Friday, July 20, 2018

I've read about Zone Rouge before,

that's some nasty long-term damage.

Tell me again about the wonders of low-crime Britain.
The number of killings and knife offences in England and Wales have surged in the last year, official crime figures reveal today. 

The Office for National Statistics have recorded the number of homicides has increased by 12 per cent, and crimes with a knife have risen by 16 per cent. 

The number of homicides now stand at their highest level since 2008, amid a violent crime wave that is blighting London and other cities.

More problems:
In the 12 months to March, 443,000 crimes resulted in a charge or summons out of 4.6 million offences - the lowest detection rate since 2015.

Data also shows police closed nearly half (48%) of all cases because no suspect could be identified.

It comes as new figures show the number of homicides has increased for the fourth year running.
The Home Office figures show a continuing downward trend since 2015 in the proportion of cases police have resolved, falling from 15 to 9%.

Mentioned it before, this kind of crap is why the ACLU can kiss my ass

[T]he ACLU now advises all its affiliates to consider the content of speech, and whether it advances our goals, before deciding whether to defend the right to speak.

That is a balance never before recognized by the ACLU as legitimate in deciding whether to take a free speech case. To deny that this departure from free speech policy is a departure is intellectually dishonest, an Orwellian smokescreen thrown up to obscure what they are doing.

And that, it seems, is why they tried to hide the new guidelines, even claiming, absurdly, that they were protected by the lawyer-client privilege. To say now, after the guidelines were disclosed by others, that they have nothing to hide rings hollow.
The national ACLU has never liked or wanted to defend the 2nd Amendment(some local branches have), but they've made a big deal of "We defend speech!"  Except now they don't.

Screw the bastards.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

"At least Obama stood up to Putin!"


Ah, SuperJews, is there nothing they cannot do!
(or it could be that this is a tectonically active area, and earthquakes happen, but why mention that when you can blame the JOOOOOS! for doing something evil?)

No, slavery wasn't invented in the US.  That a bunch of idiot teachers actually teach this is a testament to either
They are incompetent and ignorant of history,
They know they're lying to their students.

Someone mentioned an old prayer: "Lord, make my enemies stupid."  Well, yeah, that works.
When your "He's destroying relations with allies!  He's insulting NATO!" noise is based on "You need to pay what you agreed to for your own defense", you have a problem.

I'm with Michael Z. Williamson: He wasn't my choice, but it's worth having him there for the sake of watching the left absolutely lose their shit whenever he does- well, anything.

Short version of control freak: "This may mean money that we don't know you have, and if we don't know if you have it how can we tax you on it?  Also terrorists and criminals!"

Which reminds me of a law professor wanting to get rid of $50 and $100 bills because 'Criminals use them'. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Be it noted that even when the clouds

keep the temp from getting to the predicted high, standing by a pot of molten lead, casting bullets, is still damn hot.

And I had an idea.  Several hours after I finished.  Which means it'll have to wait for the next time I can stand to do this.

I shall now head for a shower.

In today's chapter of "History: It be Messy" we have

"What do you mean the Native Americans altered the land and cut down forests?!?"
Even so, people in the 1800s made less of an environmental impact on the valley than the people who lived there before colonization. Loughlin and his colleagues compared the pollen species in sediment layers from the last 700 years to the pollen species in layers of lake sediment deposited long before the first people moved into the region thousands of years ago. They found that the period before 1588 was most strikingly different from the original pre-human cloud forest. Even the settlement and cattle grazing since 1819 disturbed the cloud forest less than pre-Columbian agriculture.

It has been difficult to understand exactly how and to what extent pre-Columbian people in Central and South America modified their environment with agriculture, irrigation, and construction. Different cultures left different marks on the landscape, and archaeologists are sometimes still surprised by what they find beneath the dense vegetation. But Loughlin and his colleagues say this study suggests that overall, we may have been underestimating how drastically pre-Columbian people in South America impacted their environment.
No shit?

But the chickenshit politician is still running

The campaign manager for Democrat Tedra Cobb, who is running to unseat Rep. Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.), left the campaign on Tuesday in the wake of a video where Cobb says she won't publicly state what she actually believes about banning certain guns.
Mentioned this twit before, but it's worth putting up again(bold mine):
"When I was at this thing today, it was the first table I was at, a woman said, ‘How do you feel about assault rifles?' And I said they should be banned," Cobb said in the video. "And I said, you know, people were getting up to go, to go get their lunch because it was a buffet, and I just said to her, I want you to know Cindy, I cannot say that."

Cobb's campaign website includes a page detailing her support for various gun-control measures but does not include any provision advocating for the ban of any firearms. Cobb went on to say that she had been advised by representatives of the gun-control group Moms Demand Action not to advocate for gun bans.

"And she said, ‘Well, I want you to' and I said, ‘I won't win,'" Cobb said. "I said Moms Demand [Action] says, and Tricia Pleau said, ‘Do not say that you want an assault rifle ban because you will not win.'"
"Lie.  Because if you say what you really want, you'll lose.  Wait until you're in office, THEN tell the peasants what you're going to do."

Apparently, when the video got out, the manager had a very public meltdown, so he's gone.  Like Cobb should be.

"But it would be FREE HEALTH CARE!"

This morning, the largest newspaper in the state, the Baltimore Sun, reports that Maryland’s Department of Legislative Services calculated that the state would have to levy a 10 percent payroll tax against every business and charge a $2,800 fee for every man, woman, and child in the state to raise the needed $24 billion a year.
As I told a guy years back when he was counting on Hillary! to give him free health care, "It won't be free.  You may not be writing a check to the doctor, but you damn well WILL be paying for it."

The Democrat reaction to the numbers:
Kevin Harris, a spokesman for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous says that it’s “premature” to talk about what kind of taxes or fees would be raised to pay for the plan.
Yeah, wait until the economy is trashed and people are screaming, then talk about the actual costs.  Which I guarantee will be a lot more than their estimate.

Well, crap. Hear about a bullet

that's said to give very good accuracy in .310 Cadet, check on it, and find that it's made in Australia, and the maker can't afford the costs and mess of getting a license to export them.

Not loaded ammo, mind you, just inert bullets.

Jeez, this is stupid.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

As a preface, I will point out that, no matter the accusations of idiots, you don't have to love Trump

to have real problems with Mueller & Co.  I think I mentioned before how he was involved in that screwed-up investigation of the anthrax attacks; I pulled that article up, doesn't this sound familiar?
Much of what authorities discovered, they leaked anonymously to journalists. The result was an unrelenting stream of inflammatory innuendo that dominated front pages and television news. Hatfill found himself trapped, the powerless central player in what Connolly describes as “a story about the two most powerful institutions in the United States, the government and the press, ganging up on an innocent man. It’s Kafka.”
In their own depositions, both John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller, the FBI director, said they had expressed concern to underlings about news leaks that appeared to single out and smear Hatfill. Both, however, denied any knowledge of who specifically was doing the leaking.

Throw in the mess before that mess with Whitey Bulger, and other things, and Mueller being distrusted goes back a long way.  Throw in the FBI lab scandals, and the question of "Why would they NOT record interviews with suspects?"  Which came around and bit them in the ass:
I wish that the FBI had recorded their interviews with Ms. Salman as there were several significant inconsistencies with the written summaries of her statements.
Borrowing from another piece, note the response of the agent in charge of this mess:
The FBI never recorded the alleged confession … nor any part of the 11-hour interrogation.

And that was the single biggest flaw in the case.

The feds claimed they had a smoking gun, but couldn’t prove it.

In fact, there were parts of the alleged confession contradicted by other evidence.

So when Salman declared that the federal agent who claimed she confessed was “a liar,” the feds didn’t have a single piece of concrete evidence to prove she was wrong.

And why? Why didn’t authorities record the interrogation?

“I honestly never thought about it,” testified FBI Special Agent Christopher Mayo.

Frankly, I find that incredibly odd. Apparently, so did the jury.
That he 'never thought about it' indicates a couple of things to me:
"Those people are supposed to believe what we say, not demand proof!"
"Screw what we were ordered to do, THIS is how we do it!"
I say "ordered to do", because
Four years ago, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the FBI and other federal agencies would henceforth record such interviews but little has changed from the J. Edgar Hoover era.
Got that?  The Attorney General ORDERED them to record, but they didn't.  Interesting, isn't it?

So, the history of Comey and Mueller, those current heroes of the left, isn't exactly wonderful.  And "But they're going after Trump!" doesn't excuse the crap they have/are pulling.  Lord, what a mess.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Among the interesting things in this:

When you leave Cuba for the first time, you discover many things that you had been blind to,” said Yaili JimĂ©nez Gutierrez, one of the doctors who filed suit. “There comes a time when you get tired of being a slave.”

Holy crap. If this is correct, then half the Labour Party is in on this

Which would help explain how the rape gangs have managed to go on so long with the authorities doing so little: have to protect all the Lords and Ladies of Socialism, y'know.

Add this to the cowardice and PC-at-any-cost attitude...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

This just in: vegetarians were known as 'The deceased'.

They found ibex adipose tissue as the most likely fat source. Half the stomach contents were composed of adipose fat. They expected the high-fat diet because of the extreme alpine environment where the Iceman lived and was found.

"The high and cold environment is particularly challenging for the human physiology and requires optimal nutrient supply to avoid rapid starvation and energy loss," said Albert Zink, who also participated in the study. "The Iceman seemed to have been fully aware that fat represents an excellent energy source."
No shit?

Professional Journalism...

An assault revolver with high-capacity magazines and a revolver were recovered at the scene.
Even for Californicated, that's bad.  I wonder if the description came from the cops, or the idiot journalist?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday, it's been a long one

Time to relax and work on your studies

General pic dump

She's going to catch hell for this

The movement that has popularized the term ‘toxic masculinity’ shares tools and conclusions with those who see signs of ‘white supremacy’ everywhere they look. Intersectionalists have in common with one another a particular rhetorical trick: Any claim made by a member of an historically oppressed group is unquestionably true. Questioning claims is, itself, an act of oppression.
This opens the door for anyone who is willing to lie to obtain power. If you cannot question claims, any claim can be made.

Thus: Racism is ubiquitous. And all men are toxic. I object—but objection is not allowed. Everyone who understands game theory knows how this game ends: Innocent people being vilified with false claims, and exposed to witch hunts. Sexual assault is real, but that does not mean that all claims of sexual assault are honest.

It is shocking that this bears saying, but there is a world of men who are smart and compassionate and eager to have vibrant, surprising conversations with other people, both men and women. The sex-specific toxicity that I have seen, when it has been obvious, has mostly been in the other court. All men are toxic and all women victims? No. Not in my name.

Maybe we need to now define 'Toxic Caring'.  For the idiots who care so much that they'll insult, belittle, threaten, and blame some particular group for everyone's problems.

"But this isn't a truth we want people to know!"

A contact out of the blue from a Berkeley undergrad named Daniel Kennard began to explain the mystery. A secret campaign had been organized to prevent reviews or further comment on the play, and a rave review had been spiked by an aging Berkeley leftist who prided himself on his involvement in the school's Free Speech campaigns of the mid-1960s. The group behind the attacks on the play falsely claimed that I and Phelim had been funded and supported by Chevron. They had used this slander to persuade editors that the play should be marked off as corporate PR and ignored.

Ironically, they had themselves received funding from one of the play's subjects and were obviously interested parties.

How had I gotten involved in all this?
Big mess.  Involving a bunch of environmentalists and some crooks.  And a lot of money.

Bike needed new front brake pads

Manual says "Push the caliper against the rotor to force the pistons back in."

The hell it does.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Ah, Friday,

hot and humid you are.  Which covers the data that came in, too

If we had a media worth a damn, this would be all over the news today

Second, Congressman Gohmert delivered a massive bombshell that went unacknowledged yesterday. While questioning the smirking FBI agent, Gohmert asked about a meeting Strzok attended with the the Intelligence Community's Inspector General's (ICIG) office where the FBI was informed that almost every single one of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails were being forwarded to an unspecified foreign agent. This discovery was made while examining Clinton's home-brewed bathroom server used to traffic all of her government communications, including classified material. Let me repeat that: all of the former United States secretary of state's emails (around 30,000 emails) were being forwarded to a foreign power. All the folks shrieking about imaginary foreign influence on Trump do not seem to care about this AT ALL.
Holy crap.  That is freaking HUGE.  And how many journalists reported on that?

But we can trust them for the news.  And trust the EffingBI.  Right.

And on that slimy bastard Strzok,
So we're all liars and maybe we are, but I'll tell you what convinced me -- besides an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence equivalent to the O.J. trial -- that Strzok was not just your garden variety prevaricator but an out-and-out conniving, evil S. O. B.: his smirk.

The shrinks call that "inappropriate affect" and it sure was. What the hell was this guy smirking about? Even in the remote possibility (oh, how remote) that his bias had no direct political and investigatory consequence, he had shamed himself, his family, and the FBI and its personnel tremendously, damaging the organization materially for years to come. And yet he was smirking.

In fact, he wasn't just smirking. He was fighting back as if he were the wounded party. One "useful idiot" on the Democratic side even said he deserved the Purple Heart.
There's been a lot of stir the past while about lifelong Democrats telling that party "Screw this and screw you" and walking away because of crap like this, and the Trump hysteria.  I hope they're paying attention to this.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Over at Madame Hoyt's place, from William Lehman, first on unions:

My dad was a teamster during the great Teamster strike of the early 70s. His team got along great with management, where happy with their pay and working conditions, and didn’t want to strike. But some big guys came down from Detroit in a couple Caddies, looked around and said “Dwayne, The union is all going on strike, youse gotta go on strike too.”

“But we don’t have anything we want to strike FOR.”

“Do it for youse families.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“How would youse feed your families if this place was to burn to the ground? If you was to be kicked out of da union, and your little boy was to get hurt bad, how would you pay medical expenses? Oh and youse guys gotta actually walk the picket line or youse don’t get your strike pay”

Then the goons in the caddies drove back to Detroit, and dad and the rest walked the picket lines. People who wildcatted that strike where hurt or killed… I remember one guy was hauling dynamite for the coal mines in KY. The sniper that shot his truck hit the load… It cratered the road.

Dad died in harness about 20 years ago. Mom got the princely sum of 28 bucks a month as survivor benefits until she remarried. Tell me why I should support the union?

And to the frothing "We want a revolution!" leftists:
Finally, I’m viewed by those aforementioned liberals as a rabid frothing at the mouth conservative. Well, I’m starting to feel like Marten L. King jr. on that. Because I hate to break it to the folks from both coasts, and the really big cities in between, (Denver, Austin, I’m looking at you here) but you folks really want to talk to me, because you DON’T want to talk to Malcom X.
I've met some Malcolm X types, and he's right: they really DON'T want to have to deal with them.

Short range report,

and there's lots of stuff to take care of today.

Two tests in particular:
First, on that .310 Cadet, using the 100-grain semi-wadcutter bullet, 15-1 alloy, over 7.0 grains of 2400, 50 yards
That's using cases 1.135" long.  Which, according to what I've read, is too long for many Cadets, but it works real well in this one.  Had five more of this load, and at 100 yards
The shooter called one as being off right after firing, I'd say that's the high-left.  For this little rifle, especially with this bullet, that's quite nice.

The other was this group at 100 with the .45-70
500-grain Lee bullet, 15-1, over 35.0 Blackhorn 209 with a .030" fiber wad under the bullet, Federal Large Rifle Magnum primer.  Previously had used .060 wads, but decided to try the thinner; will have to try this combo again.

"Of course I want to take their guns, I just don't have

the balls or integrity to say it outright."
"And I said, you know, people were getting up to go, to go get their lunch because it was a buffet, and I just said to her, I want you to know Cindy, I cannot say that."

When the woman pushed back on Cobb keeping quiet on how she feels about banning certain firearms, Cobb said coming out in favor of a gun ban would lead to her losing her bid against Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik.

"And she said, ‘Well, I want you to' and I said, ‘I won't win,'" Cobb said. "I said Moms Demand [Action] says, and Tricia Pleau said, ‘Do not say that you want an assault rifle ban because you will not win.'"
Which tells us that Mommies Want and some other groups know that "I want to ban the things!" is not a winning strategy in lots and lots of places.  But they're quite willing to tell their politicians to lie about it to get into office.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Special rules for Very Special Agents

An FBI agent charged with second-degree assault, after accidentally shooting and wounding a person while performing his dance moves, may still carry a gun on and off duty, a court in Denver has ruled. 
The change to Bishop's conditions for release from jail came as a result of the plea bargain Goddard and Denver District Attorney Office noted, refusing to disclose the details of the deal. The prosecution also did not disclose the result of the FBI agent's blood test, which would have revealed the level of Bishop's intoxication during the shooting but said that the test did not warrant additional charges against the man.
Plain old citizen involved in such a mess, I'll bet you this judge and DA would've wanted to hang them.  But Only Ones get special treatment.

Range day,

and I'm cooling off and rehydrating.  However, I think you'll enjoy this news of a big civil rights victory in the Defense Distributed case:
Significantly, the government expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber – including modern semi-auto sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 and similar firearms – are not inherently military. 

“Not only is this a First Amendment victory for free speech, it also is a devastating blow to the gun prohibition lobby,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “For years, anti-gunners have contended that modern semi-automatic sport-utility rifles are so-called ‘weapons of war,’ and with this settlement, the government has acknowledged they are nothing of the sort.
The Bloomberg/Schumer coalition asshats are going to lose their shit over this.

Monday, July 09, 2018

"Free Press? We do not allow that here."

In an apparent attempt to sweep under the rug a recent double homicide in Hamburg, Germany, authorities there censored the story. They also raided the apartments of a witness who filmed a video describing the murder, and a blogger who posted the video on YouTube.
Throw in it being a illegal immigrant who murdered a woman and child, nearly beheading the child, and you get "We cannot allow you to report this information, it damages the Preferred Narrative!"

Here in the US, we have this bullcrap:
An illegal alien who was released by a sanctuary city has received a small $280 fine after causing a car crash that left two law enforcement officers dead. 
Garza Palacios received a $280 fine for the deadly car crash, with prosecutors saying that the illegal alien’s killing of Cohen and Wolff did not constitute a “reckless disregard” for life, according to court records obtained by the Washington Post.
Past record:
Three years before the deadly car crash, Garza Palacios was arrested in Montgomery County. At the time, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency asked the sanctuary city to hold the illegal alien in prison until they could take him into custody. The sanctuary city refused and released Garza Palacios back into the public.

In 2015, the illegal alien pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was also arrested and convicted that same year for breaking the windows of 16 vehicles and starting a fire. Garza Palacios served four months in prison and was eventually released back into the public.
But don't worry, he's in for it now!
ICE officials say that the illegal alien has been taken into custody and is facing deportation after overstaying his visa which expired in 2009.
This sanctuary city bullshit needs to end.  And a bunch of politicians need to be behind bars for the laws they've violated and the lives destroyed.

And in France, we have "Police brutality!  Excessive force!  Burn the place down!"
Angry youths torched dozens of cars as police responded with tear gas in clashes which broke out in the Le Breil neighbourhood of Nantes just after midnight and ended around dawn.
'Angry youths', that sounds kind of familiar... 

And just what caused the awful cop to commit this heinous act?
Mr Fofana almost ran over two children and hit an officer as he reversed his car away from a police control point “at very high speed,” prompting another officer to open fire. He was hit in the neck and declared dead on arrival at hospital.
He was the subject of an arrest warrant issued in June last year for organised robbery, possession of stolen goods and criminal conspiracy.
Oh.  Nothing the cop should've been all upset about, right?

Sunday, July 08, 2018

It appears a reality may have made itself known to Hogg:

Crap on, threaten, insult and abuse people and it doesn't bring them around, it just pisses them off.

And trying to pretend "Oh, no I didn't mean THAT!" isn't going to work.