Saturday, April 25, 2009

Speaking of socialist crapweasels and generally

dirtbag politicians, let's note two entries in this country. First, we have Rep. Pelosi(Liar-CA), who insists, despite all information, that
"We were not -- I repeat -- were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used."

But she also did not explicitly say that waterboarding was not part of the conversation. She indicated instead that any discussion they may have had was hypothetical.
Translation: "Don't you dare bring up those facts! I forbid it, and I'll deny them!"
Pelosi indicated Thursday she's being hamstrung from fully addressing the briefing, and publicly questioning the tactics described in it, because it was secret.
Since when has something being 'secret' stopped you and your little buttmonkeys from letting it out?
"It's very interesting that people are talking so freely," Pelosi said.
Well, if you were a CIA operative who'd put your ass on the line, who is now scared that Pres. B. Cartman Obama is going to try to screw you over to please the left-wing nutcases, and you're sick of people like you being left off the hook, why wouldn't you talk about it? You jackass.

Speaking of Pres. Obama, let's look at how he's apparently looking to screw over an ally in order to suck up to the enemy:
TEL AVIV — A classified assessment relayed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Obama and his senior advisers would incrementally diminish U.S. strategic cooperation with Israel developed over the last 20 years.

"Obama wants to make friends with our worst enemies and until now the worst enemies of the United States," an Israeli source familiar with the intelligence assessment said.

"Under this policy, we are more than irrelevant. We have become an obstacle."

Israeli sources said the administration would reject Israel intelligence on such threats as Iran and Syria while advancing the Obama agenda to reconcile with the two states, both listed as state sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. State Dept.

On April 20, Israeli military intelligence commander Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin warned the Cabinet that Obama was prepared to allow Iran to retain its capability to assemble nuclear weapons and support Hamas and Hizbullah

I'll ask the same question a lot of other people have: why do American jews vote in such numbers for people who have such dislike for Jews? And Israel? I just don't get it.

My label of 'Socialist Crapweasels' needs a subheading

for 'Miserable God-Cursed Sons of Bitches'.
They were ready to lay down their lives for Britain - and have been rewarded with an act of treachery.

Thousands of Gurkhas were yesterday shut out of the UK in what was described as 'shameful betrayal' by the Government.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas claimed changes in the rules would allow 4,300 more former Gurkhas to settle here out of the 36,000 who served in the British Army before July 1997
Under the new rules, former Gurkhas must prove they have either served more than 20 years or have won one of the top four medals for gallantry: the Victoria Cross; the Distinguished Service Order; the Distinguished Conduct Medal; or the Military Cross.

They can also claim residency if they can prove they have lived in Britain legally for a minimum of three years, have close family ties or have a chronic medical condition which was caused or aggravated by their Army service.
Campaigners said it was virtually impossible for ordinary Gurkhas to meet those conditions.

To get the full flavor of just how the Brit government is crapping on these men, you really should read the whole damn thing.
Iraq hero Colonel Tim Collins said: 'Those who have no love for this country are all too often allowed in, while those who have fought long and hard are left out in the cold.

'It's laughable that the Immigration Minister is so concerned by the numbers when the Gurkhas who could make their home here is equal to the number of illegal immigrants who enter on a quarterly basis.

'The key ingredient that this Government is missing is integrity.'

We know the feeling, sir.

As to those who doesn't qualify to live in Britain under these rules, let's give an example:
Birendra Man Shrestha was sent to Iraq in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, when his first child was only three months old.

He served with the Gurkha Ambulance Squadron and when two British soldiers were critically injured by a series of Iraqi bomb blasts, he raced to their side, bandaged their wounds and drove them to the field hospital.

He then drove across a minefield to try to save nine others.

He was decorated three times for his bravery during the Gulf War but - like thousands of other Gurkha veterans - his medals are not of the elite level demanded under the new Home Office immigration policy
But according to the politicians who'll kiss the ass of islamists and illegal aliens, he's not 'qualified' to live in Britain.

Lampposts, ropes, politicians...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here's the bill that miserable bigot Lautenberg

has put out as his gift to Obama.

As the man says, Legislation such as this has nothing to do with closing any mythical "Gun Show Loophole", and everything to do with closing gun shows, period.

I shall now polish my 'bigot' credentials,

'bigot' being defined by the PC-at-any-cost crowd as 'criticizing anybody we consider a protected species'.
Egyptians are cautiously rejoicing over the recent appointment of a veiled Egyptian American Muslim woman as an advisor to President Obama.

Dalia Mogahed, senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, was appointed this month to Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
As a general rule, anybody who's big in a 'blank-studies' organization is automatically suspect; if you expect someone who's a 'womyn's studies' professor to give unbiased opinions, for example, you're generally SOL.
Arabs are closely watching for signs that the new leadership in Washington is making efforts to improve relations with Islam, which many Muslims believe were severely damaged during the eight years of the Bush administration. The selection of Mogahed is viewed by many in the Middle East as a step by Obama to move beyond the stereotypes and prejudices that Muslims believe they have encountered since the attacks Sept. 11, 2001.
They were actually damaged by the Taliban killing women and destroying ancient statues and such, but why bring that up? Like that messy 'crash airplanes into buildings' mess, it just upsets people to talk about it.
"Dalia Mogahed is the best example of a successful Muslim woman. She proves that the Muslim should be successful in all fields, at least in [her] area of specialization," a commentator wrote on the website of the independent daily Al Masry al Youm
It's kind of amazing to hear this; most of the muslim nations tend to consider a successful woman one who hides her face, pumps out babies and acts in a properly subservient manner. Going to schools other than a girls' madrassa can get them killed, for instance, with the Taliban not liking even that.
The Egyptian-born Mogahed moved with her family to the United States almost 30 years ago. Recently, she co-wrote the book "Who Speaks for Islam?" with John Esposito, an American political science professor who has been criticized by some as an Islamic apologist. Mogahed and Esposito published an opinion piece this month in The Times on American ignorance of Islam and the Muslim world.

"My work focuses on studying Muslims, the way they think and their views," Mogahed was quoted as saying on the website of the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya satellite news channel. "Then I should tell the president about their problems and needs, especially that lately Muslims have been perceived as a source of problems and as incapable of taking part in solving international problems and that they should work on themselves. Now we want to say that Muslims are capable of providing solutions."

We've had to learn an awful lot about islam over the past years; and to a large extent it's been "If you're not a believer, it's our duty to convert, enslave or kill you. Oh, and all the Jews should be killed in any case. Now shut up, woman, and put on your tent." And we might perceive them as a 'source of problems' because of all the murders, car burnings, rapes, declarations that "With God's help we will kill all you infidels" statements, further declarations that all will be well(or at least well on the way) when all the Jews are dead and so forth. If so many of the 'solutions' muslim countries provide didn't involved dead people all over the place, might be a little more willing to listen to them.
Yet, Mogahed's declaration that her loyalty goes first to the United States, published Monday in an interview with Al Masry al Youm, disappointed some people.

"I wish your loyalty was to your Islam first, Egypt second and your Arabism third and then to anything else," wrote a reader identifying himself as the Tiger of Arabs. "I am afraid that they might make a fool out of you and use you as a cover for policies that don't serve Egypt and the Arab and Muslim world."

I'm very much hoping Mogahed does indeed consider herself an American above all other loyalty to other places; if not, we've got another mole in the government. And Tiger? Got news for you: she's not Egyptian. She's supposed to be foremost concerned with the US, not Egypt and not the 'Arab and Muslim world'. I realize that conflicts with your views, and I don't really give a rats ass.

Done for now.

About 20 years ago Oklahoma became one of the states

requiring this: either a supermajority in the House and Senate to raise taxes without a vote of the people. Almost the whole damn state, even a lot of the apologists for state government, had gotten sick of them raising taxes anytime they wanted more money. And on, the screaming! "We won't be able to run the state!" "We were elected, you should trust us!" and so forth. Disaster was forecast if the law was passed(it took an initiative petition to get it on the ballot, with most of the elected clowns and lots and lots of bureaucrats fighting it every inch of the way), and what happened?

The sky didn't fall.

For years, when there was a problem with something, you could count on some of the jerk Senators and Reps who opposed the bill whining that "If it weren't for that requirement, we could fix this"; which tells you their solution to 'fixing' pretty much anything was to raise taxes.

The state budget has jumped from $104 billion to $145 billion in less than six years, opening up an 11-figure (and technically illegal) budget gap. Spending growth has increased 6.8 percent a year under the current administration, compared to annual inflation-plus-population growth of just under 5 percent. Public sector unions dominate the political culture, fattening unstable pension programs and keeping public sector employment high. Sales taxes, income taxes, sin taxes, and various license fees have all recently been increased, and municpalities have been hiking their taxes and fees as well. And there are (insane) proposals on the table of a Democrat-led state legislature to do stuff like force resident businesses with websites–and their customers!–to pay sales tax on all e-commerce.
Note the 'technically illegal' part; if the state government ignores the law, how do you force them to go back and do it right? When you have all those interests counting on(for that matter, forcing) the lawbreaking?

I think the opposition to our law here was one of the early things that started whacking the Democrat majority down in this state; people saw that the same clowns declaring "You can trust us", virtually all Democrats, were the ones who kept adding to taxes, and it gave the opposition a chance. If California taxpayers don't find some way to whack their government over the head and knock it back down to size and obedience, they're screwed. And we're all in trouble, because Pelosi and Feinstein & Co. will, of course, declare "California is too big and important to fail!" and want to reach into our pockets to pay for their crap.

Not only is 'cap and trade' a "Screw science and the economy!!"

measure, Rep. Waxman(Enviro-Dingbat-D- CA) is a slimeball(which we already knew, but still):
In exchange for votes to pass a controversial global warming package, Democratic leaders are offering some lawmakers generous emission “allowances” to protect their districts from the economic pain of pollution restrictions.

Rep. Gene Green, D-Texas, represents a district with several oil refineries, a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions. He also serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which must approve the global warming plan backed by President Barack Obama.

Green says Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., who heads the panel, is trying to entice him into voting for the bill by giving some refineries favorable treatment in the administration’s “cap and trade” system, which is expected to generate hundreds of billions of dollars over the coming years. Under the plan, companies would pay for the right to emit carbon dioxide, but Green and other lawmakers are angling to get a free pass for refineries in their districts
Standard-issue "If you vote for my stuff, I'll let you protect your district; screw everyone else" Congressional bullcrap. Hope and Change!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It must be nice to be able to ignore the law,

like Police Chief Ed Flynn.
Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said he'll continue to tell officers they can't assume people are carrying guns legally in a city that has seen nearly 200 homicides in the past two years.

"My message to my troops is if you see anybody carrying a gun on the streets of Milwaukee, we'll put them on the ground, take the gun away and then decide whether you have a right to carry it," Flynn said. "Maybe I'll end up with a protest of cowboys. In the meantime, I've got serious offenders with access to handguns. It's irresponsible to send a message to them that if they just carry it openly no one can bother them."
Despite the attorney general flatly stating
Van Hollen said it's legal to openly carry a gun on the street in Wisconsin and advised prosecutors that merely having a gun doesn't, by itself, warrant a disorderly conduct charge.

Insty comments So if you see Police Chief Ed Flynn, put him on the ground, take his wallet away, and then decide whether he’s accepted any bribes that day. If, after doing that, you think he the money’s his, give his wallet back. Who cares what the law says? It’s the Milwaukee Way! And if you're an honest citizen 'put on the ground' by one of Flynn's 'troops', sue their ass off. For that matter, wouldn't there be some possible criminal charge possible for a supposed law officer telling his 'troops' to break the law and violate people's rights? And isn't it lovely that he refers to anyone who wants to carry as a 'cowboy'? Which he obviously considers an insult?

And, as someone put it at Althouse, Interesting that the police chief refers to his officers as "troops". It's your job to enforce the law, not occupy a territory.

On the subject of cowardly politicians and gun bigots,

I give you Gov. Ed Rendell(GFW Democrat-PA):
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is at it again. When last I wrote about him, he was spewing lies and calling for the renewal of the debunked and failed "Assault Weapons Ban." After that rant, he debated NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre on CBS's "Face the Nation". Now, he's taken his message to MSNBC's Morning Joe show, this time calling the NRA a "paper tiger".

He again called for the AWB to be reinstated and railed against standard capacity magazines, which hold more than ten rounds. He also claimed that "one-gun-a month" restrictions needed to be enacted in order to "prevent people from legally buying boxes of guns and turning around and selling them at big profits to criminals." Does he really expect people to believe that making it illegal to buy more than one gun a month will stop people from selling guns to criminals, which is already against the law? NRA Board Member Scott Bach once noted that "rationing gun sales to law abiding citizens is about as effective at reducing crime as rationing alcohol to responsible drinkers is at reducing drunk driving accidents." Yet still Rendell persists.

He's now claiming that it isn't the "powerful gun lobby" that is stopping further gun control from being enacted, but simply that congress is too busy right now. Though, he does note that it is also "too divisive an issue."
It should be noted that when someone like Rendell says 'too divisive', it means "People will have fits and tell their congresscritter just exactly what they think about it, and it won't happen. And if it does, said critters will find their ass kicked out of that office."

Here's the gold:
Rendell posits that if there was a "secret ballot" cast, his gun control schemes would easily pass congress.
Translation: "I want a secret ballot on this, so people won't know, or won't be able to prove, how their Rep. or Senator voted on this, so Pres. B. Cartman Obama & Co. can pressure them to vote how he wants without having to face the people back home on how they voted."
Which means 'cowardly politicians who want to run our lives don't want exactly what they do to be public knowledge; they might get kicked out of that chair'.

He is right on that; there's a number of people in DC who would vote for all kinds of statist crap if they could keep their votes hidden. Which is why we can never allow such a thing to happen.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand(Turncoat-NY) has proven just how much respect

for the 2nd Amendment and gun owners she really has.

Like with far too many of the politicians in DC, this is simple to understand: she's decided that keeping her butt in that taxpayer-supplied chair in the Senate is far more important to her than
The oath she took,
Her word to the people back 'home',
her previous words.
Therefore, she's willing to turn on anyone and betray her oath for the sake of the money and support of the "We must ban guns, and we can help you win the next election!" people in NY.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One of the best short explanations of "Armed citizen, good"

I've ever seen:
"You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common, they don't alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit the views, which can be uncomfortable, if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."

....Doctor Who, THE FACE OF EVIL

Media agenda against guns? WHAT agenda?

Oh, that one.
What follows in their story is a one-sided rehash of every Brady Center talking point, coupled with all of the lies/damned lies and misleading statistics (supplied by PAX, which is funded by none-other than the Joyce Foundation, the anti-gun organization at which Barack Obama served as a board member) they could possible fit in such a small news segment.

As they say, read it all.

Roundup before I head out to take care of business

Like a NSA wiretap recording being released to the media; violation of all kinds of things, but it's to hit at a pro-Israeli Representative who Pres. B. Cartman Obama is mad at, so will any of the usual shreikers pay any attention?
Before we get to the content of the wiretap, all you ACLU types should be hitting the ceiling in rage. Because NSA wiretaps are the most carefully protected, super-secret operations carried on by the Federal government. Even during the Bush Administration, when the CIA carried on an unconcealed war on the Bush policy in the War on Terror through selective and politically damaging leaks to the New York Times, no wiretap recordings were released. Wiretaps of Members of Congress are even more sensitive, especially prominent Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.

How those wonderful bastions of free thought like USC deal with a problem: lie.

More notes on the ammo shortage, which will probably continue since Obama & Co. keep letting the truth slip about wanting an 'assault weapons' ban, and pushing the Mexican Gun Lie.
And, as Pistolero notes, there are idiot politicians in Texas, too:

Rep. Al Green, D-Houston:

“I support the elimination of illegal gun running across the US-Mexico border because too many illegal guns are being used to commit heinous crimes along our southern border. There should not be any illegal guns crossing the US-Mexico border from either country. I support the Second Amendment right of the people to bear arms, including handguns, hunting rifles, as well as other arms; however, I believe that some arms such as RPG’s (rocket-propelled grenades), hand-held rocket launchers (bazookas), and warfare rifle-type assault weapons can and should be subjected to regulation and prohibition.”

It has to be said: if this idiot is so out-of-touch that he believes you can walk into a gun shop and pick up an RPG or a select-fire weapon, then he's too damn stupid to be out in public without a leash to keep him from running into traffic. Texans, take note of what you put into office.

And, in a caution that someone with three working brain cells should already understand, "Don't own pets that can eat you."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stopped at a local shop today to look around,

and saw the first .380 ammo I've seen in about three weeks. Three boxes of Cor-Bon; no ball. They had a sign on all the ball and lead-bullet ammo: "Two boxes per customer", with another on the hollowpoints(what they had) "One box per customer".

They did have something interesting: speedloaders for the K-22. Yes, I got two, one for each.

The real reason ATF was so mad at Bloomberg,

and just what a dirtbag he is:
Yep. Now we know why ATF was pissed at Bloomberg when it happened. They had an honest to God criminal gun trafficker, and Bloomberg got him off pretty much scott free so he could grandstand in public, crap all over ther rights of businessmen with no connection to his state, and all the while pandering to a fawning media who will congratulate him on doing so much to help rid New Yorkers of the scourge of “illegal guns.”

I need to print and give these to people

Stolen without remorse from this guy.

Just a thought, we've got J. Carter II in the White House, do we have J. Reno II as well?

Range day: Oh my, oh my....

I think I need my pipe.

Took the K-22 Target Masterpiece to the range. First shooting off a solid rest to check the sites, which I had to lower a bit; windage was dead-on. I'll just say that what it proved capable of took away any excuse I might try for misses. As in, at 25 yards, no groups larger than 2". On an indoor range that needs some lights replaced. With me shooting it, using Federal Champion ammo.

The trigger on this thing is wonderful; light, clean, with no perceptible motion on the break. Double-action, about as smooth and clean as you could hope for. It's one of those things you look back and think "Damn, I'm glad I went ahead and bought it!"

Got a comment on the post telling about it from Carteach0, "My local shop has both the target and combat versions of the K-22 in the case..... $750 each, and in nice shape." After I woke up the other morning and before I had to rush back to work, I did a little searching on GunBroker and GunsAmerica to look at prices, and I got a very good price on this. Which makes it an even happier buy.

I've got the Standard S&W book on reserve from the library, when it comes in I'll check the date of manufacture. Just guessing from what I remember, probably 1951, maybe 1950. In any case, a wonderful pistol.

I'll throw in, asked the guy if he'd ever heard of a K-22 Combat Masterpiece being made with a round butt. He thought a moment, then said "No, but I've learned that every time I say "They never made something", somebody'll show up with one." Someday I may write to S&W for the history on the Combat, find out if the round butt was a special piece of some kind, or if a previous owner took it to the gunsmith. Not that I really care, but would be nice to know.

Next time my ammo supplier(somehow, that just sounds wrong, you know?) is at a show, I need to get another case of .22.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

As to the things you run across at gun shows,

A while back Tam wrote “Comparing a gun show to, say, your local gun store or an internet auction is like comparing an African safari to a canned hunt over a baited field. At the gun show, you never know what you’re going to find.” And so it is; for a small show, some interesting things. Like an honest-to-God 1911 .45(second one I’ve ever seen), a S&W Model 17 that looked new with box(and price to match), and a Gewehr 98 marked 1917. Well, there’s a gentleman often found at the bigger local shows who buys and sells and trades for his own collection; has some of the damndest things you’ll run across(like two Colt Officer’s Models in .22) and is willing to talk about any of them. He was there today, and whilst looking over all the stuff(no, I did not drool on the glass) I spotted a piece and- out of curiosity, because I knew I couldn’t afford it- asked what they were asking. The wife said “I’ll find out”, took it out and asked the guy. And he named a price I could afford(just).


I’m not sure, but I think one of my eyebrows jumped, and I asked if we could take the tie off so I could check it. He happily clipped it, and I checked it out; beautiful bore and chambers, tight action, and that wonderful S&W trigger. I had to try, so made an offer; he thought a moment and then said no, that was what he’d paid for it and needed that. So I dug out my money. And I now have a
K22 Target Masterpiece to keep the Combat Masterpiece company.

I wonder, should I keep them separate? I can hear the argument now: “It’s my turn!” “No! You went to the range last time, I get to go!” And telling steel to “Shut up, or go to your room!” doesn’t exactly work very well.

Now I’ve got to wait until I can get to the range…

I typed the above last night. When I got home from work(I did mention a screwed-up schedule yesterday) I took the grips off and put a drop or two of Kroil on each sideplate screw and let it sit. This morning all four came out easily. There was a trace of oil on the sides of the hammer, otherwise the inside seemed pretty much dry, but not a speck of rust marring that bright, lovely machining. Right now everything's wiped down, the outside has been wiped with Eezox and I'm letting it dry before I reassemble it. The bore and chambers are bright and lovely, and the action... the people who built these were masters of their craft.

The grips are actually numbered to the frame. The man mentioned that being done, this is the first time I've actually known of it myself.

When I have the chance later, I'm going to treat the bores on both with Microlon. For now, I'm just going to enjoy this lovely thing. And try to take a better picture later, when I can take it outside with sunlight; it's been cloudy and misting or raining off & on the last couple of days.