Saturday, September 30, 2006

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Basic update: it's almost over

In a few days my son graduates from Basic Training. They've apparently done all the basic for those who are ready to graduate, and a few are trying to make up enough to graduate now; some others will have to stay over and do it again.

This past week was some various live fire practices, building clearing, etc. I think I'll call this one "Avon Calling"

In a few days I'll be heading to lovely Fort Sill to attend. Looks like the boy's done good.



Friday, September 29, 2006

About the current spitting match

If you've been reading Michelle Malkin or Dean Esmay you'll know what I'm talking about. Short version, Esmay accused Malkin of calling all muslims the enemy and Malkin told Esmay he's an idiot(no, I'm not linking to them, you can find it if you want to wade through it.

I read some of the stuff at Esmays' place this started from, and it's kind of unnerving. I used to read his posts almost every day; in the beginning time kept me from going there as often as before and then the increasingly, I'd have to call it shrill, words and attitude toward most anyone who disagreed with his view on muslims made me stop going almost completely. At this point I doubt I'll go back at all.

Place called Classical Values has this I'll link because I think it's a very damn good piece on the subject. Simply, there are muslims out there who are in the truest sense the enemy. Period. The open enemy is not the problem in this; the problem is all the muslims who, whether out of "I won't criticize another muslim" or being scared to speak up or, in the case of all too many for comfort, secretly hope the enemy wins and destroys the west. These last are too chickenshit to openly say it so they make excuses for the murderering fascists they don't have the balls to openly be; and they make it that much harder for a lot of people to have faith in the (some say mythical) moderate muslims who like living in western society, who like being part of a free country, who hate the idea of the fascists taking over.

Here's the enemy, the open want's-us-dead enemy:
The Gaza imam said the only Christian-Muslim dialogue that is acceptable is one in which "all religions agree to convert to Islam."
Makes it plain, doesn't he?

How about this one?
A leading Muslim spokesman in Germany explained that he was all for free speech, as long as it didn't offend Muslims. The Germans' all-too-typical appeasement of terrorism no doubt makes them "safer" and "creates" fewer terrorists.

There's been far too much of this crap; this "We can call you anything, but if you offend us in any way we'll riot and burn and kill you" attitude from far too damn many muslims. It makes them the enemy: both the open enemy who strikes at us and the secret enemy who stays in the shadows and assists the open enemy.

I don't give a rats ass how you worship or who you worship. As Thomas Jefferson put it, "It matters not whether my neighbor worships one God or twenty; it neither breaks my leg or picks my pocket". But when their method of worship starts breaking legs and picking pockets and killing people...

The squirrels are revolting!

In more ways than one

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- An aggressive squirrel pounced on a 4-year-old boy in an attack last week in Cuesta Park in Mountain View, Calif.

Ok, a couple of weeks ago it was racoons whacking cats; now the squirrels are getting nasty.
as many as six people have been bitten or scratched by squirrels since May, and that the attacks have become more ferocious in the last month.

Mind you, the little bastards can bite the tax reform act out of you, clawing the while. But have no fear, the standard responses are up:
Officials say they'll trap and kill the nasties, and
Wildlife advocates also oppose the unusual measure of killing the animals and said it won't solve the problem.

"The squirrels will be back," South Bay wildlife rehabilitator Norma Campbell said. "For every one you take out, two more will come in. It could be a never-ending project that isn't going to accomplish anything."

Two back for every one? Sounds to me like a way to feed the homeless.

About the lack of forging posts,

sorry 'bout that. Reasons are time(I could always throw something else out and make some time) and physical problems. Specifically, my elbow. I've got a persistant problem, possibly caused/aggravated by lots and lots of heavy hammering over time.

Which really sucks. The stuff I most like to make, namely blades, requires lots of hammering for the bigger ones. On some, depending on the stock you start with, LOTS of hammering with a big hammer. Which I flat cannot do; after a couple of minutes that joint says "I don't want to anymore" and that's that. If I plan ahead and start taking naproxyn the day before I can get some done with no problem, but I dislike taking stuff like that long-term. Which is what it would take to do very much of it.

This is why I can't do some exercising either. Chris at Anarchangel has mentioned his joint problems, and that he has to eat naproxyn like candy to keep things working with a minimum of pain, and it affects how much exercise he can do. I used to do sets of twenty pushups; now I can get three at best before the elbow gives out, and weights or sword practice is equally touchy(though I can do light weights fairly well).

So I do plan to do more forging posts, but it will take a while to do much of it.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Carrying Condition One

Or, if you're more traditional, cocked & locked. Most specifically on the 1911-design pistols. I'd been thinking about this a while, and Kim posted this on it, linking to Tam.

If you're not familiar with these, you've got three carry modes:
3. Loaded magazine, chamber empty & hammer down
2. Loaded mag, chamber loaded, hammer on half-cock & safety on(on those pistols that allow it)
1. Loaded mag, chamber loaded, hammer cocked & safety on.

From what I've read, J.M. Browning designed the 1911 to be carried cocked & locked, and unless there's something mechanically wrong with a pistol, it's about as safe as you can get. Short of being unloaded.

On half-cock, in my opinion, NEVER!!! On some, you cannot carry that way, my Kimber for instance will not go on safety if the hammer's on half-cock. And the manual specifically states 'Do not', the design wasn't intended for that. The half-cock notch is supposed to be a safety notch; if the cocked hammer slips or gets jarred off the sear, this notch will catch it before it can strike the firing pin. Plus, there's a story.

There used to be a gentleman named Dan Combs who was firearms instructor for the OK Highway Patrol. Fine man, and one of the damndest shots you'd ever hope to see. One day he was at a range with a Colt Gold Cup match pistol doing some shooting. He fired a shot, put the hammer on half-cock and set the safety, stuck it in his belt(something, from what I've heard, he never did except this time) and reached for binoculars to check the target. And the hammer slipped off the sear and fired the pistol, which sent a 200 grain match bullet and a bunch of hot gasses into his abdomen. He lived through it, but hearing about this as a kid made me decide that when I got a .45(yeah, wanted one even then) I would not carry it that way. Turned out to be a defective sear or hammer notch, can't remember which; when he leaned forward it pushed the hammer forward a bit and... Later on this was reported to the commander at Vance Air Force Base and they had the post inventory of pistols checked; they found two that would do the same thing, for the same reason.

When I carry this pistol, it's cocked & locked for two reasons:
It's the safest way to carry, and
What if you don't have both hands free to charge it in time of trouble?
That last is the one that gives me shivers. There are drills for working the action with only one hand; generally intended for someone who's been injured or otherwise has only one hand available and has to clear a jam or misfeed or reload; they're not something I want to plan on doing when a situation happens. Accounts I've read & heard generally break down to you either have plenty of time to pick up/draw a weapon and ready it, or you have no time at all. In the latter, I damn sure don't want to have to try to fight off some clown with one hand while trying to work the slide with the other because I didn't have the piece charged.

The last reason some say carry Condition 3 is that, if you're attacked and have to shoot, some prosecutor could take the fact that you were cocked & locked as evidence that 'you were just waiting to shoot someone', or try to use that in court to show such bullshit. I agree it's a concern. I also think that if you're dealing with a prosecutor of such idiot mindset, it really doesn't matter how you were carrying, he'll try to use it against you. Hell, he'll try to use anything against you. I'd rather have to deal with that in a hearing than try to work the action one-handed when everything goes to hell.

That AZ 'memorial' to 9/11?

It seems the screaming and yelling has gotten some attention. As to whether the commission reviewing it will actually change some things or not(I hope it does), at least the people involved in that mess are feeling some heat, including the governor.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

THIS I wasn't expecting

Couple of weeks ago SOG advertised they were getting in some M1 Carbine receivers at a pretty good price, so I called & asked some questions and ordered one. It came in yesterday.

Mostly it's what I did expect. They were advertised as 'very good' condition, and it is; the only marks other than to the finish are a couple of small dings on one edge of the rear sight dovetail. What was the surprise was the serial number; 9000(correction, my eyes are crossed or something; 90k series) series. Which makes it very early production. I'm not sure how early, I can't find a list anywhere indicating what serial numbers were produced in what year, but considering there were about 6.5 million of them produced in total, it's very early. Which is really cool.

It's the first time I've gotten hold of something like this, where I wondered whether to build it up or keep the thing because of possible collector value. I think I will go ahead and build it, and if I can do it without spending a fortune I'll try to use Inland parts as much as possible; only seems right for something like this.

Additional: I just talked to a guy locally who's something of a carbine expert. He advised me that unless I had an open line of credit, putting it together as a 'correct' Inland isn't a good idea and recited various prices to me. Yikes! Mixed parts it'll be.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Foxes Given Keys To Henhouse,

Film at 11". Or something like that.

Saw this the other day, can't remember where I found the link:

POLICE have agreed to consult a panel of Muslim leaders before mounting counter-terrorist raids or arrests. Members of the panel will offer their assessment of whether information police have on a suspect is too flimsy and will also consider the consequences on community relations of a raid.
Yes, because we've seen how supportive 'Muslim leaders' are of the government grabbing terrorists and making raids, haven't we?

I don't know whether to call this political correctness taken to insane levels or just plain stupidity.

Members will be security vetted and will have to promise not to reveal any intelligence they are shown. They will not have to sign the Official Secrets Act.

'Cause they'd NEVER let word out, would they?

I'm sure there are people out there who think this is a good idea; I think they're either naive or, stupid or on the other side.

R.I.P, Col. Cooper

I first saw this late last night, Jeff Cooper has died.

I guess I actually did my remembrance the other day, and it covers it.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

If you never saw how ordering a gun was in the 60's,

take a look at this and weep

These are pages from the January '65 issue of Guns & Ammo. It lists, among other things, a M1 Carbine in a new-made paratrooper stock for $99.95, with standard stock $89.95. M1 Garand for $77.99. An Enfield Jungle Carbine for $34.78, 1903-A3 Springfield or a 1903(High numbers only) for $39.78 with 120 rounds of ammo for $7.20 extra.

Let's see, there's a U.S. Model 1917 for $29.78, 98K Mauser for $32.95, a Walther P.38 for $39.95. And on, and on. And the worst part? You could mail-order them and they'd be delivered to you. Not to an FFL holder for some bloody paperwork, to you.

So thank you GFW politicians. Thank you, GFW nannies and socialists. Thank you so much for making it be assumed that anyone buying a gun is a criminal to be checked out.


Additional: James' comment showed me that I'd not said this as clearly as I should. I don't blame the GFWs for the price rises; inflation does hit on all things. It's the fact that instead of being able to order a firearm from a company, I HAVE to have a license and/or HAVE to have it shipped to a dealer to do the bloody paperwork. Because of the GFWs wanting to order a firearm is looked on as "You're up to something, and we have to check you out before you get permission(aye, there's the rub) to buy it". That's what I blame them for.