Saturday, March 25, 2023

7th evening,


I think the phrase for this is 'modified limited hangout'

Tabak, the NIH principal deputy director, broke the news in a letter to Rep. James Comer, the House Oversight Committee’s top Republican. The “limited experiment” used humanized mice to test infection with bat coronaviruses; the modified virus did indeed sicken more of them than the unmodified one. But “EcoHealth failed to report this finding right away, as was required by the terms of the grant,” Tabak wrote, vowing to demand full disclosure from the grantee.

Laughably, Tabak also claims the 2018 experiments didn’t fit the definition of the US ban on funding gain-of-function work on potential pandemic-causers “because these bat coronaviruses had not been shown to infect humans.”

"Well, yes, we did do this, but we didn't to that!"  Oh, of course not.  And, despite how much and how long they've been lying, we can trust them.  Really, we can!

Friday, March 24, 2023

Yes, that time of the week has rolled around, and

I did put something together for it.

Gee, I wonder why so much of the media doesn't talk about this?

Knowing full well that many people only read headlines, the liberal spin game is on. Left-wing websites are pushing the narrative that most of Lake’s lawsuit was dismissed. While true, they all “forgot” to mention the all-important decision that Lake now has a chance to put her money where her mouth is and prove mass voter fraud involving ballots with bogus signatures.
Why, you'd think that would count as news, wouldn't you?

Leftists and other anti-rights clowns just love them some Jim Crow laws,

as long as they're used to attack gun ownership.
There you have it, folks: An NAACP leader opposing the repeal of Jim Crow laws under the logic that everything is a Jim Crow law. I’ll give him the NC Constitution (and particularly its literacy test requirement), but the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1788, roughly 89 years before the Jim Crow era. If he doesn’t know what a Jim Crow law is, perhaps Mr. Givens should read this article.

Such wonderful people, aren't they?

Also: yes, marxism has a history of being built on bodies, including those of the useful idiots.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

If there is any justice, at some point a bunch of trans activists and their ass-kissers

will pay a heavy price for what they've done to a lot of kids.

And that includes some parents.

Well, that's two good things out of courts

A federal judge blocked the Biden administration from implementing environmental regulations redefining how water sources are protected, but which opponents have argued were an example of overreach.
That's good. Even better is
U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney on Monday ruled in favor of the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) and four individuals who had said the law violates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms since no new guns being manufactured complied with it, Reuters reported.

There has been a definite lack of gunblogging lately,

and that's not going to change much for the next while.  Family and beat-up-body stuff has kept me from doing much.  Oh, there's a lot of stuff I want to try out, but...

When circumstances allow there will be more.  In the meantime, some entertainment can't hurt

I keep thinking "How stupid do you have to be...", and

someone always seems to be taking it as a challenge.
A wildlife expert has urged governments to take action over a recent social media trend of people purposely placing themselves in crocodile habitats.
While there should be exceptions for kids who haven't been taught yet that 'screwing with predators is a BAD idea',  otherwise I see this as something of a self-correcting problem: let the lizards eat them.*  Though morons feeding/annoying them from boats do deserve a suitable punishment.

*They already look on anything in the water/on the shore as food, so you're not teaching them anything.

This is excellent, a good whack at the censorship of the Covid mongers a lawsuit that has exposed an elaborate, multi-agency federal government censorship regime. Judge Doughty wrote, “The Court finds that the Complaint alleges significant encouragement and coercion that converts the otherwise private conduct of censorship on social media platforms into state action, and is unpersuaded by Defendants’ arguments to the contrary.”

Discovery in the lawsuit unequivocally establishes that at least eleven federal agencies and sub-agencies, including CDC and DHS, directed social media companies to censor viewpoints that conflict with the federal government’s messaging on topics ranging from Covid-19 to elections. Federal officials engaged in a lawless, expansive censorship campaign that employed illicit tactics—including coercion, collusion and coordination—on social media companies to suppress the airing of disfavored perspectives on Covid-19 and other topics. As a direct result of state action, NCLA’s clients were blacklisted, shadow-banned, de-boosted, throttled, and censored, merely for articulating views opposed to government-approved views on Covid-19 restrictions and regulations. Judge Doughty held that “Plaintiffs have plausibly alleged state action under the theories of joint participation, entwinement, and the combining of factors such as subsidization, authorization, and encouragement.”

In confirming Plaintiffs’ standing, Judge Doughty said, “The threat of future censorship is substantial, and the history of past censorship is strong evidence that the threat of further censorship is not illusory or merely speculative.” Judge Doughty also found Plaintiffs’ alleged injuries-in-fact are “redressable by the Court,” and that Plaintiffs had demonstrated sovereign immunity does not bar their First Amendment, ultra vires, or APA claims.

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