Saturday, July 29, 2023

7th eve and yes,

got it done

"Your school teaches things we don't approve of? No money for you!" says Biden.

The Biden administration is blocking key federal funding earmarked under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 for schools with hunting and archery programs.

According to federal guidance circulated among hunting education groups and shared with Fox News Digital, the Department of Education determined that, under the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) passed last year, school hunting and archery classes are precluded from receiving federal funding. The interpretation could impact millions of American children enrolled in such programs.

Because Safety!  The "We don't approve of children being taught such things and want to destroy them" isn't spoken honestly.

Friday, July 28, 2023

There's not a front coming through, but my knees hurt anyway,

so I need to get some rest.  Enjoy the 6th evening data.

The Dark & Fascist State of New Jersey:

"Yes, it's a right, but we'll make it as difficult and expensive as possible to exercise it.  For your own good, of course."

Bureaucrats and politicians who need a severe meeting with a whipping post.

Not only are a lot of Professional Journalists lying bastards,

it really doesn't help that they're actively on the other side.  'Other' meaning 'whoever is against the US.'

It looks like at least one of Biden's lawyers needs to lose her license,

and if others were in on this, them too.  If there's not some kind of serious sanction on this crap, I'd really like to know why.

If you don't want to look at the Twitter link, short version: lawyer from Biden's group called the Court, pretended to be with a GOP lawyers group, and asked them to remove testimony from the court records.  Which is supposed to be a SERIOUS bad thing to do.  When called on it, the Biden clown accused the GOP lawyers of 'improper actions' by having that testimony in the record, etc.

These people are disgusting.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

I flatly despise most of our 'news' media

They lie to us by omission or openly.  They push the .gov line that comes from leftists and Democrats, and either crap on or don't give us the other side.

Look at Biden.  The mental problems, the corruption, the lies, the control-freak 'save us from climate change' crap.  Something gets out about what they're up to, people get mad, and they tell us it's 'a right-wing conspiracy theory' for a while; then, when the clowns confirm it's real, it's 'for our own good, they're saving us!'
At the same time, anybody with a 'R' after their name points these things out, or- even worse- has a hearing pulling Unapproved Information out, and they'd better feel like Caesar just before the Ides of March except be smart enough to wear armor.  And Trump might as well be running around with a national socialist swastika on his arm(if he had a hammer and sickle, the bastards would love him), and it's endless.

Some of them make some of the most racist, bigoted statements you can imagine, and if you object you become the racist and bigot.

And then they cry that we don't believe and trust them.  

Their whole career, if they actually report, depends on the protections of the 1st Amendment, yet they crap on it because people get to hear the other side, other information, other people speaking.

Most of them are bastards not to be trusted about ANYTHING.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

I hate having my eyes dilated

Takes hours for the effect to wear off, and makes it hard to do much of anything

Suddenly the IRS decides "We'll start being nicer about this." Right.

The questions are "Do they actually mean it?", and "Is this because it's right, or because it makes their employees feel better?"

Or, of course, bad publicity is causing them problems and they want that to stop.

Should've happened a long time ago simply because it's a bad way to act.

I'd say he's right

All these crazy ideas and more are the product of our allegedly educated and intelligent overclass, the experts, policymakers and media types who in theory represent the thinking part, the brains, of our society.

But there’s something wrong with these people — the “brains” of our society are basically crazy.

Crazy is when you believe and do things that obviously don’t make sense or fit with the facts.

It also covers journalists who decide not to report on everything, or even-handedly, because 'people won't think the correct way if I do that'.

Here's a hint to some people: If you think 'doesn't think exactly as I do' means people need to be shut up, they are not the problem.

Monday, July 24, 2023

A late addition to a range report

A while back I wrote about some ammo, one was Ammo Incorporated .300 Blackout, 150-grain ball.  Well, I did shoot it at 100, and somehow I've lost the pictures of the groups and my notes.  Best I can tell you is that those very tight 30-yard groups spread out to about 4" at 100 in the same rifle.  Nice round holes so hadn't gone unstable or anything drastic.

Same test I tried a couple of .22 loads, CCI Suppressor, a 45-grain subsonic and some Federal American Eagle subsonic .45-grain.  Yes, I lost those pictures and notes, too.  I had a wonderful day on electronics.  I won't say what I remember about them because I made a mistake:
I'd tested these at 30 using a bolt-action rifle that got quite good accuracy with both, but I decided, because it has a scope, to use a different rifle at longer ranges.  I'd forgotten that that rifle tends to be pretty picky about what it shoots well, so the not-stellar groups I cannot say came from the ammo.  If I can get more of each I'll shoot them again with the same rifle.  Same with the Ammo Incorporated in case my results that day were due to me.

"Trust the experts! Obey! Even when they turn out to be political hacks

who lied to you!"  Etc.  Followed later by "We'll try to change history, because we don't  have the ethics or balls to admit error."
There is now a near consensus that at the very least a lab leak is quite plausible, which has raised the question: why hasn’t Nature Medicine, the journal that published this paper that spawned a million censorships, looked into retracting the paper given its clear contradiction with both reality and with the now apparent opinions of the authors as they wrote the paper?

If the authors lied in the paper, shouldn’t it be retracted?

No. Because Nature Medicine is now rewriting history. The editor now claims that the paper wasn’t research at all, but an expression of an opinion. Just a “point of view.” It wasn’t definitive research, but an Op/Ed or something.

If they'll do it to senators,

why would anyone doubt they'd do it to anyone else?
That agency needs either cleaning out, top to bottom, or dismantling.  Nothing else will do.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Two years ago Dad died

Still catch myself at times thinking "Dad'll be interested in this", and such.

About that trans crap done to kids,

“There are specific individuals who are actively against women’s rights here and it is not known why they are, but I happen to know through the back channels that it is because they’ve transed their child.

“So those people will do anything for the entire rest of their lives to destroy me and people like me because people like me are standing in reproach to them. I don’t want to be, I’m not talking directly to them, and I don’t spend my time bitching to them.

“But the fact is that just simply by saying we will never accept natural males in women’s spaces, well it is their son that we’re talking about. And they’ve told their son that he can get himself sterilized and destroy his own basic sexual function and women will accept him as a woman. And if we don’t, there’s no way back for them and that child.

Imagine being one of those people, and realizing and accepting just what you did to your child, and why...

I've never understood why tobacco is horrible, awful, and so forth but

smoking marijuana is no big deal.  Both contain chemicals that mess with your brain(and more), but somehow grass is magically no problem.