Saturday, November 12, 2022

Friday, November 11, 2022

Oh joy, it's snowing outside

Just the thing to make the aches more seasonally colorful.  And make it feel colder.  

At least the sixth night data might distract from it.

And today, Fecesbook

lets me in again.

I admit surprise, I expected it to turn out to be a block, or a prelude to "You have somehow offended our standards again."

Thursday, November 10, 2022

So, in lieu of anything else,

Front came through, wet and colder,

and guess what that does for the leg?

Part of the problem: sit down to try to do something, a few minutes later the leg is aching.  Move around much, it starts aching.  Makes it damn hard to get anything done, and won't let things distract enough from the ache.  

Yes, I know it'll get better; it's still a problem now.

Throw in that, as the bruising comes up and starts working out, I'm having to pee.  A lot.  Which messes with sleeping.

Yes, it'll improve, but still a problem for now.

Ah well.

Missing the dog doesn't help.  Where I stayed after surgery they have two, who are used to me and always wanting a scratch, though the big one wanting into your lap is sometimes a problem; no Security Staff at home, it's just empty.

Ain't life fun at times?

On the 'tv and movies' front, one of the things I was able to finish watching

was the last of the two seasons of 'The Witcher' available.  Overall, that's a pretty good show.

Interesting, what is Fecesbook up to now?

After two weeks of not looking at it, Fecesbook* seemed to be working ok, letting me do stuff.  Now, I've been messing with a VPN that came with my antivirus stuff, and no problem.  Then, yesterday evening, I tried to sign in, and all that comes up is a blank 'from Meta' page.

Which makes me wonder what the bastards are up to that they won't let you sign in with the VPN running?

*Yes, I know.  Still a couple of forums and people who only do thing on it, so if I want to stay in contact with them...

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

While unable to do much of anything,

I had the chance to watch some movies and such I hadn't seen.  A few of them:

That last Bond movie, No Time to Die.  Should have been at least a half-hour shorter.  Eh, ok.

The one before that(I think), Skyfall.  Same.

Quantum of Solace.  Same.

All had the same crap: too many fancy chase scenes, vehicle and foot, too much tech crap("Yes, M  must have a full communications suite in her bathroom!), and so forth.  They seemed to be getting desperate by the end.

Since the folks I was staying with have some streaming, did get to see Terminal List.  Short version: SEAL team betrayed, all but commander wind up dead, then someone kills his family and tries to kill him.  Gets the level of pissed you'd expect and starts digging into who and why.  It was pretty good, it's a fine example of 'find bad guys and make sure something happens to them.

There were some others, as I remember them I'll throw something up about them.  Note: dogs make very good company in such circumstances.

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

A bit of catchup

A month behind when originally planned, but did get the other knee done.  Of itself no complications, but there was a family matter that popped up right in the middle of everything, making this all even more fun.  

So the knee works at the level you'd expect at this point, and there's lots of ache and some actual pain at times.  I was able to drive far enough to vote this morning, but I damn sure don't want to drive further than that anytime soon.  And it's a good thing that, when I got this vehicle, I chose an automatic transmission.

Can't do a number of things at all, some things can, but have to be careful(VERY in some cases), and, hopefully, a couple of months of PT and this one will be doing as well as the other..

Monday, November 07, 2022

Ok, that mess with Lawdog,

he was accused of being mean to an inmate during a scuffle.  In 2020.  And is going to trial.  As you'd expect, he's in need of money, links and more info at Old NFO's place.

Won't be normal for a while yet,

but should be able to post some stuff occasionally.  It's been interesting.

And I very much appreciate the wishes, thank you all.