Saturday, October 17, 2009

Remember when the Missouri Information Analysis Center and the

Missouri Highway Patrol issued that BS report that us nutty Americans worried about taxes and illegal immigration and such are potential terrorists? It seems something interesting turned up when a group dug into who wrote it:
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s response to ALG’s Sunshine Law Request, “[b]ackground material was not retained by the author during drafting” and “[t]here is no record listing the individual who wrote the report.” In fact, the only record the state of Missouri apparently claims it has of the report was its single draft version.

“This is simply stunning,” said Wilson. “A federal-state intelligence center that is supposed to be collecting and disseminating actionable intelligence to law enforcement personnel sent out an accusatory report, but has no record of who authored it and how it was put together.”

Isn't that interesting? In a "We deny we know who-" kind of way? So either they were so sloppy and incompetent they don't even know who wrote this crap(doubtful) or they're so embarrassed and/or so worried about covering up who it was(quite possible) that they lied in the response.

These people ain't Officer Friendly, are they?

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