Monday, October 12, 2009

Last few days I'd been thinking someone snuck Al Gore

into the state; and I wanted him run off, as I don't like it turning this chilly and wet. Instead, he was having his ass kissed by the Society of Environmental Journalist. Who were making damn sure he wouldn't have to actually answer questions from someone who didn't kiss his ass:
...Gore was presented with an opportunity to address his critics and defend his views. Unfortunately, as this video of the encounter shows, not only did Gore do what politicians usually do - evade the question - but his SEJ buddies made sure there would be no followup questions by turning off the microphone and forcing the questioner to leave.
Must be nice, being a hypocrite politician who has lots of worshippers to keep him from facing real questions and doubts.

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Anonymous said...

The other day we had to turn on the furnace. That morning it was 64 degrees in the house.