Saturday, February 03, 2024

And now we will proceed to the visual

proceedings for the evening

Remember that odd off-to-the-right I was getting

on those 7.62 subsonics?

Found a piece on the effects of rifling and projectile spin on the projectiles that seems to explain it.  Very short version is that, over distance, a right-hand spin can cause a bullet to deflect a bit to the right.  Throw in a projectile both long & heavy for the cartridge and subsonic velocity, that may well be the cause.

Long version, here's the article.

Yes, there will be more research, because this is a serious rabbit hole.

Friday, February 02, 2024

Sixth eve stuff is waiting

And, because the actual play doesn't matter,

they have a woman playing the King, and then she drops out because disability groups insist "You have to find an actor with that handicap to play him or we shall be troublesome!"

Ain't it just wonderful?

In proper Good Samaritan fashion, a bad guy assumes ambient temperature

According to police, a male suspect approached a man and his girlfriend at the pumps at the "Zip In Zip Out" Chevron Gas Station located at 11095 Ella Blvd. Police say the suspect pistol-whipped the man at the gas station and demanded his wallet.

After investigating, police found out that a bystander, unrelated to the victim or the suspect, witnessed the robbery and shot the suspect. The shooter then instructed the robbery victim to retrieve what the suspect had taken before leaving the scene.

You may applaud.

As the media does its usual job,

things seem to be getting pretty sporty in Europe as farmers and other citizens tell the EU and 'elites' to go to hell.  And the coverage seems to be... interesting.
The situation escalated in Belgium where farmers surrounded the headquarters of the EU chanting Ursula, we’re coming for you. They piled up straw and muck while the jeunes threw firecrackers – the press said explosives and incendiaries, but they were just firecrackers. EU bureaucrats were trapped inside, and the police responded with water cannon. There were reports of rubber bullets being fired, but I’ve been unable to confirm if this is true – we’ll come back to that. The Brussels protestors seem to have been mostly Belgians, but significant numbers of Italians and French are reported too.

There are reports and pictures of roads blocked throughout Portugal and a delicious clip of tractors seeing off a police armored car in the Netherlands (it might be Belgium; the caption was Pays-Bas.) Expect to see all the local governments capitulate sooner than later, the farmers know where they live. The EU is different, and this is where it gets interesting. The EU “has the organizing ability of the Italians, the flexibility of the Germans, and the modesty of the French. And that’s topped up by the imagination of the Belgians.” They are not accountable to anyone, and they are the true believers in this gnostic death cult that seems to have taken hold of the world’s managerial class. They can be counted on to do something really, really stupid.

The English language press is more useless than usual. One expects that from the American press who couldn’t find Canada on a map never mind Belgium, but GB is just over the water and the entrance to France was blocked. Not peak holiday time so they didn’t notice, if guess. The Daily Mail, which is the best source for middle class wine-mom opinion and loves to bash the working class, has nothing on it. The broadsheets mention it with the most detailed coverage being in the Grauniad. They get it entirely wrong as you might expect, but at least there’s something. The French language press is covering it, but they are party political organs, and the media isn’t trustworthy. The German’s have more, but my German is dire, and I’m limited to the English versions, which often don’t align with the German language version.

Which, again, brings up "Just now much are we NOT hearing about because it doesn't fit the .gov and Professional Media Preferred Narrative™?"

Thursday, February 01, 2024

There's been a lot of reports on near-misses at airports,

I have to wonder if this "Diversity is more important than competence!" bullshit might have something to do with it?
In 2014, the FAA rolled out the new biographical questionnaire in line with the Barrier Analysis recommendation, designed so that 90% or more of applicants would "fail." The questionnaire was not monitored, and people could take it at home. Questions asked prospective air traffic controllers how many sports they played in high school, how long they'd been unemployed recently, whether they were more eager or considerate, and seventy-some other questions. You can take a portion of it yourself here to see what they were up against. Graduates of the CTI program, like everyone else, had to "pass" this or they would be disqualified from further consideration. This came alongside other changes de-prioritizing CTI graduates.

And, further down in the piece,

Just effing wonderful.

I think Mr. Woodgrains defense of Buttigieg is flawed, as Buttigieg has shown himself happy to play every 'the highways are racist' and other such bullshit that's come along.  But Woodgrains has a good rundown on this FAA idiocy.

I lost a link when my last pc died, and I still can't find it (updated)

It was a very interesting piece on modifications made very late in the black powder age specifically to make it a more efficient propellant for artillery.  Had a lot of information on using different materials to make the charcoal, and specifically making the granules in certain shapes for better burning.

I'm still occasionally trying to find it with no luck.  If I ever do I'll damn well post it right away.

Update: found this small bit on the subject.  Still looking for the original.

Our unbiased media

Headline on Yahoo 'News': 'Autocracy expert names the potential Trump running mate who 'scares' him'.

Oh, yeah, no bias in that.  And it was the lead story when I signed in.  

We're going to see lots more 'experts' in something, and psychiatrists & psychologists, giving us medical reports on someone they've never met, and we'll be told- once again- 'This proves this Republican is as bad as Hitler!'

Isn't it joyous?

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Few days ago read a serious piece of TDS-

including "How much better would it be if right-wing conspiracy theories had not cost Hillary the election?"
(no, I'm not looking for the damn thing, it's not worth it)
If I'd thought it worth commenting I'd have said "No 'conspiracy theory' cost Clinton the election, SHE did.  In particular with that 'basket of deplorables' crap.  Because nothing can move people to your side like telling half the country 'You're a racist, ignorant bastard', right?"

What brought that to mind was this "AAAAH!  The right-wingers are actually voting and we can't stop them!" from a Brit source.  Keep in mind that being to the right of Stalin or our Sen. Sanders will get you listed as right-wing.  Or, even if you're a leftist, saying "We should have a say who comes across our border to stay" will condemn you.
'There is a strong possibility of pro-Russia party representation in the upcoming legislature,' the ECFR said, pointing notably to three seats that could go to Bulgarian MEPs sympathetic to the Kremlin.

Other resulting policy upheaval could be a weakening of the enforcement of rule of law in Europe and of the bloc's actions to battle climate change, and a harder anti-immigration stance, said the report's co-authors Simon Hix and Kevin Cunningham.

"The Russia Lovers are coming!  DOOM!"  Etc.
Oh yes, lots of scare wording: 'possibility of pro-Russia Party representation'; 'weakening of the enforcement of rule of law'; 'We won't stop climate change!', and so forth.  Because 'They might not obey the diktats of the EU' is the same as 'no rule of law!', and so on.  Tired of this crap yet?

I'll let you decide what they think of a possible Trump(or anyone except Biden) win over here.

What they really worry about:
'The risk of an ungovernable Europe is pretty real,' Stéphane Séjourné, the new French foreign minister, who leads the centrist Renew Europe group of MEPs, said this month.
Same old EU thing: "If the peasants won't obey Our commands, whatever will we do?"

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Why, it's like you can't trust what the media says,

and can't trust those 'conservatives' urging everybody to head to the border to face the feds!
In the relevant case, Department of Homeland Security v. Texas, Texas is suing the federal government, in tort, for the destruction of state property (c-wire barriers and the like). The district court generally concluded that Texas was right on the facts, but wrong on the law, because Texas could not seek money damages from the federal government due to sovereign immunity. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit enjoined the federal government from taking additional actions that remove or destroy c-wire barriers on state and private land, save where such actions were necessary to address a medical emergency, pending additional proceedings. Among other things, the Fifth Circuit concluded Texas would be likely to show the federal government had waived its sovereign immunity under 5 U.S.C. Section 702.

All the Supreme Court did (in this order) is eliminate this injunction—likely because it concluded that the federal government is likely to prevail on sovereign immunity grounds. It did not rule on—indeed, it was not called to rule upon—the lawfulness of anything Texas is doing. Nothing in what the Supreme Court did told Texas to take or refrain from any action.

Monday, January 29, 2024

No wonder the EffingBI is even worse than it used to be

“The FBI does not appear to be getting experienced, ‘mature’ candidates, such as the former cop, former military person, the professional career person, the lawyer, accountant or engineer.”

Sound familiar? The U.S. Army has the same problem. The brass can’t seem to recruit anybody who can do a push-up. Who in their right mind wants to risk their life by joining an organization run by entitled, shiftless incompetents who despise them?

“The FBI is now a joke among other law enforcement agencies because of its apparent investigative failures, political targeting of certain individuals/groups, and woke adoption… The FBI is considering hiring candidates not accepted by other law enforcement agencies.”

The G-men have Diversity Recruitment Events — “straight white males may not attend.”

In other words, there’s no room for a modern-day Inspector Lew Erskine. But Dylan Mulvaney or Jussie Smollett — come on down!

The FBI denies that they’re having problems recruiting qualified people. But then, the G-men lie about almost everything, as you may have noticed. It’s part of their “sources and methods.”

So, did the RCMP and others follow the EffingBI lead, or

was the EffingBI encouraged by the Canadian cops getting away with this?
...Indeed, so many of the claims made to justify the clampdown have turned out to be lies. At a separate inquiry in 2022, police had to admit that claims the truckers were ‘armed’ amounted to them having tools and tire irons. Not a single trucker was arrested in Ottawa for illegal possession or storage of a firearm, according to the Toronto Sun. While videos on social media showed a family friendly atmosphere, complete with bouncy castles, Trudeau talked darkly of kids being used as ‘human shields’. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sinister.

Imagine if Donald Trump had done this while he was still in power?

And the EffingBI continues to lie, hide or destroy evidence, and otherwise act like a Praetorian Guard.  And so far, still getting away with it.

Omar makes it a bit more blunt, but

since she and the rest of the Squat have made it plain they don't like this country, why would this surprise anyone?
During a recent speech, of which clips are now going viral, Omar left nothing to the imagination. She proclaimed to the crowd that Somalis control the U.S. government and that it exists to "safeguard the interests of Somalia." She also stated that she is Somalian first and Muslim second. There was no mention of any allegiance to the United States despite her serving in its Congress.
Of course not, she has no allegiance to this country.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Two more situations where older punishments come to mind

In France, 'climate protesters' try to damage the Mona Lisa.

In (formerly Great)Britain, the cops seem  more interested in there not being upset with a Protected Species than with actually catching the rest of the gang.

For the French, the whipping post for these clowns.

For the Brits, the same for the cops who seem more interested in 'don't upset the migrants' than in doing their damned job; for the murderers, there's got to be a suitable tree.  Or just build a gallows.

Due to some things I've heard and read in the past, I believe them

Especially since we had Gov. Howler in NY, at a time when we knew that older people with health problems were the primary ones threatened by Wuhan, he ordered people tested positive put into rest homes and such full of such people.  That bastard should hang for what he did, and so should some other enablers.

Go read.