Saturday, October 28, 2023

It's chilly on the way to cold out there, and wet,

and on the seventh eve you know what that means

I want someone to explain to me how much better this is than mean tweets and pushy attitude

from the Bad Orange Man.  I give you the Adults In The Room(as we're told):
The White House has been quietly urging lawmakers in both parties to sell the war efforts abroad as a potential economic boom at home.

Aides have been distributing talking points to Democrats and Republicans who have been supportive of continued efforts to fund Ukraine’s resistance to make the case that doing so is good for American jobs, according to five White House aides and lawmakers familiar with the effort and granted anonymity to speak freely.

And the bastards are also still trying to deflect blame for energy costs and our ruinous inflation:
But White House aides have also argued that the war was hitting Americans in their wallets. They blamed the conflict for surging costs, particularly gas prices — though its “Putin’s price hike” moniker didn’t catch on — and warned that economic woes would grow if Ukraine fell.

So: they still insist 'there's no real evidence Iran is involved', even as Iranian proxies attack US troops and Israel, they seem to be trying to push us into direct involvement, but "Hey, it'll be good for jobs!"

A stretch of opinion deleted due to rise in blood pressure.

Also: when I posted about this on Fecesbook, when I tried to post the link there was an immediate "You can't do this because something about it violates our community standards.  You can tell us if you think that's not right."  With, as usual, no way to tell them they're full of shit.  Happily it accepted the Politico link (in the original story).

I agree, buy that man a wheelbarrow for his testicles.

I'll copy the whole thing for those who have problems with Twitter:
Police Officer Igor Pivniv lives in Moshav Yated just 4 km from Gaza. On the morning of October 7 he went to work as usual. Some time later, his wife messaged him that their community's electricity was cut, that gunfire were heard, and that she and their three girls were frightened.

Igor grabbed a utility vest, a helmet, a rifle and bullets, and drove straight home to save his family. The drive was not straightforward. Many roads in the South were blocked.

Over the radio, Igor heard the terrifying news that multiple communities had fallen and were under the terrorists' control.

On the way, he spotted an ambush set up by the Hamas terrorists. He approached stealthily and managed to neutralise the threat, killing them all.

He came across another car driven by terrorists, who were shooting at civilians trying to escape the area, and killed them. He then waited patiently for some time, saw four more terrorists approach the car and opened fire and killed them too.

Igor found grenades, ammunition and weapons in the car, and took them.

Continuing on his way, Igor saw more terrorists on a motorbike atop a hill. Again, he approached stealthily through bushes, wiped them out and took their weapons and ammunition. Pausing for a moment, he messaged his wife that he was OK.

When he reached his village, Igor realised that he was alone. There, he managed to prevent two further attacks. He reached his home safely and realised that he had to defend his community.

All the while, Igor tried repeatedly to contact the police and the military, but their hands were tied in other places. Together with a band of spontaneous volunteers, Igor managed to defend their village until the evening, when the army arrived.

Thanks to Igor's tenacity and bravery, not a single person in his village was killed that dark day.

And now, a little clearing while the bacon cooks

                                                          When the dog's been practicing

In which a Saudi explains why the Palestinians are garbage,

and if Netanyahu was worth a damn he'd just wipe them all out.

Friday, October 27, 2023

The meds do help, but a weather shift like this

still screws with the hands.  So, in lieu of any more typing, the 7th6th evening enjoyment is here