Thursday, October 02, 2014

Lest I forget,

a few more for the ladies

Due to circumstances I alluded to a few days ago,

I'm leaving the data study to you.  Enjoy, may be a bit before any more.

Couple of days ago,

having been taking it very easy on the arm, I found myself doing that "Do I really need to do this?  Maybe some anti-inflammatory and not push it?"  Which lasted until I tried doing something.  Yes, I'm going to have to do this.

No, I am not fond of the idea of having my sweet body violated with sharp implements; who is?  Know what bothers me more, long-term view?  The disruption and(lesser count) inconvenience.  Daughter's taking a day off work to drive me to and from.  Parent is coming up to stay a couple of days 'to help out'(probably in collusion with daughter to keep me from doing anything for that time.  Considering past history, probably a good idea), which means their driving up and staying instead of being comfortable at home.  Me being on one-arm-only for 1-2 weeks, plus the general pain & suffering.

This better be worth it.

It was inevitable

Stories coming out of Africa about 'ebola dead coming back to life'.

So there's a thread on the Bookface MHI page, 'what cartridge for zombie'?  Current main argument between .308 and 7.62x54r; both have range, but the 7.62 is cheaper.

Hey, Michael, remember the UN clown who knew he had ebola

and got on an airplane anyway?  You said 'if ebola gets here, this is how it'll happen'; yep.
He came into direct contact with a friend who had Ebola. He rode with her in a taxi and carried her from the taxi to a hospital on September 15, four days before he flew to the United States. She was turned away from the hospital because the Ebola ward was full.

She died of Ebola early the following morning. Her brother also got sick and shows Ebola symptoms. That was at the same time that Duncan started getting sick. He left Liberia and arrived in Texas on September 20. Six days later he sought treatment at Texas Presbyterian Hospital, and was sent home. He returned two days later, and has been confirmed to be infected with Ebola.

Duncan also abruptly quit his job on September 4, so he might have already planned the trip to see his family in the U.S.

But he certainly knew that he had been exposed to Ebola by the time he boarded that plane and came to Texas, four days after his friend died of it. He must surely have known it when he first visited the Texas Presbyterian Hospital, and he must have known it when the doctors sent him home.

Editorial note: it has NOT been established that he was feeling sick prior to getting on the plane, despite the above blockquote.

Let that sink in, though: he knew he'd been exposed, and it's not unfair to deduce that he thought to himself, "the Americans will save me".
Yeah, if you CARRY YOUR SICK FRIEND, you know you've been exposed.  Get on the airplane anyway(possibly knowing you could spread it), because getting yourself here is FAR more important than a bunch of other peoples lives.  Wonderful bastard, aren't you?

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

One of the nastiest racists out there, Calypso Louie-

also known as Farrakhan, High Lord of the Nation of Islam, once again does his part to spread bullshit and try to set the world alight with race war:
Another method is disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola and AIDS, which are race targeting weapons. There is a weapon that can be put in a room where there are Black and White people, and it will kill only the Black and spare the White, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind.
I refuse to link to the website of that racist shitbrain and his organization; if you want to read it all, there's a link on Drudge, or you could probably search 'racist black muslim asshole does it again' and find it.

Why no, I don't respect him or his church.  Could have*, except for garbage like the above, and 'The white man is The Devil' and so forth.  So if someone doesn't like my opinion, too bad.

*Once heard a part of a speech he gave at a school, and it was good: study, learn; don't depend on the government to take care of your and your family; stop sleeping with anyone who gives you an itch; if you have a child, be a parent to it.  Things like that.  And then later I heard some of the rest...
Reminds me somewhat of Ron Paul: you listen to part of his stuff, and you're thinking "I like this, I could get behind this guy!"  Then you hear the rest, and you think "What happened to the guy I was listening to a minute ago?  The one who was sane?"

So, it's like the British and Canadian NHS we were told are so wonderful... Updated

A Department of Health and Human services report on the ACA’s Medicaid expansion finds that many Americans newly insured through the program often have to “wait for months or travel long distances” to get care, according to the NYT.
In all three of these reports, we see under the ACA a declining level of access to a covered care provider. This is not what progress in health reform looks like.
Ah, you're wrong; under Obamacare, yes, this IS what reform looks like.
Update: from a gentleman in Canada,
Who told you that Canadian health care was wonderful? Whoever they are they lied to you. I have been waiting 18months to see an orthopaedic surgeon about my shoulder. My GP tells me that I'm lucky it will only be 19 months, most of her patients wait 3 years to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

As a matter of fact the discussion up here is how to move back to a two-tier system to allow for private health insurance and private health care for those who wish to pay for it. Well to do Canadians have been practicing 'health tourism' for years. They fly out of the country and pay for surgery out of their pocket rather than wait. I believe the Mayoh Clinic offers health insurance policies for foreigners

The fallback of Stalin and Mussolini wannabes in Central & South America: if all else fails, blame the Yankees.

And in the place where Great Britain used to be,
Theresa May, the current UK Home Secretary, has announced that, if re-elected, her party (the Conservatives) will push for "extremist disruption orders" which would effectively ban people declared "extremist" (using a very broad definition) from using social media or appearing on TV.
Under the Tories' new proposals, groups that cannot currently be proscribed could be subject to banning orders should ministers "reasonably believe" that they intend to incite religious or racial hatred, to threaten democracy or if there is a pressing need to protect the public from harm, either from a risk of violence, public disorder, harassment or other criminal acts.
I wouldn't trust ANY politician with this kind of power.  Come ON, how many "I will now screw this group that displeased me" possibilities can you see in this shit?

Bushmaster did reply to my bolt question

...unfortunately with any sort of customization of the firearm we cannot recommend. You will need to consult with a gunsmith in your area on this matter.
I can understand that, and I do appreciate the response.  Ah well, with the current situation it'll be a while before I can do anything on this, so lots of time to think about it.

Stolen from comments on a post a BYR

In the light of this analysis Carlyle's rhapsody on tools becomes a prosaic fact, and his conclusion—that man without tools is nothing, with tools all—points the way to the discovery of the philosopher's stone in education. For if man without tools is nothing, to be unable to use tools is to be destitute of power; and if with tools he is all, to be able to use tools is to be all-powerful. And this power in the concrete, the power to do some useful thing for man—this is the last analysis of educational truth. Charles H. Ham, Mind and Hand: manual training, the chief factor in education (1900)
Which just might explain part of why the education lobby wants to get rid of shop class, and hates vocational training.  And insists the ONLY way to get ahead is to get a degree.

Well, he's betrayed just about every other ally we have(or had), so why not the Kurds?

Reading this, you'd think the bastard WANTS them to be wiped out.

Zero-tolerance stupid combined with idiots wearing badges

is not a good combination.

What do you think: firing for the school officials involved, and the cops who couldn't be bothered to find something he could eat, followed by a ban for life on future public employment.  As a start.  Further possibilities may come to mind.

Ronald Ritchie, I think you're a chickenshit little bastard who got two people killed.  If you can't be prosecuted, I hope the families sue you for everything you have or ever will have.
Yes, I've mentioned this before; he deserves the fame he's earned.

Speaking of other .gov asshats, the National Park Service has an anniversary coming up in 2016.  I'm betting they'll want us to spend a buttload of money to commemorate how wonderful they are.  Considering their actions during the shutdown, I'm thinking every penny spent then should be cut from their damned budget as a start.

Over in the wonderful PRC, well, if someone stuck me out with a pistol with this level of training(to misuse the word), I'd be worried too:
Many patrol officers who are now carrying guns haven't fired shot since the police academy, where each recruit is required to shoot five bullets, officers said. One SWAT officer in Guangdong Province said that while his team shoots 100 bullets every morning for practice, regular patrol officers in his district are shooting less than 10 bullets a year.

"There are no standards, every department just makes up their own rules," he said.
This is... pitiful.  Even if they're worried about some common cop actually knowing how to use the tool, being more worried about that than about the problems caused by a bunch of untrained people with great authority running around armed is stupid.

But then, it is the PRC.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Does sound like him, doesn't it?

It is not that Obama is not showing wisdom, that he is not making good decisions. It is that he sees himself above the need to make wise decisions. He has contempt for the very need for consultation, for pragmatism, or for accountability. He worships himself, and he thinks he can do no wrong.
I do wonder: seems some of his immediate followers actually do think him next-to or instead-of Deity, but how many of them know exactly what he is and are using that ego and all to guide him?

Right now, I've got nothing

and don't care.  Something later, though.

Monday, September 29, 2014

On the subject of training,

Yet according to some, that clumsy old hero was unfit to be a gun owner. Therefore, he should have just stood by and allowed himself and the other innocents in the place to be robbed. Or even killed if that’s what the thugs chose to do. He and millions more like him—just because they don’t spend every Saturday practicing El Presidente drills.

Some of the elitists who’d rather see us dead than armed hang out with Michael Bloomberg and his gun-banning mayors and “Moms.” Others, so it appears, write gun blogs and promote elite firearms training.
Couple of years back at Schutenfest Evyl Robot and I were talking about gear, and I said something along the lines of "It's all very nice that "THIS is issued by the SEALs!", or "THAT is issued by the Green Beanies!(or Force Recon or whoever)", but I'm not kicking doors in Kandahar Province or something; I'm worried about someone breaking into the house, or trying a robbery in a parking lot, or- worst case- some jihadi-minded asshole deciding to kill everyone in the restaurant I happen to be in."  Put bluntly, parts of my body wouldn't tolerate some training well, and I can't afford a lot of the classes(add in travel, ammo, the fees, some of them add up damn fast). 

I can go to the range.  I can practice.  I can read, and work stuff into my practice.  If that's not good enough for the "You shouldn't have a gun unless-" clowns, they can kiss my ass.

Effective Friday, bloggage will be nonexistent-

to-light for a while.  Not a trip(I wish), having surgery on my right arm.

Nothing horrendous, rerouting a nerve from where it is to a less troublesome(damn well better be) location.  Not looking forward to it, but it's become bad enough that I have to do something.  And this is the only something there is.*

I'd been worried this might be required(no, I do not like being carved on, not even in hopefully-sterile conditions), and it was confirmed a few days back.  You can imagine how overjoyed I was. 

So while the arm is out of commission, since typing one-handed is awfully slow, don't expect much.

*The only something that's an actual fix as opposed to 'Keep taking this stuff to make it more tolerable.'

So for the next surge of new/reintroduced diseases, we can thank

President Lightbringer and John Effing Kerry.
That Mexico is assisting and pushing this ought to be considered a hostile act.
That our brainless politics-over-all President and that fool Kerry want this ought to be considered grounds for impeachment.
People are going to die because of this.  And these assholes will blame Republicans/conservatives/SOMEBODY ELSE for it for 'standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform' or some such bullshit.

Speaking of oathbreaking diseases on the US, 'Holder running from a ticking bomb'.
A ticking bomb?  Which one of the many the bastard started the timer on?

Seems the next response to "Why would you want a GUN

in 'X' place?" is "Because I want to keep my head on my shoulders, and my body un-stabbed."

Note how we cringe when I use freely now the distasteful buzzwords “white” and “African-American.” I emphasize the race of the victim and the assailant not because I believe that race was necessarily a prime motivation in any of these cases, much less that Holder should have commented on such lurid interracial crimes before they came to trial that made headlines, or that Americans should think race was necessarily vital in fathoming such barbarism, but because Eric Holder has set an example in this country to racially contextualize any interracial murder that might be massaged for his own political advantage, and to find some government or police agency, or society at large, as culpable for the violence. Race largely determines which interracial violent act the attorney general of the United States chooses to elevate to national political importance and to use for his larger political agendas.

Ref the apparently SWATting that resulted in two deaths, the family of one victim want action taken against Ronald Ritchie, the asshole responsible for the bullshit "He's pointing a gun at people!  He's loading it!" 911 call.  Good.

And if LE won't take action, then I hope both families sue him for everything he has or ever will have.

As Miguel notes, chances of media investigating him, especially if any connections to gun-ban groups: just about zero.  It wouldn't fit their preferred narrative.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who knew that the University of Delaware was run

by such disgusting racists?

Wonder how much in debt a lot of people are getting for the sake of being 'educated' in this craphole?

A fine response to the head of the EffingBI

and his bitching that Apple is making it harder for them to paw through our stuff:
It has been correctly pointed out that this action by Apple is in direct response to the NSA snooping, and we joke about it, but be honest, we all pretty much think they’re looking at EVERYTHING, don’t we?   And despite their protestations of innocence, we think they’re doing it here, and abroad, for practically everyone, on any electronic transmission they can get access to.    It all has to go through routers somewhere, sometime, it’s all being recorded and relayed at some point.   All of it.   This ain’t magic ya know.  And now they’re outraged!  outraged!  that people might be trying to make it hard on them to peek and poke and prod.

And I’m supposed to believe being able to crack the data on an IPhone is going to stop, oh, another Boston Marathon bombing?  When they lost track of a guy because they didn’t spell his name right?   How are they going to get his phone to decrypt his data?

Nah, sorry, there’s a whole lot of government house cleaning that needs to go on at the IRS, the DOJ,  and the many flavors of DHS before I get excercised about them not being able to easily decrypt data on an IPhone.    I’m more afraid of the listed agencies than I am of Achmed and Mohammed or the guy who dresses up as Barney and keeps encrypted pictures of nude kids on his phone.

Exactly.  This, and the greater interest in encryption, is directly due to the NSA and EffingBI and DHS breaking the law and recording us.  And lying about it.  Repeatedly.

So Director Comey, clean up your own damned house.  Then MAYBE we'll be willing to listen to this crap.  Until then, piss off.

Tab clearing

Good piece on 'stopping power', with some nice anatomy charts

Not really a defense of that idiot with a badge, an indictment of current training and indoctrination.  Especially that "We're at war!" bullshit.

The First Lady confuses us with Saudi; is there any opportunity these people won't take to crap on the US?

Neil Tyson is full of crap; admits it(minimally) when cornered.

My first thought is "What do you mean 'WE' screwed up?"

The Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) teachers’ union plan to use hundreds of students as pawns in their endeavor to exert control over the district’s school board was organized by a specialist funded by the National Education Association (NEA), one of the nation’s largest teachers’ unions.

The politicians won't be sitting on some FOB when the barbarians

are coming through the wire, so of course they have no problem with getting rid of our land mines; it won't be their ass on the line.

And I'm including the politicians in uniform who have been and continue to be deeply involved in this process and fully support the step to ban future production and acquisition of” these devices.  What's a bunch of dead grunts compared to sucking up to Dear Leader, after all?