Friday, June 02, 2023

The weather is shifting again, making things ache, which makes this a fine time

to sit and relax with some  visuals

The subject of stupid people came up today, and I have a prize winner for you

I have mentioned that I worked part-time at a range.  Each lane had its own bench with a couple of shelves.  I'm at the counter talking to someone, when I glanced into one of the ranges and saw a head pop up on the wrong side of the bench.

I'm told I said "What the HELL?!?  I know I did point at this, as a woman climbed over the bench with a target in one hand and said "GO TALK TO THEM, NOW!"

They were duly talked to.  Seems she and a friend were shooting and they'd laid one of their targets across the top of the bench, and it had slipped off the Bad Side to the floor.  Instead of asking for help, she decided to climb over and get it.  Yes, there were other people shooting in that bay at the time.

This was a case of "I'm glad I wasn't the one talking to them, because they'd probably have started yelling for the manager, because I don't think they'd have liked being asked how stupid they had to be."

Sometimes, I'm surprised my heart is in the decent shape it is.

'Snopes said account marked 'parody' is making parody posts:

Occasional-Cortex hardest hit.'

Holy CRAP, that's a big fish

There are tales from medieval manuscripts saying that these things sometimes ate people.  Children, I can believe it.

Yeah, that is a slight problem


My, no wonder they're so pissed about people seeing the various security cam video

But if Pelosi’s soul was indeed offended, unseen footage released today by Just the News founder John Solomon suggests otherwise. Pelosi is seen cooly walking through the evacuation route on her way to a secure location at Fort McNair in Washington—with Alexandra just a few steps ahead, walking backwards, to capture the moment. Far from being under mortal threat by selfie-taking Americans in the Rotunda above, Pelosi is surrounded by her security detail as she is led to a chauffeured vehicle. Her daughter also traveled with her mother to the Army base located two miles from the Capitol.

And let's not forget "Public records? There are none when they inconvenience us!":
While Pelosi’s every physical move on January 6 is in the history books, her records related to January 6 are not. Representative Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), chairman of the now-defunct select committee, said Pelosi and her office were “off limits” from the investigation. Pelosi has not produced a single document, email, or call log to detail what she did in the weeks before January 6, even though her office was primarily responsible for security.

"Just see what we want you to, peasants, it will be much easier that way."

Thursday, June 01, 2023

I think I like this strip

"It was this or a default" is the excuse

from my Rep. for supporting that garbage McCarthy rolled over for.

I am so sick of people rolling over and insisting it's the 'ethical thing to do' to excuse it.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Have the hearing aids out while riding the bicycle

Get home and sit down, find there's a voicemail.

Dial for voicemail, shows connected but can't hear anything.

Realize that I'd three feet from the aids, so the phone is bluetoothing to them.

That's one that hadn't caught me before.

A video of Wyatt Earp's words

on gunfighting.>br />

A short ammo test

of a couple of things.The primary is some CCI .22lr, their Suppressor 22 with a 45-grain hollowpoint bullet.*  
This stuff is marked as 970fps, so very subsonic.  Usually I test stuff first at a local indoor range which has some 30 yard lanes; that day the ventilation was causing a draft at that end that was moving the target around, so moved it to 25 yards.  Ten rounds produced this
Which isn't bad, but I wasn't happy with my rest, so rearranged and fired another five
Which is more like it.  Through a suppressor, this stuff should be really quiet, too.  I do wish I had access to ballistic gel, as I'd love to see how this stuff expands.  I did run across this on YouTube, but no recovered bullets.

And yes, I saved the rest of the box to try at 50.  And maybe I can put some water jugs together.

That's the stuff from Widener's, the rest is stuff I've picked up over time, found, and decided to mess with.  One is some Eley Sport, a subsonic 40-grain round nose stuff that's been in a can for a few years.  I checked their site, and don't find quite the same stuff, which is a shame because it was a good price and shoots like this
I'm sure some of their current line is comparable, they're known for very good .22 ammo.

The other one was some of the Aguila .22LR Sniper Subsonic.  If you haven't run across this stuff, it's a long 60-grain bullet, with a short case to make the standard overall length.  Because of the projectile length, a lot of rifles don't like it, the rifling pitch being too slow to stabilize it.  I've tried this stuff in several rifles, some it keyholes at 25 yards, some it shoots nice groups.  Out of this rifle it gives groups like this

I've read that someone makes a barrel for the Ruger 10-22 that has a fast twist specifically for shooting this stuff, and it works well with it, but won't shoot standard 40 or 45-grain ammo well.  

And that's it for today.  It's supposed to be dry today and tomorrow, so I need to get some mowing done before it decides to rain again.  And laundry.  And so forth.

*First, a box provided by Widener's; second, do you realize HOW MANY versions of .22 CCI makes?

Oh yeah, it was about control

the whole time

The thread is here

Monday, May 29, 2023

One more thing for today,

found in the book Quartered Safe Out Here, by George McDonald Fraser:
My parents knew I was in Burma, and that (with the possible exception of air crew) it was generally believed to be the worst ticket you could draw in the lottery of active service. Those months must have been the longest of their lives; whatever anxieties the soldier may experience in the field can be nothing to the torment of those at home. I don’t know how parents and wives stand it. Perhaps family experience is a help: every generation of my people, as far back as we knew, had sent somebody to war, and my grandmother’s comment on Chamberlain’s speech on September 3, 1939, had been simply: “Well, the men will be going away again.” Her uncle had served in the Crimea, her brother had died in the Second Afghan, two of my aunts had lost sweethearts in the Great War, my father had been wounded in East Africa, and two uncles had been in the trenches; probably it was a not untypical record for a British family over a century, but whether it made my absence easier or harder to bear, who knows?

All to say today


Sunday, May 28, 2023

Now fire every jerk at the EPA involved

in the case that caused this ruling to be needed.  And any others.
So remember. The overall decision is 9-0. SCOTUS unanimously reined in the EPA. All justices. All nine of them, including the leftists.
Which is causintg Schumer to shriek his outrage because 'people will die, killing the environment', etc. ad Bullshit.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

And now let us once again see to that seventh eve stuff

Which, as usual, is right down below

A Biden official using an agency as a political hit team?

My shocked face is all worn out.

Speaking of .gov employees who may have need

of a lesson,
For those of you who didn't follow the case, the EPA tried to tell a couple that they couldn't build a home on their own property because the backfill was "discharging pollutants into a navigable water." Which is weird, because a soggy backyard isn't a navigable water.
The EPA lost in a unanimous decision by the Supremes, rightly so, and now some of the usual suspects, such as Sen. Schumer, are losing their shit because 'the MAGA Supreme Court is eroding environmental laws!', etc.

I wonder which part of 'unanimous' he doesn't understand?

Friday, May 26, 2023

It is now time for the sixth evening stuff,

so painstakingly prepared for all nine of you