Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why is it lefties can flat-out lie and their words keep being used,

when a conservative* can tell an uncomfortable truth and be called a liar despite the facts? And the major media weenies are as bad as any lefties about it.*

Insty links to this post on the current lies about Rush Limbaugh. Flat-out lies that are repeated despite one simple thing: the man has been on national radio for more than 20 years, and if he'd actually said this crap attributed to him there's be recordings of it. And they're not there. The closest is the comment he made about McNab, and that wasn't racist; he was speaking of McNab's skill and the media viewpoint.

I was listening to him the other day and he said fairly flatly that his lawyers were contacting some of the media weenies and saying "You accuse me of making racist statements: prove it, or retract your accusation." Which has the potential to get real interesting. Like Rush or not, you ought to cheer him going after these clowns; anything that holds these people responsible for making false statements is good.

*Yes, I should probably have said 'any other lefties'.


Anonymous said...

The best part is that he has the $$ - not to mention the truth - to make that a real threat.

Firehand said...

Ain't it the truth? He's a victim of lies who actually has the resources to go after them, for a change.