Saturday, February 02, 2019

Ah, the Brit police: they can't do anything about slavers and rape gangs, but cover your face

at the wrong time and they're right on your ass.
A man has been fined after refusing to be scanned by controversial facial recognition cameras being trialled by the Metropolitan Police. 

The force had put out a statement saying “anyone who declines to be scanned will not necessarily be viewed as suspicious”. However, witnesses said several people were stopped after covering their faces or pulling up hoods.
"How dare you hide your face from our non-compulsory activity!  You must be dealt with before the other commoners get ideas!"

Friday, February 01, 2019

Today was a definite improvement over the past few,

not being in the full effect of the Globular Warmering Polar Vortex here.  Still, getting late, so some relaxing study of new information is a good thing

Saturday night has come,

and it's been a quite nice day for February.  Here's data to celebrate

Well, this is interesting

While back read about this Russian sniper.  Now a couple of companies are making lookalikes, and you can get a AR barrel or complete upper for 9x39.  With Wolf making subsonic 278-grain ammo.

No.  I won't.  Had some expenses, and I do not need to add to them.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Say you're an antifa clown. Say you get shot for being effing stupid

(as in 'Take a gun to school, and pull it on the cops' stupid).  According to your asshole comrades They were a non-binary activist of color who did amazing work in their community and were gunned down in front of their children’s school.(can't say 'He', because patriarchy and sexist and effing idiots)

Then your asshole friends set bombs at the police station.

Yeah, that's going to go well.

Wonder what'll happen when they pull something like this in Portland and the cops there tell the chief "Fuck this 'don't arrest them', and fuck you, they're trying to kill us!" ?

'Terrorism suspect' in (formerly Great)Britain: someone buying a tool

If you see something suspicious, like someone buying knives, hammers and other objects that could be used to cause harm - ACT.

Reporting it won't ruin lives, but it might save them
"Comrades, be a good citizen!  Inform on your friends and people on the street!"

And that 'won't ruin lives' crap?  Asshats, you're putting people in jail for saying something you don't like on social media, and you expect people to believe that reporting someone as a possible terrorist won't cause problems?
"I saw this man buying a big knife/hammer/pruning tool with sharp edge, he might be up to something!"  "This woman was buying chemicals, she may be building a bomb!"  Oh yeah, that'll work.  Not to mention the possibilities for, say, a bitter ex or disgruntled coworker to screw you.

I fear it's past the 'spinning in their graves' point, a lot of old Brits are trying to move their coffin to somewhere else.  Because they're ashamed of what Britain has become.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Let us move to another level of stupid combined with 'Giving control of all this over to the experts

will save us from the Global Syndemic!'

What the hell is the Syndemic, you may ask?  Why, it's three connected pandemics that threaten us all:
Climate Change

And who's behind this evil?  Why, Big Food, of course!

And, as noted above, giving the experts like the international team of more than 40 experts control over our food and all connected with it will save us.

Everyone who reads this piece of crap and thinks "One more excuse for 'elites' to tell all the peasants how to live", raise your hand.

Damn, that created quite a breeze.

The research team – co-chaired by Swinburn and obesity prevention researcher William Dietz from George Washington University – began investigating their project three years ago, initially with a sole mandate to explore the drivers of obesity. 

It was only when they zoomed out on the seemingly intractable nature of the dilemma that the bigger, over-arching issue – The Global Syndemic – came into focus.
You'll notice that there's zero mention that bullshit nutritional science from experts that told us meat and fat were bad and to eat carbohydrates is behind a lot of the obesity problem; they're EXPERTS, and cannot be wrong!

And this prize line from the author:
Of course, not everybody agrees with the villainous characterisation of Big Food's key players; specifically, disagreement comes from their spokespersons.
Yeah, nobody else would have any problem with it, right?

I have no idea who Dockrill is, but I've a pretty good idea what he is.  And there may be a helicopter ride in his future.

Portland, where your kids and tax money are tools for the unions and Democrats

(but I repeat myself):
Public documents obtained by a Portland attorney reveal that Portland Public School staff, planned, executed and paid for what the media and the school district branded as a ‘student’ anti-Second Amendment protest last March 14th.
In response to a Public Records Act request, PPS has now released documents showing that the demonstrations were organized by PPS, and involved a massive dedication of school resources.  From the School Board (which passed a resolution calling for a ban on the possession of all semi-automatic weapons) on down to the individual schools (which reprogrammed class bells to create a special protest period, so no one would have to be marked absent from class), the entire Administration organized itself to undermine the core of our Constitutional republic.
And I guarantee that any parent or kid challenging this will be made into the devil by these asshats.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The States and the crooks & terrorists have guns, and none of them want the commoners to have them;

good reason for lots of people to say "Screw you."
The reason why Europeans are stockpiling arms is understandable: With terrorism came a growing sense of insecurity. Soldiers may be patrolling the big streets, but they cannot be everywhere. Furthermore, terrorist attacks can happen in small towns where police aren’t on high alert, such as the Carcassone and Trèbes attack in France in March 2018, which killed five, the Normandy church attack in France in July 2016, where one person was killed, or the Würzburg train attack of July 2016 in Germany, which resulted in five people being injured with an ax.
Throw in all the other attacks that some countries make a point of not talking about whenever possible(Hello, Sweden!), and you have a bunch of people saying to each other "The cops and military probably won't be here when it happens, we need some way to fight the bastards ourselves."  With most governments(with the exception of a few, like the Czechs) trying hard to prevent them having anything.  The EUnuchs in particular flat hate the idea; the commoners are supposed to do what they're told and depend totally on the State for protection.

Sooner or later there's going to be an attack and some citizen with a non-legal gun(and there are already a LOT of them) is going to whack one or more bad guys, and the EUnuchs and national government is going to have fits and try to throw them in a cell forever, and it's going to get real sporty from there.

The level of stupid we're at: "This is a picture of coal miners, but

it reminds me of blackface, therefore is offensive, and should be removed if you care about People of Colour!"

No, I'm not kidding:
For me, the coal miners disappeared and a film honored for its artistic merit, despite being the most racist propaganda films ever, D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation” (1915) surfaces, in which white actors appeared in blackface. The white owner saw coal miners in the photograph. Therefore, it was not offensive.

Fact: The photograph shows coal miners’ faces covered in soot. The context of the photograph is not the issue.
'The facts do not matter, my feelings do!"  Definitely a Occasional-Cortex voter here.

This is his idea of 'offensive blackface'

Know what I'm offended by?  Assholes who look for offense in everything.  Because they'll always be offended, and demand everyone else change everything to accommodate them.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Know what's missing from this story?

As further reported, Judge Fufidio found that sworn testimony of arresting Rye City Police officers was not borne out by police video camera and microphone evidence, and a recording from Rose’s cell phone.

As this column pointed out, Westchester County Assistant District Attorney Kevin Jones also made a significant misrepresentation of the facts in his Affirmation in Opposition to Rose’s motions. That, along with police testimony that misstated what was documented in the arrest record transcript, made it appear that the defendant was the one playing fast and loose with the truth, instead of his accusers and the prosecutor.
Three things:
The perjury charges against the cops and the prosecutors.
The prosecutors being disbarred.
Qualified immunity being yanked from both so they'd have to pay damages out of their own pockets.

The Brits have the same 'Elites wanting to run our lives and crap on us

every step of the way' problems.  Assuming the leadership of both parties had any brains, they'd read this and pay attention.

A: She's lying.
When Ms. Omar’s controversy erupted again this week, she went on CNN Newsroom and said, “I don’t know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish Americans,” when asked about her anti-Semitic tweet calling Israel “evil. For her bigotry, Rep. Omar was rewarded by Democratic leadership with a position on the House Foreign Affairs committee. I suppose the Jews hypnotic power didn’t work.
B: She's got lots of company.

Y'know, if these people ever step over that line and alienate most Jewish support, the Democrats will be in serious trouble.  However, that would require said Jews to decide that the left's hatred of them is more important than The Party and socialism.  Which, with an awful lot of them, will never happen.

Few days back, during the initial screaming over the 'evil Trump teens abusing sainted Native American elder!' crap, guy I know posted something about how horrible and nasty the teens were, with several people agreeing.  I'd seen something that morning, a post from someone about "This is not what it seemed at first"; hadn't really paid attention to it, but went back and took a look.  So I forwarded it to him.  Was dismissed as 'Proves the case!'

So I dug around and found several pieces on this and forwarded a couple to him, one being from the Washington Times if I recall correctly.  All dismissed as 'bullshit blog posts', and why do I only comment on his stuff if I'm 'defending white people or about guns, and do I know what that looks like?'

I gave up.  Wonder if the unpleasant fact of being played ever got through, or if he's still pushing 'evil Trump teens'?

Sunday, January 27, 2019

"Can't stop the signal, Mal."

Whether it's passing it on, or creating a new one.

Yes, the hoplophobes and gun bigots will crap and scream.  They'll want to ban it.  And someone will come up with something else.