Wednesday, September 20, 2017

When you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk.

When you give some violent thugs a slap on the wrist, they will burn your shit to the ground.

Eventually they will bit the hand that protects them because nothing in their history tells them that they will get in trouble for it.
Sooner or later some bigshot leftist Democrat is going to get seriously hurt by their little out-of-control minions, and is going to be horribly upset because "I'm one of you!"

And the other leftists will do everything they can to excuse it, and keep the injured(or possibly family of the deceased) from insisting 'Something must be done about this!'  Because if they do, their minions will burn their shit down, and they know it(that's not counting the leftists who're just fine with everybody's shit being burned, because 'Private property is bad!  Equality before our law!')

And everybody else will be making sure they're loaded, and a helluva lot more people will take some shooting lessons and get carry permits.  Because when the minions show up to destroy their business or home, or attack them in the streets, they want the means to to fight back.

A hot civil war is going to be very damned bad.  But I doubt if the leftists understand fully what they'll unleash, and too many of those that do probably want it.

Not happy with Kershaw right now

You might remember I sent my pocketknife to them for a warranty repair.  After considerably longer than the '6 weeks turnaround' I e-mailed and asked for status: 'We show your knife going through QC now, should be shipped back shortly.'

So, about two weeks later, I wrote again to ask for status, and today 'There's no record of it going to shipping, so we'll send you a new knife.'

Dammit, I'd wanted that knife repaired, and you lost it?  Well, gee, thanks. Yeah, a replacement is fine, but you really shouldn't have lost that one.

Government is just a name

for screwing with you when you can least deal with it.

So, is Zuckerbitch making money for this, or are his minions up to something? 

How Finns made/make log cabins.

Yeah, some slight problems with electric cars during an evacuation.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

But- we were told things were wonderful in Britain

with the NHS!
American physician assistants are being enticed over to the United Kingdom amid staffing shortages - with promises of long vacations in Europe.
For some reason the magnificent NHS is having trouble getting enough doctors.  Maybe somehow related to Obamacare causing so many doctors to retire here, you think?

Monday, September 18, 2017

And one more

Pic clearing

Tin cans and animals

Finally getting some of this down,

One of the tests this time was trying the same load with different primers, since I was finally able to get some Federal Magnum to try. 
So, 500-grain Lee bullet cast of 20-1 alloy(first try with it) over 35.0 of Blackhorn 209, ignited by a Federal primer.

Same load with CCI primer
Both in Winchester cases prepped as they would be for black powder loads.

Maybe the Federal Match primers would make a difference, but with these(I shot two groups of each) I'm not seeing any.

And, once again, a little black: 68.0 grains, the 500-grain bullet cast of mongrel alloy*, in a Starline case black powder-prepped, CCI primer
Yeah, that's three damn near in the same hole.  This is a fairly hard alloy, and it seems this rifle/cartridge likes that better than soft.  In comparison, with the bullet 25-1 and a Federal primer,
The vertical is quite likely me; the day was getting hot and I was getting a bit off by this point.  And yes, I know, I should've had this load with the same bullet as the other; I'll do that in the next test batch.

I did fire some with the Lee 405-grain bullet and Blackhorn; not worth showing.  I'll need to mess with things a bit on that, which'll include trying it paper-patched with the Blackhorn powder.

The 330-grain hollowpoint, mixed results.  These were in resized Starline cases over 44.8 of Blackhorn, both with CCI primers(loaded before I had the Federal); first one
 not bad at all, the second
strung a LOT vertically and a bit horizontally; I think I'm going to have to blame myself for at least some of that.  I'll need to try these again with both primers.  Also, these do NOT like being loaded(with Blackhorn at least) in black-prepped cases.

So.  I'm going to try the black powder loads again, both with the 500-grain and the 405- grain(which had some interesting results last time), and try the 340 with Federal primers and Blackhorn.  And since the rifle seems to like the higher tin bullets best, I need to figure out just how much tin to add to the 30-1 and 25-1 lead to bring it to 20-1.  And since I read somewhere that the original alloy the US Army used in .45-70 was 16-1, ought to make some of that to try.

*Range lead, so no idea of the mix

Right now I'm looking at some targets

from the last range trip, and putting together what I want to write on it. 

Yes, I'm getting there.  No, it's nothing profound, just getting it done.

I would've thought they'd want all hands there,

but apparently I'm not as smart as the Houston FD chiefs.

I keep hearing 'Get rid of Confederate statues!' people saying "Move them to a museum if people want to see that part of history"; one of the dangers of that is just how wide their definition of 'that part of history' is.
On Saturday night, the evening before Constitution Day Sunday, a member of the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees released a list of schools whose names should be reconsidered because of their association with the Confederacy or dark periods in American history. James Madison High School ranked on the list, suggesting that just as America was celebrating the 230th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution, the "Father of the Constitution" would be considered too controversial for a school's name.
Bunch of Stalin wannabes who desperately want to change history to what they prefer it to have been.  And they're teaching kids this crap.

Since they are establishing new rules, there's nothing wrong with applying them to our advantage. Take the example of that drooling moron on ESPN...wait I need to be more specific. I mean that particular drooling moron who recently tweeted about how Trump is a white supremacist because reasons and stuff, and thereby drew demands that she be fired from some conservatives. Smug, dumb libs started tut-tutting that "Oh, conservatives are now for firing people when they didn't used to be." Well, yeah. See, you changed the rules. The rule used to be that you can't be fired for what you say or think. But that's not the rule anymore, thanks to you liberals. Just ask that guy who was at Mozilla or that heretic who thinks men and women are different and got fired from Google. Sure, we were against the new rule, but you used your cultural power through the media, the Democrat party, and your corporate coward allies to impose it. So we are not hypocrites for employing the rule that exists now, thanks to you. And we hope you choke on it.

Saturday, September 16, 2017