Saturday, June 17, 2023

Friday, June 16, 2023

I will probably be fairly tied up the next few days, but I did get the 6th eve data put together,

and as the Joker said, "Here. We. Go."

Another story changes, bringing up the simple question "Of all the stuff they've told us,

what CAN we believe?"
D’Antuono’s bluster notwithstanding, his office conducted a halfhearted inquiry at best. And now the public knows why. During an interview with the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month, D’Antuono disputed claims the bombs were planted to divert law enforcement presence away from the Capitol just before protesters assembled outside the building, a view commonly shared at the time.

Not only did the FBI fail to identify the individual, D’Antuono admitted the FBI does not even know the “gender” of the bomber. He also backtracked on numerous public statements insisting the devices were viable, indeed, deadly. Pressed by Rep. Tom Massie (R-Ky.) to explain how the bombs were operable considering the use of a one-hour kitchen timer attached to the metal tube, D’Antuono admitted that they couldn’t have detonated during January 6. “I don’t know when they were supposed to go off. Maybe they weren’t supposed to go off.”

Oh yes, there's more.

Well, Space Force seems to be properly screwed by politicians in uniform

Space Force veteran Lt. Col Matt Lohmeier — who was relieved of command after he said on a conservative podcast that Marxism was infiltrating the U.S. military — argued in a tweet that Burt had actually done what he was fired for doing.

“I was once fired from command in the @SpaceForceDoD for allegedly ‘being politically partisan while acting in an official capacity.’ That allegation was totally false,” he said. “Lt. Gen. Burt here demonstrates what being politically partisan while acting in an official capacity really looks like.”

It seems that laws preventing a kid from being physically transitioned is "...a trend that could be dangerous for service members, their families, and the readiness of the force as a whole.”  Therefore, etc.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

"If you defend this guy we don't like, we'll try to get you disbarred!"

Which, as Insty says, probably comes under the heading of a conspiracy to deprive someone of legal counsel, which I think is criminal.  If they're a lawyer, it's definitely unethical and ought to get THEM disbarred.

And, as usual, if they can do it to Trump they can do it to anybody else they're pissy about.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

"My remarks were focused on promoting inclusion."

Said 'inclusion' apparently being "Give up your disgusting religious beliefs because they're bad."

Ever notice that female officials with one side of their head shaved tend to come out with crap like this?

Since the previous post brought the subject up, let's look at a journal dumping an article

to please the screamers.
An alarming recent event highlights the vulnerability of the scientific endeavor to politics. ASB is a primary target for activist researchers who will not tolerate dissent from their views, and a months-long campaign by activists to pressure Springer Nature into retracting an ASB paper that they didn’t like has culminated in success. While the activists’ desire to censor inconvenient research should come as no surprise, Springer Nature’s capitulation to their demands represents a profound betrayal of scientific integrity and the publisher’s commitment to truth.

The paper in question, “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Parent Reports on 1655 Possible Cases,” was authored by researchers Suzanna Diaz (a pseudonym) and Michael Bailey and published in ASB on March 29. Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD), a newly proposed pathway to gender dysphoria, was first described by the researcher Lisa Littman in 2018; the theory may help explain the documented surge in cases of gender dysphoria among adolescents and young adults who had previously exhibited no gender-related issues. Littman proposed and provided supporting evidence that social factors have at least partly caused the surge, especially among girls.(bold mine)

Such a hypothesis might appear plausible, or at least a straightforward empirical matter to be decided through evidence-based examination. But it violates the dominant narrative favored by medicalization activists that the rise in trans identities stems from an increase in societal acceptance of “gender diversity.” Evidence supporting ROGD would call into question the “gender-affirming” model of care, an approach premised on the notion that kids can know their “gender identity” from very early on and will rarely, if ever, change their minds about it. ...
A short version would be "Thou shalt not publish papers that might disprove the Preferred Narrative™!"  And the cowards that go along with it.

I imagine the activists and idiots will accuse the Brits of genocide for this

Britain is banning the use of puberty blockers for children, with the nation opting to only allow the drugs to be used for research purposes. Such drugs are routinely available and increasingly prescribed in the United States.
After a period of acting as the activists wish, they realized just what damage was being done to kids and actually said "We're not doing this anymore."  Couple of other countries are doing the same, for the same reasons.  

Why 'genocide'?  Because some of the activist assholes are calling basically anything that prevents a confused kid from starting these drugs and other such treatments that.  Because they're either idiots or evil.

I'd imagine this is causing some teeth-gnashing in DC

This is on the case against the ATF's 'your wrist-braced pistol is now a SBR' action:
In her prior order granting the preliminary injunction, U.S. District Judge Jane J. Boyle wrote; “The Court grants in part the Motion and issues a preliminary injunction as to Plaintiffs in this case only,” leaving a question as to whether the injunction applied to members of SAF. Late Thursday, SAF filed a motion to clarify the scope of the injunction. Friday, Judge Boyle clarified the prior order with a new order and in a docket entry which stated;

“The Court confirms that its Preliminary Injunction Order applies to both the Second Amendment Foundation, Inc. and its members.”

I'd say this is definitely not going as the .gov hoped

Monday, June 12, 2023

And he was generous enough to provide video

evidence for his trial.

To every "Calling it 'Wuhan' or a 'Chinese virus' is racist!" clown, also those calling the lab-leak idea

racist and stupid and so forth, I'll borrow the statement of a guy I know: "Fuck you, we were right."
Scientists in Wuhan working alongside the Chinese military were combining the world’s most deadly coronaviruses to create a new mutant virus just as the pandemic began.

Investigators who scrutinised top-secret intercepted communications and scientific research believe Chinese scientists were running a covert project of dangerous experiments, which caused a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and started the Covid-19 outbreak.

The US investigators say one of the reasons there is no published information on the work is because it was done in collaboration with researchers from the Chinese military, which was funding it and which, they say, was pursuing bioweapons.

Not to mention a bunch of people in this country(cough-Fauci and Company) who should be held responsible for their part in this crap.
The facility, which had started hunting the origins of the Sars virus in 2003, attracted US government funding through a New York-based charity whose president was a British-born and educated zoologist. America’s leading coronavirus scientist shared cutting-edge virus manipulation techniques.

The institute was engaged in increasingly risky experiments on coronaviruses it gathered from bat caves in southern China. Initially, it made its findings public and argued the associated risks were justified because the work might help science develop vaccines.

Well, we have vaccines for this.  They're crap.  And  this also covers why they were so fast in developing them, they were already working on them.

The whole article at the London Times is paywalled, more of it or others should be available soon.

"Your Honor, the defense should not be allowed to tell the jury about any of the things

they might use in their defense.  Because."

More and more, I don't trust much of ANYONE connected to the federal government and the 'Justice' Department.  

Sunday, June 11, 2023

I hadn't thought of that, but it could be argued that 'coming out' as transgender

is the new anorexia.

Also, with a bunch of the activist assholes,

Well, some places ARE properly described

as shitholes.  

Step into the ocean, you are not at the top of the food chain

A man was eaten alive by a shark Thursday while swimming near an Egyptian resort in the Red Sea as horrified bystanders looked on, according to video footage and reports.