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Friday, April 05, 2019

Friday has arrived, and it's been a nice one,

so for your end of the day time,

Guy makes fantastic fossil find, and what do some asshats worry about?

Toxic Whiteness or something.
Some have raised concerns about cultural sensitivity, saying the story has been reported as one of a white ‘Indiana Jones-like’ character in the “lonely expanses” of North Dakota, obfuscating the existence and knowledge of the Indigenous people whose ancestral territory it is.
A: WHICH first immigrants?  They didn't just appear on one parcel of land and stay there forever, y'know.
B: NOBODY knew these were there until he found them.
C: Incredible find with huge implications, and you bitch and whine about this?


This idiocy is not going to end well

Bigoted leftist harasses and threatens a man for wearing a Trump hat.  Bad enough.  Then the 'Human Relations Commissioner' of the city adds to it.

The bigot was upset because 'there were other white people in there and they weren't yelling at him!'  I wonder what level breakdown she'll have if Trump wins again(which she's working hard to ensure)?

Added: story just got better: guy's a Jew who's rather pissed at being called a nazi.  And the bigot got fired.

Thursday, April 04, 2019

I've been reading some of the response to Californicated crying "PLEASE grant us a stay

to keep the evil magazines from our state while we appeal!", and it looks like Becerra is still being beaten like the proverbial rented mule.  One part, and pay special attention to the bit about the 9th Circus:
That, people, is a first-class kick in the balls to not just Becerra but to all the other states with magazine bans, and it can move on to put a boot up their ass on 'assault weapon' bans as well.  This is going to get real interesting.

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

In the spirit of "Can't stop the signal, Mal", I present(once again)

Phil Luty's '', with plans for a subgun made from scrap with home workshop level tools.

This serves multiple purposes:
1: It spreads the plans around some more.
2: It will REALLY piss off the assholes in the UK for people to see them, and read a bit of how they screwed this man.
3: You can use this to demonstrate something to anyone you know who's having fits over the Californicated mag ban being thrown out: that, at base, a magazine is a rectangular sheet-metal tube with a bottom, a spring, a piece over the spring, and the open end bent partially closed.  Show that to them, and ask if they actually think they can ban that?

The latest on that disgusting mess in Waco

at the restaurant:
All remaining criminal cases will be dismissed from the 2015 Twin Peaks biker shootout that left nine dead and 20 injured, prosecutors said Tuesday, ending a four-year prosecutorial fiasco that resulted in zero convictions.

McLennan County District Attorney Barry Johnson said he will dismiss the remaining 24 criminal cases to “end this nightmare that we have been dealing with in this county since May 17, 2015.”
Which apparently means no criminal charges on the DA and cops involved in screwing this up so badly.

While the criminal cases will be dismissed, more than 130 of the bikers have civil rights lawsuits pending against Reyna, former Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, the city of Waco, McLennan County and individual local and state officers who were involved in the arrests.
I'm not holding my breath, but I'm hoping some form of justice comes out of the civil suits.

To those who want the Brit NHS to come to the US:

Screw you.
Wait times for cancer treatment -- where timeliness can be a matter of life and death -- are also far too lengthy. According to January NHS England data, almost 25% of cancer patients didn't start treatment on time despite an urgent referral by their primary care doctor. That's the worst performance since records began in 2009.

And keep in mind that "on time" for the NHS is already 62 days after referral.

Unsurprisingly, British cancer patients fare worse than those in the United States. Only 81% of breast cancer patients in the United Kingdom live at least five years after diagnosis, compared to 89% in the United States. Just 83% of patients in the United Kingdom live five years after a prostate cancer diagnosis, versus 97% here in America.
Year or two back it was noted that in Canada, if you're diagnosed with cancer and the doc says "You need a MRI/CAT scan soon as possible", that gets you on a waiting list.  It was taking TEN WEEKS for a lot of people to get that scan.  With cancer that's easily the difference between a fairly quick surgery or other treatment, and either drastic treatment or death.

The NHS also routinely denies patients access to treatment. More than half of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, which plan and commission health services within their local regions, are rationing cataract surgery. They call it a procedure of "limited clinical value."
Many Clinical Commissioning Groups are also rationing hip and knee replacements, glucose monitors for diabetes patients, and hernia surgery by placing the same "limited clinical value" label on them.
"You're only going to be blind/crippled, and you don't need to get around that much, so you don't actually NEED this."  Or something like that.

You want this kind of crap here?  I don't.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

This is even more of a reaming than I thought. This is a federal judge

telling the Californicated AG he's full of shit:
The Attorney General names five additional states that enacted firing-capacity restrictions in the 1930s with capacity limits less than 10 rounds. But he is not entirely accurate. His first example is not an example, at all. For his first example, he says that, “[i]n 1933, South Dakota banned any ‘weapon from which more than five shots or bullets may be rapidly or automatically, or semi-automatically discharged from a magazine [by a single function of the firing device].’” Def’s Oppo. (4/9/18) at 4 (emphasis in original). Actually, this was not a ban. This was South Dakota’s definition of a machine gun
That is legalese for ” You got caught lying to a judge.”
The Attorney General’s second example of a longstanding firing-capacity prohibition is a Virginia ban enacted in 1934. However, like the first South Dakota example, the second example is not an example, at all. The Attorney General describes the law as a ban on firearms that discharge seven rounds rapidly. It is not ban. It also defines “machine gun.”
This one is: “You got caught lying to a judge again.”
The third cited example is like the first two. It is an Act passed by the South Carolina legislature in 1934 titled, An Act Regulating the Use and Possession of Machine Guns. Ex. E to Def.’s Request for Judicial Notice (filed 4/9/18). These three statutes are examples of machine gun bans that are prohibited because of their ability to continuously fire rounds with a single trigger pull, rather than their overall firing-capacity.
Third time is the charm.
"You either did not realize what you were quoting, or you lied about what it was." 

And on them claiming 'not in common use',
To the extent that magazines holding more than 10 rounds may be less common within California, it would likely be the result of the State long criminalizing the buying, selling, importing, and manufacturing of these magazines. Saying that large capacity magazines are uncommon because they have been banned for so long is something of a tautology. It cannot be used as constitutional support for further banning. See Friedman v. City of Highland Park, Illinois, 784 F.3d 406, 409 (7th Cir. 2015) (“Yet it would be absurd to say that the reason why a particular weapon can be banned is that there is a statute banning it, so that it isn’t commonly used. A law’s existence can’t be the source of its own constitutional validity.

If Californicated doesn't try for the 9th Circuit, this is going to be used to whack on every state or city with such bans starting right away.  If they do go to the 9th,
9th agrees with CA, it goes to the Supremes.  Where they're likely to say "Benitez was right, deal with it."
9th agrees with Benitez, and Californicated and the other ban states are nailed right then.

This will be interesting.

Two more posts on the subject at GFZ here and here.

Monday, April 01, 2019

After that court declared Californicated's magazine ban unconstitutional

(in very blunt language), places like Palmetto are selling out.

I hope that knowledge is giving every gun bigot out there a fine case of hemorrhoids.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Crap like this is why 'hate crime' has come to mean

"What bullshit are we supposed to buy into now?"
One of the bits in this stew of crap:
...Andrew Lucht, a Portland resident who wrote a viral Facebook post releasing names and photos of accused attackers, told me he was not a witness to any attacks and did not know any of the victims. His post had accused the Proud Boys of being involved in murders.

“I’m surprised the post took off the way it did,” Lucht told me. “I heard all of this initially from a friend who was very upset.” That friend is neither a witness or victim, he said. “I believe I heard [about a] murder in one of their messages, but in hindsight, I could be wrong.” Lucht took down his viral post after one of the accused men threatened legal action for libel.
This kind of shit is going to get someone crippled or killed.  And the asshats who cause it are going to feel justified because 'feelings and Resistance!'

Throw in politicians and media who don't give a damn about facts and truth:
The Portland Mercury published multiple stories and printed a claim from a woman who alleged via email that she was the victim of a brutal gay bashing in downtown Portland. (The article does not cite any records and I could find no corroborating evidence that this happened as described.)

When I asked reporter Blair Stenvick what steps she took to independently verify that allegation, she said: “I’m not interested in discussing this with you.” Portland Mercury’s news editor, Alex Zielinski, also declined to comment on my inquiry. The paper’s reports were widely shared and used to legitimize the panic.
Professional Journalism, indeed.

And this kind of crap, children, is why, for so many people,
Wasn't reported to the police, or
The police find zero evidence,
No witnesses(Actual witnesses, not a friend of the 'victim'),
Threats and abuse directed toward anyone who asks questions
Equals "Probably fake, and I'm not believing this shit without evidence.  REAL evidence."

Tab clearing

Where Great Britain used to be: "Rights?  That's what we allow you when we feel like it.  Now turn out your pockets.  And then bend over."

What?  The gangs won't surrender their guns?  Wow, big surprise, right?

And I'll bet the cops are a lot less aggressive with them than they are with honest gun owners.

CNN: "We didn't get anything wrong in this!"

“Red Flag” laws are just another way for the vindictive and just plain evil to use the state to carry out harassment and abuse on their behalf.  And it does so to accomplish something which are already addressed by existing law if the state will just use them.