Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last I heard, Mitt Romney still claims his socialized medicine bill

is a good idea.
My husband retired from IBM about a decade ago, and as we aren't old enough for Medicare we still buy our health insurance through the company. But IBM, with its typical courtesy, informed us recently that we will be fined by the state.

Why? Because Massachusetts requires every resident to have health insurance, and this year, without informing us directly, the state had changed the rules in a way that made our bare-bones policy no longer acceptable. Unless we ponied up for a pricier policy we neither need nor want—or enrolled in a government-sponsored insurance plan—we would have to pay $1,000 each year to the state.

My husband's response was muted; I was shaking mad. We hadn't imposed our health-care costs on anyone else, yet we were being fined ("taxed" was the word the letter used)
"But it's socialized medicine! It's better because the government's in charge! Don't you want people taken care of?"

Mr. Romney and Sen. Ted Kennedy publicly promised that the middle class—that is, people like us—would not be taxed and that our health-care costs would actually decrease if the plan became law.

My husband and I weren't convinced. It all seemed inane, but we are neither politically or socially conservative and figured the plan wouldn't affect us much. Besides, who could be against a plan that covers more people for less money?

The key there is 'Politicians promised', and one of them was Ted Kennedy.

Ten years ago, we had excellent coverage through a more gold-plated plan. But we found that it was no longer worth paying the premiums and scaled back to a more modest policy. Today, we pay about $300 a month for catastrophic care. If we went with the next step up in plans offered to us by IBM, our monthly premium would increase to $800. We simply don't need to pay that kind of money for the amount of health care we actually consume.

Nonetheless, we now owe the state an extra $1,000. Ironically, that's about the extra amount we would pay out-of-pocket under our current plan if both of us actually fell ill in the same year

So this is a good preview of what the Baucus-Pelosi-Reid-Obama Say It'll Be Good For Us Bill will do; screw us. Yeah, you can keep your private insurance; until they drive the company out of the business, or tax and fine you so bad you have to give it up(with the excuse "That insurance no longer meets our minimum requirements; screw whether you like it").

As I mentioned in the title, last I heard Mitt Romney still defends this abortion as 'a wonderful system to see people have medical care' or some such bullcrap excuse; and may I note that, sure as hell, his support of this mess will be one reason the major media weenies and RHINO morons will push him for the Stupid Party nomination for President.

Romney, I wouldn't vote for you because of your hostility to the 2nd Amendment; this is just another nail in your coffin, far as I'm concerned.

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