Saturday, January 07, 2017

A bit early again, because I'm tired

So get to your studies

An excellent comment on the Rolling Stone's fake news

blaming the NRA, from Jason:
So the same unsupervised 10 year old boy who blows his left hand off in an abandoned lot, three years later and still unsupervised get shot dead stealing shit. The breathless reporting should be about why the mother is not facing neglect charges. 
Don't worry, I've already informed him that he's a racist and it's Bush's fault.

Friday, January 06, 2017

It's rare I have to do this, but.

Checked out a book called Tombstone  The Great Chinese Famine 1958-1962.  I'm not quite a hundred pages in, and I may have to return it unfinished.  This... is one of the most depressing, horrifying things I've ever read.  Millions dead in the name of 'This plan came from Mao, therefore it will be!'  And people lying to keep Mao and the upper-level happy, no matter how much damage it did, and how many bodies it produced.

Page 31:
When thirteen children arrived at the commune begging for food, the commune's party secretary surnamed Jiang, along with others incited kitchen staff to drag them deep into the mountains, where the were left to die of hunger and exposure.

Page 50:
To prevent starving people from fleeing and spreading news of the disaster, county party committees deployed armed guards to patrol borders and access roads.  Sentry posts were set up on roadways, and checkpoints at every village.  Bus stops were manned by police officers, and long-distance buses could be driven only by party members.  Anyone discovered trying to leave had all his belongings confiscated and was beaten.  Xinyang's rail depots were monitored by the railway public security bureau.  The peasants could only stay home and await death.

That's about all of this I can excerpt.  I will add that anyone passing along unpleasant facts such as "People are starving to death by the thousands" and "There IS no grain to bring in" was subjected- when not just arrested and taken away- to 'struggle'.  Which meant being insulted, threatened, and beaten.  Often to the point of crippling and/or death.  Other tortures used as well.  All in the name of class struggle and socialism...

And we still have idiots whining that 'Oh, that wasn't REAL socialism!' and 'OURS is Democratic Socialism, it's completely different!'  And other things that, right now, cause me to consider homicide.

It's lovely out there with the light glistening off the snow,

and ice.  And it's damn cold.  Oh my yes, it's definitely data-study weather

'Toon clearance