Saturday, May 04, 2024

No political crap tonight, getting some of the aforementioned setup done,

and wondering how much it'll rain tonight.  Therefore, the data for this eve is below for your enjoyment.

I have had the fun, the last couple of days, of a new phone

Finding one, getting it and a new plan, and then trying to remember what phone numbers I can, and trying to find the rest.  That's going to take a while.

Come Monday, lots of places to call and say "Here is my new number."  Which will also be fun.

And no, I couldn't recover any files, when the old one broke, it BROKE.

Oh, and there's the different ways to do things on the new one.  Blah.

Friday, May 03, 2024

It's been some long days and short nights, and now

I nearly forgot the evening fare.  Let's get to them

The AG admits the real problem is gang violence;

wonder if much of the news will report this?
Or if any will?

Well, it's the leftist way

A Jewish woman was beaten to unconsciousness by pro-Hamas occupiers at UCLA while campus security refused to intervene. A group of Jewish students responded by returning to exact revenge and then, only then, did Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) finally find a voice to condemn “detestable violence on campus”. How convenient. How transparent.
Isn't it, though?

Thursday, May 02, 2024

"Those people aren't supposed to resist what we do, this is life-threatening!

And it's our lives, which are the ones that count!"
When the college and city won't do anything about them but surrender'negotiate', it's bound to happen.  And it'll happen again, and at some point a lot worse if said idiots in charge don't pull their heads out and deal with their terrorist supporters.

Which brings up this idiocy
Nice for them to admit their real motivations, isn't it?

And it seems some of the university clowns involved have a history of allowing this kind of crap.
In 2021, with Shafik at the helm of the London School of Economics, the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom Tzipi Hotovely was swarmed by a mob of protesters after she was invited to speak at the prestigious university’s Debating Society.

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

"These counter protesters showed up, and suddenly the violence

had to be stopped!"
Of course it did.  After all,  now the communists were being challenged.

When the .gov decides "The peasants are being so troublesome,

let's get a new bunch of peasants."  And the cops involved are fine with "We have orders, so all is acceptable!"
Looks like the Irish cops decided to copy the RCMP, if this information is accurate.

As a lot of universities continue down into the drain, Updated

I wonder how many people are letting the places know "You let this crap continue?  Not one more dollar from me and mine!"?  Not to mention "If my kid gets hurt because you let this crap get this bad, I'm going to sue your ass off!"

As to which, I wonder if they could make it a class-action suit?
Anti-Israel students at California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt have taken over a campus building in addition to occupying a portion of campus, forcing administrators to close campus for the rest of the semester.

Posts on social media show that the protesters have vandalized a building on campus with anti-Israel messaging. The university estimates damage to property is in the millions.

Over at Columbia, apparently the campus brass decided they'd looked stupid long enough and asked NYPD to clear some of the mess. Which was done.

Well, it's the clowns running these colleges and hiring marxists and other idiots to teach kids to be this way, so hopefully the blowback from this open "Kill the Jews!" from staff and students will wash the bastards out.  Probably not, but if there's enough money loss, maybe(that's about all these people will really get upset about).

Speaking of what has been taught,
This must be why Ivy League students, supposedly our “best and brightest,” fail to grasp how the First Amendment actually works. For them, “free speech” means being allowed to occupy/disrupt/scream at whoever, wherever, and whenever. What’s more hilarious, however, is when activists’ tough façades fade away faster than Joe Biden’s train of thought when challenged.

In the near future perhaps their excuses can include screaming “I’M A PROFESSOR!!” when they’re about to be arrested for trespassing, interfering with an arrest, etc.:

There's also that if their feelings are hurt, or they think they can use it as a weapon, they'll scream "TRIGGERED!" and "MICROAGGRESSIONS!", yet they should be free to insult, slander, threaten lives, and physically attack people and that should be allowed.  And some universities and governments agree with them.

Screw 'em, one and all.  

As to some campus "We have to shut this down", let's not forget the possibility of Biden, or someone in the cabinet, calling presidents and deans and saying "This is really hurting the Party, you have to shut some of this off!"

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Speaking of fools,

But wait!  There's MORE!
Please go to the X post and watch the video, too

She can decide that for herself. I think she's a fool,

and hopefully she doesn't someday find herself regret 'There is never a good reason to shoot someone.'

If his #3 was involved in all this, the chance of his knowing nothing

is just about zero.  People probably are going to jail for this, and the lawsuits and retrials are going to cost the taxpayers a fortune.  
Unlike many alleged felons in Los Angeles County, the Diana Teran scandal has the potential to topple the county's power structure, or to put a severe dent in it.

That potential exists because of the sheer volume of personnel and criminal cases Teran was involved with that might now be challenged in court, and because her actions at issue in the criminal case allegedly involve coordination with high-ranking county officials, such as Inspector General Max Huntsman, District Attorney George Gascón, and current and former members of the county Board of Supervisors.

People are going to demand their case be retried, fired officers are going to demand to be cleared and receive damages, and a bunch of corrupt politicians are going to be willing to do just about anything to stay out of jail.

Well, the voters elected the bastard and his minions, so.  

Monday, April 29, 2024

Attention Republican Party:

Considering the only thing you clowns have presided over the last while is surrenders, the chances of me sending you money are somewhere below zero.

Especially since the only ones who actually seem to try to stand, your own selves screw over.  Because "You're not behaving as We wish."  So screw yourselves.  Without lube, using an old shovel handle.

Sincerely, etc.

I've been watching a bunch of normally sensible people losing their damn minds

over Kristi Noem's story about killing the dog.  You'd think she'd dragged a puppy out of a pet shop and whacked it.

Part of my growing up was in farm and ranch country, and it was simple: a dog that started attacking livestock was put down.  Period.  A hunting dog that wouldn't/couldn't hunt might well become just a pet or be given to a new home where that's what he'd be, but if it started killing chickens or some other livestock...

I have no idea if she wants to be Veep or not, and bringing this up might well be because, if she were picked, you know the story would come out so she took care of that now.  

Reminds me of Rush Limbaugh once having fits because of a program to cull feral cats somewhere, because he couldn't seem to get it through his head that a feral cat is not like his pet.

Some chickens are coming home to roost,

but they don't have big enough claws and beaks for proper action.
AstraZeneca has admitted for the first time in court documents that its Covid vaccine can cause a rare side effect, in an apparent about-turn that could pave the way for a multi-million pound legal payout.
Lots of legal weaselwording, but they do say yes.  

Well, well, isn't this interesting?

"So an entire pallet full of boxes that had been held by GSA somewhere outside of DC is dumped at Mar-a-Lago," Kelly notes. "Apparently these are the boxes that ended up containing papers with 'classified markings.'"

"I will double check indictment but I don't recall this event in the timeline," she added.

Whole post here

Sunday, April 28, 2024

It has come to my attention

that I need a lot more trigger time, especially with rifles.  And with current ammo prices, there will be more dry-fire time.

Which also means some upper-body exercises that won't aggravate the arthritis problems.  This will be fun.

Which brings me to a piece of equipment some of you might find handy, courtesy the Bayou Renaissance Man, they Breakaway Tackle Coaster
which works quite well as a throw lever for variable-power scopes.  After reading his piece, next time I needed something from Amazon(I think Tam calls it BezosMart) I ordered a set.  I've got one on a scope now, and it works well.

I'm also going to steal from another post of his about a scope, a comment with a way of leveling a scope:
Level the weapon on a convenient work surface with the scope rings loose enough so the scope can be rotated by hand. Hang a plumb line directly behind the rifle by a few feet. Use something beyond the plumb line as a screen--wall, box, whatever. Shine a strong flashlight (100 lumens or so) backwards through the scope. The cross hairs will be projected onto the screen along with the shadow of the plumb line. Align the vertical cross hair with the plumb line shadow.
I'm going to have to give this a try next time I have one to mount.

Borrowing from Insty, nothing says "We have nothing to hide!" like

"Whistleblowers will be punished!"
The dean of the medical school, Steven Dubinett, announced Friday that his office had formed a task force to review all first-year courses, including "Structural Racism and Health Equity," after the Washington Free Beacon published materials from the mandatory class. But the school isn’t happy about having its hand forced.

In an email to students and faculty, Dubinett implied that the leaks were an "attempt to intimidate" the medical school and hinted that future leakers could face discipline—especially if they record lectures.

"What's done in classes, especially equity classes, STAYS there, you idiots!"  Yeah, that's confidence inspiring.

Well, when you have idiots leading a required class that includes ...a guest lecturer, Lisa Gray Garcia, led the required course in chants of "Free, Free Palestine" as well as a prayer to "Mamma Earth," part of which was caught on tape and thrust the course into the national spotlight.
you should expect people to have a problem with it.  Especially in a freaking medical school.