Saturday, June 01, 2019

Two dry days in a row!

This calls for a celebration

A show about the Chernobyl disaster, and somehow it's about the horrors of Trump...

As Miguel notes
I don’t know what to make of this.  I have three choices:
  1. He’s a huge fan of Stephen King and doesn’t want to tell him “no, you’re a fucking idiot.”
  2. He has to imply horrible shit about Trump to stay on good graces with Hollwood and HBO.
  3. He actually believes this and he too has TDS that has destroyed his ability to think about things rationally
The answer is Number 3.  This guy has been made fucking retarded by TDS.

Blue lava due to the sulphur content

That's something.

This is a seriously big and good decision

out of PA.  One part:
The Court then went on to delcare
Although the carrying of a concealed firearm is unlawful for a person statutorily prohibited from firearm ownership or for a person not licensed to do so, see 18 Pa.C.S. §§ 6105-06, there is no way to ascertain an individual’s licensing status, or status as a prohibited person, merely by his outward appearance. As a matter of law and common sense, a police officer observing an unknown individual can no more identify whether that individual has a license in his wallet than discern whether he is a criminal. Unless a police officer has prior knowledge that a specific individual is not permitted to carry a concealed firearm, and absent articulable facts supporting reasonable suspicion that a firearm is being used or intended to be used in a criminal manner, there simply is no justification for the conclusion that the mere possession of a firearm, where it lawfully may be carried, is alone suggestive of criminal activity. (emphasis added)
There's a lot more, and it'll have all the right people screaming their heads off.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday has arrived, dry for a change

So when you finish the outside stuff, some study material is available

Among the reasons why yelling "POLICE!" and having a jacket

doesn't mean you should be believed.  And why some cops have been legitimately shot by people thinking they're being attacked.

There have been a LOT of incidents like this, including home invaders kicking in a door while yelling 'POLICE!' until they have the people inside under control.  Which is why it's an even worse idea than in the past to do kick-in-the-door raids unless they're actually needed.

The Evil Party can't even condemn her(and others) hatred of Jews,

you think they're going to do anything about this?  That would require some integrity and balls.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

One more dickhead with a badge who thinks "The law is what I say it is."

Our citizen advocates have alerted us that Chief Kunz is arbitrarily requiring firearm applicants to submit their fingerprints for a handgun permit if it has been more than two years since they last provided them. Chief Kunz is brazenly not following New Jersey state law, administration code and guidelines and undermining the Second Amendment freedoms of the people he exists to serve and protect. And we are going to hold him accountable.
It would be nice.  This being the Dark & Fascist State of NJ, I'm not going to hold my breath.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

While the rest of the group dispersed, the father

"threw rocks and the animal left the scene."
Good on him for acting; I think something much higher velocity would've been more effective, though.

Of course, this is Californicated, and it's probably damn-near impossible to have a sidearm while hiking.

Or at least carry some condiments;

we're not animals, y'know

Between the truck work yesterday

and the front that came in, my hands ache.  And hurt.  This 'old' crap just sucks.

It's nice when they show us who the actual racists are

“Under Carranza’s leadership, DOE has swiftly and irrevocably silenced, sidelined and punished plaintiffs and other Caucasian female DOE employees on the basis of their race, gender and unwillingness to accept their other colleagues’ hateful stereotypes about them,” wrote the group’s lawyer, Davida S. Perry, in the filing.

Take a look at this crap.  'Equality' under Comrade Mayor and his leftist minions.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Today involved, among other things, new shocks

on the truck.  Friend has a lift, which made it a lot easier, but getting the fronts off was still a PITA.

Few years back I picked up a pass-through socket set similar to this; it made parts of it easier.  I think I've only used that set a half-dozen times, but for some things it's wonderful

New shocks on the truck,

made much easier by a friend having a lift; my knees and back really appreciate not having to crawl around to do it.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Fast & Furious documents to be made available;

about damned time.

And a bunch of these media weenies are still either ignorant(and it would have to be deliberate) of what happened, or still trying to cover for the BATFEIEIO and Holder/Obama:

In an effort to build bigger cases against major gun traffickers who were selling arms to Mexican cartels, U.S. law enforcement officials elected not to prosecute lower-level offenders transporting more than 2,000 illegal guns.

The operation and its flaws became public after two of those firearms were found in Arizona at the scene of a fatal shooting of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
So much bullshit in only two lines.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Proper headline would be "The Peasants Revolted!

And They Won!"
And, as you'd expect, the leftists are losing their minds.

Which leads me to my second point: this kind of shit is why the Conservatives and Labour both lost their ass:
But it will also increase pressure on Labour's Corbyn to come out explicitly for a second referendum on EU membership.
"We must keep having elections until we win!"  Yeah, that's going to go over well.