Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hamas wants the ceasefire extended for two reasons:

First, they want time to try to smuggle some of their people out of Gaza and smuggle weapons in.

Second, they don't want to admit how many more murders like this until they are forced to.
Hamas on Wednesday claimed that an Israeli mother, Shira Bibas, and her two children, a four-year-old and a 10-month-old baby, were ‘killed’ after they were handed over to another terrorist group in Gaza. The IDF is checking the validity of the claim.

I give you the warning,

And proof Carl should've listened

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Yes, they're worse than the original national socialists in one way:

The sheer glee with which Hamas, by contrast, killed parents in front of their children and of children in front of their parents, was broadcast to the world. Nazi sadism was routine and widespread, but it wasn’t built into their actual operational plans in the way that Hamas’s sadism has been.

The gas chambers were invented in part because the Nazis did not much enjoy the actual process of killing Jews as much as Himmler hoped they might. As Laurence Rees notes of Himmler in 1941, "He had observed two years before the psychological damage that shooting Jews at close range had caused his team of killers and so he had overseen the development of a system of murder via the gas chambers that to an extent distanced from emotional trauma." No such trauma is evident in Hamas’s teams of killers, who phoned up their parents on October 7 to boast about the number of Jews they had killed.
The Nazis recognized that if the Red Cross or other international agencies uncovered evidence of the Holocaust there would be an international outcry, whereas Hamas has spotted something about the modern world that has meant that instead of demonstrations against their atrocities and hostage-taking, the largest demonstrations globally have taken place against the victim, Israel. Even movements traditionally seen as on the Left, such as the women’s movement, have failed to raise their voices against the mass rape of Israeli women on October 7.

Which is forever to their shame. 

Just like the morons who listen to Hamas leaders saying they want lots of dead old people and children in Gaza, because 'they will be martyrs we can use to show how bad the Jews are', and saying openly they want all Jews dead, and either the leftists hate Jews just as much as Hamas & Co or, like all the idiots before WWII opened, did not- or would not- believe that Hitler meant exactly what he said, that he wanted all Jews dead.  This will be their shame as well, because history has shown that Hamas and a lot of other hard-line muslims mean it, even condemning Hitler for not going far enough.

One of the disgusting things?  A lot of Jews in the US have been talking about their shock at the threats, the attacks on them for being Jews, and "I have to reevaluate how I vote", but you know damn well a lot of them will still vote for the left.  Even after so much of the left has told them "I want you dead."

I do wonder how much of the left doesn't believe "Palestine free from the river to the sea" means exactly what it says, even with it being insisted on by the garbage they've allied themselves to, or pretends not to.  And would be- or do a damn good job of pretending- how shocked they are if it's carried out.  And they'll still play "But they deserved at least some of this because Intersectionality proves the brown people(no, all the Jews who look just like the Palesimians don't count) are the real victims!"

I truly despair because these idiots are helping the ones- including those in universities and that have been allowed to walk across our border- they make excuses for get ready for a truly awful act, or set of acts, that will leave lots of bodies, and lots of crippled and wounded, in our country.  And now throw in the communists like antifa who may not believe a word of it, but would welcome it, and assist it, because it would damage the US.

I've thrown in the "I do wonder" because history, including recent, shows just how badly people can delude themselves about what's right in front of them.  Especially young idiots being cheered on by adult assholes giving them approval for it.

Now I have to throw in the evil politicians(and I do not use the word lightly) who will pretend horror when it happens- I think it is 'when', not 'if'- at the same time they're trying to use it for their own ends.  Like Biden and Newsome and a bunch of others who'd happily dance in the blood while they try to use that to justify emergency measures to censor, and ban guns.

Yeah, I'm disgusted and sick about this.  And not feeling cheerful about the near future.

A 'How It Should Be Done' when faced with the whiny bitch "She upset us!" types

Murphy felt moved to apologise, saying that she regretted ‘stepping out of line’ and that she was sorry for any upset she had caused to fans.

All the signs pointed to this being yet another conventional tale of a celebrity’s cancellation. At least, it seemed that way, until Hit Parade was released last week. Then something interesting happened. The boycott that so many trans activists had called for failed to materialise. Instead, Hit Parade flew off the shelves. The Official Charts Company announced yesterday that it had shot to the No2 spot on the UK Albums Chart, making it the best-performing album of Murphy’s career so far.

How refreshing it is to see an attempted cancellation fail so spectacularly. Perhaps there is a sizeable contingent of gender-critical music fans who have helped to boost Hit Parade’s sales (the hashtag ‘#IStandWithRoisinMurphy’ was at one point trending on X, with many feminists vowing to buy it out of solidarity).

More like this, please

In some places it's even more urgent: get your kids the hell out of public schools.

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is advocating for the demise of the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading, Writing and Math. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s signing of Bill S1553 would eliminate that requirement; NJEA called the test “an unnecessary barrier” hindering the alleviation of teacher shortages.

“When the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) adopted changes to the administrative code around teacher certification, it missed an opportunity to eliminate this requirement, which created an unnecessary barrier to entering the profession,” stated NJEA.

"We need more teachers, so let's get rid of those stupid requirements that they actually be able to teach!  Incompetents who's support the union, that's what we need!"

I doubt it was Dragon's Breath, it was more likely unburned powder buildup

in that grate or whatever it is in front of the firing line.

I've cleaned bays that had a lot of shotgun use in them, worst places for unburned powder to accumulate.  I think they'd not been cleaning the bay out.

We're back to a case of "People who should be in jail", Wuhan edition

The former Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the US Department of Health, Dr Robert Kadlec, has told Sky News he feels obligated to reveal confidential discussions he had with Dr Fauci, America’s top infectious diseases adviser, about diverting attention away from the lab leak theory.

In his first television interview, to air on Sky News on Tuesday night, he also warns of another pandemic emerging from high-risk experiments in laboratories globally, saying the lessons from Covid-19 haven’t been learnt.
Dr Kadlec felt that Fauci had other reasons for wanting to divert attention away from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He said Fauci was likely worried about his reputation if it eventuated that his agency had funded the gain-of-function research that sparked the outbreak.

“That would be a natural reaction of him or anybody, particularly I think, for him saying, what could this do to me and to our institute as a consequence if we were found to have some culpability or some involvement in this?”

United States agencies, including Dr Fauci’s, were funding research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology via a not-for-profit organisation, EcoHealth Alliance.

And, with the willing aid of our Professional Journalists and a lot of social media, painted the inconvenient facts as conspiracy theory.  Destroyed businesses, destroyed jobs, and lots of researchers, doctors, and scientists has their careers damaged or destroyed for asking questions and speaking inconvenient truths.

Jail.  A lot of people.  For a long time.

Monday, November 27, 2023

One of the cries of the abuser: "It's for your own good!"

The text of the "Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022," notes that a person can be imprisoned if they "prepare or possess" material that is "likely to incite violence or hatred against a person or a group of persons on account of their protected characteristics," one of which being "gender" identity.

The Catholic Herald observed in past months that the legislation could lead to criminalization of Catholic teaching and religious expression in general, "The Catholic Church has long-standing objective positions on issues, which, if they are to be uttered in public (and that may include the pulpit), may cause the priest or other adherent to be made subject to prosecution."

O'Reilly defended the bill in a speech on Tuesday as she debated its merits with her peers, even as she condemned some of their rhetoric on "gender or sexual identities." After suggesting social media has "fueled hatred" and revealed the "dirty, filthy, underbelly of hatred in Irish society," O'Reilly argued that hate speech legislation is merely another necessary law to restrict freedom for the "common good."
May I invite Madam O'Reilly to 
and then take a long walk off a short dock.  And receive the same greeting in the afterlife as Stalin.

Because I still love Calvin and Hobbes

Two new- well, one new and one not quite new- cartridges,

one I'd not heard of before: 6.8SPC and .277 Sig Fury.  Hard to try to keep up at times.

The military version .277, pressure of 80,000psi.  Damn.  I wonder what that translates into in bolt and barrel life?

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Someone called this a slow-motion Kristallnacht, and I can't disagree (addition)

As his remarks raced across the internet, his condemnation of Hamas was often excised, leaving only his “hope” for “all” to be killed. Captions and comments online framed his demand for “every one” to be killed in myriad, at times deceptive, ways. One Instagram post shared to millions of users claimed falsely that Strauss told the students, “[I] hope you get killed....”
Gee, a bunch of national socialists lied about what he said.  Anyone surprised?
And the university, being run by craven leftests, threw the professor off campus.

A kosher restaurant in New York was vandalized, when a pro-Hamas mob smashed its windows, the latest in an ongoing string of anti-Israel, antisemitic attacks, vandalism, and clashes in cities around the U.S. and the world, college campuses, and even high schools.

Understand where we are.

These kids are only a few years away from being adults in the real-world.

They are hunting Jews for sport and are not being punished for it.

They are being rewarded with clicks and likes and monetization.

They will lead a second Holocaust in the US.

And the left is either too chickenshit to call their fellow travelers out on it, or are encouraging it.

And there are a lot more examples.

If I were Jewish, and didn't already have them, there'd be a suitable firearm, spare magazines, and lots of ammo on the shopping list.  Because in a lot of blue cities those are the only protection you'll have.

Added: Ran across this in comments at a site, on the question of 
We'd talk about everything, and one day I asked why the Jews in Germany didn't get out while there was still time.

He told me that, unlike Russia and Poland, where pogroms had happened for centuries, unlike France, where anti-Semitism was institutionalized, Germany was an oasis for Jews in Europe, and nobody could believe that this Nazi thing would last very long.

I have a feeling a lot of urban and suburban Jews in America have a similar belief, and therefore neither get out nor change their political stripes. He who refuses to learn from history...

Someone expected the FBI and CDC to actually do their jobs?

When the PRC is involved?  
“The FBI and the CDC really dropped the ball here in terms of investigating not only this illegal lab, but now we wonder how many more labs like this exist in the country,” she said.

“So clearly, we have some work to do to make sure we’re prepared, because we know China is doing everything they can to constantly undermine us.”

The House Select Committee on the PRC further claimed that both the FBI and the CDC were contacted by local law enforcement, but the agencies declined to investigate.

The report notes that FBI informed the local investigator that it had closed its investigation because the Bureau believed that there were no weapons of mass destruction on the property (despite a vial clearly marked “Ebola”.) However, The Select Committee’s assessment of the CDC is especially damning.

A whole bunch of people need to be fired for this, at the least.  And considering the PRC connections, prosecuted.

"These are our ethics rules; if you don't like them,

you may be a nasty Jew."  Seems that's what some of this boils down to, because they have no problem, it seems, since their personnel have been to pride and Palestinian marches with no known consequences.

Professional Media on display.

Once again, "Ma Nature just might kill a whole lot of us."

Four gargantuan undersea sediment deposits – or 'megabeds' – discovered in the western Marsili Basin near Italy show evidence of a series of supereruptions stretching back some 50,000 years, suggesting another one could be on the way.
Any of these various volcanoes deciding to wake up in a serious way would be a real problem.  The undersea one, maybe especially:
While the Marsili Seamount is largely submerged under the Mediterranean, a modern day eruption would mean significant dangers from tsunamis and a number of ecological knock-on effects. The more prepared we are for it, the better.
Think of tsunami bouncing back and forth in the Mediterranean, that would be Bad.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Raining, outside, supposed to be some snow later

Definitely warmer inside, and I have some indoor entertainment for you

A few borrowed images

And I posted this one on Fecesbook, and it was almost immediately yanked because 'supported violent groups'

Added: turns out Fecesbook doesn't like the MeToo one, either, because 'sexual content'.

Fecesbook is run by effing idiots.

More on the decline of NYeffingCity into barbarism

Hundreds of “radicalized” kids rampaged through the halls of a Queens high school this week for nearly two hours after they discovered a teacher had attended a pro-Israel rally — forcing the terrified educator to hide in a locked office as the teen mob tried to push its way into her classroom, The Post has learned.
“The teacher was seen holding a sign of Israel, like supporting it,” a senior told The Post this week.

“A bunch of kids decided to make a group chat, expose her, talk about it, and then talk about starting a riot.”

Hundreds of kids flooded into hallways and ran amok, chanting, jumping, shouting, and waving Palestinian flags or banners.

Think any of the little bastards will face any real punishment?

Cloudy and cold,

rain in the afternoon and some snow tonight.

I know, it's late November, but I still think "Yuck."

Apparently 'noncitizen' is the kinder way to say 'illegal alien criminals

who should've been deported years ago'.

Between Oct. 23 and Nov. 3, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) conducted a sweep which resulted in the arrests of 44 noncitizens that were determined to be a threat to national security, public safety or border security.

The operation targeted individuals with felonies, or misdemeanors for domestic violence, sexual abuse or exploitation, unlawful possession or use of a firearm, drug distribution or trafficking, or driving under the influence. Additionally, noncitizens who unlawfully re-entered the US after being previously removed were targeted.

Deported, or hanged in some cases.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Sixth, cold outside,

so enjoy

Dolly Parton wore a Cowboy's cheerleader outfit for a halftime show

At 77.  Damn.

Israel has agreed to a 4-day cease-fire to get some hostages back

Seems like a bad idea, it ought to be ALL hostages back.  As Insty put it, I hope Mossad uses this time wisely.

Anyone else suspect that it's only some kids being released because they're both the only ones left alive, and not in a condition that will cause the reaction of "No more talking, kill Hamas to the last one."?

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A few things, partly so I don't lose track of them

while I'm going in circles.First, more on the EffingBI:
"It would be a travesty if they've actually done the same thing again. The FBI was always designed to be completely apolitical."

Notably, Veltri is not just anti-Trump, according to the whistleblower, but was acting deputy assistant director of the bureau's Security Division, overseeing efforts to suspend agents' security clearances if they were deemed to be "right-wing radical."

Because they're corrupt, vile bastards.

My my, Fauci seems to have changed his mind about 'Get the shot or else!'  Speaking of someone who belongs in jail.

And one last thing just because I like it

"Take responsibility? Do something about the cartels? Nonsense, let's blame

the United States and see if foreign pressure can get them to ignore that troublesome Constitution!"

Two stories, from two different countries, saying 'Melting Ice Reveals Artifacts',

from Canada and Norway.  Which would seem to indicate that the ice wasn't always there.  Which would mean cycles of icing and melting.  Or, you could say, warming and cooling periods.

Why, it's as if this current bit of warming is nothing extraordinary!

Monday, November 20, 2023

That covers this clown's idea of compassion


Yes, they're trying to scare everyone into getting the newest Wuhan shot;

yes, they have certain problems in pushing it.  One is the massive distrust- to say the least- from the truth leaking out about the start of all this, the other is all the medical types saying 'Screw that'.
And yet Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the one COVID-related story that sums up the threat currently posed by the Wuhan Flu: "Health care workers skip COVID-19 shots." According to the report, a survey of millions of healthcare workers at over 18,000 facilities shows a total lack of concern. The CDC found that "just 17.2% of hospital workers overall were up to date with COVID-19 shots" and only slightly higher for nursing home workers at 22.8%.

Speaking of, Insty linked to this:
A carefully done paper presented at the recent AHA meeting and published in Circulation found no increase in sudden cardiac death in NCAA athletes. In fact, the authors reported a decline in sudden cardiac death during the years 2021-2022.
They do note
The authors acknowledge limitations. The main one I think is the absence of data on resuscitated arrests. This is important because of the positive trend of increased availability of automatic external defibrillators or AEDs. Namely, it’s possible that there was an increase in cardiac arrests, but not cardiac death—due to better interventions. (In fact, the lower incidence of sudden death in recent years is likely to be due to AEDs).
Which leaves real worry as to the side effects- some known, some suspected- of that vaccine.  Especially when the asshats in charge wanted to- and STILL want- to force it on kids.

From (formerly Great)Britain, where the enemy was allowed to dishonor war monuments,

That way lies trouble, violence and a breakdown in society akin to a civil war.

I am not being melodramatic, it’s a realistic possibility.

Officers posing for pictures with children dressed as Hamas fighters, officers clearly supporting protesters and standing for pictures with protesters holding the Palestinian flag do not make for good optics. It clearly demonstrates the side they have chosen.

Many people from previous policing incidents, such as anti- lockdown and vaccination protests, where people were brutally dealt with by officers have already drawn the conclusion that a definite two tier system of policing is being adopted within the Met.

The previous Home Secretary just reiterated what we already knew.

This is by no means over, I suspect further clashes in the coming weeks, I suspect further violence is going to occur and the police are to do nothing about it.

No, that crap will not end well.  

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Seventh night has come,

and taking care of that matter is a lot more fun than what I really need to be doing, so let us enjoy something to distract from weather and difficulties