Saturday, June 04, 2022

I actually managed to sit the bike today, and

put a few miles on it.  Not many, but before the last few days I don't think the leg would've bent enough to ride, so that's progress.  Worth a word, anyway, before moving on to the seventh evening stuff.

A Professional Journalist named Julian Gill: too bad he didn't push the bikers

 into the punchout or arrest he deserved.  But probably for the family, better, as they didn't have to deal with the disruption.

Assholes who think "I work for the 'X'!" means they get to shove in wherever they want...

The actual racists, sooner or later, tell you who they are

School board members discussed the plan called “Transformative Education Professional Development & Grading” at a meeting on May 26, presented by Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning Laurie Fiorenza.

In an effort to equalize test scores among racial groups, OPRF will order its teachers to exclude from their grading assessments variables it says disproportionally hurt the grades of black students. They can no longer be docked for missing class, misbehaving in school or failing to turn in their assignments, according to the plan.

“Traditional grading practices perpetuate inequities and intensify the opportunity gap,” reads a slide in the PowerPoint deck outlining its rationale and goals.

Translation: "We cannot expect these Children of Colour to meet those old standards, and expecting them to is racist, so we'll adjust grading so they pass anyway."

No concern at all for the way they're screwing these kids, probably for the rest of their lives, oh no, just their "This will get the scores up so we don't look like such incompetents."

Racist assholes, every one.

Friday, June 03, 2022

Ah yes, sixth evening

has arrived.

Just to cover the 'what level of assholes' a little further,

we have this oathbreaking shit from Rhode Island.  Who took an oath to protect the Constitution.  ALL of it, not just the parts he likes.

Now you know how much far too many of them hate you for not folding, and care not a damn for you and your life.

What kind of assholes are we dealing with?

"...You will not stop us from advancing the 'Protecting Our Kids' Act today," Jones said. "You will not stop us from passing it in the House next week and you will not stop us. If the filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it. If the Supreme Court objects, we will expand it. We will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation in our communities."
So anything legal that prevents them from doing this, they want to destroy, from the filibuster to the Supreme Court to the actual will of the people.

And have you noticed that the people who so often scream for more money for mental health care consider it an obstacle if someone else calls for it and its in their way?

That's aside from the usual lies.

That's the kind of assholes we're dealing with.

Thursday, June 02, 2022

We Aren't Raising Adults.

We Are Breeding Very Excellent Sheep

No wonder Fauci clings to that position so hard,

no telling how much he's made at it.

No, making kids wear masks at school is NOT a good idea

“Replicating the CDC study shows similar results; however, incorporating a larger sample and longer period showed no significant relationship between mask mandates and case rates,” the study finds. “These results persisted when using regression methods to control for differences across districts. Interpretation: School districts that choose to mandate masks are likely to be systematically different from those that do not in multiple, often unobserved, ways. We failed to establish a relationship between school masking and pediatric cases using the same methods but a larger, more nationally diverse population over a longer interval. Our study demonstrates that observational studies of interventions with small to moderate effect sizes are prone to bias caused by selection and omitted variables. Randomized studies can more reliably inform public health policy.”

Our damned(literally) EffingBI that's so trustworthy

In response to a letter sent by Reps Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Perkins Coie, the legal arm of the Democrat party, admitted this week that “the FBI has maintained a secure work environment within Perkins Coie offices” since 2012.
The Florida congressman explained that he had learned from a whistleblower that Perkins Coie, “the law firm that received 42 million dollars from the Democrat party,” had been sharing a workspace with the FBI.

“Why in the world would that be the case?” Gaetz asked. “Why would [FBI Director] Christopher Wray allow it to continue?”

Gaetz told Carlson incredulously that a person operating out of that work space for the past 12 months was none other than Michael Sussmann himself.

At the least, the EffingBI needs to be cleaned out, top to bottom.  At most, get rid of it entirely, the culture of "We're the FBI, and we can do what we want" is too embedded to be fixed.

Wednesday, June 01, 2022


I have a hard time disagreeing

The Biden Administration is 100% malicious

Throw in people in his administration laughing about inflation, laughing when asked what their plans are to bring down the price of gas.  'Malicious' is a good term for it.

Things like this are why I've said some people like Ferguson and Fauci and a bunch of idiot politicians

either be hanged or get a short stake, because there's no telling how many people have and will die because of their "You can't see a doctor for routine things, only emergency!" crap.

Translation: "Some minority group members were more likely to threaten/assault teachers and/or other students,

so they got in trouble more often, and that's not fair."  From idiots who have decided minority group kids cannot meet civilized norms.*  Remember that line about 'the soft bigotry of low expectations'?

Personally, I suspect they WANT something terrible to happen, because they can use it as reason to demand Something Be Done.  Which will include banning guns, even if they aren't used in the terrible thing.

*They think minority kids shouldn't be graded like white and asian students, either.  God, such racists they are.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

I just love dings,

especially at bad times.  Other day was getting some mowing done before it rains again, and ran into a mine.  Security Staff like to steal pieces of pecan(saved for smoking) and other sticks to chew on, then leaves them all over.  Where you can't see them when the grass is tall.

So this chunk comes out from under the mower and bounces off my shin(the other one, thankfully), with only a small puncture, but it bled enough to be a problem.  And hurt like a sunuvabitch.

It's a lot less painful now, but making my ankle ache.  And yes, I'm watching it carefully, I do not need an infection and another ambulance ride right now.

As Lawdog put it, this is a clue

The Uvalde PD and schools police are no longer cooperating in the investigation.

Gee, I wonder why?

Uvalde PD had the training,

they just ignored it.

Holy shit...  Every one of these bastards needs to go.

Occasionally NPR actually commits an act of reporting;

be nice if they did it more often.
This spring the U.S. Education Department reported that in the 2015-2016 school year, "nearly 240 schools ... reported at least 1 incident involving a school-related shooting." The number is far higher than most other estimates.

But NPR reached out to every one of those schools repeatedly over the course of three months and found that more than two-thirds of these reported incidents never happened. Child Trends, a nonpartisan nonprofit research organization, assisted NPR in analyzing data from the government's Civil Rights Data Collection.

We were able to confirm just 11 reported incidents, either directly with schools or through media reports.

In 161 cases, schools or districts attested that no incident took place or couldn't confirm one. In at least four cases, we found, something did happen, but it didn't meet the government's parameters for a shooting. About a quarter of schools didn't respond to our inquiries.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

So, effing ignorant of what she speaks, or

a damned liar?  '3 times the speed of light' my ass.

In what used to be fairly free Canada,

The chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission says a federal bill would give it power to regulate user-generated content, such as homemade videos posted on YouTube.

But Ian Scott predicted at a House of Commons committee that this would never happen as the broadcast regulator has no interest in overseeing content produced by individuals.

Even so, critics of the online-streaming bill have seized on his remarks, saying they contradict assurances by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez that it would not give the regulator power over homemade content, such as cat or cooking videos.

Bill C-11, now going through Parliament, would update Canada’s Broadcasting Act and give the CRTC power to regulate online platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and TikTok, along with traditional broadcasters. It would make digital platforms promote Canadian content, including films, music videos and TV programs, and contribute financially to their creation.

So, is he lying or stupid?