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Irish, I have some new data points on that subject

you noted the other day

Presented without comment

Why the BLEEP isn't this big national news?*

It was just the beginning of what detectives said was a campaign by a Latino street gang to force an African American family to leave.

The attacks on the family are the latest in a series of violent incidents in which Latino gangs targeted blacks in parts of greater Los Angeles over the last decade.

Federal authorities have alleged in several indictments in the last decade that the Mexican Mafia prison gang has ordered street gangs under its control to attack African Americans. Leaders of the Azusa 13 gang were sentenced to lengthy prison terms earlier this month for leading a policy of attacking African American residents and expelling them from the town.
How much anyone want to bet that La Raza is involved in some way?

Oh, and let's not forget the efforts of the oh-so-progressive city council in this, and their result:
Because Los Angeles is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, even violent gang members such as Espinoza are all too often placed back into the communities they terrorize, rather than turning them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation.
HAHAHAHAHAH- ahem, excuse me; like Holder and Obama's ICE is actually going to do anything?

The Shaw family continues to fight for the passage of "Jamiel's Law" which would force Los Angeles law enforcement to crack down upon and target illegal alien gang members, much the same way the Shaw family and many others believe that those same illegal aliens are now targeting the black residents of L.A.
The city council would probably rather see black bodies piling up than drop their 'sanctuary city' Mantle of Progressive Tolerance and Holiness; there are priorities, you know.

From another article:
Compton, with a population of about 97,000, was predominantly black for many years. It is now 65% Latino and 33% black, according to the 2010 U.S. census. But it's not only historically black areas that have been targeted.

Federal authorities have alleged in several indictments in the last decade that the Mexican Mafia prison gang has ordered street gangs under its control to attack African Americans. Leaders of the Azusa 13 gang were sentenced to lengthy prison terms earlier this month for leading a policy of attacking African American residents and expelling them from the town.

Similar attacks have taken place in Harbor Gateway, Highland Park, Pacoima, San Bernardino, Canoga Park and Wilmington, among other places. In the Compton case, sheriff's officials say the gang appears to have been acting on its own initiative.

*Yes, I know, it's one minority attacking another; so most of the media clowns don't want to touch it.  Chickenshits.  Must be driving some of them nuts to have a story light this right in front of them, but they're too cowardly/racist/progressive to write them.  Especially since they probably can't figure out a way to make it the fault of whites in Californicated.  And Bush(must not forget him).

More Obama job losses, these firearms-related

Specifically, because they hate the idea of those Garands and Carbines coming home.
Century International Arms had a $30 million contract in place to import World War II era M1 Garand Rifles from the South Korean government. The U.S. State Department had given preliminary approval to the deal, and the State, Justice and Defense departments had cleared the transaction.

But an executive action announced last year by President Obama ultimately blocked the plan, according to the gun seller, despite pleas from Sen. Patrick Leahy and Gov. Peter Shumlin, both Democrats.
So people are getting laid off.  Bet Obama & Holder are proud of it.

JPFO has an opinion on Holder starting up a 'domestic terrorism task force'. 
They're not impressed or favorable.  Gee, I wonder why...

A while back Lucky Gunner did a test of brass-case vs. steel-case ammo in the AR.  10,000 rounds of each, with inspections to see just how things wore.  Short version:
Steel-cased and bi-metal jacketed bullets wore things a lot faster.
If you shoot a LOT, it may still be worth it because of the ammo savings vs. cost of a new barrel.
Chris at Anarchangel had a piece I read once on this subject; if I can find it, I'll link it.

E-postal match is up at Brigid's place.

Now I need to start cleaning the house.l  Between having had the bedroom all over the place and general put-it-off, it needs it.

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Yes, the time for research is upon us

and I think this is a fine spread(if you'll pardon the phrase) of information for study

Well, Mr. Politician, how does it feel

to be treated like one of the commoners?
According to Shurtleff the police entered his home and his 17-year-old daughter was in the bathroom and was forced to exit the room at gun point. The investigating agency’s spokesperson Dwayne Baird said, “From what I understand, it was calm and peaceful at both places. There wasn’t any contention in the home.” That comment was not well received by Shurtleff who claims that, “either Dwayne was misinformed or lied to. There is nothing that justifies what happened in my home.”
Speaking on the behavior of the invading agents Shurtleff said,” These John Wayne wannabes, freakin’ Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry tactics were unneeded and unnecessary.” Shurtleff, do you think that these tactics are new? These happened thousands of time while you were in power yet you stood idly by allowing people’s rights to be violated. Now it’s your turn to get to feel the wrath of an unchecked law enforcement arm of the government.

A specops guy noticed some problems with the exchange; can you say 'ordered to bend over'?

Mr. Ciampa, I salute you; any idea how many people would LOVE the chance to say "No" to that man?

Considering his opinion of the troops and our history, would you want to meet the bastard?
Obama was caught on camera chewing gum while clapping during the welcome for Her Majesty the Queen. He kept chewing throughout the ceremonies, also managing to anger France.

Well, here's a thought Your Honor: throw some people in cells and keep them there; that might get their attention.

"You must not leave the nursing home, sir.  I don't care if it is the anniversary."
"Bugger that, you sod."

So it ate a ten-foot shark, immediately dived to 2000 feet, then crapped out the tag eight days later...
I do not think I want to meet it, except from a large boat or submarine.

June 6, 1944 (link fixed)

Guy who jumped in the dark that day did it again, this time in daylight and nobody shooting at him.
Watch the video and pay attention to what he says starting about 1:20.  Compared to this crap.  I have to borrow her words:
I realize that one needs to be an iron tower of ego to even apply for the job in the first place, but damn! Talk about wanting needing to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral. Sometimes you just have to stare in slack-jawed amazement as you realize "This guy has absolutely no clue how full of himself he sounds to normal people."

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Yes, Ma'am Boxer is still a hypocritical dirtbag control freak

who wants to take your guns.

Well, crap.  That was an awfully easy way to open a padlock.

I guess the Gaystapo are too busy suing bakers and photographers to do anything about muslim cabbies refusing to drive cabs with Gay Games advertising.

Or too chickenshit.

I updated the thumb safety fitting post

here, but decided to also add the update in as a new post.

The thumb safety on a 1911, when pushed up to the 'on' position, rotates a piece into place against the legs on the bottom of the sear, locking the sear nose into the full-cock notches(also called hammer hooks) on the hammer.  A very positive safety.

Considering the number of people making parts for 1911-style pistols, it's common to have to do a bit of fitting on one of these.  Rather than duplicate a couple of very good pieces I'll refer you to the M1911 Forum site: a very nice piece using a cutaway to show exactly how the thumb and grip safeties work, and fitting the thumb safety here.

I used a stone instead of a file(takes a lot longer to mess something up that way, so more chance to spot it if you're messing up) so it took me longer than it should; in any case, works perfectly.

Get rid of immunity for prosecutors; make them PERSONALLY liable

for damages when they do crap like this.  And if it can be proven they KNEW they were withholding evidence from the defense, PROSECUTE THE BASTARDS like you would any other criminal.

Yeah, the "Who needs to buy more than one gun per month?" crap is just the start.

Why the 'rape culture' bullshit is seen as bullshit, a fine example:
...After being counseled by Occidental employees, Doe’s accuser filed sexual assault complaints with Occidental as well as the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on September 16. Notable among those employees was Professor Danielle Dirks, who, according to the accuser, said that Doe “fit the profile of other rapists on campus in that he had a high GPA in high school, was his class valedictorian, was on [a sports] team, and was ‘from a good family.’”
Gee, I wonder how many students fit that 'profile'?  And if they realize they've got a great big bullseye on their back?

Yes, the laundry did get done, thanks for asking.  I shall now start moving more stuff back upstairs, which will take a while because I'll wind up sorting books as this moves along.

After a night of decent sleep,

I now have a pile of laundry to take care of, not to mention starting to move books and other things back upstairs.

We will return to my regular noise later.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The floor is done as it's going to be,

and friends came over and helped move the bed and other big stuff back up.

The living room is going to have to wait till fall, too hot and humid right now* to start that one.

No, haven't forgotten the 'to be added' part on the safety-fitting post, just haven't gotten to it.  

*Yes, I'm a wuss anymore, deal with it

Tab clearing, 'cause there's so much out there

Cops, MRAPs and operator syndrome

No, the village defense groups are NOT doing what the Mexican government wants.

Why don't we trust the .gov?  Because they're still lying about Obamacare, and the NSA is destroying evidence and the DoJ is trying to protect them from penalty, for two.

Oh, on that globular warmering thing and the poor polar bears?  They were lying about the bears, too.

Duke University is likely to lose its ass over this.  And it should.

Why didn't Obama & Co. expect the backlash over the terrorist trade?  Oh, because
They're idiots
They have no understanding of the military and those who support it
They have nothing but contempt for those they want to rule("Give them a show, tell them we saved one of their stupid soldiers and they'll cheer us!")
There's three, Mr. Peters.

Speaking of,
Vets are losing limbs and lives because the VA is so corrupt, but that bastard Hagel has no problem signing-off on spending a fortune to get Manning a sex-change operation...

Personally, I think this comes under 'giving aid and comfort to the enemy'
Is there a possibility of some of them trying to return to activities that are detrimental to us? Absolutely,” Obama told a news conference in Warsaw.

“That’s been true of all the prisoners that were released from Guantanamo. There’s a certain recidivism rate that takes place.”

A top Middle Eastern official said officials in Qatar would do little to hinder the terrorists.

The unidentified official told Reuters that the Taliban leaders had already moved into a residential compound in the capital, Doha, and could “move around freely” within the nation. The source said the terrorists will not be treated like prisoners and U.S. officials will not be allowed to monitor them.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Go read the whole of this.


One taste:
DO NOT start the usual vilifying of the NRA and the constant claptrap about guns.  Half of the people Elliot Rodger killed last weekend were felled by the knife.  What?  You want to confiscate all knives?  Or make people get permits to own a knife?  Most of the people injured were hurt by his car.  Shall we outlaw cars?  Let's start thinking straight:  Do you seriously want to blame the instrument for the actions of the user?  We may as well blame the keyboard for the poison pen letter or the telephone for the obscene phone call or death threat!!! Make no mistake about it.  It's not guns, not male chauvinism, not white male privilege or male rage.  It was the deconstruction of the mental health system in our country achieved in the seventies and eighties by a mad little gang of meddlers led in their mischief by Kate Millett. 
This is written by Milletts' sister, so I think she knows something of what she speaks.

Meanwhile, in Californicated, 'due process' means "Give us what we want"

and what they want is your guns and you either imprisoned or dead.
Under the proposed law, California gun owners could face a loss of their Second Amendment gun rights and confiscation of their firearms without prior warning. The proposed law allows the government up to two weeks following the issuance of a restraining order to set a hearing in which the subject of the order could argue for the reinstatement of their Second Amendment rights and return of any firearms seized.
“The subject of a restraining order and confiscation warrant may not even know they have been accused until there’s a SWAT team at their door.”

According to the bill’s text, courts would be required to issue a restraining order if a person–who doesn’t even have to know the target of the order–submits a form saying that a gun owner “poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself, herself, or others by owning or possessing” guns.
My, such fascist wet dreams these people have.  The two bastards introducing this being Democratic California Assembly Members Nancy Skinner (Berkeley) and Das Williams (Santa Barbara).

But wait!  It gets even better!
But the restraining orders aren’t the only problem with the bill, according to CAL-FFL. Assembly Bill 1014 would also mandate that courts order a “firearms seizure warrant” following a restraining order, forcing police and local law enforcement to “seize any firearms in the possession of the named person…from any place, or from any person in whose possession the firearm may be.”
CAL-FFL warned that the broad language of the seizure warrant could lead not only to midnight “no-knock” raids against the subject of the restraining order–who may not even know that their gun rights have been stripped away and that they are now a “prohibited person”–but also the homes of their friends and family, and even places of employment.
Just think of assholes with badges like the ones who shot up two trucks full of innocent people making SWAT raids to seize firearms.  And using ANY excuse during the raid to kill people("Hey, we knew they were armed so we couldn't take chances!  Sorry about the kids.")

Troops died looking for this sunuvabitch...

Former Army Sgt. Evan Buetow was the team leader with Bowe Bergdahl the night Bergdahl disappeared. 

"Bergdahl is a deserter, and he's not a hero," says Buetow. "He needs to answer for what he did."

Within days of his disappearance, says Buetow, teams monitoring radio chatter and cell phone communications intercepted an alarming message: The American is in Yahya Khel (a village two miles away). He's looking for someone who speaks English so he can talk to the Taliban.

"I heard it straight from the interpreter's lips as he heard it over the radio," said Buetow. "There's a lot more to this story than a soldier walking away."
Not to mention President Lightbringer taking the opportunity once again to show that he thinks the law is whatever he says it is.

Well, that was fun

Get to doctors office.  "We show you scheduled for this time yesterday, but when we called it showed your number disconnected."
What number?
"That's nowhere near my number."

So now it's rescheduled for tomorrow(better than I'd hoped for by far).  In the meantime,
Physics matters.  But I think the marks on the truck bumper might polish out.

Moms Wants Action had a gathering at a Chipotle restaurant. 
Oklahoma Open Carry had received word that MDA was going to go to the local Chipotle's for lunch, so they decided to meet them there. Chipotle restaurants in Oklahoma have officially taken the position that they would rather see people leave their guns at home, but they won't ask you to leave if you don't; after all, in Oklahoma it is legal to openly carry, so they at least respect the law and your rights.

Moms Demand Action on the other hand, seemed to be demanding a little much on this Saturday afternoon as they approached management and asked them to throw OKOCA members out of the restaurant because they were "offended" by the presence of guns.

To be honest, we were expecting this, and we figured that we would be asked to leave; but what happened next was nothing less than awesome. The manager refused to kick out OKOCA and even gave them free drinks. MDA activists then proceeded to take pictures of the gun owners and attempted to portray them as intimidating and threatening. The management wasn't having any of it; he threw Moms Demand Action out of his store!
Moral: being asshat SJWs and screwing with people in a restaurant may not end well for you.

"Yes, there's lots of fraud, but it would be trouble and work to do anything about it, so we won't."

"Well, those people in Benghazi weren't wearing uniforms, so it's not a problem to leave them behind."

Vote for every tax increase that comes along, then get upset that you're being taxed to death...

Oh, great.  And President Bow handed five enemy bigwigs back over for this guy?

Life called, and needs a chunk of the day

so bloggage will have to wait.

Time to throw in one thing, an opinion on that idiotic raid in Georgia that may have crippled that kid for life.  It includes
Because in serving a search warrant, even at a location you’ve scouted adequately, even at a location you’ve searched before, you never know with precision who or what will be behind the door when you make your entry.  I’ve been on hundreds of search warrants and been the author and planner of perhaps a hundred of my own warrants and tactical plans.  I have never been a proponent of no-knock entries for the simple reason that I want to be absolutely sure that the people in the home I wish to search know it is the police coming through the door and not a criminal.  The only exception to this I can envision is one in which an armed and dangerous fugitive is known to be in a certain residence that has been surveilled to such a degree that the number and ages of all the occupants are known at the time of entry.  Beyond that, I can’t make a case for a no-knock entry, for precisely the reason that occurred in Cornelia.

Monday, June 02, 2014

The fitting is done Updated

(actually done hours ago), and it works.  I do think it needs a little polishing; that I'll do later(more information to be added later).  At this point I'm falling-over tired, and worried about friends(short version: daughter, who's been pushing her luck for a long time, really screwed the pooch.  More complicated than that, but that'll do).

Update: the thumb safety on a 1911, when pushed up to the 'on' position, rotates a piece into place against the legs on the bottom of the sear, locking the sear nose into the full-cock notches(also called hammer hooks) on the hammer.  A very positive safety.

Considering the number of people making parts for 1911-style pistols, it's common to have to do a bit of fitting on one of these.  Rather than duplicate a couple of very good pieces I'll refer you to the M1911 Forum site: a very nice piece using a cutaway to show exactly how the thumb and grip safeties work, and fitting the thumb safety here.

I used a stone instead of a file(takes a lot longer to mess something up that way, so more chance to spot it if you're messing up) so it took me longer than it should; in any case, works perfectly.

I think I shall get into the shower*, clean up, read a bit and then crash.  Hopefully missing the floor in the process.

*Still not actually a shower; still haven't been able to break the threads loose.  A pain, but not a horrible one; I still have clean water and a drain.

Well, that settles that on the feeding problem

Combination of bullets seated a little too far out and the differing feed-lip design.

I took two Chip McCormick magazines, one Kimber, and two ACT.  Added the remaining box of slightly-too-long cartridges and a new box of proper-length stuff, threw in the range and settled this.

The CM and Kimber fed from either box with no problem.  The ACT fed the proper-length without a hitch, but combine them with the overlength stuff and got the occasional FTF.  So it wasn't anything to do with the new frame.

So that's settled.  Now, having found a good extended thumb safety yesterday, I shall proceed to fit it(sweating the whole time to make sure I don't screw it up).

No, Officer Unfriendly, you CAN'T get away with this

What's especially significant about both of these cases is that they allowed lawsuits against the police officers themselves to proceed. The court decided that the officers did not qualify for immunity because the rights they violated were clearly established at the time of the arrests. Cops who continue to mistakenly believe they have a right not to be recorded while on duty should understand that they cannot hide behind their real or professed ignorance of what the Constitution requires.
Now the same thing needs to be done to prosecutors involved in such.

More on the subject here, and I like the sound of this:
In order to make sure that both the public and police realize the greatest benefits from body-cams, however, a number of policies need to be implemented.

For example, police officers should be subject to stiff disciplinary sanctions if they fail to turn their cameras on each time they interact with the public. In addition, items obtained during an unrecorded encounter should be deemed a violation of the subject's Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure and excluded as evidence, unless there were extenuating circumstances, such as a broken camera. Similarly, failure to record an incident for which a patrolman is accused of misconduct should create a presumption against that officer.

Why are so many leftists such violent and anti-free speech bastards?
To Emma Howland-Bolton:
My name is Jonathan Taylor. I am the founder and publisher of A Voice for Male Students, the leading Men’s Human Rights website for men and boys in education. I note – as is widely available on public record – that you are a teacher in Detroit. From one teacher to another, greetings.

I am writing to call upon you to take an opportunity to enhance the credibility of your protest. In summary, you have been heavily invested in organizing a protest that has included threats of violence and death against organizers, attendees and hosts of the upcoming conference at the Double Tree hotel in Detroit. Indeed, these threats of violence and death have become so pervasive and severe that the hotel is now requiring an entire squadron of police to station themselves at the premises for 24 hour-a-day security for three days straight so that people cannot be killed for simply listening to academics and advocates speak at a conference.

So this is who Obama traded some seriously bad guys for?

The sense of pride expressed by officials of the Obama administration at the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is not shared by many of those who served with him -- veterans and soldiers who call him a deserter whose "selfish act" ended up costing the lives of better men.

"I was pissed off then and I am even more so now with everything going on," said former Sgt. Matt Vierkant, a member of Bergdahl's platoon when he went missing on June 30, 2009. "Bowe Bergdahl deserted during a time of war and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him."

And the excuse for the exchange?
“This is the only issue we’ve discussed with the Taliban in recent months,” said one senior Obama administration official involved in the talks. “We do hope that having succeeded in this narrow but important step, it will create the possibility of expanding the dialogue to other issues. But we don’t have any promises to that effect.”
Which raises several questions. Negotiating with terrorists and returning 5 of the worst terrorists at GTMO — is that “stupid shit”? Violating a law requiring Congress to be informed ahead of time, and justifying that violation by citing the poor health of a guy who by all accounts is perfectly fine — is that “stupid shit”?

And the act of repeatedly sending out Susan Rice to lie to the American people about our feckless dealings with terrorists — is that “stupid shit”?
'expanding the dialogue'... these idiots actually think they can dialogue with people who want us all dead or enslaved...

This is what an actual war on women looks like.

And it has nothing to do with 'My feelings are hurt!  I feel intimidated!  I need a trigger warning!'
Pictured for the first time, these are the two teenage girls who were raped and murdered before their bodies were found swinging from a mango tree in northern India this week.

Three brothers today confessed to attacking and killing the young cousins, named Murti and Pushpa, in a case which has horrified India.

The crime provoked national outrage after it emerged that police in the village of Katra initially refused to investigate the girls' murder due to their low-caste status.
And it gets even better:
In addition to the three suspected murderers, two police officers have been arrested for allegedly ignoring the victims' parents when they reported that the girls, aged 14 and 15, had gone missing.
I have a suggested course of action:
A: Fair trial, with all parties being warned that any perjury or screwing with evidence will get 20 years.
B: Hang the filth from that same tree.
C: Tell every asshole who protests that the same will happen to the next rapist.  AND THEN DO IT.
D: These sorry excuses for cops should be fired and prosecuted.  And imprisoned, if at all possible.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

In Californicated is a politician named Songhai “Sunny” Armstead,

who on video told a church "Vote for me because I'm black!"

The noise you might expect started.  Then the kind of stuff we've come to expect started from her supporters.

As I have told you, after I reported this, a supporter of Armstead’s named Gail Copeland sent a bogus DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) takedown notice to YouTube. Copeland thereby got the evidence of Armstead’s remarks taken down from YouTube, even as Copeland scrubbed Armstead’s most controversial and racially charged remarks from the version of the video that remained.

I have an announcement to make. Listen up, Songhai “Sunny” Armstead. Listen up, Gail Copeland. The scrubbing stops today — right now.

We are no longer at the mercy of YouTube. The evidence of Ms. Armstead’s embarrassing race-based appeals is now being hosted right here at I control the horizontal. I control the vertical. The video is here, in this post. And here it will stay. No longer will the truth be blacked out by bogus DMCA takedown notices to YouTube. Try to take that down with a bogus copyright claim, Gail Copeland!

Also at Patterico, some information about the bastards Obama just broke the law to turn loose.
Yeah, that'll make those soldiers feel better about the VA mess, won't it?

One more piece of "God, I hope I never have to use this" equipment

I now have a CAT tourniquet for the emergency kit.  And yes, I've been trying it out to get used to using it.

Helped a friend out at his table at the gun show today.  Decent show, but the number of people coming in was abysmal; not sure what the problem is, but I've NEVER been to a show with so few people coming in to browse and buy before.  Just guessing, but there's another promoter who seems to put one on every other weekend when possible.  Haven't been to those in months: they always have the same people with the same crap, and they're small.  I think he's screwing up the market.

"Yes, we crippled the baby for life, but

we're Drug Warriors, and we'd do it again!"
More on it here.   Including 'the people selling drugs are terrorists' and this line:
"We can't stop," Terrell said. "We're called for a purpose. The members of this team want to be here."

To say this is 'worrying' is an understatement.  I really can't say more right now.

With experience, and experienced guides, and good equipment,

Ma Nature will still kill you.