Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First, look at this list of some of the crap required to own a gun

in Western Australia; from what I understand it's worse in other territories. Then read this:
GUN violence is so out of control there are three shootings a week in Sydney and neighbourhoods are living in fear.
Opposition police spokesman Mike Gallacher said NSW was awash with handguns, which were being imported from overseas and then traded on Sydney streets.

"Criminals are getting their hands on illegally imported firearms," he said last night.

A frightening array of guns have been seized in the past month, including a .357 Magnum handgun and a .22 shortened rifle with silencer
Damn, it's that conflict with the Law of Supply and Demand again...
In one raid on September 9, police officers managed to seize five Colt M16 assault rifles, three Colt AR15 assault rifles, three 9mm assault rifles, a tactical assault rifle and seven 9mm handguns at Rosebery.
If the reporter has some of their nomenclature correct, there were three ARs and five actual M16 rifles, and since the select-fire stuff is even illegaler than the others, apparently the crooks just aren't obeying the law.

Although I wonder, what's the difference between a M16 and a 'tactical assault rifle'? It's even blacker?

And what the hell is a 'bikie-related drive-by'?

Found at Uncle and Keyboard and a .45


Arthur said...

I believe "bikie" = "biker". As in hell's angels type biker gangs, 'cept they talk funny. :P

PeterT said...

And drive on the wrong side of the road!