Saturday, May 01, 2021

That sixth evening again,

etc.  Too tired and hurting for snappy anything.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Now that I've whined about things enough,

I did manage to collect some data for review

Still very light bloggage; the family situation

had a bad downward turn for a couple of days, but is going back up.  The back, however, is very literally a pain and it'll be a week before I can start the treatment that's supposed to help.

I really need a few days somewhere warm and sunny with nothing to do but sit, lay, and relax.

Second thing: Found the racists and bigots

And, unsurprisingly, they're on the left.

They just can't stand a successful black anybody who isn't a leftist.

Two things this morning. First, what crap are your kids/grandkids being taught in the indoctrination centers

posing as schools?
Natalie Fallert, EdD, 6-12 Literacy Speech Coordinator, wrote to all middle and high school principals that parents had repeatedly complained that “we are pushing an agenda,” “we are pushing Critical Race Theory (I had to look this one up!),” “we are making white kids feel bad about their privilege,” we are “stereotyping,” “we are teaching kids to be social activists,” and “we are teaching kids to be democratic thinkers and activists.”

The problem was that, for the first time, parents could see what teachers were telling their children thanks to virtual learning, where assignments were visible for at-home learners in a tool called Canvas.

Fallert’s solution:
This doesn’t mean throw out the lesson and find a new one. Just pull the resource off Canvas so parents cannot see it …

Keep teaching! Just don’t make everything visible on Canvas. This is not being deceitful. This is just doing what you have done for years. Prior to the pandemic you didn’t send everything home or have it available. You taught in your classroom and things were peachy keen. We are going old-school. …

"Just like in the past, don't let the parents know what we're doing."