Saturday, January 21, 2017

This'll cause some of the greenies heartburn

New evidence involving the ancient poop of some of the huge and astonishing creatures that once roamed Australia indicates the primary cause of their extinction around 45,000 years ago was likely a result of humans, not climate change
"The results of this study are of significant interest across the archaeological and Earth science communities and to the general public who remain fascinated by the menagerie of now extinct giant animals that roamed the planet - and the cause of their extinction - as our own species began its persistent colonization of Earth," said van der Kaars.

In 2016 Miller used burned eggshells of the 400-pound bird, Genyornis, as the first direct evidence that humans actually preyed on the Australian megafauna.
There's been argument for years about the disappearance of megafauna in North America.  Because- short & dirty version- if the first immigrants actually had a large hand in it, it would mean they weren't the 'barely left a footprint on Mother Gaia' types the greenies and a bunch of the tribes want them to be seen as.  So this could throw some gas on that fire.

No, O'Donnell(you dumbass), you really don't want someone playing 'martial law' to keep Obama in power.  Or does the 'Law of Unintended Consequences' ring no bell for you?

Be a bit much for President.  For SecDef Mattis, on the other hand...

True, watching some of these idiots scream and melt down because 'TRUMP!'

is entertaining, but the rest?  Yeah, looting and vandalizing and attacking people and blocking streets and setting fires, yeah, THAT'LL show everyone how right you are!
I will throw in that when your default toward anyone who either voted for him or refused to vote for Clinton is to call them names and insult them, you're damned unlikely to change their minds.  Far more likely to make them think "Screw you, at this point I'll vote for whoever gives you the worst case of hemorrhoids, because I'm sick of this shit." 

But do go ahead and insult, belittle and threaten them at every opportunity.  That'll pay off.

I'm writing this after reading a thread on Fecesbook by someone I know and like, who's pretty well lost her shit over Trump.  And a bunch of people commenting with things like "I wonder where the other Trump trailer trash will be staying in DC?"  Because nothing argues people into a new line of thought like calling them that.

Know why Trump is now sitting in the Oval Office?  Here's some reasons.
The Stupid Party can't stand anyone who actually wants to follow the Constitution, and they actively hate Cruz because he won't take orders well.  So they tried to shove another Bush down our throats. 

NOBODY aside from some supporters and the top rank of the SP wanted Bush.  And when that was made plain, they basically decided they'd rather see Clinton win than Cruz or someone like him. 

That results in Trump winning the nomination.   After which said upper ranks demonstrated just what assholes they are.

In the meantime, the Evil Party had pre-picked a corrupt, lies-by-reflex politician who thinks the law is something to use on other people, because 'her turn'(and reflect on what a corrosive mindset that is).*

They then proceeded to screw over the one Evil Party candidate that threatened her.  And when the leaks came out and proved just how bad it'd been, the response was "Shut up and take your orders, drones."  Which went over real well.

Comes the campaign.  Lots of people, whether the left wants to believe it or not, were flatly not willing to vote for Clinton.  The corruption was practically paraded in front of us, day after day.  The lies, over and over.  And the contempt.  I wonder if they'll ever truly realize just how much damage it did when Clinton made her 'deplorables' statement, and said everyone she included in that was irredeemable?

So, a huge and disgusting number of elegible voters didn't.  A lot of the left screamed and yelled and insulted, but couldn't be bothered to go to the polls.  And a lot of people who DO vote basically said "Trump's an asshat, but he's not Hillary, and there's no way in hell I can vote for her."

So we have Trump.

And we have a lot of the left acting like violent, spoiled brats.  And some of them demonstrating they'd really enjoy being commissars who get to shoot people who don't properly carry out the current five-year plan.

I give you also the way a lot of them reacted to some of Trump's nominees.  In particular let's talk about Mattis.  A very well-educated(in the true sense) man of wide experience, proven leadership ability, who actually has troops who've followed him into battle who'd just about kiss his ass at high noon on Main Street specifically because "We can TRUST him."  Who better for Sec. of Defense?  But the left practically crapped their pants on live tv.  Largely because he's far more interested winning, and keeping troops alive while doing so, than in being a Modern Progressive Leader.

Having a problem with a nominee?  Fine.  Treating every one of them like the New Junior Prince of Darkness?  Bullshit.  Look at Sessions being treated as if he were Robert Byrd with a 'R' instead of a 'D' after his name.  Stupid.  Very.

Let's not forget a bunch of Democrat operatives with bylines who hide behind the job title 'journalist'.  Demonstrating over and over that they have that word because they're damned sorry excuses for reporters, and care nothing anymore about even pretending to be non-biased, or reporting fairly.

It's going to a a long, noisy while.

*I mentioned this before: of the other two parties, the Libertarians nominated two guys who said some good things, and then opened their mouths and spouted some of the dumbest, and most non-libertarian crap...  The Greens?  I swear some of them want Stalin to come back to life and do the Soviet Union 'right' this time.

Friday, January 20, 2017

If you can be distracted from the wailing of the left for a bit,

there's data in.

Yes, I know the wailing and tears are sweet, but c'mon!

Moms Demand Action caught lying again

It's what they do.

Stop taking your gun knowledge from TV.  It’s not good for your arguments.

She may be a standard-issue leftist celebrity, but she's smart enough to recognize this:
Anderson was asked if she thinks the hacks helped Trump and influenced the outcome of the presidential election.

I think the truthful words of Hillary Clinton and Podesta is what influenced the election. It’s actually what’s in the cables – not how they were revealed – that’s the important part,” Anderson said.

I doubt she liked the response

Central Texas College chief Mary Wheeler should live in the PROM,

because she's got the same mindset as the asshats running LE there.
“And let’s say it was accidental, that they had a handgun underneath a coat or something, they bent over and the handgun could be seen,” CTC Police Chief Mary Wheeler said. “It’s no longer concealed if someone can see it.” Chief Wheeler said a violation of this law could lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment for employees or expulsion for students, including the first occurrence.
Same kind of crap police in the PROM do to people who have a carry permit: "The wind blew your jacket open and I saw your pistol!  That's BRANDISHING, and you're under arrest!"

Yeah, I don't think that'll go over real well in Texas.  And as Miguel notes
When you announce you will prosecute people in bad faith for accidentally displaying a firearm, you get pissed off Gun People who will make their next goal to make sure Open Carry is allowed on Campus.

Same thing that has happened in Florida: Some LEO Chiefs decided to be dicks with accidental displays and now Open Carry is again in the Legislature and hopefully will become law this year.
Not to mention quite possibly getting sued for Practicing LE While Asshat.

And this is why a lot of the media is looked on as an opposition party

JOE SCARBOROUGH: There was somebody that held an extraordinarILy important position in American media, in print media, who brought their people together after Hillary Clinton lost and literally said, “we did the best we could do. We tried and we failed. But we did the best we could do.”

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And there were people crying.

JOE: And there were people crying in this newsroom. I’m not going to say which newsroom it is, and it was a very big newsroom. And said we did the best —

MIKE BARNICLE: You’re down to three papers!

JOE: You’re damn straight I am. And that’s the problem.

MIKA: I think it’s okay if you’re doing your job, but we’re not robots.

JOE: Willie and I, though, were talking about this with three weeks left in the campaign. It was almost like they were playing to history saying, we are the resistance and we want to tell our grandkids that we stood in the way of Donald Trump. Instead of reporting about Donald Trump.
Because a bunch of these asshats are, as Insty says, Democrat operatives with bylines.  And, in large part thanks to Al Gore's interwebs, they can't control the news stream.  And their past and present actions are biting them in the ass.

There was a post swearing-in prayer

It wasn't Reverend Wright screaming "God Damn America!" and "The JOOOOS did it!", but went pretty well.

Quiet, please

New president just announced over SHOT intercom. And now a moment of silence for the passing of the worlds best gun salesman.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My, how Soviet of them.

Finland, what the hell's happened to you?

How effing stupid is the left going?  This stupid.
Gelernter is well-regarded for his pioneering work in parallel computation, which allows for processors to perform multiple simultaneous calculations—the basis of every modern CPU. Press secretary Sean Spicer says that Gelernter met with the President-elect this past week.

In covering Gelernter’s potential role in the administration, the Washington Post described the computer scientist as “fiercely anti-intellectual,” criticizing his opposition to progressive politics – essentially condemning him for wrongthink.

Why the order?  Because NO ONE trusts these bastards.
A federal judge has ordered four current or former top officials at the Department of Homeland Security, including Secretary Jeh Johnson, to preserve emails in their private accounts that may be responsive to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Moss said the Justice Department indicated that all four men agreed to preserve any responsive messages that might be in their private accounts, but he still granted the preservation order sought by the conservative group Judicial Watch, which said it feared the government might lose easy access to the records as Obama appointees ship out.

“Given the Department’s representation, the Court has no reason to doubt that the four individuals have agreed to comply fully with their obligations to preserve any potentially responsive emails and that they have every intention of doing so,” wrote Moss, an appointee of President Barack Obama.

“Nonetheless, out of the abundance of caution, the Court will order an additional preservation step to minimize the risk of any inadvertent loss of potentially responsive emails. Specifically, the Court will order the individuals to copy any emails from the relevant time period in any private email accounts that might contain responsive materials onto portable thumb drives, to be kept in the individuals’ personal possessions,” the judge added. “Copying the emails to a physical drive will minimize the risk that any responsive email might be inadvertently deleted.” ...
Which won't keep the corrupt bastards from deleting stuff, but might save something.

Oh, yes.  Nominate her.
On Wednesday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit handed Second Amendment advocates a major victory when it struck down multiple gun range regulations imposed by the city of Chicago as unconstitutional infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. The majority opinion in the case, Ezell v. Chicago, was written by Judge Diane Sykes, whose name appears on Donald Trump's short-list of possible Supreme Court nominees.

Once again, the NYeffingTimes demonstrates what fake news

really is:
Shocking stuff indeed. Shocking, that is, until you reach the fourth paragraph, and discover that the story hinges entirely on a single quote from a GOP energy lobbyist.

"If you asked him on that first day he said yes, he would have said, 'I want to be an advocate for energy,'" Michael McKenna. "If you asked him now, he'd say, 'I'm serious about the challenges facing the nuclear complex.' It's been a learning curve."

That's it. That is the only piece of supposed evidence provided by the Times to back its claim that the former Texas governor apparently had no idea he'd be tasked with overseeing the U.S.' nuclear arsenal.

This. Is. CNN.

CNN has tapped the daughter of President Obama’s closest adviser to cover the Department of Justice, The Post has learned.

No possible problem here, no bias, oh no!

Civil rights victory. And, once again, it's a ruling against Chicago.

You'd think they'd get tired of being told "Stop this crap.  NOW."
Chicago’s gun range regulations ban, among other things, anyone younger than 18 from going to a shooting range within city limits. Yesterday’s 7th Circuit opinion in Ezell v. City of Chicago, written by Judge Diane Sykes, joined by Judge Michael Kanne and largely agreed with by Judge Ilana Rovner, struck that down:

Just how bad did Chicago get spanked?
The City staked most of its case on the categorical argument and made little effort to justify prohibiting older adolescents and teens from engaging in supervised target practice at a range. Its rationale rests largely on an argument from “common sense” about public safety and the safety of children. Yet even common sense does not lie with the City.

In what must have come as a surprise to the City, Commissioner Krimbel, the City’s own witness on this subject, actually agreed with the plaintiffs’ attorney that banning anyone under 18 from entering a shooting range goes too far and extends beyond legitimate safety concerns. Here’s a taste: “I will give you this: I believe [the age restriction] is inartfully drafted because it seem[s] clear to me that the purpose of it is to not have kids running around unsupervised.” And this: “[Y]ou might want to draft that a little bit differently” because shooting ranges are a “good place” to teach a youngster “how to fire a rifle.” And this: “In fact, my own son took a shooting class when he was 12, so I’m well aware of the fact it’s okay to teach a young person how to shoot a gun properly.” Commissioner Krimbel also conceded that the City lacked any data or empirical evidence to justify its blanket no-one-under-18 rule.
That's because there is none; this was based on "We do not like it, so it must be banned."  Which isn't exactly a legal argument.

Two things: first is " 'Botched' or 'lied'?"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Botches Crime Stats in Defending John Lewis
As would be expected, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution rushed to Lewis's defense. In its apparent haste to do so, a pair of journalists at the paper committed a colossal math blunder vastly understating the city's crime rate. With that mistake, the paper made the city look over 13 times safer than it really is.
Probably, considering the paper Denny calls the Atlanta Urinal-Constipation, an error; if not then
B: My comment would be "Of course they did; it's what a lot of them do."

Kellogg Community College needs its nasty leftist ass handed to it for this.
Student members of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Kellogg Community College are suing their school after they were arrested for passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution.
And note this piece of bigoted crap:
He(Drew Hutchinson) also allegedly told them that many students from Calhoun County “are growing up on a farm, or they don’t have Wi-Fi, they don’t have internet, you know it’s a very different situation, they were brought up in a very different manner.”
You've got two choices: Drew Hutchinson is a bigoted fool, or he's a liar.  Which do you think?

Short version: "Oh, my Socialist Deity, a museum trustee who doesn't believe in AGW?  BURN HER!"
If you read this, you'll notice that not being a Globular Warmering/Climate Changering believer means you're 'anti-science'.  Coming from people who don't even want to ALLOW discussion of different views...

Why are Democrat and leftist supporters such violent bastards?
The man arrested by Miami Beach police Tuesday for allegedly threatening President-elect Donald Trump online is a member of a prominent northeast family close to Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

He once gave $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee, has learned.

'Hottest Year On Record!' my ass.
They should have been in the first paragraph, but at least they’re in the third paragraph: “This puts 2016 only nominally ahead of 2015 by just 0.01C—within the 0.1C margin of error—but….” There’s stuff after the “but,” but it’s just somebody’s evaluation. Even this report can’t give us a straight fact and leave it alone.

Hey, terrorist bombers hang together.  And Obama made them very happy with this crap.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So, as one more "Fuck you" to the people of this country,

and the troops in particular, Obama has freed avowed enemies of this country, and traitors.

Makes you wonder what other last-minute damage he'd do.

Remember when Giuliani said he wondered 'if this President loves America', and the left collectively crapped its pants in outrage?

I still hold that he asked the wrong question. The proper question would have been "Does this President even LIKE America?"

And the answer is 'No.'

Barack Obama will forever be the president who worked diligently to put the gun of government

to the heads of the Little Sisters of the Poor, demanding that they either pay to destroy children in the womb or be crushed.
Because "How dare you stand against Me!"

And a response to the bastard:
After 22 years of torture in a Cuban prison for his refusal to sign a government document supporting Fidel Castro, Armando Valladares was honored by Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.  In his speech, he said of the Little Sisters of the Poor, “They know what my body knows after 22 years of cruel torture: that if they sign the form…they will be violating their conscience and would commit spiritual suicide.  If they did this they would forfeit the true and only wealth they have in abandoning the castle of their conscience

Kevin has a new piece

And it dovetails nicely with that CNN hack and his 'mediocre negroes' crap.

The Death of Civility.  One bit, a quote he found:
Progressivism, liberalism, or whatever you want to call it has become an ideology of power. So long as liberals hold it, principles don't matter. It also highlights the real fascist legacy of World War I and the New Deal: the notion that government action in the name of "good things" under the direction of "our people" is always and everywhere justified. Dissent by the right people is the highest form of patriotism. Dissent by the wrong people is troubling evidence of incipient fascism.

And a fine demonstration of why so many people now consider most of the major media to be, borrowing from Insty, nothing but Democrat hacks with bylines:
So the American public was told everything the muckraking media could dig up (or invent) about Palin during the race, yet just a few days prior to the election, former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw commented during an interview with PBS talking-head Charlie Rose that "we don't know much about Obama." He was speaking about Obama's foreign policy positions, but Charlie Rose later said: "I don't know what Barack Obama's worldview is." Brokaw responded, "No, no. I don't either."

But we knew everything there was to know about Sarah Palin, though much of it was wrong - "fake news."  But no one could be bothered to talk to anyone about Obama's relationships with Bill Ayers or Rev. Wright, much less find out about his college admissions, transcripts or anything he'd ever written for the Harvard Law Review.  Mitt Romney and the 2012 election?  He put his dog on the roof of his car, and he didn't pay his taxes.  Oh, and he had "binders of women," the sexist.

And he reminds us of that quote- that downright terrifying quote- from Al Gore:
From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This. Is. CNN.

One of their more asshole staffers:

Well, this may be a step up, at least he didn't call them house ni**ers.  Like the left did Colon Powell, and Condoleeza Rice.  And anyone else with darker skin that doesn't toe the leftist line.

Who's ultimately responsible? Hey, if they actually investigated that

it would cause problems for the Party.  And they can't have that.
But the politicians — meaning Lynch and Emanuel and others — protected themselves by ignoring the most important aspect of Chicago police culture.

It wasn't the Chicago cops who shaped the police culture. The political corruption and cynicism of politicians over decades in a one-party Democratic machine town shaped the culture.
Police are just part of that culture. They're the part with guns.

So all that was shaped by City Hall, by Emanuel's predecessors, mostly. And now Chicago is paying for it.
Someone did ask, for what good it did.
Lynch was asked about the enablers of the police culture, the mayor's office, the city Law Department and the local prosecutors. She dodged that one.
Of course she did.  All the bigshots in control are Democrats.
"We are one Chicago with one goal," Emanuel said. "It is my fervent hope that this report doesn't lead to another round of finger-pointing or more acrimonious debate of us vs. them."

What he didn't say was that if there was any finger-pointing to be done, fingers should point at City Hall.
Of course not; that would point at him and the Party.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Remember that report the other day on a case being thrown out of court

because of stupid SWAT use?  Guess what?
The Evansville (IN) Police Department has seen a drug bust go up in a cloud of flashbang smoke. A search warrant for drugs and weapons, based on an informant's tip, was executed perfectly… if you're the sort of person who believes it takes a dozen heavily-armed officers, a Lenco Bearcat, and two flashbangs to grab a suspect no one felt like arresting when he was outside alone taking out his trash.
I would love to hear firsthand, the response to "WHY didn't you arrest him while he was outside with his hands empty?" 

The lower court found these tactics unreasonable on the whole and granted suppression of the evidence obtained during the search. The state argued that suppression wasn't the proper remedy and anything resulting from the "unreasonable" use of a flashbang grenade in a toddler's room was something to be addressed in a civil lawsuit.

The appeals court disagrees, finding nothing justifiable about the SWAT team's violent entry into the home.
The video shows almost no time lapse between when the door was battered in and the tossing of the flash bang. The door was barely opened when the flash bang was immediately tossed into the room, and the angle at which Officer Taylor was standing to the door did not allow him an opportunity to see what was inside the room. Indeed, Officer Taylor acknowledged that he could not see portions of the room in which the flash bang was placed. Specifically, he testified that he could see “from the couch over to the left, I can’t see the corner, the left corner inside the room and I can’t see the hallway in front of it, that’s why the flash bang goes in the threshold.”
That's the flashbang, delivered two seconds after the police announced their presence. This is only part of it. The attempt to salvage the fruits of the search with a claim that the house potentially contained dangerous criminals also receives no judicial sympathy. The state makes assertions, but cannot back them up.
And a wonderful statement:
Comparing the factors, we conclude that while there was a considerable degree of suspicion, the extent of law enforcement needs for a military-style assault was low and the degree of intrusion was unreasonably high. Under these specific circumstances and particularly in light of the use of a flash bang grenade in the same room as a nine-month old baby who was “very close” to where the flash bang was deployed, the State has not demonstrated that the police conduct was reasonable under the totality of the circumstances.
Excellent.  More like this needed.

This part of the state got some ice,

but I am delighted to say that it wasn't enough to cause me to break out the emergency stuff.

By that I mean 'break it out to use'.  It was where it'd be easy to get to, just in case.  And it was comforting to know it was there. 

Now I'll have to put some things back in their usual storage places, once it dries out a bit; between yesterday evening and last night we got a full 2" of rain.

The DoJ is not only politicized, it's corrupt as hell.

I want to draw attention to a fact I did not dwell on in Wednesday’s column: The FBI is not authorized to seek a national-security surveillance warrant from the FISA court — just as it is not authorized to seek such a warrant from a U.S. district court in an ordinary criminal case. Only the Justice Department is permitted to do that. The FBI could not have sought FISA warrants against Trump without the Obama Justice Department’s approval and assistance.

Interesting contrast, isn’t it?

Throughout the criminal investigations of Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information, the Obama Justice Department would not use the grand jury or help the FBI obtain search or surveillance warrants. As a result, the FBI had no power to compel the production of evidence. Suspects had to be cajoled into cooperating. The only thing the Justice Department was willing to do was grant highly unusual immunity deals, ensuring that suspects could not be prosecuted if they disclosed incriminating evidence.
That's only part of it. 

Well, Californicated, YOU put in office the idiots and thieves running this, so my sympathy for you is, rather muted, let us say.

Press mission: save the bureaucracy

I decided John Lewis was a vile hack when he tried to defend Fast & Furious and Holder's part in it by yelling "Racist!" at anyone demanding an actual investigation.  He hasn't exactly disproved it.

Basically "Yes, I did that, but it's not my fault!"
Schumer really is a bastard, isn't he?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Being a fed means never having to actually take responsibility

No matter how many lives you screw up and how much damage you do.
The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday it will not repay claims totaling more than $1.2 billion for economic damages from a mine waste spill the agency accidentally triggered in Colorado, saying the law prohibits it. 

The EPA said the claims could be refiled in federal court, or Congress could authorize payments. 

But attorneys for the EPA and the Justice Department concluded the EPA is barred from paying the claims because of sovereign immunity, which prohibits most lawsuits against the government.
"It's such a SURPRISE to us that our promises were lies!  We never imagined!"

Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Colo., expressed disbelief at the EPA’s decision, saying the agency had promised to compensate the people who suffered.

“The news today is a complete departure from that commitment, and our states, local governments, and tribes can rest assured that we will continue to work to make the EPA accountable for the mess they have made,” he said. 

Fat friggin' chance.

And, don't forget,
The U.S. Attorney in Denver will not prosecute an Environmental Protection Agency employee involved in the Gold King Mine disaster, leaving it to the agency to determine administrative action against the employee.
Instead of a criminal prosecution, the EPA’s internal investigators “will submit a report of an investigation to the agency that details the findings of our investigation,” OIG spokesman Jeff Lagda said in response to queries.

“The agency, not the OIG, will then determine what administrative action they may take against the employee based on that report,” Lagda said. “The EPA will have to report to the OIG what administrative action the EPA will undertake.”
Which, put bluntly, is a big fucking joke.  At worst he'll be pushed to take early retirement(with full benefits, of course); at least they'll transfer the idiot to another office where he can continue to enjoy his virtual immunity from being held responsible.

And we're supposed to trust ANY of these bastards.  About anything...

I just had a reminder of how effing stupid/weird/insane a lot of conspiracy squirrels are

Short version: article from somewhere about how some feminine hygiene products 'may' be contaminated with something dangerous.  Which led to 'The rich have been setting things like this up to reduce the number of serfs, so the rest will be easier to control!  Look it up!"

No, thank you.  If I want to read fiction, there's much better stuff out there.

Another thread over on Bookface, Takei was once again whining about stupid Americans and guns, which led to the inevitable Brits insisting how much more wonderful it is over there, etc.  So, to bring up some past hits from (formerly Great)Britain,
One of the biggest police forces in the country fails to record more than 38,000 reported crimes each year, including a quarter of violent offences.
Greater Manchester police (GMP) were graded “inadequate” at recording crime, and a watchdog found officers were also wrongly cancelling recorded violence, robbery and sex offences.
Hey, they've got to keep those crime numbers down somehow.

The Crown Prosecution Service's Violence Against Women and Girls report showed that convictions for rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse have reached a record level.
At the same time,
In May a judge criticised a police officer and the CPS for their handling of accusations of gang rape against four agricultural students, which fell apart just as the trial was due to start. He said they bore responsibility for failing to disclose “game-changing” evidence to the defence teams of the men.
Translation: "You had evidence that these people were innocent, and you hid it.  Because convicting an innocent person is apparently not a problem for you." has pieced together shocking testimony from victims, campaigners and local residents in a large-scale investigation series being revealed throughout this week. 

They all told us how police and the local council is still "failing" thousands of vulnerable girls. 

It reveals how organised, criminal gangs of paedophiles are still using the town as their own personal fiefdom, peddling underage girls for sex as part of a multi-million pound crime empire.
There's a lot more.  I may collect some of them into a single post of links.

On the mess in Europe,
As the waves upon waves of migrants from the Arab world and Africa started to break in greater and greater numbers across the shores of Europe a few years ago, I warned that if they did not find some way to keep these teeming millions out - and return as many as possible back that were already there - that eventually this would force the European nations to be something that they did not want to be. The mainstream Center-Left and Center-Right parties would have to become more nationalistic or the people would continue to turn to parties and individuals who did not share liberal ideals.

No one, not the indigenous population nor recent legal immigrants would be better for it. All is unfolding with almost mathematical precision.