Saturday, September 30, 2017

Nice evening out there

At least around here.  If you're out enjoying it, check the data after you get home

Gave that new safety a try,

and seems to work as it should.  More later.  Right now, food is calling to me.

Short version of this one: "Yes, they're black, but

they're not the right kind of black!"
Which demonstrates that these clowns will never be satisfied.  There'll always be some way to subdivide the 'victim' class to make someone a victim, someone in need of the Right People saving them.

Short version: "We don't want people to see cops acting badly

unless we can control it. Preferably by not letting them see it."
Well, tough crap on that. 

I get it: being a cop can be an interesting balancing act.  That doesn't mean that one who acts badly shouldn't be called on it, and that can involve the public knowing just what happened.  Having a union rep bitching about the latter does not help matters.

Speaking of, working to hide video of just what happened does not help.  At best it makes people suspicious of what you say and what happened; at worst delaying release confirms suspicions and makes people wonder what else you're hiding?

It'd be nice if there were some way of the public seeing when a good department punishes cops gone bad, or gets rid of them, instead of only seeing when one of the bad ones does something and gets caught.  It'd probably help a lot.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Nice evening out there

When you get back inside, here's some study material

"But smearing free thought is what we DO now!"

This kind of crap is really going to bite them in the ass in the long term

Denmark, what you've become...

The Danish government contracted with a local scrapyard to destroy hundreds of locally seized firearms. This kind of story is frequently seen in countries with strict gun control legislation where fine pieces of engineering and history become destroyed because … I don’t know why.
Because commoners cannot be allowed such.  Even when they're antiques or inoperable. 

I don't know a lot about chemistry, but I do know that picture is scary as hell.

Crap like this is why so many consider SJBs to be a bunch of effing wankers.
'Dr. Seuss's racist propaganda'?  Really?

We're supposed to get along with idiots like this?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

'Government' is a name for what control-freaks get to do to us

For Roundtree, who had operated Triple J BBQ in Green Cove Springs at city-sponsored events in the past, it was an opportunity to provide a much-needed service to residents and those who were hard at work to get the town back up and running. In fact, he was offering utility workers free lunches for all their hard work. And with nearly all of the town’s restaurants closed down due to the storm, he was needed more than ever.

But instead of serving lunch, the police ordered Roundtree to shut down Triple J and leave town. His crime? Operating without a permit.
Reminds me of the town that was handing out "Your fence must be repaired immediately" citations to people whose homes were damaged or destroyed.  Same kind of 'The Rules Must Be Followed' idiocy.

Here's a strange one I'd not heard of before: Dyatlov Pass.

Building a castle, the original way

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

To every Democrat who shoved Obamacare down our throats:

I hope you die in a crotch fire.  I'll supply the matches.

To every useless, backstabbing clown in the Stupid Party who just demonstrated- again- what lying bastards they are: you get a crotch fire too.  And I hope it hurts every second.

Yes, I just found out what my insurance is going up by for next year.  Assuming I can work out keeping it.  One of those "We just couldn't get it done" assholes shows up in front of me, they're getting a close-up look at the gutter.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

There was a sci-fi writer who apparently lost her mind

and wrote some truly stupid crap about suppressors and the Hearing Protection Act.  And it was so bad that the ILOH took time out of writing more books to deal with it.

Two bits(if you need them) to whet your interest:
Now let’s break down Elizabeth Moon’s hyperbolic silliness, line by silly line.
So the House is once again trying to sneak through a bill that deregulates silencers on personal weapons. Yes, they really want us all dead…

That’s just stupid. If congress wanted us all dead it would be easier to just put the democrats from Flint in charge of our water supply.  

they really want to make it easier for their right wing goons to shoot us and not be heard doing so.

That’s right. Congress wants roving bands of redneck ninja death squads, silent but deadly, offing delicate Bambi-like progressives who were just standing on the corner minding their own business. 

It was that stupid line which caused me to write this blog post. I like Moon’s books, but that line took the gold in the thousand meter moron.

And the second, which involves a level of dumb that's just amazing:
And can keep people from knowing there’s someone going around shooting people, so they’re easier to shoot, and nobody knows it’s happening.

Sure, if you’re dealing with TV assassins using action movie physics. Those Redneck Ninja Death Squads are elite operators.

No witnesses, no investigations, no prosecutions.

“What do we have here, Sergeant?”
“Well, Detective, we’ve got a body with multiple gunshot wounds, there’s shell casings over there, we’ve got eye witnesses, security camera footage from the surrounding buildings, cell phone footage from the bystanders, and a bunch of other pieces of forensic evidence… But nobody actually HEARD the gunshots due to the whopping 28 decibels of reduction. So we’ve got no case.”
“Okay, cool. I’m just going to call it a day. Praise Trump.”
“Praise Trump.”
Seriously, because someone used a can No witnesses, no investigations, no prosecutions?   That's just...Jeez.

Go read it all, and- assuming you don't already- you'll know more about suppressors than most of the screaming weenies put together.

Well, we'll see how this works

I have a problem with the 1911 as a carry pistol: the thumb safety.

This isn't because it's a bad design; it's because the bloody arthritis causes my thumb to sometimes have problems working it.  Particularly on a draw stroke.  So did a little digging, and finally decided to order one of these

for my pistol.  It's a safety with the lever your thumb works located much lower than the standard.  I dug around for reviews, and overall they were good*. 

Hopefully, this'll be a good, durable part and will take care of the problem.

*There'll always be some bad ones, on anything, and there were only a few bad ones on the construction/mechanical side.

They're this spooked by objects,

I'm amazed Australians can survive there.
“The training ammunition is to be treated as a dangerous item if found and members of the public are urged not pick up or handle the training ammunition.
Four rounds of 9mm ball.  Jeez.

The NYeffingTimes: all the news they want you to see, the way they want you to see it.

And Germany is probably screwed.

From the Brit Antifa:
A fringe event at Labour conference has heard calls to expel Jewish activists from the party, while a speaker compared Israel to Nazis and the audience was banned from tweeting in an attempt to silence “hostile” coverage. The room echoed its agreement as a speaker protested that the Jewish Labour Movement was given a campaigning awarded yesterday, instead calling for the group and Labour Friends of Israel to be “kicked out” of the party. A speaker, Miko Peled, said Israel and Israelis should not be treated differently to white South Africans during Apartheid or Nazis. He claimed Israel was committing “genocide” in Gaza. He said those present should stop calling Israel by its name, a view taken up by other speakers who then referred to it only as “the Zionist state”. The notorious Tony Greenstein, who was suspended by Labour for ranting about “Zionist scum” was applauded, and there were cheers for Ken Livingstone.

"You won't ban speech we don't like?  We'll sue!"
"You lose."

Monday, September 25, 2017

One Sanders supporter, attemted mass-murderer;

another one likes the idea of opponents raped and tortured.

Until she catches static.  Then it's 'just a thought, just metaphorical'.


Also this:
 "She flies her private jet on a very frequent basis which is causing the death and destruction of the most vulnerable and poorest nations on earth," Marracco wrote.
Wonder if she thinks the same way about leftist celebritutes and politicians on private planes?

God knows what's in hiding under other temples

In 2003, a tunnel was discovered beneath the Feathered Serpent pyramid in the ruins of Teotihuacan, the ancient city in Mexico. Undisturbed for 1,800 years, the sealed-off passage was found to contain thousands of extraordinary treasures lying exactly where they had first been placed as ritual offerings to the gods. Items unearthed included greenstone crocodile teeth, crystals shaped into eyes, and sculptures of jaguars ready to pounce. Even more remarkable was a miniature mountainous landscape, 17 metres underground, with tiny pools of liquid mercury representing lakes. The walls of the tunnel were found to have been carefully impregnated with powdered pyrite, or fool’s gold, to give the effect in firelight of standing under a galaxy of stars.
So a tunnel about 55 feet underground, with all this, starting with the labor and design to make the place.

It's not an education industry,

it's a 'Loot students and parents to pay for pensions' industry.
As parents and students start writing checks for the first in-state tuition hike in seven years at the University of California, they hope the extra money will buy a better education.

But a big chunk of that new money — perhaps tens of millions of dollars — will go to pay for the faculty’s increasingly generous retirements.

Last year, more than 5,400 UC retirees received pensions over $100,000. Someone without a pension would need savings between $2 million and $3 million to guarantee a similar income in retirement.
Bad enough, right? 
But wait!  There's MORE!
The number of UC retirees collecting six-figure pensions has increased 60% since 2012, a Times analysis of university data shows. Nearly three dozen received pensions in excess of $300,000 last year, four times as many as in 2012. Among those joining the top echelon was former UC President Mark Yudof, who worked at the university for only seven years — including one year on paid sabbatical and another in which he taught one class per semester.

So, how'd it get this bad?  I'd say because a bunch of people figured "We can always scr- ah, make the students pay for it."
UC’s pension problem, while not unique, is distinctly self-inflicted. In 1990, administrators there stopped making contributions for 20 years, even as their investments foundered, leaving a jaw-dropping bill for the next generation — which has now arrived.
Kids, you want to fix this?  Screw college, get a job in the skilled trades.  Yeah, you'll get hot and dirty in some of them, but you know what? 

Dirt and sweat wash off.  And when you've cleaned up, and go out somewhere, your money spends just as well as that of someone stuck in a cubicle farm, and you'll have much more of it than some multi-degreed barista.  AND you'll have the pleasure of not paying for hundreds of thousands in student loans to support the parasites running the colleges.

If you're not sure how to get started looking for that kind of training and work, I suggest get hold of this guy.

Them Egyptians was busy folks,

was they not?
The new evidence shows that thousands of laborers transported 170,000 tons of limestone along the River Nile in wooden boats built with planks and rope.

The 2.5-ton blocks were ferried through a system of specially designed canals before arriving at an inland port built just yards away from the base of the Great Pyramid.
So the first thing built was canals and a port.  And when the pyramid was done, all that apparently filled in.  Damn.

Sunday, September 24, 2017