Saturday, March 30, 2019

Cold front came in;

you know what that means

Either the DA is an idiot, or

she's willing to say anything to get a conviction.  Whole group attacking him, they're armed, and she says it wasn't self-defense because
...he shot four of the five men he fought with, and the number of bullets he fired — eight to 10 — was too many to be self-defense.

Yeah, she's an idiot, or 'say anything', or both.  To decide "You weren't defending yourself because of the number of shots you fired" is...

Big civil rights win in Californicated

California's statute to confiscate all magazines over 10 rounds has been permanently enjoined by the United States District Court for the Southern District of California. The opinion was written by Judge Roger T. Benitez. 

Previously, Judge Benitez had issued a preliminary injunction against the confiscation law, and the preliminary injunction was upheld by the Ninth Circuit, as discussed in this post. Today's decision follows cross-motions for summary judgment, and makes the injunction permanent. The next step in Duncan v. Becerra will be an appeal to the Ninth Circuit by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.
Under the various heightened scrutiny tests, the government bears the burden of proof. The opinion explains in depth why the evidence put forward by the California Attorney General does not come close to carrying that burden. The core problem is that the Attorney General's evidence, which relies heavily on expert declarations, is speculative, shoddy, or unrelated to the statute at issue.
There's more.  A LOT more.  The control freaks must be crapping their pants over this.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday is looking a big stormy, so

more reason than usual to stay in and look things over.

Mold came in, cast the first bullets

of the Lyman Postell design.  The mold is listed as 535 grains, of 15-1 these came out 520.*  Diameter is .459-.460.  I've heard that some people were getting undersize from this mold, either they got one made with a worn cherry or I got a good one.  Considering Lyman has been doing this a while, I'm betting worn cherry.

They're lubed and sized(the sizer being .459 it mostly makes sure it's the same all the way around and wipes off excess lube), now I need to figure a starting load and try them out.

* On the Lyman 330-grain hollowpoint, the ones I've cast came out 340 grains; depending on alloy/mold/brownies messing with things, you almost always get some variation

"But if you take this away from us, how will we control the commoners?

Especially the colored ones?"
From the People's Republic of New York effing City:
"The court recognizes that the District Attorney must have discretion to prosecute or not to prosecute criminal matters," Crotty wrote in his opinion and order. "The combination here, however, of a statute that does not specify how Cracco can identify a gravity knife and a a practice of prosecuting possession of gravity knives in an unclear and inconsistent manner provides police and prosecutors 'virtually unlimited' or 'unfettered' discretion to enforce the gravity knife statute. Under such circumstances, and with the lens of Cracco's past prosecution and intended future conduct, the gravity knife statute is unconstitutionally vague."
The law is applied almost exclusively in New York City and nowhere else in the state. A 2014 Village Voice investigation found that between 2003 and 2013, the NYPD made 60,000 arrests for alleged gravity knife possession. Eighty-six percent of those arrested were black or Hispanic.
But I'll bet people like Comrade Mayor didn't mind that part.  Because 'saving them from themselves' and 'public safety' and such.  Like the blatantly unconstitutional 'stop & frisk' that went on for years.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

These people need therapy, and Nuke Swalwell is at the top of the list.

Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell does not want to talk about the Steele dossier, which he continues to take seriously despite an unverified salacious claim in it about President Donald Trump.
MacCallum responded, “So it doesn’t bother you that the Clinton campaign paid for a dossier to be put together by someone who had all kinds of ties to intelligence and put together something that was not necessarily factual. That kind of engagement…”

“What part of it was not proven factual?” Swalwell asked several times, until MacCallum mentioned the “salacious story of what happened in a hotel,” referencing the dossier’s claim of a “pee tape” recorded in a Moscow hotel during Trump’s stay there in 2013.
These assholes are going to keep claiming "It's all true!" no matter what.  Because the lies are all they have.

Short version from academia: "Free speech for the right people is fine,

so there is no problem!"

Of course, they don't have the balls to put it that bluntly.
Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities in Washington DC, called the order “plainly unnecessary” in a statement. “Public universities are already bound by the First Amendment and work each day to defend and honor it,” he said.
Wonder if he managed to put that out with a straight face?

The order is “a solution in search of a problem”, and seems designed to undermine trust in higher education and science, said Julie Schmid, executive director of the American Association of University Professors in Washington DC, in a statement.
Nobody has to do that, madam, you're doing quite well all by yourselves.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Why? Because they can get away with it,

 and that's the fault of both the corrupt asshats running the BATFEIEIO and Congress.
Incredibly, in the hands and the realm of the ATF, an effort to clamp down on the power of the administrative state has ended up making the administrative state more powerful than ever. There are excellent reasons not to want federal bureaucracies to circumvent the APA. But the alternative to preventing circumvention of the APA is not private letter rulings. It is law passed by Congress and administered by the federal government publicly, fairly, and in line with Congress’s intent.

Anyone who says that the firearms industry just hates the ATF because the ATF is reining in the cowboys by private letter is, frankly, ignorant. The firearms industry is already one of the most heavily-regulated in the United States. Anyone who works in this industry and doesn’t follow the rules can get in big trouble very quickly. What the firearms industry wants is for ATF policies and interpretations to be open and transparent so as to promote an even playing field.
Anyone who thinks the asshats  will be 'open and transparent' without the choice of that or being unemployed- and possible prosecuted- is dreaming.

Next stop for this pile of crap, the Senate

Under a successful amendment offered by Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), illegal aliens who fail background checks would have to be turned in to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

Given that most liberal Democrats want to abolish ICE, this threw the whole Democratic caucus into a tizzy.  As the clock ticked on the roll call vote, Democrats sat there — stunned — trying to figure out whether to alienate their gun control base or the illegal immigration advocates.
Democrats Show their True Colors by Failing to Protect Battered Women
Anti-gun Democrats also blocked Rep. Lesko from offering an amendment to protect a battered woman who needs a gun to protect herself against a violent stalker. Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team ruled the amendment out of order.
Apparently, battered women are of no concern to Democrats unless they serve their anti-gun narrative.

Democrats added a face-saving amendment on the floor yesterday, but it’s a joke. The amendment only allows a battered woman to be given a firearm right before she is about to be assaulted, but then she has to give it back as soon as the assault is over.

Nancy Pelosi’s iron grip blocked many possible improvements from ever being considered on the House floor — such as amendments to protect veterans, police officers, concealed carriers and more.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Well, he is a socialist, so it's a given he's not too smart

He's pushing for goverment-controlled medicine, and citing Finland, but there's a slight difficulty:
There's just one problem: the entire Finnish healthcare system is collapsing.

I'm not exaggerating. I'm not. The entire Finnish government literally resigned earlier this month as their attempts to reform their sinking healthcare system failed. Although idiotic leftists herald Finland's universal healthcare as enviable, multiple governments over the past dozen years have attempted and failed to reform the increasingly insolvent system.

I'm sure the response from him and the other idiots will be "This will be different, it will work with us running it!"
And if they get it they'll insist it IS working.  No matter how many bodies pile up.

How stupid has this 'I'm the wrong gender!' crap gotten?

This stupid:
Child molester gets caught again(and why the bastard wasn't in prison from the previous is a good question), decides "I'm a woman".  How?
... Ontario is one of several provinces in which no physical change is required for residents to transition sex; the applicant must simply get a note from a physician saying that they identify as different than their birth gender.
However, a born-male inmate no longer has to undergo surgery to be eligible to transfer to a women’s prison. Under a policy overhaul implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, inmates with male anatomy can be placed among women based solely on their gender identity.(just in case you needed more evidence what a bleeping idiot Trudeau is)
And- surprise!-
In 2014, right around the time Harks began living as a woman, the Parole Board of Canada dropped several conditions of her supervision designed to curb the risk of sexual recidivism, including psychiatric treatment.

“Given your progress, it is reasonable and necessary to facilitate your successful reintegration into the community,” reads the 2014 decision.
Amazing, the timing, isn't it?

So, not only does this molesting asshole get repeated releases, it appears he decided to announce his gender choice and got a change in parole conditions, and now- despite
...she was accused of lashing out violently at fellow inmates who were “childlike in appearance.”- this POS is released again. 

And you'll notice the National Post is very careful to refer to him as 'she'.  Would be hate speech or something not to.

This is effing insane.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Mueller report comes out: screaming began immediately

You've had journalists nearly in tears, Democrats about to crap their pants during interviews, "They got to Mueller!", the whole works.

Among the damage from this crap:
The media demonstrated, hugely, that they cannot be trusted.  At all.  Borrowing from Insty, We may someday need a press we can trust. But I hope not, because we certainly don’t have one.

The EffingBI and Do'J' have shown themselves untrustworthy and corrupt.  And unless they actually make a serious effort to clean house, they'll remain untrustworthy.

And unless that housecleaning involves people actually being charged and tried for their crimes, it'll mean nothing.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

We warned the Fudds: they'll get to bolt-action rifles. They started years ago,

and they're pushing it now.  Because
Who the hell needs to hit something, anything, from over a mile away? I’ll tell you who: an Army or Marine sniper, that’s who. They’re selling military-grade rifles to the general public. That’s what this sniper rifle is, and that’s what all the various iterations of the AR-15 style assault rifles are. Military-grade killing machines.
You need to read it for the full, pants-crapping effect that people enjoying long-range shooting gives this clown.

Coming soon:

"My bill to interfere with doctors prescribing pain meds

is not intended to interfere with that."
These people truly suck.  Unfortunately, the chances of most journalists actually calling her on this and pinning her down is just about zero.

You're going to be interviewed by a leftist, record it.

Short version of Occasional-Cortex and Comrade Mayor: "Too many of the wrong minority are getting into this school.  And they're practically white anyway.  Standards must be lo- er, adjusted so more of the right people get in."

He now believes the center is “nothing more a than a hollow PR move by the University of California system to gain political cachet in DC.”
Considering the state of 'free speech' in Californicated, anyone surprised?

I present to you the progressive in full bloom:

stupid and evil together.  Personally I'm leaning toward 'evil' as the primary.
“His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has,” Ms. Streisand told The Times, a British newspaper.

“You can say ‘molested,’ but those children, as you heard say, they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them,” Ms. Streisand added, the outlet reported.
Coming, be int noted, from one of the people who made excuses for Polanski drugging and raping an underage girl.

And who, if said accused had been of conservative/libertarian bent, would've been howling for his blood as a molester.

I don't hate them, but oh, how I despise and loathe these people.