Saturday, January 09, 2016

It's well below freezing out there, so it' a good thing

there's work to warm things up; to the data!

I don’t question Obama’s sincerity.

I question his sanity.
Would explain some things.

So the .gov and the cops both screwed the pooch bigtime,

and the media helped.  Because PC.
I don't know if these idiots realize it, but this crap by them is far more likely to push people into doing really hard things.  Because if you KNOW the authorities won't act, and the media will lie to you, why shouldn't you act?

So, according to the University of Missouri, trying to prevent someone from covering an event, to the extent of calling for muscle to throw them out, is 'free speech'.  Wonderful, isn't it?

Few years ago Tim Blair reported about some Australian media making a point of not reporting a fairly critical part of the description of criminals being sought: their skin color.  When it was pointed out that that was a rather important piece of information("Why the hell would you want someone to think that dark-skinned guy over there might be him when the crook was a pale-skinned redhead?"), the defense was 'We are not racist!'

No, you're just friggin' stupid.

Which brings me to the matter at hand:
The mainstream media in Germany has, until recently, toed the Government line; a top public broadcaster, ZDF, recently refused to run a segment about a rape case on its prime-time ‘crime-watch’ show because the ‘dark-skinned’ suspect was a migrant.

The programme’s editor defended her decision, saying: ‘We don’t want to inflame the situation and spread a bad mood. The migrants don’t deserve it.’
Same kind of brainless PC idiocy.  Which makes me wonder: do these fools not realize just how THAT winds up inflaming the situation?  If you find out the authorities would rather play the game than, say, try to catch and jail rapists no matter skin color/national origin/etc., and that the media will lie to you, either flatly or by omission, that's going to make things worse.  And that's a really bad thing to do.  Once more borrowing from Tam,
The EUtopians may seem all soft, docile, and toothless right now, but the recent immigrant welfare sponge class is playing with fire here. Euros have a proven zero-to-jackboots time lower than just about anybody on the planet. Get Gunter or Pierre all backed into a corner and feeling existentially threatened and you'll be wishing you hadn't, faster than you can say "Arbeit Macht Frei".

Yes, the President is full of crap(again)

Yet, despite the impression that President Obama has been creating, France suffered more casualties (murders and injuries) from mass public shootings in 2015 than the US has suffered during Obama’s entire presidency (Updated 532 to 396).  Note that these numbers don’t adjust for the fact that the US has 4.98 times the population of France.  The per capita rate of casualties in France is thus 8.19 per million and for the US it is 1.22 — France’s per capita rate of casualties is thus 6.68 times higher than the rate in the US.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Well, this'll have the usual suspects up in arms

Cologne is a small case study for scenarios playing out all over Europe. It is a story repeated at Calais, across Germany and into France. And in African and Arabic countries where sexual violence is the norm.

The Guardian feminazis are caught in a monumentally difficult place, their usual outrage over victim-blaming for rape kicked quietly into touch so that they can tiptoe quietly around the issue of race and culture.

And in this difficult space, in the pressure cooker of Europe, things are on a knife edge.

As borders are sealed, people are contained into ever-tighter spaces, news is suppressed and truths are locked down.

There is no air left for even the screams of assaulted German girls to be heard in their own country where the Merkel government has ruthlessly managed coverage of its catastrophic decision to let in a million migrants at a stroke.
This could be the day we say it all started: New Year’s Eve 2015.

Brussels cancelled their fireworks. Paris cancelled theirs, too. France deployed 60,000 troops nationwide and London cancelled all leave for armed personnel and deployed them on our streets.

And the police forces of Cologne lied about the violence in their city, said the night passed off peacefully and later blamed the women for their rape.

Europe turned on its own and the medieval instincts of a migrant culture won.

Perhaps we will look back in 2016 and acknowledge this was the moment when civil war in Europe became a real possibility.
I'd argue with the last; it's more like 'many realized at last'.

I'm tired, and achy, so

you handle the data tonight

It's just so annoying when your "TOO MANY GUNS ON THE STREET!!" line

takes such a setback:
In a press conference, Commissioner Ross said the gun used in the attack was a stolen police firearm.
And on top of that, the PC line took a beating when the suspect insists he did it for Allah.  And ISIS.

I don't care if it WAS an inert missile, this is still- no, this would aspire to insanity...
  • a Hellfire missile
  • shipped via commercial carrier to Europe
  • in early 2014
  • goes missing
  • and months later, in June, “Lockheed Martin officials realized the missile was missing”
  • but is likely in Cuba
  • while the Obama administration is finalizing its easement of relations with the Communist dictatorship
  • and the White House carried on with the negotiations.

On this crap from the President and ATF, and from a lawyer:
Taken at face value, the new ATF guidance is thus nothing more than a restatement of existing legal requirements. Put another way, it merely identifies those who are already subject to the relevant federal requirements and does not in any way expand the universe of those gun sellers who are required to obtain a license and perform background checks. In other words, it is — as the document says — a guidance, and not a substantive rule. It has no legal effect.

If the ATF guidelines are nothing more than a guidance — an indication of the sorts of things that might trigger a federal investigation or prosecution, but not a tightening of the relevant legal standard — why would the administration do this? There are several potential answers.
A consequence of choosing to issue a guidance document instead of a new regulation, however, is that the guidance document cannot have legal force. That’s what it means to be a guidance — and is one reason that such documents do not have to go through the rulemaking process. To be sure, sometimes agencies do one thing while saying they are doing another — issuing a new substantive regulation that changes the relevant legal requirements but calling it a guidance. Yet when agencies do this, they make themselves legally vulnerable. Courts reviewing agency actions are more concerned with the substance of what an agency does than what the agency calls it. So if one were to conclude that the new ATF guidance is really an expansion of existing regulatory requirements, it would be legally invalid under the Administrative Procedure Act because ATF did not go through the relevant rulemaking requirements.
So if they start trying to prosecute people on this, we may hear "Paging Mr. Gura."

So Obama attended a town hall, and got a few actual QUESTIONS.

He didn't seem to like it much.  And said the idea that he wants to confiscate guns is a 'conspiracy theory'.

Ok, Mr. President, let's go over this one more time:
When you've repeatedly said that you don't think people should be allowed to own guns, when you've backed all kinds of registration/licensing/confiscation schemes, when you've spoken very approvingly of the 'Australian and British models' which both involved CONFISCATION, when you've spoken approvingly of the model of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, for Vishnu's sake... for people to not trust you when you say "Oh, no, I don't want to take your guns!" is not part of a conspiracy theory: it's paying attention. Whether you like it or not.

And there was your old friend Snuffy Pfleger, the priest who's called for people who run gun shops to be killed, well, that crap doesn't help, either.

Let's see, you told a rape victim 'I'm not doing anything to make it harder for you to buy a gun.'
EXCEPT: she's in therapy. Under YOUR action, her therapist would have to report that, which would- under YOUR action- make it illegal for her to own a gun. You lying bastard.


Reason has a piece on just why people don't trust him on this.  It ends with
If the idea that "Obama's trying to take away your guns" is an "imaginary fiction," it's not because he does not want to take away your guns. It's because political and legal realities prevent him from doing so. But for anyone who cares about the right to armed self-defense, the understanding that Obama does not like guns and reads the Second Amendment so narrowly that it has no practical meaning colors everything he does or proposes in this area. When he talks about "universal background checks," for example, you have to wonder how that requirement could be enforced without a national gun registry, a prerequisite for the sort of mass confiscation that Obama has repeatedly praised. That's not paranoia; that's logic.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Ralf Jaeger, interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, said this:

 "What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chatrooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women," he said.
Mr.Jaeger, if you actually believe that, then you're so full of shit you should be listed as a hazmat site.

Further bullshit:
Today it emerged identical sex gangs are operating in neighbouring Austria, while more than 150 woman across five German cities have reported attacks.

And in Switzerland, six women reported identical crimes in Zurich on New Year's Eve, while Finnish police intercepted information suggesting similar attacks were planned.
And, again, the authorities have been trying to keep it hushed up.  Because acknowledging who and what might cause people to have non-PC thoughts.  And women continuing to be raped and assaulted is a small price to pay to prevent that.

Unless you're one of the women, of course.

Y'know, one of two things is going to happen: the EUnuch authorities will pull their head out of their ass and realize that either they start doing something about this, or - sooner or later, probably sooner- they'll be faced with a whole lot of people saying "Since you bastards won't protect us, we'll start doing it ourselves."
Of course, the EUnuchs will then declare THOSE people to be the real enemy, and it'll really go downhill from there.

Geez, Jorge Ramos is such a racist and bigot...

Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos lays out what he expects from politicians of Hispanic ethnic origin in his most recent opinion column for Fusion. Having cast aside all journalistic pretense, Ramos accuses those who do not toe the line on immigration of being traitors to their ethnic origins.

Let's see... the mayor of at least one city has admitted its town centre was now a 'no-go area for women, lots of horrible crap happening, but the REAL crime to be dealt with is 'hate speech'.  Right.

And this: Stefan K├Ârner, chairman of Germany’s liberal Pirate Party, argued that democracies “must be able to bear” a measure of xenophobia.  Does this idiot actually know what the definition of that word is?

Short version:
Obama wants to remove the stigma of mental illness, while stigmatizing mental illness.

They used thoroughly debunked statistics from Bloomberg to justify it.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Tab clearing

Human history just got a bit more complicated

If this information is correct, the clowns running that school should be sued for everything they have.  And will have.  This is freaking disgusting.

Most of the press made a point of not checking his background before the '08 election; you expect them to start holding him responsible for anything now?

Tar and feathers.  Possibly whips and clubs.
In a draft policy statement jointly issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Education, federal bureaucrats have — on their own initiative — subordinated parents to a secondary role in the rearing of their children. While the draft is neither finalized nor binding (yet), it serves as a clear shot across the bow of every freedom-loving parent who naively believes that his parenting principles, priorities and practices will be protected and respected by government.

Screw Panama and- especially- Mexico.  When there is another major attack here, there's a good chance they'll be partially responsible for it.  And if you think that's not intentional on their part...

Speaking of Mexico and our 'more secure than ever' border...

Of course she would; she'll forgive anything for someone socialist enough.

Wonder of this 'well-educated' idiot has ever heard of the Dredd Scott decision?

Add the weather change to waking up too early,

combine with the new exercises for the shoulder, and if I'd been in the rain I'd say I was rode hard and put away wet.

As is, I'm just beat.

Every prosecutor who took part, and every judge

who signed these warrants, should be disbarred, then prosecuted.

Every cop supervisor who signed off on these 'break in in the dark' raids should be fired.  From what I've read of the raids, there's a bunch of cops who should be fired as well.

Any politician connected to this should be removed from office and prosecuted.  This is a level of bullshit that should NEVER have occurred.

Speaking of asshole politicians, anyone else sick of these clowns thinking the law is something the peasants should have to follow, but 'We're SPECIAL!'?

Especially such corrupt, lying bastards as Reid.
Also at issue is the claim by Reid's team that his status as a longtime leader, and long career in Congress, gives him a special rights to the money.

This a pretty good piece on the rape problem with a lot of Islamic refugees/immigrants/

invaders.  But it has this sentence which rather pisses me off:
But if even the New York Times felt compelled to devote an article to what happened in Cologne even those who have deplored the anti-immigrant tone of many American politicians in recent years...
There's damn few people who're anti-immigrant; there are a lot who're anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant.  And idiots who keep insisting that the two are the same are part of the reason why the situation between left and right gets so nasty.

And while The Lightbringer is bringing on fake tears and banging on gun owners, the Norks have once again pissed on the treaty.

Which is a good indication of what to expect from Iran and the treaty-by-another-name Obama is so desperate for.

So yes, I DO have it in for communism.

Given the amount of poverty, death and desolation the philosophy dreamed up by the crazed scribbler has caused, I don’t see what other position is moral or sane.

I disapprove most heartily of a hundred million untimely deaths.  I disapprove of killing people and taking their stuff.

If you don’t, you should ask yourself why not, and precisely what is wrong with you.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Yes, they have. And this is one reason we don't trust the bastards

on much of anything.

Multi-cultural joys.  And it appears the German authorities are trying the Swede method of "Don't talk about it and maybe it'll get better."  Although, unlike the Swedes, they're not threatening people with jail for talking about it.

According to Cologne police, upwards of 60 women have filed complaints that they were attacked in or around the city’s central train station on New Year’s Eve by dozens of men of “North African or Arabic” appearance.
The possibility of a (failed) cover-up by authorities in the name of racial harmony recalls the infamous Rotherham sex abuse cover-up in the UK (which lasted years, it should be noted, not just one evening).

Yeah, claiming "I don't want to take your guns" while you also keep speaking approvingly of nations that had confiscations... those two things do not go well together.
If it’s not a “plot to take away everybody’s guns,” then why does Obama keep bringing up Australia as a model for gun control? It’s not an accident; Obama has mentioned Australia (and the UK, which had a confiscatory policy as well) on several occasions, including last October:

Followup to the first:
Read this.  And wonder if Germany has much time left.

About that mess in Oregon, one of the charges made against the ranchers

was 'they started a fire to cover up poaching'.  Problem:
(o) Federal attorneys, Frank Papagni, hunted down a witness who was not mentally capable to be credible.  Dusty Hammond (grandson and nephew) testified that Steven told him to start a fire. He was 13-years-old at the time, and 24-years-old when he testified (11 years later).
At 24 Dusty had been suffering with mental problems for many years. He had estranged his family including his mother. Judge Hogan noted that Dusty’s memories as a 13-year-old boy were not clear or credible.
However, Judge Hogan allowed the prosecution to continually use Dusty’s testimony. When speaking to the Hammonds about this testimony, they understood Dusty was manipulated and expressed nothing but love for their troubled grandson. (more)
I'd suggest going through the whole thing.  The idiots who took over the building, well, 'idiots' about covers it.  And the feds involved appear to be the kind of 'Do anything to get what the .gov wants' assholes we've come to know and loathe.

So, the whole mess wouldn't have happened without dirtbag feds stealing peoples' land for 'their' refuge, and the idiots who took over the building aren't helping.

Speaking of power-grabby feds, who the hell told the EPA that light pollution is 'in their portfolio'?  And how many ways of screwing people do you think they can come up with in this?

Monday, January 04, 2016

THIS is what the 'Constitutional Scholar' in the Oval Office came up with?

His strike at the evil NRA(and every member and gun owner in any way associated with it, but he won't admit that in public)?
So this is not to be part of any rule change, but merely a policy decision to prosecute “gun dealers, hobbyists and collectors,” under the “new guidance.” Rather than change the rule, they will use the current vague rule to send “hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.” Though, in this case, it’s not mere harassment, but an intent to imprison.
They know if they don’t put the dampers on the growing gun culture, their dream of destroying the Second Amendment will never be realized.
Brought to you by the same asshole who made sure Holder and ATF got away with Fast & Furious.  Because them smuggling guns to the cartels for political purposes is fine, but someone selling a gun because they need some cash is a CRIME!!

Mr. Williamson's opinion here.  It includes, from Bookface,
If Zer0 the Fuckup actually consulted with anyone before making these statements, they're incompetent and we shouldn't be paying their wages. If he didn't, he proves yet again that his law degree is worthless and he can't pretend to be a "constitutional scholar." I've met 5th graders with better grasp.

Montel Williams is a moron

And a bloodthirsty one at that.  At least when he wants someone else to do the killing for him.

As I recall, he also did everything he could to help Obama get elected, and then when The Lightbringer treated the troops exactly like you'd expect, Williams had fits and moaned "How can he do this?  This must be changed!"  Moron.

A contribution to the 'cultural appropriation' crap:

Corn starch and corn syrup are two of the most deleterious of food additives that wind up in everything. Who is to blame for both? Was the world a healthier place without this toxic New World gift of corn? Did anyone have a peanut allergy before Columbus? Did Jack Daniels incapacitate us before indigenous peoples brought us corn?

For that matter, did pre-Columbian and pre-Magellan British or French smoke, snort cocaine, gulp addictive coffee and teas, pour sugar on their food, or eat fatty potatoes before non-European tribes hooked them on these sometimes deadly food and recreational habits? Were not bathing suits modest before the contamination of bikinis?

Who gave us incense-driven allergies? Is there much evidence that syphilis was epidemic in Europe before Columbus? There certainly seems no evidence for it in Greek and Roman medical texts.

Can we hunt back promiscuous indigenous Patient Zero on the basis of fossilized DNA?

Female privilege in sexual assault.  Anyone doubt that a guy who did this would be UNDER the jail?

Speaking of privilege, some common troop, or clerk, or anyone else who treated classified data this way would've been in jail by now.  But the Empress, oh no...
The content of the Hillary Clinton e-mails released New Year’s Eve doesn’t matter nearly so much as what the State Department held back: It found 275 of the messages to contain classified info — in two cases, “Secret” information.

The total so far is 1,274 classified e-mails, debunking Clinton’s claims that she never sent or received such info on the account run from the private, unsecured server in her home.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

And under the heading of "Can't stop the signal, Mal",

This kick-ass free-to-use pattern (.pdf)for making your own screw-together AR-15 lower receiver from sheets of aluminum of varying thickness has been making the rounds again what with the recent passage of anti 3D-printed gun laws. The original website is sadly gone.

That news story about the takeover of the wildlife refuge headquarters?

Lot more information here.
I'd have to say the short version is "Abusive, power-hungry, truth-disabled bureaucrats, prosecutors and judges do what they do.  Which resulted in this."

If the Justice Department was worth of the name there would've been various FWS, Park Service, US attorneys and a judge fired and prosecuted over this crap.

Yeah, that would be an indication you're Doing It Wrong

The last straw was when I made a desperate, ditch effort to convert my brown female girlfriend to feminism with me. It failed; she said feminists in her country were crazy. We argued a bit. Finally it felt like a curtain was being pulled back and I realized the ridiculousness of it all. I was a stupid white knight arguing with a brown girl that she should be more feminist. I deconverted on the spot.

Yes, let this part of Chief Feminist Hillary's past not be forgotten:
Charging Bill Cosby is a big victory for sexual abuse survivors. It helps undermine the “crazy bitches” narrative.
Interesting, because as far as I know, this is the same Amanda Marcotte who just last year jusitifed then lawyer Hillary Clinton’s willingness to play the “crazy bitch” card on a 12 year old female rape victim in order to get her 41 year old client, who was facing 30 years to life, off the hook. Mind you, Marcotte neglected to mention that Clinton was not a public defender assigned to the case, but rather she chose to defend the rapist as a favor. Marcotte even went so far as to complain about the Washington Posts’s Melinda Hennenberger’s temerity to question Clinton’s ethical decision to smear the victim. Marcotte dismissed it as little more than Hennenberger “making hay over irrelevant details”.

Few days ago heard part of some interview with The Lightbringer, and he was griping that people are so worried about terrorism because 'the news is full of these hooded people who might be coming to get'cha'.  The tone was, disgusting: bunch of people dead in California in the latest here, lots of crap in Europe, people sneaking through the southern border he refuses to enforce, and he said this like an adult making fun of a kid being scared of something.  This man is a jackass.