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And now, on a chilly and wet sixth evening, let us

get down to the business of the night

What happens when idiots play with Tannerite,

Darwin comes out to play

Can you say 'setup'?

I knew you could.
The security in this place is downright militant. So there is no chance, and I mean no chance, that these protesters couldn’t have been stopped at the very first sign that they were going to touch that glass unless security was told not to intervene. If you watch the full video, security doesn’t show up until they are finished defacing it and then all the security seems to care about are the people filming the police taking the protesters away. It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.

The other unbelievable part about this is how they got the paint inside the museum. My sister was pulled into a bag check when we entered. Did they miss the paint? PJ Media has sent an inquiry to the National Gallery with questions about all these things. If they respond we will update the article.

They pick one piece behind glass instead of the ones in the open, and security is... not.

Oh yeah, this was setup with the museum.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

There are times that 'cruel and unusual punishment' sounds like

the proper and correct way to go.
When three-year-old Luz Maida was woken up in the middle of the night by her mother and thrust into the arms of a strange man, she could not understand what was happening.

And the truth is almost too horrifying to comprehend, as the little girl had just been sold by her mother to her drug dealer boyfriend in return for £10 worth of crack cocaine.

Chilling CCTV footage shows Luz being carried away in the early hours of Friday morning in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, by the boyfriend of her mother Aurelia Salinas, 42, before she was raped and murdered.

This kind of thing, so say the least, is damaging to my calm.

What happens when enough people lose all trust in the cops and the system?

Insty and some others have pointed out that the cops are there in large part to protect the bad guys from the good guys, so there will be a trial instead of the victims and neighbors taking care of business themselves.

What happens when the .gov and cops trash that deal?
Haiti, for one.

And we've got a lot of politicians who seem to be pushing for this.  Stupid and determined as some of them are, they may actually be pushing for this so they can act against those who do something and hail themselves as saving 'our democracy from those who take the law into their own hands."

I promise you, we really, really don't want people pushed to that point.

Nice when one of them says the quiet part out loud

As we wrap our interview in her office, I ask how she keeps coming back to a challenge so deeply ingrained in politics. She pauses for 12 pregnant seconds.

“No more guns,” she says.

Ambler, her aide and adviser, tries to clarify that she means no more gun violence, but Giffords is clear about what she’s saying. “No, no, no,” she says. “Lord, no.” She pauses another 32 seconds. “Guns, guns, guns. No more guns. Gone.”

In case you had any doubt.

They're now claiming she meant 'like Australia'.  Which means "We'll confiscate your property, and we'll pay you peasants a little money so you won't feel as bad about it, but if you argue about following orders, peasant, we'll imprison or kill you."
Isn't that just so much better?

Holy shit. The Wuhan hysterics have a LOT to answer for

This is from 2020:
But researchers say the primary driver of the global rise of stillbirths is not coronavirus infection itself. Instead, they believe that people, including pregnant women may have avoided seeking care amid lockdowns and for fear they might contract the virus at a hospital.
Because they'd been scared to death.

Now this:
A new study by by German researchers has concluded that face masks can cause carbon dioxide poisoning when worn even for short periods and may have contributed significantly to stillbirths when worn by pregnant women, as well as testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline in children, among other destructive health issues.
There's a link to the actual study, which includes this:
Interestingly, most of the tested N95 respirators and surgical masks performed at their worst against particles approximately between 0.04 and 0.2 μm, which includes the sizes of Coronavirus and Influenza virus [9]. Indeed, some modelling and in vitro laboratory simulation studies (artificial conditions) aim to demonstrate less virus transmission when masks are used [11–13]. However, they have pitfalls, e.g. by only mathematically estimating the effect of mask wearing on transmission (no direct measurement of the effect by the observer himself, use of external data from a Facebook survey to derive mask wearing without in-depth quality assessment of wearing data, estimates of mask wearing) [11]. Accordingly, the study only points out that unobserved factors can influence R [11].
According to experimental studies, masks act like nebulizers and produce finer aerosols in percentage terms. An ejection of a 60% fraction of particles with 0.3–0.5 μm when breathing through N95, 46% with surgical and only 35% without mask has been measured [14]. Such smaller particles fly further and also float around the room longer than the larger aerosol particles released by people without masks [14]. This is due to rapid gravitational settling, respiratory droplets larger than 100 μm are removed from the air in seconds [12] while smaller particles remain in the air longer.
Every politician and medical clown insisting "Wear a mask or you're killing us!" deserves a flogging.  In the initial period I  might excuse some of the errors, but after the problems with masks were being talked about, and the talkers being silenced by the assholes at Twatter and Fecesbook and politicians?  Again, I suggest flogging.

Monday, April 24, 2023

It also appears that either Biden is incapable of learning, or doesn't give a rats ass about leaving Americans behind.

Again.   Bastards.

Picture from here

It appears that an odd bit of historical knowledge is either not known

by people who should know better, or ignored in the name of sucking up to the woke idiots.

'Cleopatra was black!' has been dealt with numerous times before, but it still hangs around.

Which brings back up, how many of these idiots think ALL people in/from Africa are black?

I have come to the sad conclusion that

my favorite revolver may have to give a home to a red dot.

Out to about ten yards I can do pretty well with irons, but beyond that I just can't get a sharp sight picture after the cataract surgery.  And I like shooting irons, dammit.  So I need to do some looking and see if I can find a sight/sight base that will replace the factory rear sight, because there's no way I'm going to do the drilling and tapping on this one.

Sunday, April 23, 2023