Saturday, October 24, 2020

Material is in,

 I'm to sit a bit, then to bed, you take care of the data checking tonight

Apparently this asshat being a socialist wasn't worth mentioning

in the headline.  Or the first paragraph.  Or in the first, say, fourteen paragraphs.
Just wonderful, isn't it?

Friday, October 23, 2020

That front made it definitely chilly outside,

so indoors and warm is a good place to be.  There are always studies you can work on.

Oh crap, make that three more books to see about

Gun Runner from Baen.

It's nice when a dirtbag like Stelter gets called out

Stelter responded by telling Ferrechio "we don't know what is real and what is fake in these emails," despite the fact that the Biden campaign has not claimed any of the emails or documents found on Hunter Biden's laptop are fake.

"Yeah, but that doesn't stop anybody reporting the Mueller and the dossier and all that stuff," Ferrichio responded.

"I understand that you have a lot of resentment --" Stelter began.

"'Oh, now we have ethics,'" Ferrechio mocked the CNN host. "'Okay, now we have ethics.'"

"How dare- don't you dare!" Stelter shouted at her. "Don't you dare act like newsrooms didn't have ethics in 2017 and 2018."

"Oh, I know they didn't. You can 'Don't you dare' me all you want, Brian. I've been doing this for 30 years," Ferrechio fired back. "Say whatever you want. It's my view and I have the right to say it."

Damn right.
This from further on:
Axios media reporter Sara Fischer defended the media's hesitancy to follow up on the Post report for fear they would be playing into a potential "disinformation effort" to interfere in the election. Fischer went on to urge Ferrechio to "see the forest through the trees."

"Yeah, but nobody looked for the forest through the trees with the president," Ferrechio told Fischer. "I mean, it's always one-sided. Now it's time to look at the forest -- all I'm saying is let's do it universally, okay? I didn't discard the Mueller stuff. I was much more skeptical because I knew the sourcing and I knew where it came from on Capitol Hill, where I have stood in the building for the past few decades. I had real reason to doubt that stuff and I constantly did. And it turned out that a lot of it was a bunch of bunk.

"So we have to use that skepticism," she concluded. "We have to. Even now with the Biden stuff, let's use skepticism but don't ignore it!"

Except ignoring it is what most of our Professional Journalists are working hard at; it's so much easier, and better for their candidate, than actually doing their damned job.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Messing with black powder loads is kind of fun, but

when smokeless consistently gives groups like this, at times I wonder why I bother
.45-70, 525-grain Lyman Postell bullet over 24.0 grains of A5744 at 200 yards.  The other holes are from a different rifle; the wind was strong and gusty, and the lighter bullets were being blown around some even when you timed between the gusts, but this beast didn't seem to care much.

I'll keep working on the black loads; I've got a couple that will group about this well(one with this bullet, one with another) but they're far more picky to put together.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A bunch of leftists want to run their own Kristallnacht if they don't win. (See note, and link added)

And probably even if they do.  These have shown up at houses in three states now

Yeah, that's really going to go well.

Added: I have not received this, people in several states have.

Monday, October 19, 2020

So, is Fecesbook and Twatter blocking this too?

An email thread that appears to show Hunter Biden pursuing a lucrative energy business deal in China — and possibly cutting his father in on the action — has been verified as authentic by one of its recipients, Fox News reported Friday night.

The Fox report also cast light on a tantalizing mystery in the emails, as first raised by The Post — a reference to 10 percent of the proposed business’s equity perhaps going to “The big guy.”

“The big guy” was a reference to Joe Biden, Fox revealed, citing unnamed “sources.”

We'll see if any of the Professional Journalists will actually start investigating, or if they'll keep playing cover for Biden.

Sounds good, except Wray should've been fired

when he thought the way to deal with senior agents lying under oath and otherwise violating law and ethics was to add a class to the academy teaching "Don't lie under oath."  Then would've been better, but now, for this?  He's past due.

Please note: if a friggin' FBI trainee doesn't already know that, throw them the hell out of the academy, because they're already in arrears on ethics.

If you can't see the piece, Insty has an excerpt here.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

An experiment in .40-65

Among the things I've learned about this cartridge:
Starline makes brass for it.  Works great in leverguns from what I'm told, but in most single-shots it tends to wind up, after fireforming, shorter than the standard minimum(same as .45-70, 2.095").  I've read they make it as they do to fit in Shiloh rifles with tight chambers, so in anything larger, too much shrinkage.
Using Starline .45-70 cases, what I've done is anneal the case, use a .40-65 size die to form them(the right amount of lube and just a bit at a time to avoid wrinkles).  Then trim to 2.138", which will fully chamber in the rifle in question.  At that point it's time to fireform.
Which is easy enough: load the cartridge and shoot it.  The pressure and heat forms it to the chamber, and in doing so causes it to shrink a touch in length; these have consistently come out 2.125".  I've had some people tell me fireforming isn't needed, but I tried using new-formed cases with a standard load and accuracy definitely suffers.  So I've been using a 300-grain cast bullet over some A5744.  Which works well, and I use it for shorter-range offhand practice, but since I've had to make the alloy for the bullets I wondered if I could use a lighter bullet for this purpose.
Problem: finding data.  The lightest bullet I could find anything for is 300 grains.  Asking around found a number of people who'd tried it using a .41 Magnum bullet(both cast and jacketed) in rifles with a .408-.409 bore, some with success for shorter ranges, but nobody wanted to name a powder and charge.  So more digging was done, and I settled on trying a 200-grain semi-wadcutter(because I have those from this mould*) over 19.0 of A5744 in five new cases.

That shot nicely, light recoil and(for a quick try at an indoor range) decent accuracy, and the cases measured the same length after firing as those with the 300-grain bullets and full loads.  A couple of the cases showed light streaks of fouling, indicating pressure was low enough that the case wasn't expanding enough to fully seal the chamber.  So I decided to bump it up to 19.5 grains.  Which gave this result at 30 yards
Not bad, and no streaks on the cases.  With a better rest(I can use all the help possible)I think that might've been tighter.  And if not, it's still quite good for a short-distance practice and fireforming load.  I do want to shoot this over the Chrony and see what velocity it's giving.

*That bullet shoots very well with light loads in the .41 Mag revolver I've tried it in