Friday, March 23, 2012

Yeah, that does make sense, doesn't it...

I became confused when I heard the word "Service" used with these agencies:

Internal Revenue
U.S. Postal
Cable TV
State, City, County & Public

This is not what I thought
'Service' meant.

But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to
'Service' a few cows.

BAM!!! It all came into focus. Now I understand what all those agencies are doing to us.

I would hope that you are now just as enlightened as I am.

By the way, the Brady Campaign and CSGV

are fucking dirtbag hypocrites. Who don't care about a bunch of dead Mexicans and some dead American cops, so long as they think the bodies will help their political cause.

First evening of the First Annual Central Oklahoma Gunblogger Schutenfest

is over for me; unfortunately, need to get some sleep. Nice gathering, met Jennifer & hubby, met Daniel, met- well, a bunch of folks. Lots of shiny toys shown off, including that Barrett Daniel recently adopted.

Some fine smoked lamb and chicken and such to help things along. Very nice evening, it was.

Seems to cover it

Found at Ace

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remember the "You have no right to resist an illegal entry by cops" judge?

People got pissed, and this is the outcome.

The attorneys of Bill Newell, embattled former ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division, and David Voth, Supervisor of Phoenix Group VII (the group that carried out Operation Fast and Furious), are accusing Senator Charles Grassley and Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa of making “many inaccurate and harmful statements” and “factual distortions against” their clients.
And they do this by lying their faces off.
Shouldn't people like attorney and former Department of Justice Prosecutor Paul E. Pelletier have some kind of a problem about lying in print like this?

Well, how about the Houston PD stops being a collective dick? That would take care of the problem.

So the NYEffingTimes doesn't like castle-doctrine laws. And some prosecutors don't like them because it makes them harder to charge people in honest self-defense cases(my wording). Well, tough shit; one of the reasons for the push for these laws was prosecutors charging people just because they figured it was an easy way to get another 'I took a criminal off the street' conviction in their record for when they ran for office later on.
Other thoughts here.

A: Idiot cops shooting dogs.
B: Idiot journalist makes excuses.

Oh my....

Somebody's gonna get a talking to...(thanks, Feral)

A bit of history on Gen. Grant and Jews.
One thing I'd argue:
”the [P]rotestant, the Catholic, and the Jew appointed days for universal prayer in my behalf,” he boasted to his eldest son on his deathbed)
When I read something like this, I'm wondering if there was any indication of 'boasting' in the actual record, or is that the writers' interpretation?

What? Obama & Co. are supporting islamists?

Why, isn't that a surprise...

'Course, after Egypt and Libya and such, isn't a surprise to a lot of us...Link

They're baaaack

Honeybees in the holly trees while it was sunny yesterday. Saw maybe two last year, but there were a bunch enjoying the blooms; nice to see them back.

Ace notes that "I want to speed up THIS pipeline" Obama is full of crap. On multiple levels. As he says, when The Oklahoman says things like
Is it just us or would Obama's green energy evangelism be more convincing if he either kept Air Force One parked more often or used electric vehicles for surface transit?
it tells you something about how this crap is going over.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sen. Constance Johnson(D: big surprise, huh?) is one of the idiots and gun bigots

we have to deal with in this state. When the Senate passed Senate Bill 1733, this is what she came out with:
Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, said there are too many potential adverse outcomes that could happen as a result of the bill.

"I know boys and toys are a big deal," she said.
"I hope that girl in the Governor's Office if it gets that far will say, 'That is enough, boys,' " Johnson said
Yes, because we're obviously a bunch of children who need people like Johnson to supervise us and decide what we can be allowed to do. And note the 'girl in the office' bit; interesting coming from a Democrat and aimed at a Republican Gov.

And, of course, we had the Wild West crap come out:
In the Old West, the fastest survived — not the good. Wisdom required guns to be parked at the jail before walking to the saloon. Will a gun stay holstered after a few beers? Will our children see us as peaceful or violent citizens? We have the right to bear arms. Do we need the right to display them?
Let's see,
Illegal to drink while carrying.
Bullcrap about the West(again).
One of her other questions was Will criminals intimidate with visible guns? Well, criminals don't seem to be too shy to flash them now to intimidate, so I don't think this really counts. The rest of the letter is standard "Think of the CHILDREN!" stuff, with 'think of them' meaning "Make the scared of guns and people who own them." combined with "How can the police ever deal with this?"

You still have to have a concealed-carry permit to open carry under this law, but it is a step forward.

What? This murderer of Jews and French troops is muslim

and a jihadi asshole? Who could have suspected such a thing?[/sarcasm]
And I propose a new label: anytime someone like the NYEffingTimes or Guardian refers to some dirtbag as 'far right', it should automatically be translated as 'socialist'. After all, despite all the efforts on the left to deny it, the nazis were very much socialists. And the Palisimians & Co. have always been quite fond of the nazis.

"It's not a ban, we just won't let you make or sell them."

Well, you keep apologizing to dirtbags who insult and murder our troops, there's going to be a reaction.

Obama still lying about insurance and his moms' death.

Obamas' Energy Secretary is either a arrogant fool, or doesn't care how much he lies about what a great job he's done. And he really wishes he had more 'tools' to work on gas prices. Yeah, I'd imagine he loves the idea of being able to close refineries and such at will.

Veep Joe Biden: Effing Incredible Moron, or just full of crap?
Personally, I vote for both.

"Yeah, we let the illegal-alien child rapist out on bail; how were we supposed to know he wouldn't hang around?"

Alien reminds me, in one city in Arizona saw a billboard: "Fresh Alien jerky!" Which automatically had me running through
You're turning aliens into jerky?
You know who they are and make jerky just for them?
Is this why you call some of the locals 'Soylent'?

Some thoughts on the President letting his daughter go to Mexico for spring break, and some of the mess thereof. Bypassing, for the moment, the media putting their own stories down the memory hole at the request of the White House.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Wednesday that homeowners may sue when they think the Environmental Protection Agency has treated them unfairly.
It's a start.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also made similar pleas, predicated on gun violence committed with U.S. guns in Mexico.

We know for a fact that Operation Fast and Furious was designed by the Obama administration to put American weapons in the hands of Mexican cartels to kill Mexican citizens, and that the guns recovered in those deaths would be used to call for more gun control.

Hundreds died in a plot that appears to have been designed to impose gun control. It’s past time for the appointment of an independent prosecutor, and to press for criminal charges against those responsible for the carnage that has resulted from the deadliest scandal in U.S. government history.

And now, since it's threatening to rain some more, I think I'll hit the store while it's still a bit sunny outside.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I effing HATE some commenting crap

Like over at Feral Irishman, if I choose 'Google account' it does nothing; and my comment just disappears. If I choose 'Name/URL' it seems to work; except the effing comment disappears AGAIN.

Happens at a lot of sites anymore; and it sucks.

Have you noticed the 'Happy Volt Owner' commercials

that came out shortly after the news of suicide by fire and right after they idled the production line?

It occurs to me that maybe they need to start ATF training

with Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch, updated to "Please don't make me go back across that border!"

The UN and the warmist fascists really don't like there being sovereign nations that can say 'Screw you', do they?

So the "I wasn't given communion at my mothers' funeral because I'm LESBIAN!" story is crap; whoda thunk such a thing?
“So in my interview with the principal we talked openly about my being a lesbian and a Buddhist.”
But then, "I wasn't given communion because I'm a Buddhist" just doesn't fit the narrative she wanted to create.

In our current "Ma Nature is catching up from last year", it's rained a lot the last couple of days, a few tornadoes, some flooding south and east of here. By the time things dry out I'm going to have a half-bale worth of grass to cut.

The Collinsville PD and Officer Michael Reichert: a fine demonstration of why people don't like or trust the police anymore. And, in far too many cases, SHOULD not trust them.

Back when I was forging a lot, and doing some shows regularly, I'd get some interesting reactions to some of the knives: some people would look at a big dirk or bowie and say things like "That's too big, nobody needs a knife that size" or "These are too sharp", or "Too fancy." Mind you, they were outnumbered by the "I like it!" people, but there were enough of them to stir thought. They remind me of this guy: "It's one thing to have a small knife to use, but THESE are too much/too nasty-looking" and such. You also get the "That motorcycle doesn't need that much horsepower/can go too fast/etc."

Personal experience on bikes- lots of cars for that matter- has given me the viewpoint that I'd far rather have more horsepower and torque 'than I might actually need' than find out I REALLY need to move and I can't. If I'm out in the woods a big knife might not usually be needed, but if you do need it... For that matter I'm with Tam: I like finely-made tools for their own sake, as well as their utility; I like knowing that if I crank the throttle that VFR is going to take off like a raped ape; I like knowing that dirk I kept will go through a lot of things and hardly slow down, and still be sharp after. To those who can't understand that, well, that's your problem.

Monday, March 19, 2012

"He was cooperating and talking a lot

and giving up a lot," he said. "From an investigative standpoint, that's pretty good information you're getting. Maybe he can hook you into even bigger fish."
Yeah, he 'talked and gave up a lot' just long enough for ATF to give him a phone number and turn him loose. After which, surprise! SURPRISE!!, he disappeared.

This Gunwalker mess combines such levels of idiocy and/or corruption, I'm sick to death of finding out more about it.

So Chicago cops have the same respect for that Constution thing

that Obama does...
The two were covering the fatal shooting of a six-year old girl and, though they were already across the street, the officer demanded they go another street over.

“F*** news affairs, I don’t care about news affairs. Forget news affairs,” he said.

When the journalists spoke to their rights, the officer replied, “Your first amendment rights can be terminated, if you’re creating a scene, or whatever. Your first amendment rights have limitations.”

After the journalists responded, “how have we created a scene? This is what we do for a living,” the officer replied, “Your presence is creating a scene.”
'Terminated', that's a real interesting word choice, isn't it?

Mr. Pistole, that you can defend crap like this makes you

the biggest effing dirtbag in the TSA. You ought to be fired, since you don't have the honor or integrity to either resign or make this shit stop.
The three-year-old, confined to a wheelchair due to a recently broken leg, was with his family at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, on their way to board a flight to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Despite constant assurances from his father that 'everything is OK', he physically trembles with fear and asks his parents to hold his hand.
Because it's apparently better for these fast-food rejects now wearing badges they haven't earned* to screw with children and steal your stuff, and molest people and humiliate people with medical problems than actually worry about terrorists, because that would be A: intelligent and B: someone would scream "PROFILING!", like that moron Minetta who used to be in charge of this idiocy.

*There was a piece recently listing how TSA snuck this "We want uniforms like cops, with badges" crap through, but I can't find it.

Let's start the day with global warmening idiots who want to genetically modify

the human race to end globular warmering.
In this article, Atlantic correspondent Ross Andersen ably interviews S. Matthew Liao, a professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University. Liao and his philosopher co-authors have a forthcoming paper in the journal Ethics, Policy & Environment that proposes genetic engineering and other “biomedical modifications” of body function for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
It's hard to pick a single bit to excerpt from this, there's so much WTF?!? here. I'll use this one:
“Andersen: Taking a look at this from the perspective of deep ecology — is there something to be said for the idea that because climate change is human caused, that humans ought to be the ones that change to mitigate it — that somehow we ought to be bear the cost to fix this? Liao: That was actually one of the ideas that motivated us to write this paper, the idea that we cause anthropogenic climate change, and so perhaps we ought to be bear some of the costs required to address it.” In short, just when you thought hair shirts and self-flagellation were so 1270 A.D., Liao and company are proposing genetic modification as sin expiation — a kind of self-mortification of the bodies of current and future generations.

While back someone I know posted something along the lines of "Republicans are worried, because studies show women don't want to vote for idiots who hate women." I replied that "Well, they had no problem voting for a drunken abuser named Kennedy and his equally abusive friend time after time, so that shouldn't actually be a problem." No response.

An opinion on the 'war on women 'cause you don't want to pay for our rubbers and pills' bullcrap; let's say she's not a fan.

"It's ok for leftists to be violent, because We're Right!"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Global warming is the new home of the closet totalitarian.

Only now they’re not in the closet any longer.

An early step to Gunwalker, it appears has uncovered video from 1995 of then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder announcing a public campaign to "really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way."
Holder added that he had asked advertising agencies in the nation's capital to assist by making anti-gun ads rather than commercials "that make me buy things that I don't really need." He had also approached local newspapers and television stations, he said, asking them to devote prime space and time, respectively, to his anti-gun campaign.
And now he's stonewalling about his part in gun smuggling to Mexico and hundreds of deaths.

Ah, if only

on her last deployment...

Congratulations, Chrysler, you've just made sure I'll never

buy one of your cars.

Friend is a mechanic. Earlier today told me that, beginning in 2013, Chrysler automatic transmissions will have the software that operates them embedded in a module in the transmission itself. And if you disconnect the battery, or it dies on you, you can reconnect it or put in a new one and the engine will start; but until you get it to a Chrysler dealer to have the module reprogrammed, you're not going anywhere.

Just think of all the levels of 'Fail' involved in this.

A little piece of history

about our time in the Philippines.
Captain Cloman tracked down the killers and arrested them.
All night Cloman interviewed the suspects in order to answer the most important question: Why? He obtained no satisfactory answer. The Moros’ explanation [he wrote in his diary] “always came down to the fact that the soldiers were in their power and could be killed, so therefore they were.”
The American military did not want to enter into a full scale war with the Moro and exercised military restraint, however:
The Moros saw American restraint as weakness. The Moro understanding of Mohammed’s life story taught that a party engaged in diplomacy merely to buy time to recover from setback. Thus… return to diplomacy reinforced the Moro perception of American weakness.
Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Project Gutpile: Potemkin village?

Richardson thinks so, and they're on the other side.

Found something at Huffman's place

TSA Waste

His post is here