Saturday, January 08, 2022

And on the 7th evening,

you know what comes around

Back on the subject of why trusting the EffingBI is really dumb

Impola’s role in the Whitmer caper, in fact, stemmed from his work as a case agent for Operation Cold Snap. The 11-year bureau veteran has spent his entire FBI career investigating counterrorism, including “militia extremism,” which enabled Impola to designate the Wolverine Watchmen, a Facebook group with no real organization coincidentally formed just months before the sting, a “terror enterprise” to justify the government’s central involvement in rigging the kidnapping scheme.

Impola, working out of a satellite office in Flint that reports to Michigan’s only FBI field office in Detroit, was deeply involved in every facet of the Whitmer plot. His testimony is crucial to persuading a jury that the men on trial conspired to abduct Whitmer from her vacation home last year.

But Impola will not testify during the trial scheduled to begin on March 8. (The judge overseeing the case delayed the original November trial date after defense attorneys requested more time to investigate the government’s informants and agents.) BuzzFeed News reported over the weekend that Impola won’t be on the government’s witness list after defense attorneys accused Impola of perjury in another case.

In fact, the Justice Department notified the court on Friday that all three of the top FBI agents in charge of the Whitmer investigation, including Impola, will not testify on behalf of the government amid accusations of misconduct, domestic abuse charges, and political bias.

Throw in some "Why we don't trust the system" overall:
Richard Trask, the agent who signed the criminal complaint against the six federal defendants, was arrested last summer for drunkenly assaulting his wife after the couple attended a “swingers party” at a local hotel. Police body cam footage released this week show the inside of Trask’s Kalamazoo home including a bed sheet stained with blood; Trask’s wife told officers her husband hit her head against a nightstand “multiple times” in the early hours of July 18, causing a laceration and strangulation marks on her neck. Trask “choked her out,” she said.

Inebriated, wearing no shirt, and with blood on the side of his face, Trask was arrested around 4:15 a.m. on one count of assault. (He was not asked to take a breathalyzer test or charged with driving under the influence, despite clear indication.) On Monday, Trask pleaded no contest; a Kalamazoo County judge sentenced Trask to time served—he spent two nights in jail after his arrest—and to pay court costs.

You or I would've been in a cell for an extended period; 'time served and court costs' for domestic violence and drunk driving is bullshit.

As I said before, I'm sure there are some honest Feebs, but you'd be a fool to think that the one talking to you is one of them.

A fine actor

Don't know a damn thing about his politics, which is a pretty good thing.  "Lillies of the Field" was a movie I really liked.

Friday, January 07, 2022

A song I really like,

even if I have to use the subtitles

I'm reminded of something I read, I can't remember where:
"Idiots here are pulling down statues of George Washington, and Jefferson, and others they're not fit to kiss the ass of; the Mongols asked "How great a memorial can we build to the Great Conquerer?"

It being the sixth night, the new info is available

Warmed up considerably from the past couple of nights, but that wind still has a bite to it.  So have at it.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Without going through details, something else to be pissed about

Had an insurance matter on the house.
Inspection done, adjuster came out.
Claim approved, "We use this app to have the funds transferred to your bank."
Start that.
Have to install app on phone, can't do this at home pc.
"We can't find your bank, fill this out."
'This' requires a debit card, which I don't have.  As in "you can't do this without one."
Contact guy handling claim.  He can't arrange a direct deposit, maybe my agent can or it's a check being mailed.
Contact agent, they're not allowed to do that, so without a debit card or credit card from my bank it's a check.

Maybe I'm way too dumb to see the benefits of this, but for a company the size of bloody Allstate to not be able to arrange a damned direct deposit seems flat idiotic.

Finally the word from that doctors' staff

Not one damned thing that couldn't have been said in a letter.  At least two weeks ago.

I hate this crap.

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

It seems that taxing hell out of people in the name of Green! is not a real good idea;

isn't that amazing?
He is under growing pressure from his backbenchers to scrap the green taxes that make up a quarter of electricity bills and cost households as much as £200 a year.

He is also facing demands to honour a Brexit campaign pledge to scrap VAT on fuel – knocking another £60 off annual bills.

And the part they actually care about:
He warned the Prime Minister: 'Elections are won and lost in people's wallets and purses. If we don't get energy costs right we will suffer catastrophic political damage that will affect every constituency.'
"If we don't do something, we'll be out of office!"  
In 2015, green levies accounted for just 7 per cent of an average dual fuel bill (£86 out of £1,165), according to Ofgem. By 2020 that proportion had doubled to 15 per cent (£182 out of £1,189).
Because you have to subsidize all those bird cuisinarts and solar panels, and the huge battery banks where you try to store the overage for when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine.

It notes that part of the taxes are to help people insulate homes.  Ok, and the rest?  Get rid of that crap; if the bird choppers and panels can't pay their own way, screw 'em.  But they won't do that, because Green!

And here we have a critical bit:
'This is not the Government's fault, this is because of the international price of energy, and I strongly believe, that given the price cap is going to go up this year in the spring, that the Government should look at other measures.'
Bullshit.  You clowns went chasing the idea of Green! no matter the cost to the peasants, and this is the result.  You could be fracking your own natural gas for one, but the Greenies don't like it so screw that.  Now you're having to import all that, and you think 'it's not the Government's fault'?  If you actually believe that, you're an idiot.

Monday, January 03, 2022

This is a good piece on both loss of faith in experts and their version of 'Science!'

Worse still, some in the alliance seem to be enjoying the pandemic a bit too much. When I see the wide toothy smile on the bony-ass Skeletor face of the New Zealand prime minister every time she announces new lockdowns and mandates, I think, “Jesus, that psychopath’s getting a kick out of this shit.”

If you’re gonna torment your populace in the name of science, at least pretend it’s not making you orgasm. I’m thinking of places like Australia where the maskless have been beaten in the streets by cops. I recall a 1994 incident in Honolulu in which a circus elephant killed its trainer and went on a rampage through the city. As local animal control didn’t have proper elephant tranquilizers and local police didn’t have proper elephant guns, the cops were forced to use their service weapons on the beast, and it was a slow, painful death.

What’s always stayed with me is the footage of the cops after the animal died. They were gutted. Some were weeping. None of them wanted to do what they did.

It’s easy to tell when people, even trained professionals, are unhappy with an assigned task. I’ve yet to see any expression similar to the Honolulu cops on the faces of the Aussie skullcrackers.

Again, can’t you just act like you’re not enjoying this?

But perhaps the biggest giveaway is that not once since the pandemic began have leftist politicians sacrificed ideology for “safety.” Imagine the effect on public behavior had the Biden administration refused to flood the nation with untested, unvaxxed illegals. That would’ve sent a clear message that the Covid crisis is of such importance that Democrats were willing to sacrifice their most beloved policy in the name of controlling the bug. But no. Instead they bragged about letting in unvaxxed and untested Third Worlders.

Or that group of “scientists and doctors” last year who released a public letter stating that BLM protests were more important than Covid precautions. Few things sowed Covid skepticism on the right as much as that. To a great extent, Covid bad-faith skepticism is on the heads of the people who signed that letter.

While back one of the doctors involved in that was asked about it, and she admitted she was really troubled by it, 'but the Cause!'  She let "I want to be seen as one of the Good People get in the way of good sense and intelligence.  And now, I hope, she's looking at the damage she's done to public health and trust in doctors and cringing.*

*I know, I doubt she will, it would damage her self-image too badly

Consider that the reason some of the authorities are so resistant to any kind of admission

of error in their actions on Wuhan would be in large part- at least by now- because they know what'll happen if, after pushing some of this shit and a lot of the damage done, they admit "Yes, we screwed up, and we suspected/knew the dangers of what we were pushing, but WE HAD TO DO SOMETHING!"

Lots of tree ornaments, for one.

Sunday, January 02, 2022

A bit more on the stupidity of 'Green Energy!'

The AESO website revealed some literally cold, hard facts that weren’t in the TransAlta press release. As of noon, the TransAlta Keephills Unit 1, which was scheduled to retire that very day, was still putting out 302 megawatts, of its 395 megawatt rated capacity. At the same time, Alberta’s entire fleet of 13 grid-connected solar facilities, rated at 736 megawatts, was contributing 58 megawatts to the grid. The 26 wind farms, with a combined rated capacity of 2,269 megawatts, was feeding the grid 18 megawatts.
Maybe I'm just not smart enough to figure this out, but seems like a stupid setup.

And there's a lot more at the link.

Be it noted it's damn cold out there

Low teens for the night, supposed to get up to 30 or so, then starting that January 'warmer now, colder tomorrow, repeat' stuff.*  Which is so joyous.

*That's what it does when it's not 'Cold as hell the next while'