Saturday, September 09, 2017

Saturday night data

No, it's not the 'most powerful Atlantic hurricane EVER!'

But inconvenient facts do interfere with the Preferred Narrative.

Irma's a big, dangerous storm, but that's not good enough for the weenies, oh no; some way to link it to Globular Warmening/Climate Change/"It's the fault of humanity!" must be made.

Fine, there's a settlement, and that's something; problem is that Sheriff Larpenter needs to be fired and prosecuted for this crap.  As is, bastard probably thinks he can do it again if a settlement is the worst he'll have to deal with for doing it.

Higher Education: speak facts that don't follow the PC line, they'll want to destroy you for it.

Australia demonstrates once again that the urge to control people

has no regard for unpleasant facts.  Or history.
AUSTRALIANS have surrendered 26,000 firearms as part of the national gun amnesty — and they’ve come in some strange shapes and sizes. Even a hand grenade was handed in.

Police have reported some of the quirkiest guns handed in are among the vintage variety, including a luger pistol from World War I, a Smith and Wesson .455 revolver from WWII and a shotgun from the Vietnam War.
Because, somehow, causing honest citizens to turn in arms they've had for years- hell, DECADES- with no harm will now somehow make everyone all safe.  And then the bad guys won't be able to get guns....

But there’s a long way to go until some of Australia’s 260,000 illegal guns are out of terrorists’ hands.
A: 'some of'.  Yeah, that's gonna stop them terrorists, right?
B: Oh, hell, never mind.  I'm not up to dealing with this bullshit this morning.  I'll just borrow(again) from 'The Weapon':
I acquired a black-market weapon.(Sales are all registered, but for a small premium of 50%, one may buy a new pistol not far from the spaceport. They come in by the shipload, as they do anywhere the local rulers utter magic incantations to keep them out. Never let your religious beliefs get in the way of the law of supply and demand.)

Friday, September 08, 2017

It's that time again

So here they are

This is incredible

Today, Vigo is believed to be the last person on Earth who still knows how to harvest, dye and embroider sea silk into elaborate patterns that glisten like gold in the sunlight.

And this is disgusting:
What’s more, after creating the world’s only museum dedicated to byssus in 2005, Vigo awoke one day last autumn to find that the government of Sant’Antioco had unexpectedly closed her free Museo del Bisso, citing that the building’s electrical system wasn’t up to code.

“The ‘electrical problem’ was me!” Vigo snapped. “The municipality tried to force me to charge entrance fees and write down my patterns and secrets. But I will defend this sacred oath with my fingernails as long as I breathe!”
Damn all petty, power-hungry bureaucrats.

Yeah, about that non-existent vote fraud

we're not supposed to worry about:
Newly available data is casting doubt on the integrity of the presidential election in New Hampshire in 2016, which Hillary Clinton won by just over 2,700 votes.

Over 6,000 voters in New Hampshire had used same-day voter registration procedures to register and vote simultaneously for president. The current New Hampshire speaker of the House, Shawn Jasper, sought and obtained data about what happened to these 6,000 "new" New Hampshire voters who showed up on Election Day.

It seems the overwhelming majority of them can no longer be found in New Hampshire.
Multiply this crap across the nation... this crap is a real threat to this nation, and it needs to be stomped on.  Hard.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

"Yes, they REALLY screwed the pooch, BUT..."

No charges will be brought against any senior figures at Rotherham borough council despite “various and substantial organisational failings” that left 1,400 children at risk of sexual abuse, a set of reports has concluded.
Got that?  The rapes and abuse covered up/ignored, thousands of victims, but
The reports concluded that no senior council managers from 1997 to 2013 should face any action despite the independent experts finding “there may have been errors of judgment or missed opportunities”.
 'errors of judgement'.  'missed opportunities'.  Very nice ways to cover this bullshit up, isn't it?

But not everyone gets off free, oh no:
Two social workers were singled out for potential disciplinary action for their failure to protect a girl known as Child E, who was raped twice by older children when in council care, having already suffered sexual abuse in her family setting. Child E went on to suffer from mental illness including at least one psychotic episode that led to her being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
But Rotherham council has decided there is not enough evidence to take action against the pair after taking advice from an independent expert. It said Child E’s case was “indicative of the widespread systematic failure seen across the safeguarding and care system and as a result no one individual alone could be held culpable”.
Translation: "The system is shite, almost everyone involved is culpable, but we're not going to actually hold ANYONE responsible and take action against them."

Further translation: "Some animals are more equal and important than others."

I'm not going to comment much, because I don't want to blow my blood pressure any higher.  I will include this about all the people who shouldn't be punished:
  • “On the balance of probability” files belonging to a Home Office researcher investigating child sexual abuse in Rotherham were removed by someone with access to key-coded and locked security doors. Some files were also deliberately corrupted. The culprits have not been identified.
  • Senior council figures tried to cover up the theft of 21 laptops containing personal details about child abuse victims in 2011.
  • An internal audit found that council officials chose not to inform the information commissioner about the security breach, then falsely claimed no sensitive data was compromised.
The council leader, Chris Read, castigated his predecessor Roger Stone, along with other Labour party colleagues, for refusing to talk to investigators about their role in the scandal. “Our survivors deserve better than your miserable silence,” said Read. Stone led the council from 2003 until 2014.

Other key figures who declined to be interviewed included Paul Lakin, the former council cabinet member for children and young people’s services who was in the role between 2010 and 2014, and his predecessor Shaun Wright, who held the position from 2005 until 2010. Wright went on to become South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner but was forced to stand down after publication of the Jay report in 2014.

There were 27 “key” people whom the report authors could not interview because they did not respond or declined the invitation.
Excuse me, I need to do something else before I start breaking things.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

If you need some 124-grain 9mm for loading,

check this out.  Correia-approved, and 10% goes to the Houston Food Bank.

Nice when they admit what they ae

This is simply Orwellian. In Bray’s telling, antifa is defending free speech by shutting down free speech. This is antithetical to the idea of a free society  something with which Bray does not disagree. He and antifa simply don’t care. Bray admits antifa are “revolutionary leftists” who are not “concerned with free speech or other liberal democratic values” and “have no allegiance to liberal democracy.”

Which makes them openly the enemy of the United States.