like getting rid of McCarthy was the right thing,

and too damn late.

Does sound about right

 I predict that we will see the following narrative develop, and further, that it will develop whether Biden stays in the office and on the ticket, or not. The narrative will be: that Kamala Harris has been acting as President all along, so it doesn’t really matter what kind of shape Joe Biden is in. If he stays in, nothing changes by re-electing him. If he leaves, we should elevate Harris to ensure that nothing changes by electing her to her own term.

Ah, Californicated, you never fail to disappoint

Currently, buying or soliciting sex from a minor is a misdemeanor, up to a year in jail and a $10k fine.  which is pretty damned lenient.  Law is being pushed to make it a felony, with sex offender registration and all,   And then,
True to form, they said that "this bill will disproportionately impact marginalized communities, especially members of the LGBTQ community, who already suffer from systematic biases within the criminal justice system, particularly when it comes to sexually-based offenses."
Apparently, in their minds, lots of the LGBetc. community, are child molesters, and treating them as such would be bad.  

Think about that: these idiots think a really serious penalty for BUYING A KID FOR SEX is bad...

Then they throw in
Somehow, another speaker threw racism in there, claiming that "under California law, defendants could face years or even decades in prison for sexual violence committed against minors."
All in chorus now: THAT IS THE IDEA, YOU MORONS.

Let's see... first "Actually punishing people for raping kids will disproportionately harm this group!", which is them saying "This group likes to rape kids."  Which, were I homosexual, I'd rather object to.  Then, 'Actually punishing people for this could put them in prison for years!" is an objection to punishing people for raping kids....

Californicated us run by idiots and socialists(certain amount of overlap there), and moral assholes.  And some Democrats want the governor in charge of it to be President.  

Oh HELL no.

Monday, July 08, 2024

For several years I didn't plant a garden

Between some medical work and Dad going downhill, then all the stuff after his death, it just wasn't worth it.  This year decided to plant a few things.

So two Arkansas Traveler tomatoes, two cherry tomatoes, two bell peppers, and some squash seed were bought and planted, finding a small extra in one of the cherry pots making that three, and they all took off.

The squash did nicely for a while, then died like the last few times.  The peppers get about 1/3 size and then either fall off or something is pulling them off.  The tomatoes, though... they're producing like none I've ever had before.  They're all covered, I have piles of the things and yes, I've been giving some away.  Damn things are good, too.  I need to harvest more, but the ground is so soft after the rains the last couple of days that they'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Dad always preferred the Arkansas Travelers, they're meaty and taste very good.  As some of those are ripening there will be BLTs on the menu.  So I need to get more bacon.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to dine.  Not only a long day, but I've finally been able to start some half-assed workouts again, and I'm tired and hungry.

Also adding to the "Why don't you trust .gov agencies?" is this

climate hysteria prediction group, which also involves "Don't trust the media":
NOAA’s prediction is heavily predicated on computer climate models that assume a huge acceleration in sea level rate of rise over the next 75 years.

In particular, NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer, upon which the prediction is based, relies on estimates and models used in 2007.

These estimates are woefully outdated, and with the new generation of models now in use, the old estimates used by CBS don’t accurately represent the future of the current best projections. The predictions CBS cites are shown in Figure 1.

Brought to Chicago by a string of idiot socialist mayors:

Seventeen people have been killed and at least 83 wounded during shootings in Chicago over the extended Fourth of July weekend.

By the end of Friday, the tally of shootings — six people shot Thursday and 62 shot Friday, 12 killed over both days — surpassed the numbers for last year’s entire holiday weekend. Last year, 11 people were killed and 62 wounded over the holiday weekend, which stretched over four days, July 1-4.

This year’s holiday violence includes four mass shootings. In all, 24 people were shot, four fatally, in the mass attacks.

And this is just the latest in the string of disasters known as 'a Chicago holiday weekend'.

In a city which has all the Watts- and Biden-approved gun laws, and often lets violent offenders loose on low or no bail with an ankle bracelet.  Because keeping them in jail would be mean.

They always shriek that the problem is because surrounding states don't have the same gun-control laws, but those surrounding states, for some reason, don't have the same crime rates.  For some reason.

Also noted somewhere the other day, the billions of tax income the city has lost because people are getting the hell out of the craphole Chicago has been made into.

Sunday, July 07, 2024

My Saturday began with the truck making that rattley sound

a vehicle makes when the battery doesn't have enough power to actually try starting.  Which, since I was going to work, was extra not fun.

Son was free, so was able to give me a ride, and a new battery was procured and installed.  Only about an hour late to work, too.

And it happened in the driveway, not in the parking lot at work or crapping out while I was driving.  So could've been worse.

The timing: when last changed oil they'd tested it and said "It's on the low end of 'good' range, so you really ought to change it soon."  And the day before, while getting to sleep, I'd thought "Next week I need to go ahead and get a new one."

It lasted five years, not bad for a battery around here.

Saturday, July 06, 2024

Now to the latter of the two posts for this weekend

There's a name for these people: the enemy

My Capitol office was vandalized yesterday in a vile act of hate in which the posters of the more than 100 people still held hostage in Gaza (including 8 Americans) were ripped from the wall, shredded and tossed across the hallway.

— Rep. Brad Schneider (@RepSchneider) July 5, 2024
Hey, guy, your party has been encouraging these asshats for a long time. And I'll bet none of them go to jail for this.  Also encouraged by your party.

And then we have these assholes, on our Independence Day, carrying terrorist flags and calling for death to America.  And I wonder how many of them are here illegally?  And know nothing will happen to them, no matter what they do?

Friday, July 05, 2024

Ok, it's time for that first one for this seven-day period,

and it's waiting.

Oh, and we can't forget the United Tyrants- er, nations

when we're talking about slimeballs.
Text for those not using X, link at the bottom
Call me crazy, but I think that the UN warning of an epidemic of aid workers sexually abusing women in Gaza is a PRETTY BIG DEAL.

From an April report:
Humanitarian actors must scale up their PSEA [Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse] and Safeguarding capacity to prevent an epidemic of SEA abuses committed by personnel related to humanitarian operations. This should be also seconded by programmatic actions to protect the most vulnerable from sexual exploitation and abuse by aid workers but also other actors.

I had previously quoted another UN report from May that some women in Gaza prefer to go without food rather than subject themselves to sexual abuse while queuing for aid; and that aid workers were forcing some women into prostitution in exchange for aid.

Insufficient and unreliable aid, distributed under conditions of insecurity that do not allow adequate targeting, expose vulnerable groups to violence, exploitation and abuse, trafficking and forced prostitution, including by aid workers.

Somehow, this didn't make it into the @NYTimes or @CNN or @Reuters.

Completely unfounded Hamas lies about the IDF abusing women get quoted in news articles without evidence, but multiple UN reports confirming actual sexual abuse by the people who are meant to help Gazans are ignored. (And this sexual abuse by aid workers has been going on for years, evidenced by hotlines and advertising in Gaza to report such abuse.)

Major media has reported on sexual abuse by UN members in the CAR, DRC, and Haiti, among other places. But not a word about Gaza, even when it has dominated headlines for nine months.

The news media aren't merely biased. They actively work to quash stories that don't fit their narratives and goals.


It's funny as hell watching every media weenie who spent the last years

calling anyone pointing out Biden's mental deterioration a Russian dupe, a liar, a conspiracy nut, etc., now trying to follow their marching orders- the new ones- and get Biden to go away.  Preferably with Harris.

And no, they don't seem to care what hypocrites they've shown themselves to be, or what liars, you're supposed to forget everything before NOW and keep believing and trusting them.

And now we have the current excuse: "It doesn't matter if it's actually his staff running the country, when we elected Biden we elected his staff, too!"
Which is utter, rotted, stinking bullshit.

This is the conspirators(what else would you call them?) trying to make excuses so as to not actually answer the question "WHO IS ACTUALLY RUNNING THINGS?"

This shit really needs cleaning out.  REAL cleaning out, this garbage has to stop.  And if our Professional Journalists are so in the tank they can't even ask the damn questions, they need to go, too. 

After all, they're basically on his staff too.

I have a question

The tragedy occurred around 8:30 p.m. at Humphrey Double H Farms Enterprises Inc. in Carrollton when an unidentified shopper who was viewing a firearm began “manipulating it,” state troopers said Monday.
Either someone left a round in the thing, or this 'manipulating' involved dumbass putting a round in(maybe thinking it was a snap cap?).

Either way, someone is dead because dumbass.

It may be the time has come again

It may not get much publicity, but there it is, smack-dab in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution: Congress has the power to grant citizens “letters of marque and reprisal.” Meaning that, with Congress’s permission, private citizens can load weapons onto their fishing boats, head out to the high seas, capture enemy vessels, and keep the booty. Back in the day, these patriotic pirates were known as “privateers.”

At the start of the Revolutionary War, America had a meager navy, so we had to rely on these privateers, who captured nearly two thousand British vessels and confiscated vast amounts of food, uniforms, weapons, and barrels of sherry. They included Jonathan Haraden, who captained several vessels, including the delightfully named Tyrannicide. He once fought three British ships at once off the coast of New Jersey—and captured all of them.

The Founding Fathers were big fans of privateers. Late in life, John Adams wrote glowingly about the 1775 Massachusetts law that first legalized them, calling it “one of the most important documents in history. The Declaration of Independence is a brimborion in comparison with it.” You read that right: in Adams’ opinion, a law authorizing patriotic piracy is much more important than that trifling tidbit about “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Yes, he's applied for a letter.  We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

This will annoy hell out of the first immigrant activists,

as they consider this idea to be virtually hate speech.
Now a new study on the decline of giant herbivorous mammals – megaherbivores – points a finger at humanity.

Fossils show that, 50,000 years ago, there were at least 57 species of megaherbivore. Today, just 11 remain. They include notable behemoths such as hippos and giraffes, as well as several species of rhino and elephant, many of which continue to dwindle.

Such a dramatic decline, researchers say, is inconsistent with climate change as the sole cause.

The Northumbria cops and the 'counter-terrorism' assholes of (formerly Great)Britain

demonstrate, once again, what chickenshits they are.  And how good it is that some of our ancestors told the King to go screw himself.

Because screwing with a 12 year old Jewish kid and his family because he said unapproved words and has a toy crossbow is SO much safer and easier than actually, y'know, GOING AFTER TERRORISTS.

Holy shit, these people are useless.

Glancing over some of the online 'News' feeds, I wonder

if the upward trend of 'Screw Taylor Swift' articles might in part be because people are sick of another performer's private life being reported as 'news'?

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

No, I did not know that about vultures

What is truly amazing about vultures, however, is the way they are designed to ensure they can perform this cleansing process without it resulting in great harm to them. Did you know, for example, that the acid in the vulture’s gizzard is the strongest of any animal in the world?

The vulture’s gizzard acid is even more corrosive than the acid in the battery of your car or truck. Even more amazing is the fact the vulture’s gizzard acid destroys such deadly pathogens as Anthrax, Tuberculosis, Botulism and Cholera.

I knew about the cleanup duties, but not about this

Monday, July 01, 2024

While we're hearing "UNPRECEDENTED!" and other such crap about the weather being hot(in late June

and the start of July), 
Where I used to work it was a 24/7 operation.  When I'd been working evenings this time of year, when it got hotter than average, you'd get off around midnight; it'd be in the upper 80's, sometimes low 90's when really bad, and the humidity so high you half expected to see small frogs kicking past you.  Lord, that's miserable.  And usually very little wind at those times, , which made it worse.

So when the Usual Suspects start bitching about the evils of air conditioning and how we were better off without it and would be now, I want to pick  up something long and heavy and beat them with it.  

Sunday, June 30, 2024

A good explanation of what those two Supremes rulings mean

for gun owners.  Very short version, ATF is among a bunch of federal agencies that just had their "We wrote a new rule for you to obey" powers cut off.

And, of course, there’s ATF’s practice of seeking to fine FFL’s through its own internal administrative proceedings for alleged violations of ATF rules would now seem to be barred under Jarkesy. ATF will be required to file a civil lawsuit or a criminal indictment…which I suspect it will be far less likely to do.  

What of ATF’s current jihad against FFLs, in which it seeks to terminate federal licenses based on even the slightest technical mistakes? That could be a tougher call, as the issuance of licenses may fall under the “public rights” aspect of the law that doesn’t implicate the Seventh Amendment. We’ll have to see how the post-Jarkesy case law shakes out.

In a post-Jarkesy communication with Prof. Hamburger, he told me that he expects the feds will try to take a very narrow view of the Court’s opinions, and more fights will undoubtedly be needed. Fortunately, the NCLA has already set up a “Relentless Working Group” which is tasked with monitoring and identifying agencies that are resisting the Supreme Court’s holdings, and they’ll bring test cases where appropriate. The administrative state is down, but it’s by no means out.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

The main event

is down there

Before we get to the main event for the evening,

a few things run across:

Widener's blog has a post on Federal .22 ammo

here.  I can't speak to all of it, there being several of these I've not fired.  Of those I have, I can say this:
They've all gone bang, they've all been at least reasonably accurate for me*, and on the Federal Champion...

I used to own a BSA Martini 12/15 match rifle.  Over time I tried a number of brands in it, and splurged on three or four different boxes of match ammo to try, and the best groupings in it came from Federal Champion(Eley Sport being a very close second).  I actually got groups at or a little less than 1.25" from it at 100 yards when the wind was down and I did my part.  Wonderful stuff.  Apparently that rifle had odd taste for a match rifle, but I loved it.  Kind of wish I still had it.

*'for me' because, despite some of my stories, I'm not going to give Jerry Miculek any sleepless nights.

A chain slider on the bike broke the other day

So I went looking for parts, and during this it hit me that the Honda is 20 years old, and aside from general maintenance and personal mods, it's still original.

That make those suckers well.

Looks like the word is out from Obama

that "Joe just had a bad  night, he's the man!"  Because if Joe goes, Obama will lose a lot of influence, and he can't have that.

So the reformation of what happened is on.  Ain't it wonderful?

If this is indeed accurate,

then a bunch of people belong in prison.  For life.

Yes, it's on X.  You should be able to watch it without having an account, and there's video.

Friday, June 28, 2024

One of the special evenings

which brings sights to see

There was a case before the Supremes, and the ruling was basically 'Right to trial by jury

still stands.'  Which has a lot of the left in serious upset(which tells you the decision was good).  As Mr. Correia put it:

Speaking of the left panicking, the debate last night apparently really did it:

I admit that was good news to wake up to.  Or, as the Paper of Record put it

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Someone pointed to this "Why Biden won't quit",

and I can find no fault in it.  For those who can't/won't go to X, I'm copying the text:
I've posted this before, apparently it's an unpopular opinion because I keep seeing tons of conservatives post that Biden will be replaced before the election.

I don't think there is any chance in the world that Biden will be replaced. He is far and away the best at giving democrat voters what they need.

Biden lies. And he performs his lies on a level that not even AOC or Newsom could ever possibly dream of doing. He hits the whisper and hits the angry yell every single time. He creates the straw man and passionately knocks it down. "They are going to end social security but I won't let it happen. I will always be here for you." He accuses Republicans of doing exactly what he and his party is doing and he doesn't ever flinch.

Only Biden could spend 2020 campaigning on opening the border, on not deporting anyone, spend three years ignoring the problem, and then spend this year blaming it on Trump. That is not as easy to do as people think. Only Biden could look into the camera and claim that inflation was at 9% when he took office. The average sleazy politician can't do what Biden does. Even the worst politicians have some limits.

"I've never discussed business with my son." This is so ridiculous it's hard to describe. He flew to China and to Ukraine with his son. The same guy who claimed that he talked to his son every day about every little thing claims he never discussed business with his son on their 18 hour flights. Biden never backed down on this lie. Biden even claimed that he learned about Hunter joining Burisma via the newspaper. Think about that.

Only Joe Biden could have his DOJ investigate Trump and then have the nerve to claim "I had nothing to do with it because I'm honest." Who would say that? Most politicians care about how things appear. Biden could not care less. He didn't care when he was representing the credit card company that was paying his son. He doesn't care how things look. Only Biden could write the 94 Crime Bill and turn around and claim he opposed mandatory minimums, even going as far to claim that he got into politics because of civil rights. Biden is willing to say whatever his audience wants him to say. It doesn't matter how far fetched the lie is, Biden will say it. And he will perform the hell out of it.

The only politician alive with close to Biden's ability to passionately and shamelessly lie like him is Nancy Pelosi. These two are world class, miles ahead of other democrats. The best to ever do it.

Biden has one speech. On his death bed he could still give this speech and it would emotionally move democrats. He lies about his son's death for goodness sake. What other politician alive would do that? Only Biden could run on "uniting the country" and then turn around and give prime time speeches on how his political rivals are existential threats, claiming it's all in the name of unifying the country. There are no rules with Biden. It's all a game to him. It's just a game. He will say anything at anytime, he doesn't give a damn about what he said yesterday. He brought the press to his kid's hospital beds in 1972. Brain dead or not, this guy is on a whole different level. Biden based his entire 2020 campaign on a hoax. And he performed the Fine People Hoax every single day for a year and a half, knowing it was all BS. He forced himself to cry for George Floyd, multiple times. Newsom and the other young democrats can't hold a candle to Biden, even if his brain is half fried.

Biden will win the debate because the media has already decided he will win the debate. He will accuse Trump of doing everything that he is doing. The media are democrats and Biden gives them what they need. He will say nothing new. He will perform the same ridiculous lies with passion and the media will praise him for it. And if he is President four years from now they will wheel him out and he will give the same exact SOTU speech he has given the past two years, word for word, and democrats will love him for it. He has zero conscience, there is nothing there. Don't underestimate that, it's more rare than people think. Biden is the best to ever do what he does.

Ok, it was Insty that pointed to it, here's the link

Meanwhile, from the leftists running things here,

The Department of Homeland Security has identified over 400 immigrants who have come to the U.S. from Central Asia and elsewhere as “subjects of concern” because they were brought by an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network, three U.S. officials tell NBC News.

While over 150 of them have been arrested, the whereabouts of over 50 remain unknown, the officials said, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement is looking to arrest them on immigration charges when they are located.

“In this case, it was the information that suggested a potential tie to ISIS because of some of the individuals involved in [smuggling migrants to the border] that led us to want to take extra care,” said a senior Biden administration official, “and out of an abundance of caution make sure that we exercised our authority in the most expansive and appropriate way to mitigate risk because of this potential connection being made.”

'Extra care' and 'an abundance of caution' would have involved stopping them from coming over our damned border.  That would also have involved 'excercising your authority in the most expansive and appropriate way', but they couldn't do that.  

I wonder how much blood and crime these people- I mean the ones in charge- are actually responsible for, all the stuff we don't know about.  And they'll never pay a price for any of it.

Another 'they came from abroad' gang rape,

which went the usual way it does in Europe anymore:
Eight of the nine rapists of a 15-year-old will not serve any time in person. They received suspended sentences, instead. The ninth man was sentenced to less than three years in prison — for the two-hour-long gang rape of a teenage girl — and all must perform 60 hours of community service. What a joke. The tenth was acquitted.
And now we have the added stupidity:
Another German woman, a 20-year-old whose name has not been released, somehow found on Snapchat the phone number of one of the men who received a suspended sentence. She then contacted him on WhatsApp, where she called him a "dishonorable rapist pig" and a "disgusting miscarriage."
But the woman's WhatsApp "assault" was too much for German authorities, who arrested her for making "insulting" remarks to the immigrant. She'll serve three days beginning on Friday in the Hahnöfersand youth detention center — a sentence three days longer than the rapist she insulted.

Ain't being ruled by fine members of the leftist upper class wonderful?

Added: Yes, the cops and various others are not leftist upper class, but the chiefs and some sheriffs?  Lots of politicians and agency heads?  Yes, they are.  If the DA/prosecutors won't prosecute, and officers know pointing out these are not intersectional victims, they're freaking TERRORISTS and the enemy will get them labeled 'problems' at best, 'racist/fill in the blank' at most and their job threatened, their enthusiasm for doing their damned job will go downhill.
Look at what happened with the Brits and the muslim rape/slavery gangs, various cops and social workers knew what was going on 'But I'll be called a racist if I raise attention on this!" kept them quiet.  Yeah, probably lousy cops in other ways, too.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

It's going to be a while, but this recipe

is going to be tried.

I remember when these bastards got caught; most media wanted little to nothing to do

with the case.  Now they STILL haven't been tried?  And their lawyer is playing games, even after his earlier demand for exact dates led to this?
At this time, they were discussing whether or not to seek a re-indictment of the criminal charges with more counts added on after the defense's request for specific dates sparked a forensic investigation into the surveillance system that the Zulocks had installed in the interior of their home.

A formidable four terabytes of data, which investigators are continuing to comb through, was extracted from the 16 security cameras stationed all over the house in every single room. The cameras were recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week, capturing everything, including the sexual assaults. "They are all on video filmed throughout multiple rooms in the house," the prosecution says.
So, the prosecution can now specify "hundreds of allegations," matching the metadata to timeframes, as the defense unwittingly welcomed.

But wait! There's MORE!
Majors clarified that the charges, as they stand, stem from child pornographic photographs and videos—taken primarily on Zachary's iPhone—that are presently in the DA's possession. A folder, labeled "US," was allegedly found on Zachary's cell phone containing videos of William sexually abusing their one son.

And they were pimping the kids out, too...

This is one of those cases that 'cruel and unusual punishment' sounds like it might be the right thing.

It being that time of year, I'm going to repost that electrolyte mix

2 quarts water
6 tablespoons honey powder (you can use honey, but honey powder is a bit easier to mix)
2 teaspoons Himalayan pink sea salt
2/3 cup lemon juice (if you prefer another citrus juice, you can use it instead)
1/2 teaspoon orange extract (for flavor; without it, the taste is fairly blah)

That's the original.  Over time I changed a couple of things:
The sea salt has some other minerals in, I'm told, but plain salt seems to work.  And you can do something else: use half salt, and half Morton Lite Salt, which is half potassium.  
I'm only using 3 tablespoons of honey, seems to be plenty.
Can also use orange juice or lime juice, big factor is some type of citrus.

Yesterday went from hot & fairly humid with a 'slight chance' of thunderstorms

that night, to 50% as it was building, to 60% as it was moving this way.  The really nasty part missed my area, but it did give us some needed rain.

Which brings me again to the weather and news weenies almost shrieking about the heat as if it'd never been pretty hot in late June before.  Jeez.

It is hot out there, and after the rain even more humid, so I'm going to try to keep to indoor activities today, and the garden's too wet to till.  And, despite what I said the other day, I did hit the range yesterday so that's out of the way.  Not successfully on one thing, because while testing loads I noticed a increase in group size as I went along, and found the front mount screw was loose.  So no more testing on that.  The other shooting was good, though less than usual, as it getting hot enough as it approached noon(it's near a river bottom area so you can imagine the humidity) that I was very glad I only brought two boomsticks.

I will note a guy who showed up not long before I left.  He unloaded a 1903A3 Springfield, some ammo, and proceeded to- offhand with sling- hit the 200 yard gong regularly, and when done packed up and went.  I think he lives nearby, making "I'll just go ring steel for a few rounds" possible.

There were a couple of loads that, despite the problem, looked promising, so I'll have some loading to do.

Borrowing from a guy on the current French situation

All this, however, takes place in an environment in which the Brits seem most likely to be about to commit national hara-kiri  themselves, by tossing out (on, ironically, July 4) their own Stupid Party (the not-so-Conservatives) and replacing them with the reliably-Communist Labour Party.  But I digress.

Back to the French:  the 1789 Revolution took place against a political and social order which was manifestly unjust and in many cases actually malevolent, wherein an unelected power elite (the Royalty and Church) ran the country at the expense of ordinary people.

It remains to be seen, then, whether the French will revolt against their government again, for precisely the same reasons — only instead of the Royalty being the villains, there is the European Union (only nominally elected by the French citizenry) and instead of the Church, the multiple “religions” of socialist and Green policies.  It sounds like a facile comparison, but clearly it’s enough to frighten Macron, which is why he’s sounding the alarm.

And finally:  after our Revolution, we didn’t hack off the heads of the deposed ruling class, but the Frogs sure as hell did.

So maybe Macron and his lizard people have a right to be fearful.

Taylor Lorenz: not just a hypocritical asshat journalist,

she pushes crap like this:
Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz on Monday pushed a false claim that a Los Angeles synagogue was auctioning off Palestinian land this week—a conspiracy theory that led to violent, anti-Semitic protests outside the Jewish house of worship on Sunday.

Lorenz—who covers social media for the Post and often complains about being targeted by online harassment—reposted multiple comments on X, formerly Twitter, defending the synagogue protesters, promoting the false allegations, and slamming the media, including her former employer, the New York Times, for failing to give the allegations oxygen. The synagogue was in fact hosting an industry expo on real estate investing in Israel, and the false claims that Adas Torah was selling Palestinian land appear to have originated from radical anti-Israel groups, including Code Pink and the Palestinian Youth Movement, according to social media posts.
In a separate incident this week, Lorenz also defended former Bernie Sanders spokeswoman Briahna Joy Gray’s remarks that the media should report on "Israel training dogs to rape Palestinian prisoners," another unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.

Lorenz said this was a "claim that’s being reported all over X," and Gray was "just asking if any U.S. papers have investigated the claims."

"It’s not like she’s asking about some random thing, it’s been a major topic of discussion on X all day."

Ah yes, that's some major research she did.

And yes, the colors and embedding links works again.

One of the reasons recruiting is down: "They'll drop you the moment you become inconvenient,

and don't care what happens to you.  Especially if it's a political matter."
The army admitted the link between Stancik’s heart problems and the COVID vaccine.

“Research has confirmed a link between a COVID-19 infection and a debilitating heart condition called POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, that has been diagnosed in some patients,” according to an army memo.

“POTS was also linked, to a lesser degree, to COVID-19 vaccination with an mRNA vaccine, according to a new study,” it also stated.
US JAG defends the rights of injured service members.

“Her case is representative of hundreds, possibly thousands of other vaccine injury cases, but moreover, it’s very indicative of the systemic problem of the Department of Defense abandoning injured service members. Vaccine injuries are also very political and the leadership in the Defense Department did not want to address that and still does not want to address that maybe we hurt our own people,” said US JAG veteran advocate Jeremy Sorenson.

The army memo also said that Stancik’s heart problems occurred in the line of duty.

I've heard of a lot of weird things people have done to make a machine work,

but the chicken is brand new to me

Click on it, it'll bring it up bigger

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Ah, that wonderful impartial journalist Jake Tapper

You may not have heard about it yet, but the Florida First District Court of Appeals recently ruled that plaintiff Zachary Young can pursue punitive damages, along with economic and emotional damages, in a civil trial against CNN. According to Newsbusters, the total damages sought could approach or exceed $1 billion because of Tapper's comments defaming Young's efforts to aid individuals in Afghanistan during the botched withdrawal in 2021.

For that outcome to be remotely in the cards, Young needed to prove malice and according to the ruling, he’s done exactly that. “Young sufficiently proffered evidence of actual malice, express malice, and a level of conduct outrageous enough to open the door for him to seek punitive damages,” Judge L. Clayton Roberts wrote in the court’s ruling.

The court felt the high bars for actual and expressed malice were met because of internal CNN messages that were extremely vicious toward Young. Correspondent  Alex Marquardt, the “primary reporter” expressed in a message to a colleague that he wanted to “nail this Zachary Young mfucker” and thought the story would be Young’s “funeral.” On that declaration of wanting to “nail” Young, CNN editor Matthew Philips responded: “gonna hold you to that cowboy!”

Alongside Marquardt, CNN senior editor Fuzz Hogan, who’s a member of CNN’s internally lauded “Triad” of editorial, legal, and standards/practices oversight personnel, described Young as “a shit.”

In an interview with NewsBusters, Vel Freedman, the lawyer representing Young, said that “everyone makes mistakes” but what CNN’s messages showed was a “systemic problem” inside the network. He added that their internal mechanism for accountability had “clearly failed” and opened themselves to “massive, massive liability.”
And from the sound of it, I hope he gets the ears, tail, and whatever testicles were remaining.

Decisions, decisions...

Outdoor range.  Want to go.  Hot today(still), with a bit more wind than I like for trying loads.  Maybe a couple of degrees hotter tomorrow but lower winds.  So, if I go, it'll be tomorrow.  Long as I have some shade and plenty to drink should be good.  Uncomfortable, but good.

Speaking of weather: the news and weather weenies have been having conniptions the last couple of weeks, you'd swear they didn't know it's most always hot in late June.  I don't know if they're deliberately trying to scare people for some reason* or just being dumb.

*Yes, it may be connected to 'Globular Warmering!', who knows?  They do, and they're not telling.

Once upon a time a company known as Old Spice

made some products many people used.  And then they decided to branch out, and I think there's the problem.

I used to use their Original Scent body wash, for instance.  For years.  And then it disappeared.  Then the Original Scent High Endurance Deodorant went away.  Coincidentally at the same time the 'husbands and wives arguing over who gets to use the Old Spice' got going.  So it appears that, while trying to appeal to ladies, they decided to dump that 'Original Scent' stuff.

Mind you, they've got a bloody pile of new scents with idiot names, so why get rid of the original?  Maybe someone decided their Desired Demographic wasn't into that aroma, or it had connection to old tough guy images(sailors, loggers, etc.) Corporate didn't approve of anymore.

I looked at the company page on Book of Face, and some people did bring up "Why's my favorite gone?", and the response(as I recall, a couple of months ago) was basically "Well, things change, so we had to change, enjoy the new stuff!"

Which makes me wonder how that "Get us a new demographic!" stuff is going.  Personally, I hope it bites them in the ass.

Some people are really unhappy at the rise in home schooling;

some are probably actually worried about kids getting a decent education, the rest are worried they aren't getting the required .gov indoctrination.  And the fix is more .gov control.

One more raped and murdered girl, two more illegal aliens

and more blood on Biden's and Mayorkas's hands.
"Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, and Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 22, "both illegally entered the U.S. without inspection, parole or admission by a U.S. immigration officer on an unknown date and at an unknown location," a spokesperson for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement to PEOPLE.

Ramos had been detained by border patrol agents near El Paso on May 28 and Martinez had been detained near the same city on March 14, the spokesperson said. The Venezuelan nationals were then released on an orders of recognizance with notices to appear in court at a later date.

Both men are now being held in Harris County Jail on capital murder charges, the agency spokesperson confirmed."

Monday, June 24, 2024

This, possible Medicaid fraud, and the EffingBI

intimidating people.  Ain't it wonderful?
Sivadge also saw that many patients had underlying issues, including past suicide attempts, autism diagnoses, depression and anxiety. She felt these issues were being dismissed in the name of prescribing hormones and other forms of transgender care.

“Many of them had previous ER visits for attempted suicide, many of them are autistic, many of them are depressed and anxious, and that’s really devastating because it’s really clear there’s something else going on in addition to having confusion about their sexual identity,” she said.

“That just really devastated me.”

Some doctors who really need to lose their license, and spend some time in jail

I promised, here's what I had a chance to try: the Garmin Xero C1

It's a portable doppler radar chronograph.  Which means no- well, let me list setting up my Chrony:
Make sure the range is cold.
Take the Chrony, which I'd already put on a camera tripod and put the sunshades on if needed, and take it out ten feet from the muzzle(approximately).
Align it with the bore.
Go back to the rifle and look through the sights.
Go back out and make adjustments(height, level, twist left or right)
Go back and check it again.
Usually curse and go do it again.  Maybe a couple of times.
That's if you want it where you can fire at a target and get the readings.  If all you want is velocity, can just set it up so you're shooting into the berm.
Don't forget to turn it on, and you can start shooting.

The procedure with this:
Take it out of the box.
Put it on the tripod.
Set it on the bench('5 to 15 inches to the side of the rifle, 5 to 15 inches back from the muzzle').
Turn it on, choose a couple of settings, then start shooting.  It'll give you the high and low velocities of the string, standard deviation, and will work on rifles, pistols, arrows, and pellets.

It saves the data so you can review it later, and it has an app you can download to work with it. 

Internal battery, comes with a recharging cable.  There's not a charger, instructions in the manual say
  1. Plug the large end of the USB cable into an external power source, such as an AC adapter or a USB port on your computer
so it will apparently work with any charger.  Yeah, I'll ask about that to be sure.  Battery life is two thousand shots or six hours continuous on. 

And it's TINY!  3x1.4x2.4", and weighs a whole 3.75 ounces; a hefty 5.7 ounces with the tripod, which is included.
I had about a half-hour messing with it on an indoor range, and I'm impressed.  I had a couple of lanes between myself and the next shooter and there was zero confusion with their shots.  I've read that if someone is close enough, like next lane, it may sometimes pick up their shots.  I may have to start saving up.  
Here's their site if you want all the specs