Friday, October 20, 2006

A piece on the Oklahoma City Bombing case

KTOK had this today: FBI documents reveal how the government had reported contact with the Southern Poverty Law Center and its alleged undercover operative at Elohim City before the Oklahoma City bombing, even though SPLC director Morris Dees denies any such knowledge of an operation.

They've got audio links on their on-air report, and the interview with Dees, who's apparently playing Sgt. Schultz and 'knows NOTHING!'. Yet we read His denial came Thursday in an interview with KTOK news. Yet the FBI memos released last year to Salt Lake City attorney Jess Trentadue in a Freedom of Information request contain dozens of references to the SPLC and its role in an undercover operation aimed against the white supremacists at Elohim City, a right wing compound frequented by bomber Tim McVeigh and others.
In a 1993 news conference in southeast Oklahoma, Dees talked of Tim McVeigh and Elohim City. Yet in Oklahoma City this week, he said he 'knew zip about Elohim City'.

I haven't had any respect for Dees for a long time; he's one of the people who was really pushing "The militias are coming!" crap in the 1980's, and whatever he may once have been he's a standard issue-hustling lawyer now. There's been a lot of stuff in the past reports on this, and this would further seem to show Dees is not telling the truth about this. Which makes me wonder what else he's not being forthcoming about in connection with this.

They've also got a link to the memos themselves.

In case Kim can't get to it, here's a Righteous Shooting

Masked Man Meets Match, or as I would put it, "Don't (bleep) with the ladies".

Dirtbag enters liquor store and demands money from 84-year old lady as owners wife walks in. "My wife told him his ski mask was crooked, she can't stand things like that, and to get on the other side of the counter and she'd give him the money," said Bob Almond, owner of the liquor store who was at home at the time.

"He told her he was going to blow her heart out," Almond said. "She's just had a triple bypass, and she told him it wasn't very good anyway."
Ever heard a nicer way of telling someone to kiss your ass?

Sheila Almond opened the cash register to get the money and pulled out a .38 revolver and shot the robber in the shoulder. He continued to go for the money.

When the shot didn't slow the assailant down, Almond got reinforcements. She told an employee to "Bring her Baby, that's what we call the shotgun," her husband said.

Sheila Almond then shot the robber in the abdomen.

If you ain't cheering, what's wrong with you?

Guy Wade Buck, 50, was flown to a Texarkana hospital and remains in critical condition, according to OSBI.

And just to top it off? The gun turned out to be a plastic air gun, OSBI officials said.

I know, he's not dead. At least not yet. But he definately counts as stomped on.

Well, I'm cleaned out for the weekend

Physically, due to lunch. I was taking care of some things and since I was nearby decided to try a Thai restaurant on 23rd near the capitol. By the time lunch was over I'd gone through about 1/4 of a tree in napkins to blow my nose and wipe off my face. No, not with the same napkins. If you asked me what I had I'd have to reply "Uh, vegetables and meat cooked together" because nothing was labeled. I have discovered two things about Thai cooking:
Yes, some of it IS that hot, and
Damn, it was good.

Happily, the first place I hit after that was the library, which has a bathroom, because my system informed me of the need to purge itself. I don't think it etched the porcelain in the bowl, but I didn't look all that close.

Speaking of hot, apparently I raise wussy habanero chilis. The plant I had last year and this one both. Don't get me wrong, they're hot, and they add a wonderful flavor to things, but they're more 'good hot jalapeno' hot than "I'm comin', Elizabeth!" hot. I mean, habaneros are supposed to be 'eat one and you could blow Andrew Sullivan and not have to worry about social diseases' hot, and these aren't. Not that I'd want to do that in any case.

These were just labeled 'habenero', so the places that carry them here may have the mild-to-standard level chilis instead of the 'death to the gringos' varieties. I'll have to check next spring and maybe order some of the more WMD variety to see how they come out.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

So much for 'free speech' in Britain

If there was any doubt left: Man convicted for anti Muslim banner

A protest in London against the publication of a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed as a terrorist incensed an Aberporth man, who painted an anti-Muslim slogan on a white sheet and draped it over his garden fence.

The words in bold red paint stated: "Kill all Muslims who threaten us and our way of life. Enoch Powell was right."
Harshly put, but his opinion, right?

Yeah, for which he was arrested and prosecuted for 'religiously aggravated disorderly conduct'.

He had some good questions for the court, I think:
And referring to MP Jack Straw questioning whether Muslim women should wear face veils he asked: "Are you going to arrest him?"

When prosecutor Maggie Hughes pointed out that the banner did not mention extremists Mathewson said: "That's what I meant by those who threaten us and our way of life.'"

Adding that during the protest in London a Muslim was dressed as a suicide bomber he asked: "Why was he not arrested?"

As to who complained, it was a neighbor. Why?
One of his neighbours, a retired Army officer with 23 years service, told the court he reported the matter to the police because he feared a visit from Muslim extremists.
"This could have come to the attention of Islamic extremists, and we could have had a visitation," he said.

There it is, nice and simple and out front: If you upset the muslims they may come here and burn down the place. And kill us.

Prosecute the muslims who demand death for anyone who offends them? Good Lord, no, what kid of racist are you? But say something that might upset their tender feelings? Off to jail with you, sir; we don't allow that kind of thing here.

I think the term is 'travesty of justice'.

Additional: I forgot to note the words of the magistrate: Finding Mathewson guilty presiding magistrate Anne Rees said she and her colleagues felt the words on the banner were likely to cause someone distress, and they did not find it as reasonable.
Oh, God, words that might 'cause distress', that an official 'doesn't find reasonable...

Too good to not pass on

stolen from
found at Rodger's place

Sometimes is a phrase in the report that's most important

A lot of people have written about the attacks on the police in France by gangs of youths, mainly of North African descent. Well, I found an article in the Telegraph titled 'Crisis talks over gang attacks on police. Here's the line that I think is important:
amid news that gangs of youths, mainly of North African descent, were intensifying attacks on police.

Key words: intensifying attacks. Which acknowledges that attacks have been ongoing and are getting worse. The article describes something that's happening more and more, an organized ambush of police.

Next step? They'll start using the weapons they've been holding back with. And they've got them. There was an article about two years ago about the developing problems of how islamic groups were stealing luxury cars and smuggling them to eastern Europe to sell, in some cases taking weapons- from rifles to machine guns to RPGs- as payment and then using those back 'home' in France to commit robberies. From that and other sources they've got serious weapons, the question is why haven't they used them yet?

At a guess, they're not ready to take on the national government. Yet. So they hold back the more aggressive groups, either with words or by keeping the arms from them for now. And when they think they are ready, then there'll be open guerilla warfare in the streets. Which could mean that incidents like that noted in the article aren't just an attack on the police, they're a training exercise.

Which means that I hope Kim's reports on stores in France are correct, because they're likely to need them.

The World Council of Churches sticks its fat behind out again

and farts out this mess. One of the warning signs:Secondly, some civil society organizations have called for a moratorium on nanotech research and new commercial products until such time as laboratory protocols and regulatory regimes are in place to protect workers and consumers, and until these materials are shown to be safe. Emphasis mine.

I think that's called the 'precautionary principle': everything must be proven 'safe' before it's allowed. And it's one of the most idiotic and dangerous concepts around. How the hell do you prove something 'safe'? Especially when the people in charge can change the definition as it suits them? That alone is a recipe to destroy research.

And here's the kicker: The international community must create a new United Nations body with the mandate to track, evaluate and accept or reject new technologies and their products through an International Convention on the Evaluation of New Technologies (ICENT).

So a bunch of socialists who want to destroy research also want the UN to be in control of new tech and products? Surprise, surprise. And say goodbye to progress.

I think it was Poul Anderson(correction: Kevin reminds me it was Jerry Pournelle) wrote some books in the 60's that involved the CoDominium; basic idea was that the Soviets and us had divided everything up- in the name of 'stability'- and had- also in the holy name of stability- restricted all research: anyone found doing 'military-related' research without a government permit went to prison. And surprise, surprise, technology began to stagnate because when you really look at it almost anything could be said to be 'military-related'. So if you didn't have government approval you could find yourself arrested for doing research into whatever if some bureaucrat decided you'd violated the law, and if you go the permit it meant having a watcher over your shoulder every moment to see if you somehow violated those rules.

That's what the Euroweenies and luddites and Council of Churches wants, government weenies- from the UN no less- watching scientists for any sign of not holding to the precautionary principle or doing 'non-approved' research so they can control all research AND what 'products' are allowed to the peasants.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Differential tempering

Something I don't think I've mentioned before is differential tempering. I have mentioned hardening this way, where- as shown by the line on that blade- you only bring part of the blade up to critical temperature. I've always done large blades this way, and some small ones.

There is another way to get this effect, by doing the tempering from the back of the blade with some heat source that bleeds heat into the blade from that point only. This way you wind up with the cutting-edge area hard with the area further back being softer and tougher, more flexible.

Four ways to do this, all starting with a blade that has been fully hardened, then polished so the surface is smooth and shiny. This has to be done in a place with good light so you can see the colors moving through the blade(which is why this method sucks with either stainless or some highly alloyed steels; the colors don't show the same or don't correspond to temp the same way) and a container of either water or oil handy to cool it off at the right time.

First is to use a heavy block of steel or iron, or a heavy rod, brought up to a high temperature. You hold the blade with tongs and lay the back of it on the block. You'll need to move it back & forth to keep the heating even and not let it get too hot near the point. You keep working it and watching the color, and as the chosen color/hardness approaches the edge you quench it.

Second is to put a piece of heavy steel pipe over the forge, say 8-12" long and 4-6" diameter, cut in half lengthwise. The idea is the fire heats the pipe and you work the back of the blade over it.

Third is to use a torch. Use a fine flame you can work along the back of the blade, again watching the colors as you go.

Fourth involves a torch also, but with a different method. In this case you temper the blade in the oven to desired hardness, then set it up in a shallow pan of water with the edge beneath the surface. I've used hemostats and vise-grips to hold one in place for this, they allow a fair amount of adjustment of angle, plus can help stabilize the piece so it doesn't fall over.
When it's set up, you work the torch along the back. You still need to watch the colors- don't want to get the back too soft- but unless you're using a very shallow pan and an oxy-acetylene torch it's almost impossible to draw the temper of the edge down too much.

All work, all have their drawbacks. The torch is simpler, but it's real easy to get an area too hot. If you catch it in time you can quench the piece, then shine it back up & start over.

The block & pipe methods are slow, but you're a bit less likely to overheat the piece that way.

Any of these methods, you need to temper at least twice and preferably three times; it makes for the most even result. All will give you a blade with a hard edge and a softer, tougher back.


In this case I had several small blades to do, so I hardened them at the same time as this one. Two heats and quenches each. After they were all done and cooled off, I scrubbed them all with a good grease-cutting soap and put them in the oven at 375F and left them there for about 45 minutes. I always do this before any grinding/polishing; a quenched blade at full hardness can be amazingly brittle. So I give them a heat at a temp low enough to take the very edge of hardness off but not go beyond that point.

After that time I set them out to cool. Once cool I hit them with the belt sander to clean and shine up the surface. Then back into the oven at 375 again. Yeah, I just did that. Just in case the thermostat is off a bit I give them that heat again for 30 minutes. Note that these are small blades, for large and/or thick ones I'd give them a full hour. Then pull them out and check the color. It looks like it should, a barely-there yellow on these steels, I up the temp to 400 and put them back in for a half hour. With these blades that generally gets them where I want.

This is about the best I could get to show what I like for a blade like this, a medium to dark bronze color. With this steel that is hard enough to hold an edge well in use, not hard enough to chip or crack in use and not a big pain to sharpen

It depends, of course, on the use. Something like a throwing knife you'd want to temper down a lot more to a spring, probably somewhere around 450-500 and a dark purple/light blue(again, depending on steel). Something for fine cutting you want to stay sharp and don't mind taking time to touch up when it dulls, you can leave some at 375 for the temperature.

In any case, after the first full temp heat you set it out until it cools to ambient temperature, then back in the oven. Repeat until it's had three heating/cooling cycles at the chosen temperature, and after the last just turn the oven off and leave it in there until cold.

That should get the blade to a nice, even hardness.

And more from gun-free "We banned the nasty things" Britain

Girl, 14, accused of supplying machine guns

She was charged with possessing two revolvers, a Mac-10 machine gun and a second machine pistol.

A 16-year-old male youth was also accused of possessing a revolver with intent to endanger life, as well as drugs and CS sprays.

Well, so much for 'we banned them'.

An internal police report, revealed by the Observer newspaper on Sunday, painted a grim picture of the surge in gang warfare and "post-code killings" in London.

The report focuses on Hackney, where father-of-two Steven Nyembo-Ya-Muteba was murdered outside his home two weeks ago after asking a gang of youths to be quiet.
It says gun and knife crime in the north-east London borough is increasing more rapidly than anywhere in the capital.

The report, written by Superintendent Leroy Logan, highlights the "terrible acts of gratuitous violence" that have afflicted the area, "ending up in young people losing their lives or being badly injured, because they were visiting the area and were known by the local violent youth, showing the serious implications of district code warfare".

You think maybe?

"Don't make me kill you on a Friday"

That was one of the things an armed robber and murderer-to-be told a travel agent in Britain.

Mr Khokar, 28, a Muslim, said that Shah later announced: “I’m going to walk out of here with the money and I’m going to kill someone as well. Don’t make me kill you on a Friday.” He explained to Newcastle Crown Court that Friday was “the day of worship for every Muslim, a day of worship and a day of rest.”

Within minutes of issuing his threat, it is alleged that Shah — with two accomplices — left the premises and fired two shots from close range, hitting two unarmed women police officers who were outside the travel agents in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

So the holy day should not be sullied with murder- unless it's a cop about to arrest you- but armed robbery is just peachy. Ol' Muhammed would be proud.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reason #37825 not to trust the French

Peretz: French UNIFIL commanders say will shoot at IAF overflights

So the chickenshits won't even think about disarming Hizballah, or any of the other things of that type they're supposed to do, but they will threaten this? Probably because they know the Israelis, being civilized human beings, won't bomb their base just for opening their mouth and threatening whereas actually doing what they said they would about the fascists would actually be dangerous.

Since I'm already griping about politics,

take a look at this from the Times in Britain: Whites in the Deep South turn to law for equal rights on voting. Key pieces are first:
When Mr Brown, the head of the Democratic Party in this part of rural Mississippi, arrived in Macon 26 years ago, all but one of the county’s 44 elected officials were white. Today, only one is white: Ricky Walker, the county’s prosecuting attorney. He is also a Democrat, but alleges that when he sought re-election in 2003 Mr Brown recruited a black opponent — who was ineligible to run because he was from another part of the state — simply because he was white.

“That was racist,” Mr Walker says, sitting in his office on Main Street, Macon.

“He actively supports one Democrat over another, and they are always black. And he’s said he will get me sooner or later.”

“Mr Brown’s case does not surprise me,” said one lawyer who asked not to be named. “Blacks and whites are human. They tend to act the same way when they get into power.”

Mr Brown scoffs at Mr Walker’s contention that whites need protecting. He says that the case has been brought against him by the Bush Administration because he has been so successful at filling political posts with blacks.

Snork. Hmppfh. Er, excuse me, that last part kind of set off an allergic reaction.

And finally:
Whites such as Mr Walker run as Democrats, Mr Brown says, but they always vote Republican in presidential contests. Only blacks are reliably democratic. (my emphasis)

And ain't that last interesting?

One of the problems

with "I'll vote Democrat to kick the Republicans in the ass" is the slight problem that while I have no problem kicking the Rs in the ass, I don't want to kick myself in the balls in the process.

A good look at what will happen if the Democrats take both houses of Congress is this: Navy 'too weak' for big role in Korea blockade.

But senior Royal Navy officers last night cast serious doubt over Britain's ability to make a significant naval contribution to the proposed UN force, claiming that drastic cuts in government spending on the navy over the past decade had severely reduced their ability to participate in major foreign operations.

"I am staggered that the Government is trying to make this commitment when it knows what our Armed Forces are going through," a senior Royal Navy officer last night told The Daily Telegraph.

Take one good look at the record and words of Pelosi and Schumer & Co. and try to tell me they don't want to do the same thing to our Navy and Army and AF and Marines. That bastard Rangel- who will be head of the House Finance Committee if they take over- has flatly said he wants to cut off funding for the war. With troops in the field fighting the enemy, this piece of crap wants to cut off their ammo and food and medical supplies and everything. And he and his little friends will do that to every branch of the military. Which will eventually put us here:

But senior navy officers expressed deep concern about their ability to defend their ships against a hostile missile or fighter threat after a decision was enforced six months ago to scrap the Sea Harrier fighter.

As a result of government cutbacks any British ships deployed to the South China Sea to enforce the UN resolution would depend on the American or French navies to provide "beyond visual range" air defence with their aircraft carriers.
Except WE won't have that "beyond visual range" capacity either.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The politically correct BS we deal with

Digging around I found two articles, this one on the 'global warming is a given' mess and this one on the idiocy that Kevin calls "Do it again, only more!".

On the first, the point is that you've got a bunch of people out there who can't handle the idea that anyone actually questions their holy belief in human-caused climate change, so it's no longer just "No responsible scientist disagrees", now it's Others have suggested that climate change deniers should be put on trial in the future, Nuremberg-style, and made to account for their attempts to cover up the ‘global warming…Holocaust’ Got that? Disagreeing on 'climate change' is the same as denying the Holocaust happened.

And from there we get this from that renowned pot of crap called 60 minutes:
Earlier this year, when a correspondent for the American current affairs show 60 Minutes was asked why his various feature programmes on global warming did not include the views of global warming sceptics, he replied: ‘If I do an interview with Elie Wiesel, am I required as a journalist to find a Holocaust denier?’ Here, climate change deniers are explicitly painted as the bad guys. He also argued that, ‘This isn’t about politics...this is about sound science’, and went so far as to claim that it would be problematic even to air the views of climate change sceptics: ‘There comes a point in journalism where striving for balance becomes irresponsible.’ Which demonstrates why I don't watch that pot of crap anymore.

So looking for a balancing point of view on this has become 'irresponsible'.

Now I come to the second article, Grasping at guns:
Since Ms. Akerman's commentary, this paper has run half a dozen letters (and received perhaps a dozen more) from professors, psychologists, health care workers and gun control advocates all calling for a gun ban, or at least wondering aloud why ordinary people should be permitted to own such destructive objects.

Banning guns is one of the most common solutions offered by urban professionals, bureaucrats and special interests in the face of each new high-profile shooting.

But consider this: A week after the Dawson shootings, Britain was transfixed by its own similar shooting. Two 17-year-olds were shot in a South London McDonald's for disrespecting their attacker during a conversation. The shooter used a semi-automatic handgun.

Yet, there were no calls for a ban on civilian ownership of handguns. Why? Because Britain had already banned civilian handguns nearly a decade ago.

Every time some piece of walking garbage commits some atrocious crime we get the same thing from the same people, the 'simple' or 'radical' idea of "Let us ban guns". Which hasn't worked anywhere in the world, but they keep wanting to do it again, only more.

Don't you just love this crap?

Here's another good site

found through the usual roundabout.

Kim was talking about a forthcoming business trip which would mean a chance to meet someone in Tokyo whose site had a mention of a movie with breathtakingly Bad Movie Physics which leads to The Intuitor, which has a whole section on said Bad Physics.

Lots of good stuff there. It may help next time I get into one of those arguments.
Me: Cars don't explode when they hit something.
Them: Yes they do.
Me: Not possible.
Them: They why does it say the car 'burst into flames'? Huh? Huh?
Me: The tank ruptured and it caught fire, that doesn't mean it !(&*# exploded!
Them: Yes it does!
And so forth.

Ever have one of those with somebody? They saw some piece of idiocy in a movie, often involving firearms, and when you point out what BS it is, the fight's on. Or, in my case, some piece of absolute crap about swords or smithing.

In any case, good site(s) worth checking out. Now I just hope it stops raining enough that I can make it to the library before I have to head to work. Hoping that it won't be dripping all over me as I ride to work, for that matter.

Additional: by the way, I don't care who told you they saw a film, a katana CAN NOT cut through a gun barrel.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I was originally going to be down in Texas this weekend,

but due to transport troubles(not related to being rear-ended last week) wasn't able to do it. So got some stuff around the house and yard taken care of.

Today it's raining outside, started sometime during the night and hasn't stopped since. Nothing severe, varying from moderate to light, and temperature isn't cold. Just nothing can be done outside, so I've been cleaning inside and going through stuff. Until I decided this would be a good time to open a bottle of Dad's home brew.

He's not as much into experimenting as Steve, he's got a good recipe and sticks with it. I have to say, if I'd had any plans for intricate work they went out the window. This stuff will sneak up behind you and whack you good. As evidenced that I've had to backspace and correct a lot of spelling errors in the last few minutes.

Son called last night and spent about an hour on the phone. Mind you, he had his pc on an earplug on one side and a headset on the other talking to me, so I couldn't get too boring. Short version: classes started this week on his MOS, and the current DI is a bastard on PT. Also the further note that in Basic some guy offered to eat a (something) for the highest bid and got $25 bucks. As I recall anyway, I'm kind of fuzzy right now.

There was a small gun show in town this weekend, went by yesterday. Lots to look at, but the one guy that had what I'm really looking for- M1 Carbine parts- had prices that were slightly insane. So I'll see what I can find at Tulsa next weekend.

And now, if you'll excuse me,. I think I'll finish this glass and do something requiring very little in the way of motor skills.

I should also add, I tried Anarchangel's cookie recipe. Or his wife's recipie, whichever. Cut in half. The recipe, not the wife. Whatever. It was not bad at all. I think I'll have another to dilute the effect of the beer Dad brews.

And at this point I think the fact that I can type, let alone correct spelling errors, out to count for something.

BIG gun show comin'!

In specific, the Wanenmacher show in Tulsa. Something like four THOUSAND tables.

I'm gonna have to wear the real comfortable boots.

I've been trying to figure out how to put this

so it wouldn't look like I was either sucking up, hoping for free stuff, or possibly causing somebody to send them messages along the line of "Hey, where's MY stuff?".

However, I've decided this should be mentioned in any case. Among other things, I think most of the people who read this mess I put down are not the types to do such a thing.

In any case: at one time during Basic my son wrote to his mother and told her, among other things, that he wished he had some Gun Juice to use on his M16(A2 version; they only used the-A4 when training with the optical sight). So I wrote to Microlon and told them they could consider this a testimonial; Son remembered how well it worked on various firearm uses for our guns, and that when he was out of training and going to God knows where I wanted to get a 4oz. can for him.

The gentleman who answered said to contact him directly and he'd give me a break on the price. Woohoo! So when he graduated Basic I decided to order it so it'd be ready when the time came. Sent to the gentleman and said 'I want to go ahead and order it, how much for the can and shipping?" Response: "You've been fair in your reviews, good and bad, and besides, we like to support the troops", gave me a real break on the price AND threw in some of the assembly lubricant.

Not being connected with any professional publication and not having any advertising on this blog, I've been quite free to call something a piece of crap or good or in-between depending on what my personal results have been and word from other users without worrying about messing up a 'relationship' with anyone. This is both from personal use and their actions here: these are good folks.

General news roundup and thoughts

Hit a couple of Brit newspapers, and found a number of things:
Police want spy planes to patrol troubled estates, due to 'anti-social behaviour'. Like Earlier this month, a 60-year-old grandmother had to flee her Liverpool home when it was surrounded by a baying mob after she was identified as a witness in attempts to serve Asbos on a group of youths. Which I'd have thought would be a crime like witness intimidation or something.

Tories accuse Muslims of 'creating apartheid by shutting themselves off
, David Davis, the shadow home secretary, says that Britain risks social and religious divisions so profound that society's very foundations, such as the freedom of speech, will become "corroded" and that the perfect conditions for home-grown terrorism will be created. Two other bits from this summarize things nicely:
He said: "There is a growing feeling that the Muslim community is excessively sensitive to criticism, unwilling to engage in substantive debate. Much worse, is the feeling of some Muslim leaders that as a community they should be protected from criticism, argument, parody, satire and all the other challenges in a society that has free speech as its highest value. It is straightforward. I respect your religion, you respect mine and we all respect our laws. No special treatment." Responded to by the other side as:
Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "No group in modern Britain has been as systematically vilified in recent years in the media as British Muslims. To say this is to state a clear fact, it is not to be 'excessively sensitive' as Mr Davis suggests. We all as a society ought to uphold the right to free speech. However, that includes the right to protest peacefully against vilification and abuse."

I would point out to the Muslim Council that threatening to kill anybody who criticizes Islam and Muhammed doesn't quite count as 'peaceful protest', and pushing for laws to ban any criticism of your faith doesn't count as fairness, either.

On the subject of 'respecting all religeons' we have British Airways telling a lady she can't wear a crucifix, while It makes exceptions for Muslim and Sikh minorities by allowing them to wear hijabs and turbans.

Under rules drawn up by BA's 'diversity team' and 'uniform committee', Sikh employees can even wear the traditional iron bangle - even though this would usually be classed as jewellery - while Muslim workers are also allowed prayer breaks during work time.

And one more on specifically British issues, a piece of idiocy called Muslims are the new Jews. Oh yes, the calls for muslims to be sent to camps and gassed are in all the papers, haven't you heard? What? Oh, never mind, that's just in their worldview. Something about 'criticize islam or call us violent and we'll kill you' seems to be what we mostly hear about.

On the Norks we have this wonderful piece of news: THE North Korean regime’s obsession with racial purity has led to the killing of disabled infants and forced abortions for women suspected of conceiving their babies by Chinese fathers, according to a growing body of testimony from defectors.

The latest description of Kim Jong-il’s policy of state eugenics came from a North Korean doctor, Ri Kwang-chol, who escaped last year and told a forum in Seoul that babies with deformities were killed soon after birth.
Last time somebody did crap like this it tended to be by that Hitler fellow, and he specifically wanted to wipe out Jews as the start. But there's no muslims involved, so at least the writer for the Times can relax.

And I've got to end with this from the Telegraph, Edwards discovers the common touch. It seems that John Edwards(aka The Silky Pony), Mr Edwards, the Democrats' vice-presidential nominee in their narrow 2004 defeat, has staked out a position to the Left of Mrs Clinton as a critic of the Iraq war. and ...whose boyish looks and southern charm have earned him comparisons to Presidents Kennedy and Clinton... and In November 2005 in a move that boosted Mr Edwards's credibility with grassroots Democrats, he repudiated his senate vote authorising the use of force in Iraq and called for the withdrawal of US troops.

So once again we're going to hear about the 'working class' upbringing of this clown and he has made the eradication of poverty in America the centrepiece of his political manifesto and unashamedly positioned himself as the voice of the trade union movement, espousing traditional Democrat causes such as universal health care to the delight of many grassroots activists. and so forth. Which translates to "I'm going to suck up to the unions and the far-left nutcases and stick the governments hand so far into your pocket you'll have to petition for money to pay the rent, but hey, I'm already rich from being a scum-sucking lawyer who channels the spirit of dead children and my money is in tax shelters, so I'm not worried."

No, I don't like the bastard.